What's With All the Dragons?! Now It's "Temeraire"

September 12, 2006

Not that I really have anything against dragons… Don't get me wrong, I loved Dragonheart, unlike many people out there. But for some odd reason there seems to be a "cheesy" reaction creeping out from the internet wastelands anytime there is new talk of a dragon movie. The next upcoming dragon movie opening is Eragon in December. As is the case with most dragon movies, Eragon is adapted from a series of fantasy novels. Although the trailer is not out yet and barely any details have been revealed, we all know that the basic story of Eragon surrounds a boy and a dragon, and their connection.

The other latest news to come out involves mastermind fantasy director Peter Jackson and another novel series called "Temeraire". He has optioned the series and has commented on his interest in doing movies (as well as interactive entertainment) based off of the books.

"'Temeraire' is a terrific meld of two genres that I particularly love -- fantasy and historical epic," Jackson said. "I can't wait to see Napoleonic battles fought with a squadron of dragons. That's what I go to the movies for."

"As I was reading these books, I could see them coming to life in my mind's eye," Jackson said. "These are beautifully written novels, not only fresh, original and fast-paced, but full of wonderful characters with real heart."

As Jackson described, the story in the "Temeraire" series surrounds the a reimagination of the Napoleonic Wars complete with dragons and aviators, where a British naval Captain captures a ship with a dragon egg onboard. Eventually the dragon hatches and the Captain becomes the rider of the dragon that he names Temeraire. (Sounds awfully similar to the plot synopsis of Eragon.) Jackson does not yet know when production would start on Temeraire, however it is likely to be many years out, due to a number of other projects he is working on, including The Lovely Bones and The Hobbit.

EragonI'm not yet sure whether to defend these dragon movies (specifically Eragon) or fight against them. I know that many people out there will agree that Hollywood needs more original ideas, or at least less sequels. And fortunately these dragon movies are only adapations and not sequels (yet). However after seeing the clips from Comic-Con and hearing a little about Eragon, I fear for it (and any upcoming dragon movies). They're going to be perceived as "cheesy" no matter who creates them or what the style is. Fox is even having a bit of trouble with Eragon and is spending extra time on the CGI with the dragon in order to attempt to keep away from this "cheesy" factor.

Either way it will be an interesting opening for Eragon. I look forward to seeing how that movie turns out as well as the future of Temeraire and other dragon-based movies. I'm sure there are many more movies (within a 10-year range on each side of 2006) with dragon "cameos" or dragons rampaging through scenes, but I've probably just forgotten them. So, if you know of any, write a comment with their names.

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I agree with Jackson, movies with epic battles and dragons are exactly what I have always enjoyed seeing most at the cinema. Can't wait for the film AND the dvd

Name John on Oct 9, 2006


Don't even think about comparing Temeraire to Eragon. Sure it sounds like an Eragon wannabe at first but once you read it, you realise it's far superior that whatever Paolini can come up with. Besides the plot is more original and the characterisation is better that that Arya crap.

bolshoi booze on Feb 27, 2007


The difference between Temeraire and both Dragonheart and Eragon is that Temeraire has a really good story. Face it Dragonheart was basically cooked up to have an excuse to make a movie with a dragon in it. The writing quality between Temeraire and Eragon is well . . . the difference between a book written by an adult and one written by a young teenager. (Just think back to what you were like as a teen. . .) Now, if only we can get Jackson to do the Nine Princes in Amber series too . . .

MG on Jun 8, 2007


Well, assuming Jackson does direct The Hobbit, that would be another 'dragon movie' for the list.

shadow phoenix on Jul 17, 2007


can someone tell me if there is a movie of temeraire because i readed all the books and i really would like to see the movie if there is one!!!! The books are great and i would like to see the battles. I would like to see the " special power " of temeraire it must be amazing

laurence on Nov 10, 2007


can someone tell me if there is a movie of temeraire because i readed all the books and i really would like to see the movie if there is one!!!! The books are great and i would like to see the battles. I would like to see the " special power " of temeraire it must be amazing.

unknown on Nov 10, 2007


I've read the books of temeraire, and i've seen Eragon, but the temeraire series is a lot better. You cn't compare it with eragon, and the story is completely different!

dutchgirl on Dec 1, 2007


The temeraire series is by far better then Eragon, its story has a far more imaginative theme then that magical land of Alaga... thing i can't pronounce. To compare Eragon to Temeraire is the same as comparing cut glass to a diamond. Which would you prefer?

anonymous on Dec 6, 2007


I just started the Temeraire series but ever since I was 4 years old I had an immense fascination with dragons, the power they hold, the strength, the beauty they posses their gracefulness and the detail Naomi Novik took in making each of her dragons is how they should be made. Eragon wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't an amazing one either Some aspects stood out in the movie although most did not do to how cheesy the dragon acted and how lacking of any real fascination you could get with some of the characters (I know some one out there will argue with what I said but this is from my opinion.) I am so glad Peter Jackson wants to make the great Capt. James Laurence of the HMS Reliant and his new Celestial Dragon partner Temerarie into what I would like to call a true epic in the dragon fantasy film genre.

Fenix Fiamma on Dec 20, 2007


I have not read Eragon. I am 61 years old and Sci Fi and Fantasy books are not really my thing (since Peter Pan original by Barrie when I was 9 years old ). I HAVE read the entire Temeraire series to date and can't wait for the next one to come out. Couldn't put the books down til I was finished. Wonderfully crafted and great characterization, especiually with the dragons. Novik is incredibly imaginative -- and organized at the same time. Rare combination. Many kudos to her.

Robbin Stokes on Jan 10, 2008


totally agree with the 7th comment if u have read the second book of the Temeraire series you will know that the story display a totally different idea of dragon. Unlike the dragon in "Eragon" Temeraire can really think for himself. He is not like a "pet" but a creature with intelligence superior to human. He wants dragon to be regard as something equal to mankinds, not just animals.

RaY on Mar 21, 2008


It's Capt. WILL Laurence!!!!!!! and i didn't really like eragon, but was ok, the book at least. I cant wait for the next temeraire book!

Eridel on May 2, 2008


Eragon sucked...face it! The books are fine, but the movie was a huge disappointment! The Temeraire series is a very unique story and much better than Eragon; Naomi Novik is an amazing writer. Considering Peter Jackson is making the Temeraire movie though, I don't think we have anything to worry about. I think it will be an amazing movie to see, unlike Eragon.

Ixcalia on Jul 21, 2009

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