Superman IMAX Release Delay - UPDATED

June 11, 2006

I was talking with my theatre's manager and he mentioned that, for his theatre, the IMAX (3D) showing of Superman Returns may not make it to midnight release times or even release day (on the 28th). The reasoning was that the IMAX reel, to fall within time requirements for an IMAX movie, had to be 3 minutes shorter than the regular reel. So what they did is just "speed up" the credits scroll to fall within time. Apparently in the industry, every single person in the credits must approve the credits, and also approve this change. So they were still working to get approval, and then go into production on the reels, and then send them to the theatres, meaning it wouldn't arrive until Tuesday (the day of 10PM/Midnight showings). And finally, because an IMAX reel is much bigger and arrives in 100 individual reels, the build takes long hours and then the movie has to be synced twice in prep (because of the 3D)… which means at least 5 hours of watching it twice for sync + all the time to build the reel. All of this combined couldn't happen in time for the 10PM showings. And he sounded like this was fairly sure to be the case (even this far out). Just a lil' heads up that I heard from my friend in the theatre if you are planning on going to that.

I'm actually going to a regular screening, as I prefer the midnight atmosphere in that theatre wayyy better. And hell yes we will have full on coverage of all that madness!

UPDATE: I spoke with the manager here. He said they've (the studio) has worked it out and they should be getting their reels in on Sunday, but it's not confirmed. As far as it sounds, they all should have their reels and the 10PM showings should be on as planned. Now, this is a should. I'm sure most theatres are still being cautious incase something falls through and they get them late. Of course, check with your theatre on Monday to find out 100% for sure. Talk to a manger and so on and you'll know whether they've got to move it or not. That's the update - and enjoy Superman!!

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Reader Feedback - 9 Comments


Wouldn't it have made more sense to speed up the movie a bit more, and not the credits?

O_o on Jun 11, 2006


Well, maybe... But they couldn't chop any off of the movie because it is in its final form of presentation. Where else is there to chop off/speed up time on the movie? It can't differ between the regular and IMAX beyond the "put-on-glasses-now" 3D parts.

Alex on Jun 11, 2006


What are you, retarded? Why would they speed up the movie when no one watches the credits anyway. That takes the cake for the dumbest thing i've ever read on the internet, quite the accomplishment dude.

Hype Police on Jun 12, 2006


This isn't fake you idiot.... I trust who I talked to to the fullest extent. Do YOU work in the industry? I think not, so unless you do, stop posting useless comments on my blog.

Alex on Jun 12, 2006


I bought tickets a week ago for the june 27 10 pm show in imax 3d? what should i do? please respond!

adam on Jun 18, 2006


Adam... call you're theatre (or go to it) and talk with a manager. Ask them about whether their IMAX showing of Superman will still happen at 10PM on the 27th because there is information saying that most theatres won't make that time. If they say it's still on, well, lol, then do nothing. But if they say it most likely won't happen ask them if they can move your ticket to a regular theatre or you get a rain check for a later time. Just call and talk with the manager of your theatre.

Alex on Jun 18, 2006


I talked with my local first they pulled tickets down, but then they sent me an e-mail last week saying that they got word from IMAX that everything was a "GO" and they'll have the film in plenty of time to be able to show it at 10pm on the 27th.

Shannon on Jun 19, 2006


I'll talk to my manager again today or tomorrow and get an update... It might've changed by now. Maybe the studio got really ansy and pulled some strings when the "rumors" started going around about the delay. We'll see...

Alex on Jun 19, 2006


Yo anyone see superman returns? I loved that movie and i cant wait to pick up the dvd and game for xbox 360....i heard theres a code in the dvd that lets you play as bizzaro in the game, that should be pretty tight. Im lookin forward to gettin it at the end of the month.

Conor on Dec 1, 2006

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