The Official Thanksgiving Break Movie Guide

November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Break is here and it's time to give thanks, eat lots of turkey and mashed potatoes, and of course catch up on all the movies you've been missing! We have put together the Official Thanksgiving Break Movie Guide to help everyone learn what's the best films to catch and what's currently playing in your local theater. Find out what you may be interested in and what the top suggestions are so when you head out to the theaters this upcoming week you won't be dissapointed. Read on for the guide…!

The complete movie guide of all movies playing during Thanksgiving Break can be found under these "best" suggestions - please scroll down to view it.

Top Films Everyone Needs See:

Casino Royale -or- Stranger Than Fiction -or- Bobby

Great films all around that nearly everyone should enjoy. All ages and all generations will take something to heart from any of these movies, whether it's seeing a new James Bond back again, Will Ferrell delivering the best performance of his career, or a timeless tale of one of the most inspirational men in history - Robert F. Kennedy. If you see any movies this Thanksgiving Break, make it one of these three!

Best Action/Adventure Out:

Casino Royale

Doesn't get much better than this! Has some purely amazing action sequences all amidst a great plot straight from one of Ian Fleming's novels. Bond is back and better than ever!

Best Comedy Out:

Borat -or- Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Both of these are strong contenders for the best comedies of the year. Tenacious D is a rocking musical opening this week, for those who have already seen Borat, and is an all-around hilarious film. Borat is the well-known classic comedy that if you haven't seen yet, now is the time to do so.

Best Family Film Out:

Happy Feet

An energetic and very fun animated adventure film - it will certainly deliver an enjoyable time for an entire family. Lots of memorable scenes and cute penguins, plus great songs and tap dancing, an all around great film.

Best Romance Out:

The Fountain

A timeless approach to love and what one man will do for the love of his life. This film is truly a love story at it's heart and I hope both men and women will enjoy what it portrays romantically. There is no better romance film out this Thanksgiving.

Best Drama Out:

The Fountain

Taking from the same listing as above, The Fountain as a drama as well is just incredible. It has all of the elements that make up a fantastic drama and a fantastic romance. I can't express my suggestion enough to just see The Fountain and give it a chance, whether you end up liking it or not, at least you saw something that is a masterpiece.

Best Indie Out:


Although The Fountain also falls into this, it has enough "best" categories already, and Babel deserves some recognition. This is definitely an independent film, and one of the best of the year. An incredible look at the world's cultures and our communication struggles, and if you are an art film or indie film lover, this is one to see.

Best Indie Comedy Out:

For Your Consideration

I really enjoyed this film and Christopher Guest's unique approach. Not as amazing as Little Miss Sunshine, but still a great film with a heartwarming cast and some hilarious one-liner jokes. Worth seeing for a good laugh and to support Christopher Guest.

Full Thanksgiving Movie Guide:

Films currently playing in most theaters around the nation.

BABEL Review: 9/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, Independent
Synopsis: Two children curious about just how far a bullet will travel set into a motion a tragedy that ripples across six families around the world.

BOBBY Review: 9/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, History
Synopsis: Part fact and part fiction, the story of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy's assassination is told via the intertwining lives of people who were present at Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel in the hours leading up to the event.

BORAT Review: 9.5/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: R
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Kazakhstani TV personality Borat is dispatched by his country's Ministry of Information to make a documentary about the greatest country in the world, the "U S and A."

CASINO ROYALE Review: 8.5/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Synopsis: After earning his license to kill, MI6 dispatches James Bond to Madagascar to track a terrorist. The spy soon expands his search to include an entire terrorist cell, tipping off an adventure that leads him into a Montenegro casino, where his organization backs him in a marathon game against Le Chiffre, a banker to international terrorist organizations.

Suggested: No
Rated: PG
Genre: Comedy, Family
Synopsis: Near Christmas, a friendly neighborhood dad goes beserk after the new guy on the block decorates his family's house so outrageously that it can be seen from space.

DEJA VU Review: N/A (HypeCast #14)
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Synopsis: ATF agent Doug Carlin is introduced to a secret government agency in order to prevent the crime he's working on - an explosion aboard a New Orleans ferry - from ever happening.

Suggested: No
Rated: R
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A marketing executive for a fast food giant travels to the Colorado town that's home to feedlots and packing plant that fuel his business. His goal: to quietly investigate whether cow manure has found its way into his product.

THE FOUNTAIN Review: 9.5/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance, Action, Sci-Fi
Synopsis: As a 16th-century conquistador, Tom discovers the Tree of Life. He spends the next 1,000 years searching for a way to save his love, Izzi, as he begins to develop an understanding of the mysteries that have plagued him for centuries.

Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Three actors learn their respective performances in the film "Home for Purim," a drama set in the mid-1940s American South, are generating award-season buzz. A documentary crew captures all the excitement.

FLUSHED AWAY Review: 4/10
Suggested: No
Rated: PG
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Synopsis: A tony rat is flushed down the toilet of his penthouse apartment and winds up in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new way of life.

A GOOD YEAR Review: 7/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Synopsis: Englishman Max Skinner inherits Le Griffon, a crumbling Provençal vineyard owned by his Uncle Henry. Settling into the property, Max's prospects are shaken up by the arrival of Henry's long-lost daughter, Christie Roberts, a wine brat from California with a surprise or two tucked away.

HAPPY FEET Review: 6/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Synopsis: In the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin named Mumble is ashamed by the fact that he cannot sing. However, he can tap dance something fierce, but how does this fit into his society?

HARSH TIMES Review: 4.5/10
Suggested: No
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, Crime
Synopsis: When he's turned down for a job with the LAPD, Gulf War vet Jim Davis recruits his childhood pal for a joyride through the city. The two old friends drink, get high, and court danger as they plan their futures together - until Jim's delusions reshape each man's fate.

Suggested: No
Rated: R
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Synopsis: During the 1980s, at a boys' grammar school in the north of England, bright, unruly students pursue sex, sport, and college degrees, guided all along by a pair of teachers with contrasting styles.

Suggested: No
Rated: R
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A career criminal and a rich snob are brought together in a cell in a maximum-security prison.

THE QUEEN Review: 9/10
Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Biography, Drama, Comedy
Synopsis: In the wake of the death of the beloved Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minster Tony Blair clash over the public and private aspects of the tragedy, and its impact on both the monarchy and government.

Suggested: No
Rated: G
Genre: Family, Comedy, Fantasy
Synopsis: Santa, aka Scott Calvin, is faced with double-duty: how to keep his new family happy, and how to stop Jack Frost from taking over Christmas.

Suggested: Yes!
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Synopsis: IRS auditor Harold Crick suddenly finds his every thought and action narrated by a voice in his head. He comes to realize the voice belongs to a famous author who decides to deal with her writer's block by setting into motion events which will cause the death of her character … who's also named Harold Crick.

Suggested: Yes!
Rated: R
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Synopsis: In Venice Beach, naive Midwesterner JB bonds with local slacker KG and they form the rock band Tenacious D. Trying to become the world's greatest band is no easy feat, so they scheme to steal what could be the answer to their prayers -- a magical guitar pick housed in a rock-and-roll museum some 300 miles away.

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Our reviewers agree on many of these. However, you may want to consider a different point of view on "Stranger Than Fiction." If you like, please check out this detailed review.

Rockwell on Nov 24, 2006

2 has a segment on what is called "The real Pick of Destiny, the Light Show Guitar Pick," that glows to the beat when you play with it. It's also supposed to make your performance more interesting, the sound quality better. You decide. It's cool either way. Watch it here on TasteTV.

Kevin on Dec 17, 2006

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