28 Months Later To Be Set in Russia?!

July 17, 2007
Source: SlashFilm

28 Months LaterJust a few days ago we brought some rumor news from filmmaker Danny Boyle that he has an idea for 28 Months Later, the third sequel in the 28 Days/Weeks Later series. Nothing was confirmed because he was only quoted as saying he has an idea but it's not officially happening just yet. Yesterday during an interview with SlashFilm for Boyle's upcoming movie Sunshine, Boyle revealed that the Rage virus would invade Russia in 28 Months Later instead of France!

Although he wouldn't reveal much, SlashFilm did get this exclusive tidbit from him on the setting.

"It's to do with Russia actually. It's to do with that part of the world. NOT FRANCE. The second film hints that it gets to France eventually, and wipes out the French. But this third idea is actually more to do with Russia, but that's actually all I can say," said Boyle. "I don't know whether it will happen."

As with the original report from Boyle a few days ago, it's confirmed that he has an idea and wants to do it, it's just not confirmed that Fox Atomic (the studio who put out 28 Weeks Later) wants to do yet another sequel. 28 Weeks Later didn't make that much at the box office (only $28.5 million in the US), but the enthusiasm from it is still high and I certainly hope they make at least one more sequel, with Boyle at the helm again.

As for Russia, I'm not as happy. I was looking forward to the madness that would be Paris, France hit by the Rage virus, but if he can do something even better in Russia, then go for it. Good luck Mr. Boyle!

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Why the hell wold it be in Russia what sense does that make, they should invade france because nobody likes them anyway, everyone would have endless fun watching the infection sread through france.

teddy on Aug 9, 2007


It would have to go through france anyway. Besides, if the movie was set in France it would have to be 28 seconds later cos they would surrender at the first sign of trouble.

Hamish on Aug 16, 2007


Lol Hamish

Duck on Aug 27, 2007


Guys, you're a bit cruel ! I was born in France, OK, those joke were fun (did I really said that ?!) but, honnestly, what was awesome in those films, was actually the atmosphere -among other things. The London Bridge and stuff, mythic places completely deserted, the psychologic pressure ... Major asset ! It would have been so huge to do that in Paris. Just imagine, l'Arc de Triomphe, la Tour Eiffel, some blood spread on the Pantheon, highly symbolic ... But a bit tricky. It might be the reason why Boyle doesn't want to film the sequel in France. Maybe too huge, too expansive, considering the box office (see the article), I don't know ... Anyway, 28 weeks is awesome (Did Carlyle speak with some kind of scottish accent ? It was a bit tricky to understand everything immediately, for a foreigner of course ...) much different from the 1st, but good in it's own way. Can't wait for the third, sequels are rarely as good as these. PS : guys, don't hate us, yep I agree, many many idiots there, but -see- there are also open-minded anti-cowards. And sorry for my approximative english ...

Nikolina on Aug 29, 2007


Carlyle is scottish

Connor on May 10, 2011


Fair enough. Got nothing against the french personally (ive only met about 3), just a bit of fun. Im sure he has something good in mind. The first two were pretty cool in their own seperate ways. After two and a half years (assuming it is going to be 28 months later) the infection would have already overrun France and most of Europe so it kinda has to be in Russia or some where further out from Europe.

Hamish on Aug 31, 2007


Heeeey stop stop stop ,we talking about movies . stop that hate shit - sorry but ignorance shocks !!! i love any colour and nationality and that means Russians,too. peace.

Jamie on Sep 7, 2007


I'm Russian. And hahaha )) If you do not like Russians it does not mean that we are concerned by it ))) We are not guilty, that Mr. Boyle has chosen Russia for filming, btw))) PS: excuse me for my bad English. I do not speak English too good. Have a nice day )))))))

kani mazoi on Sep 8, 2007


no ones been bad- mouthing russia here and the french comment were just a joke. maybe not the first one though. I think it would be the best location for a third because the infection would have had to have travelled a fair didtance to stay alive. On top of that there is some really cool landscape and scenery that could be used. Id love for the third one to be filmed where i live but its an island on the other side of the world so i cant see that happening. I think whats more important than location is having john murphy doing the music again. I reckon 28 days and weeks later have had two of the best soundtracks in any movies. especially horror.

Hamish on Sep 8, 2007


i think if ur goin to make a 28 months later u should put the kids in the united states with a family member because they have no more parents. it should be that the little boy infects the teacher or a student and they start eating other studenst and teachers etc. but the little boy is still half infected which means that they can stil attack him. so i think the whole US should be infected with millions and millions of infected people i think that would be awesome so think about making a 28 months maybe after that a 28 years later then the end everyone in the world becomes infected and thats it lol.

Ashley on Sep 8, 2007


I dont want to get infected 🙁 No seriously, just saw 28 weeks Later, my god it was much better than the first one. So now europe has been infected, and Mr boyle is suggestion that the third movie should be shot in Russia. How about if he changed the story to the middle east, Iraq or something. The infections is spreading in ernomous speed throughout Europe, and reaching Turkey. At the border to Nothern Iraq(Kurdistan) American troops are setting up a huge blocade to stop infected people crossing the border. They manage to keep it clean, but somewhere in the story one of the infected manages to cross the border, because its filled with mountains, and its hard to guard all around the border. And from there on Mr. Boyle could add a cool Story, What do you think ?

Ivan on Sep 14, 2007


yeah that sounds like a good storyline in russia...but wat i want to see the infected spread the virus all over europe and start to make there way to other contanents. just imagine it...europe conects to russia, middle east, asia, india and africa. hows this for an idea, the major countrys that aint connected like japan, australia and the united states all sending there armys over to fight the infectious spread across these contanents. And it just so happens those three countrys are allies. maybe in the end we nuke em all and its just the remainding countrys left who are friends with each other and then we have world peice...funny how war brings us all together lol ps.. support the iraq war.......xD lol

Aaron on Sep 18, 2007


A film shot in Russia doesn't mean that the movie is actually set in Russia. Remember how many recent films are shot in eastern countries and are supposed to happen in victorian London, modern day Paris or even major Us cities in a near future? Boyle has an idea that involves Russia but nothing is written yet. Some months ago, the idea of escaping England in 28 Weeks Later was to run trough the Channel Tunnel. This is not how the movie ends.

Agent Palmer on Sep 21, 2007


hey why anybody like france im french , it's the nation of victor hugo vincent cassel arthur rimbaud we are better than the american !!!!! no it's a joke but some american are idiots like BU**. lol i'm 15 and i'm agree with some poeple in there nicolas sarkozy (frecnh president now) is so stupid and little.

thomas on Sep 22, 2007


The Americans saved your ass you dumb Frenchman. It sickens me that you younger French care so little about sacrifices that Americans made for you - who they didn't even know. I think you should go tour the beaches of Normadie sometime and gain some humility you arrogant little bastard.

Dickless Frenchman on Sep 24, 2007


And the french saved your ass in the war of independence. Every wondered where the statue of liberty came from? Its not like you guys went to normandy out of the goodness of your hearts, it wasnt until you were attacked and had made a bit of cash out of the war.

Hamish on Sep 24, 2007


OK, Please knock off all the Hate, Sarkozy and Bush could go blow each other for all I care, that's why there the Rage Virus people. (All this Hate, maybe you are all infected!) Russia is a Brilliant idea, Here is my Take on it, The Virus has overrun Europe and most of Asia, set the movie up in the Russian far east, near Vladvostock, (sorry if I mis-spelled it). The Movie should be set in the Russian Winter a few remaining survivors are trying to make it over the frozen Bearing strait, but are also being chased by the infected. This would work in my opinion.... Hope we can all get along, P.L.U.R. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

Chris on Oct 2, 2007


Nice. When he mentioned Russia I also thought of the Western part. near the Urals or something. I guess having it in the Eastern part and survivors trying to get into Alaska gives them something to work towards. Seeing as central Russia is freezing in winter and lightly populated I dont know if the infected could make it that far. It is a movie I suppose so anything could happen. Infected in the snow would be cool though. Wouldnt be too foun of the idea of them finding a cure though. would be kinda cheesy.

Hamish on Oct 2, 2007


thomas you french twat american and english stuck there necks out for u to push the krauts out of france and i am british hamish is right 2 of my great uncles got killed in the normandy break out now learn some respect and yeh go to the normandy beaches and learn some humality and u might of saved america in the war of independence but you frogs only came in when the americans strted winning your army R COWARDLY LITTLE TWATS so ya can shut ya mouth son u little bitch

daniel on Oct 9, 2007


I do not care, 28 weeks later is a very, very beautiful film. It was well-based and has an excellent story line!!! But Russia, that might be interesting, and if it is based there, then do it and do it good! Where did the helicopter crash @ the end of 28 weeks later? =P That might be a good start, eh?

Codi on Oct 10, 2007


It crashed in nortren france and sure enough 28 days later it hit paris.besides,the movie in russia would sound interesting.but I think toward the end of that movie it should hit america,it should hit the a city like seattle or L.A.but anyway the movie in russia sounds brilliant.

Sebastianpadilla5 on Jun 5, 2011


Actually it's true that america saved france but they waited till it was to her own advantage. The americans waited as long as possible and they started the war not only because of pearl harbour but because they saw that the USSR was starting to gain control of europe. I think that the real heroes were the member of the commonweath (canada, new zealand, australia...), because they started fighting right wen the war started, even if the war wasn't on their territory and even if most of them were independant of england already....

john13 on Oct 10, 2007


I might be wrong, but isn't this message board supposed to be about the idea of the third movie. NOT about who helped who in what war. (In some way we have all helped/fought against eachother, welcome to humanity we love, we fight, we forget, and love again, repeat forever) If its "28 Months Later" 2 years 4months later, I think Europe would probably be a pretty DEAD and BORING place making a boring movie. If its set in Russia, I think AARON has the right thought, the world comes together (as tacky as it sounds) reluctantly (because thats how humanity is) to make a stand against the infection. Or it could just be like some have said, in central/east Russia where it would be relatively easy to keep away from the infected, because it is the middle of nowhere.

jason on Oct 10, 2007


Eastern Russia may be no where, but if the infection hits Vladvostock, then the movies can really show how the Rage Virus progresses, maybe it will mutate into another form and effect rats and dogs and cats. so now the problem isnt just the Rage virus in Humans, its from animals too. I think #18-20 should have stayed on the subject though, We arent discussing WWI or WWII. It doesnt matter now, Russia is comming back up, the U.S. Economy is in the crapper, China will become a world power and the Rage Virus will wipe it all out. The next movie should open with the Nine Inch Nails Track "Hurt" I think that would fit. Read the lyrics - I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of shit Upon my liar's chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If I could start again A million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way

Chris on Oct 10, 2007


I think the World Army vs. Eurasia's mass of Infections would be a good idea. The Russia idea of shooting is cool too i guess. Russians are hard asses and can never die. I know this isnt history class but the Russians through time have been beat the fuck out of by the Germans in WWI but Lenin made buddies with them but good ol Hitler loved the Russians too and the Russans were hard asses then n fucked Berlin in its ass. I think the European powers will try to fight off the Infection but of course they will call in the Marines to beat the Infection back, buuuut the Infection will be stronger and the armys will have to retreat and fortify cities and fend off the hordes. If you guys ever get a chance just watch the extras in 28 days later dvd and listen to what they say the basis of the movie was... The governments research into chemicals and drugs to alter people. These movies can show how much the world can get fucked up by some pussy political representatives like Bush and the financial backing of large corporations and drug research. btw... I'm French and not really proud of it. I accept my German heritage before my pussy French heritage. Juuuuust throwing that out there

Scott on Oct 11, 2007


I never said the French were pussies, The Italians are pussies if anyone has to be a Pussy its the Italians, Ethiopia threw them out with Rocks and Spears, and they had Bullets... But for 28 Months later to be successful I think the story has to be solid. So I think the Russians will have it for the next film and thats due to Danny Boyle getting the reigns back on the movie. I dont know if anyone saw the 28 weeks later DVD yet, but the Graphic Novels in the DVD are awesome!

Chris on Oct 12, 2007


oh that wasnt a statement to you I was just reading through and saw that French pussy talking up towards the top. Yeah I was skeptical about 28 weeks because its a sequel and I heard Boyle wasnt directing I figured itd be a knock off of the oriniginal but i was very surprised when i saw the movie. Who ever directs it should make sure the storyline is tight and is good. I knew there would be a sequel to this one too. I mean the ending jus leaves you with a "wtf jus happend?" expression on ur face. haha

Scott on Oct 12, 2007


Nuke everyone everywere so we kan all liv in peace

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Oct 14, 2007


Why would they give a civilian a key card into the headquarterz thatz stupid itz all their fault :{ And those zombies turn real fast their really scary

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Oct 14, 2007


I agree, Why was it so easy for Don to get to his wife. She would be under armed guard and he wouldnt be able to touch her with a 10 foot pole. It would have been more believable if she went bit a soldier when they are taking her to die. I dont know why they didnt do it that way....

Chris on Oct 14, 2007


OMG can't wait for the next super skary movie with infant zombies running at you and mosquitoes spreading the disease and evil houndz of death tearing through poeplez flesh. Well there not really zombies so they might be able to reproduce and get smarter but that would suk or we all move to marz and live happy ever after :}

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Oct 15, 2007


OMFG wat if this virus of DEATH existz & we didn't know about it OMG I'm really consernicus they could be trying to get me & eat my succulent flesh im scared now :{ well at least they starve to death so I might make it when they come get me I'll just hide at a Super Walmart and theyll never get me :}

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Oct 15, 2007


This is good that this movie has nothing to do with USA Because if it did they would have unbelievably found a way to beat it which is all the same in every movie.

Lachlan on Oct 15, 2007


Can someone tell me why the F*** are you talking about some damn countries here. TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE NOT ABOUT SOME STUPID WARS. damn you are like little childs !.. grow up, and start talkin about something what people are intrested reading about. ive read those stupid comments about some stupid wars. shut the fuck up and TALK ABOUT THE FUCKING MOVIE !!!

Anaalipaviaani on Oct 17, 2007


Well ok Mr. Grouch just quite ur bitching if u don't like it don't read it

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Oct 17, 2007


28 days later and 28 weeks later were awesome, full of suspense. What i would like to see in 28 months later or somewhere along the line is for the infection to eventually spread to the US, overthrow our military and control, where as the few civilian population has to hide out and fight back to win the battle. Maybe another foreign country like China or something invades the US to seize the opportunity and then become infected. The Americans would have to stand it out and fight to victory like Red Dawn but a 1000 times more scary. In the end the whole world is reduced to smear population, and borders, race and class no longer matter. The ending scene could be the survivors grasping the reality that they will have to carry on and continue the human race from the ground up, rebuilding the world and redefining what it is to be human, creating a world where they would never forget the reason the Rage Virus was created to begin with-to kill other humans? Would history repeat itself? Would we ever recover? These questions would leave us all in ever lasting suspense.

Scott on Oct 21, 2007


Personally, the thing that bugged me about 28 weeks later was the US army stepping in. (im american) but why does the US army ALWAYS have to step in. I dont know it just bugged me. But i think it would be a better idea for it to be 2 and a half years later. I could see it as having all of Europe overrun by the infection, and Russia could be on the remaining countries. (Also, if you remember from the first film, Selene said there were reports of infected in America and France) So the end of 28 weeks later could just show that infected got into the rest of the world. It could also show the whole world become an ally to fight the infection. I also think that in the end of 28 weeks later, the helicopter was empty. But it seemed like it crashed. I thought that maybe Andy became a full infected and turned the pilot and his sister to infected also. That would show how there is no immunity, and how it could easily be the end of the world. So basically, all of Europe is overrun by the beginning of 28 months later, Russia left, but they will probably fall, and then the infected cross into the US, and destroy us. And soon the whole world, because they could go to Asia from Russia. I just thought of this, but since Australia was once used as a giant prison, it could become the last refuge for non-infected. but theyd eventually be destroyed. =] Also keep in mind how powerful the infected actually are, they destroyed Britain in less then 28 days. Even the governments couldn't stop them, so just remember. Yeah, i hope that made sense.

David on Oct 21, 2007


That America/France infected thing was just a ploy by the government to prevent British refugees from flooding the mainland of Europe and spreading the virus... Just to refresh your memory. The France getting infected is actually what happens later on - at the end of 28 Weeks Later when they overrun Paris - something that made one of my friends wonder, "what the fuck, those zombies went on a marathon to Paris!? God they'd make great athletes..." For America on the other hand, it may be possible that one of the soldiers who got bitten survived and was taken home and then shit happened and the infection spreads too... There are many possibilities...

Antonio on Oct 21, 2007


I hope they bring it here to Australia lol, i would like to see how we react lol. And to mr Anaalipaviaani you are a retard, obviosly there are wars goin on and people want to express there opinion about it and if you dont lie it, fuck up.

Lachlan on Oct 23, 2007


I liked the ambiguity - not knowing for sure whether the virus had spread or was confined to the UK. That is part of what made the first film scary and what made the first shot of the jet flying overhead so important. It would be refreshing for a third movie to be set in Russia or somewhere east (As has been mentioned, too many scenarios make it to the US and this franchise has to either go completely global or stay in a confined region). The makers' original idea of setting everything 28 days after the outbreak and seeing how it had affected world cities in this time was cool but, as the film titles seem to dictate moving on in time, there is an exciting amount of potential in the virus spreading scross Europe and taking hold in China or Russia. It's just good to see genuinely horrifying horror that is provoking debate and not existing solely for cheap shocks. Danny Boyle rocks!

Gareth on Oct 26, 2007


Hey, what if they did the 28 Months later Movie in here in my country Mexico, like what if Mexico started to accept refugees, then one of them was part infected like the boy in 28 Weeks later, and spread the whole virus in the country, it would be very interesting and entertaining watching cities like Mexico city, Guadalajara, Monterrey abandoned, and the military blockades along the border, then infected people cross the border and spread it in to the USA and Canada.

Carlos on Oct 26, 2007


But then Russia is also a cool place because if they set the infection like in winter, then it would give it a more scary look. We also get very cold winter weather here, but it is more bad ass in Russia.

Carlos on Oct 26, 2007


Why did they decide on having the US military entering the UK? It could have easily been the british military. Anyhow, I like the idea of the rage virus spreading to north america from mosquitoes. It's possible. One takes blood from someone thats infected, a swarm enters a ship, and bites someone etc etc. Just a thought.

Dru on Nov 4, 2007


Russia makes sense. If it went east from the UK to mainland Europe, it would probably continue to spread in that direction. (Although I would love to see what the hell this would do in the Middle East. Place is already screwed up as it is without rage infected loonies!) "Why did they decide on having the US military entering the UK? It could have easily been the british military." Uhhh...What British military? Don't you remember 28 Days Later? The military was over run and reduced to a handfull of guys using a bogus radio transmission to get chicks. There was no more British military. And by the way about the idiotic America vs. France crap: VIETNAM KICKED BOTH OF OUR ASSES! CHECK YOUR HISTORY!

jason_md2020 on Nov 9, 2007


"Uhhh…What British military? Don't you remember 28 Days Later? The military was over run and reduced to a handfull of guys using a bogus radio transmission to get chicks. There was no more British military." Yeah, a british fighter jet flying a recon mission (Looked like a harrier) at the very end. The brits also have military units based in the middle east. The pilot sounded like he had an accent. But then again you could be right. In the 28 weeks later special features they talk a tiny bit about it. Not on why it was the US. They had a better script that way. They were going to use the british military but could not get a good story going. But who cares? The movie rocked.

Dru on Nov 10, 2007


FROM A HISTORICAL/SCIENTIFIC point of view..... A point first, i dont think any characters should return. This is the story of mankind not a single person. Besides its unrealisitc that someone would continuealy survive this crap. Why Russia? This movie series has levels.. it is the story of the fall of mankind.. Movies... 1. England Infected(Small Independant Country) 2. Europe( Several Countries, this could lead to global panic, world powers colliding) 3. Russia ( Europe is large and always throughout history divided this way, East and West. The west falls(Fall of Rome anyone?) The east struggles to stay alive ( Berlin wall, World War II Russian soldiers burn Russia to keep back enemy troops, Napoleon invades and his forces die in the winter). pss...wouldnt shots of China and the great wall be a cool bonus, ya know keeping out the zombies in hopes.... 4. Well horray pan-demic, in order for the movies to go on and be interesting, countries are possibly even fighting eachother at this point, afraid.Somehow the infection spreads possibly to America. (now we are taking both sides of the world) 5. Mutuation of the virus alows it to be carried by animals or fish or something, maybe the zomibes just start swimming, but anyways somehow END OF WORLD, game over man.(Global Infection)

beckie on Nov 10, 2007


If it was in Russia id love to see them fight in the winter

Zinn on Nov 10, 2007


i saw 28 weeks later and im a end of the world movie type of watcher and i enjoyed 28 days/weeks/later. not so much the carnage and scary moments but more the anxiety and panic people with out the virus have. its panomonia and no civilians know what to do i like that cause i try to picture myself what would i do...and one of the thing i would do is be like the military guy in 28 weeks later and forget protocal command or what have you and help anyone i can...thought this movie is like dawn of the dead i like it better casue dawn of the dead was scary and left me feeling hopeless sick at parts but i like the days weeks later series cause its more open camara shots that make me feel like its a video game and i can see where i would go next the gas in city scene i felt like i was the driver in the car trying to find a way out, the hero in my belief the military guy helping the kids dies and thats how i would go out ...loved his heroic scenes ....awesome everyones thout is why are they thinking about filming russia instead of france we who care i cant wait till it gets to 28 years later....AMERICA IS INFECTED HAHAHA but they should start the scene in 28 months later with that last scene on 28 weeks later all of a sudden marines come out and shoot those zombies dead and they save france on that part so the next scenes can take us how they got to russia and then begins 28 months later....when the action hits america director Danny Boyle look me up for an extra....or i could be one of the civilian heros who gets it at the end...

juan sanchez on Nov 13, 2007


If GB was over run in 28 days, i think the virus might have taken over france in 28 months. 2 years and 2 months is a long time for a fast spreading virus, and from mainland europe to the shores of china theres nothing but food for the infected so no worries on starvation like in the island of GB. I personally would like the 28 months later to be set in Russia, not france, if france the movie title should be 28 seconds later bcuz then it could continue right where 28 weeks later ended, invasion of paris.

Helkutinhelekutti on Nov 14, 2007


what ever its going to be a good movie danny boyle is awesome

dead toughts on Nov 15, 2007


It took only 28 days for Britain to be engulfed by the virus, probably a few months for the rest of Europe but that would be enough time for the Russian Military to build a defensive line long its border with its European neigbours and be able to hold off an invasion by the infected although once the infection was near Russia it could cause a major panic by the Russian population and cause millions to flee east getting in the way of troops and hampering the military's effort to stop the virus and would result in Russia being overrun and survivors fleeing from the infected across Siberia trying to get to safe areas still untouched by the infection.

Mark on Nov 17, 2007


Ok, I had a great laugh with all of this stuff. All places are great and all people are cool......well except for the stupid terrorists who want to kill innocent people. Anyway...all the ideas sound rather cool. 28 Months Later in Russia......then 28 Years Later destroying the U.S. (I'm American by the way and have studied in AND FINALLY 28 Decades Later (280 years)....Australia comes back as a super advanced bad to the bone civilization (well, they have to be bad since their ancestors were English Australia studies the virus after finding it frozen in Northern Canada or Siberia. They somehow make the virus airborn wiping everyone out. Well, of course, 28 Centuries Later (2800 years) aliens can come to earth and find the virus too....and get infected while on a mission of returning some human descendants that they have abducted. It would be kinda cool seeing infected humans eating aliens before it goes to the Then 28 Millennia Later (28,000 years) it can be all over the universe before some super advanced race of beings finally destroys the virus and cures would just love to think of the technology.......we would probably make them like the old movies that one can see about the Oh well.....that's my 2 cents worth. Not sure if this makes since....b/c I'm really tired. Later.

Kenny on Nov 23, 2007


Oh did this become about hating on french people and russians?! haha Seriously tho..I think the idea of filming the movie in Russia isnt that great(why Russia?)..I think itd be pretty sweet if they just called it 28 seconds later and the virus would take over france. Or better yet, I think that if the virus got to north america by the lil boy who was infected that could make a better story. I mean, instead of europe it could just take over the United-Stated and Canada..(im canadian) haha.. Hold the fuck up, the virus already got loose in Paris..haha! Nevermind the north american idea..But if he would of just ended it by letting the helicopter just fly away then the whole taking over my country and the usa would be possible..anyways im fkn tired so im probly just saying random stuff! Peace !!

Max on Nov 24, 2007


i agree with max..... they should have the boy carry over to the usa and somehow it breaks lose in north america........that would be tigggghghhttt

jeremy on Nov 25, 2007


Are u guys crazy? Russia is the PERFECT 28 ______ Later location. Think of it. The Russians haven't been invaded succesfully since the Mongols, and the only thing that could take it out as a whole would be lots and lots of Rage Europeans. And i hope that it isn't a Army vs Zombie type movie like 28 weeks was. Go look up WORLD WAR Z, only Max Brooks can make a good Army vs Zombie movie.

Comrade on Nov 30, 2007


Rock On 28 whatever period of time!!! I love you. Hahahahaha Russia!

sadfsadfsadf on Nov 30, 2007


I agree with the sadfsadfsadf i also feel that the movie should show that how evil is the west and see how the great mighty Russians Army vs Zombie of British and others europes contries. And we can see the reborn of mighty USSR which protect the remains of mankind.

anti westerners on Dec 3, 2007


wow dude your an asshole... this is about movies not the fucking USSR..

deutch on Dec 5, 2007


Hopefully this movie takes place in Russia. I would love to see vast hordes of infected raging across the steppe chasing hapless Russians. Historically, Russia's streangth lay in their vast numbers, but in this case, it will most likely lead to their quick destruction. However, these hardy Russians won't give up the motherland without a fight. With that in mind, the third installment has the potential to be quite entertaining. "I am surprised Comrad Stalin did not infect Russia with his physcotic rage."

Josh R on Dec 10, 2007


I would love to see a pissed off Russian bear maul a bunch of infected then get over run by sheer numbers.

Josh R on Dec 10, 2007


I would love to see a pissed off Russian bear maul a bunch of infected then get over run by sheer numbers.

Josh on Dec 10, 2007


or see a pissed of russian guy maul a bunch of infected...

hamish on Dec 10, 2007


I would rather see the outbreak in France from the begining,rather than after the outbreak like in 28 days, e.g. the French Army trying to stop the spread of infection, the evacution of major French cities and refugees trying to get to neigbouring countries like Germany or Belgium and even the use of nuclear weapons on infected areas. Also another point i would like to make is that the United Kingdom is not just called England, it is made up 4 constituant countires, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Being from Scotland i dont really like somone calling refering to Britain as England as it is like calling people from Scotland English or someone from Wales English. I dont mean to go on but i just thought i would tell everyone as some people, mostly from the United States or mainland Europe think that Britain is just England. Anyway, enough of me talking shit lol, i would like to see the film set in France rather that Russia although it would probably cost more to film in France.

The infected on Dec 11, 2007


If they do film it in France I would like to see an epic stand at the maginot line. This time however, the Germans and French would be joined together defending it to prevent the rage from crossing into Germany. I don't think the infected are smart enough to go around it. lol

josh r on Dec 11, 2007


I still don't consider these pissed off rageaholics as zombies. zombies die before they turn. when the Infected turn they seem to get a huge shot of adrenilin then proceed to get seriously pissed off. Zombies also look like they have had a labodami where the infected look fierce and utterly determined to beat some ass.

josh r on Dec 11, 2007


The infected dont have intelligence its pure rage! They are supposed to be mindless. Thats the point. I am keeping my stand on where the movie should be, The Russian far east. It seems perfect for the Virus to be there now.

Chris on Dec 12, 2007


Wow interesting discussion. All i can say is, i cant wait to fucking see some infected rip some more heads off lol

sebak on Dec 12, 2007


I wonder if the US will help out Russia against the infected. My guess is that they will most probably stay in Iraq and protect the oil.

josh r on Dec 12, 2007


i wonder what it would be like to watch the infected have sex. Now thats what i call rought sex, lol!!! thats nasty!!

sebak on Dec 12, 2007


they would make one angry baby.

josh on Dec 12, 2007


i heard that the film will be set in russia, but also that the worlds populations is less then 100,000, that means somehow it must have affected the other parts of the world such as the US an OZ. FUCKING GREAT FILM THOUGH

bvs on Dec 13, 2007


god help us if it hits china, or any of those other tightly packed countries.

josh on Dec 13, 2007


Im a little confussed here, wasnt the end of 28weeks later, didnt it say ANOTHER 28weeks later as they were running out to paris?

Confussed on Dec 18, 2007


As the film ends in Paris, it would be a cool scenario to start the 3d sequel there. The spreading of refugees all over Europe, the chaos that comes all over the place, showing how it is before the virus really hits the European population. 28 Days later showed the part of desolation: how the UK looked after 28 days, and how desolate a place can become after such a disaster. 28 weeks later shows a scenario how a small part of the Uk (London) starts to rebuild, so that's shwoing how life is after the outbreak. I know think it would make sense to show how life is before it really breaks out on a continent till that it really breaks out. How hordes of civilians are fleeing out of France to Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and more eastwards. (Of course it would be better if the virus hit the United States and only the United States, at last that would free us from that dominant culture devastating other cultures with their domination in European politics, like pushing the Netherlands to send military aid to Afghanistan and thier big mouth politics for war aginst terror, but meanwhile they are starting a 1984 state, calling of a war against a non existent enemy and keeping every one frightened.) I am curious how 28 months later will be! I can't wait till it's there ( I mean the film, not the virus :)).

Zapf on Dec 22, 2007


Zapf (#72) said: "(Of course it would be better if the virus hit the United States and only the United States, at last that would free us from that dominant culture devastating other cultures with their domination in European politics, like pushing the Netherlands to send military aid to Afghanistan and thier big mouth politics for war aginst terror, but meanwhile they are starting a 1984 state, calling of a war against a non existent enemy and keeping every one frightened.)" Oh, don't sugar coat it man, tell us how you really feel! Maybe we could engineer a virus that would only attack the Republican party? 🙂

jason_md2020 on Dec 22, 2007


"Im a little confussed here, wasnt the end of 28weeks later, didnt it say ANOTHER 28weeks later as they were running out to paris?" It was actually 28 days later. I want to know why the pilot of the helicopter was still there and if it was the boy who caused the infection over there or if it was infected somehow managing to get across the channel.

Veronica on Dec 30, 2007


i really liked 28 weeks later and it would suck if they didn't make a sequel to it. plus it will also suck if andy (the 12 year old) doesn't make it to 28 months later. no haters please but i think andy was hot! lol. thats just me though. o well. o yea and veronica i was wondering the same thing. anyway i LOVE andy. well gtg, see ya.

kelli on Dec 30, 2007


hey wat was better 28 days later or 28 weeks later. from commercials and utube videos i say 28 weeks looks better but of corse i havnt seen 28 days so yea.

kelli on Dec 30, 2007


Good to be Canadian 😛 But just imagine... a movie called 28 years later. Rage Virus has taken over Europe, Asia, Africa... maybe Australia, and somehow gets to North and South America! This could turn out to be a pretty good series. The only problem with that is, in New York, its hard to vacade a whole city block like Time Square. Toronto would be a really good place, maybe even Las Vegas... Either or, it would be interesting, even just to see it in my native territory, but also scarey at the same time! :]

Chris on Dec 30, 2007


Actually, just a little nitpick, "28 Months Later" would be the 2nd sequel in the trilogy, not the third. "28 Weeks Later" is the first sequel.

Rob Gaeta on Jan 2, 2008


kelli said "i really liked 28 weeks later and it would suck if they didn't make a sequel to it. plus it will also suck if andy (the 12 year old) doesn't make it to 28 months later. no haters please but i think andy was hot!" if you remmeber back to the 2nd 1 , the wife was infected and she transfered it through a kiss to her husband... then the husband brutally went Redneck on her face with his fingers... i doubt if some how andy handed it over to some other person they didnt kill him, and maybe he just took longer to get infected, like a childs immune system isnt as strong as a adults so because he was so young the virus got to him quicker then it did his mother who was 3times his age and lasted 28weeks with out turning.. and for the love of god, put dogs, squirrels, somethnig in this next frikken movie, infected squirrels would own the world... SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!



Personally I like the way 28 Months Later looks like it takes place in France. It would be great because it could lead to a 28 Years Later or somthing ( A bit extreme but still) This is how i think it should go. It should start off in France, Flashbacking back when the heli crashes or Andy turns into Infected. The infection could quickly spread through France and get into Germany, Italy and stuff. After Europe gets destroyed my Infection and Chaos, it could be spread to Africa, Asia, and Then Russia. After West Russia has been taken by infection, Survivors would be pushed back and forced to cross the Bering Straight, Into Alaska. Mabye the infected could have an immunity to cold or sumthing cool like that to keep them from freezing to death. Then the infection could spreak through Canada and then lead to the US Creating a huge border defence. It would be really cool to see that but It most likey wont happen! Ps. Stop being gay and complaining about Russians and Frech and stuff! Theres no point to make fun of people because of History and shit! XD

Jake on Jan 3, 2008


Chris said: (Good to be Canadian) Amen to that brother! Sadly the Canadians would probably Flee to US. The Canadian Army and the RCMP (I cant belive i am saying this!) should team up with America and defend the borders. And all the civilians should be armed! But America would probably say FUCK OFF! And kick us out and tell us to defend ourselves. Lol CANADIANS RULE!

Jake on Jan 3, 2008


Has anyone actually thought about the anatomy and physiology of one of the infected, If the virus liquifies all vital organs and has them vomited out, it would not be physically possible for anything to live for more than a couple of minutes at most if they are pumped full of steroids and adrenaline. They would not be able to get sustinance to their bodies because they have no circulation, not to mention the fact that theyd die of dehydration within a week because of not drinking. Sorry to bring this up but I just want to know peopes thoughts on this..

medguy on Jan 11, 2008


I think I heard something like during certain parts of the year or every now and then the Bering Strait freezes over, so you can walk or ski over it. It makes sense that Boyle would wanna place the story in Russia: there's a threat that it can cross over into north america and take out the entire US, not to mention canada, mexico, and all of south america! Someone mentioned in a post that the Russian army would have time to prepare a defense, but think about it: Russia and Siberia have pretty crappy climates and terrains in certain parts, and all you need is for one infected person to get through it and attack a rural village on either side of the strait. And there you go! We're screwed! I would personally crap myself if the movie started out in the middle of nowhere with tons of snow and ice and all you see is one infected person heading strait for that little strip of ice...

Marty on Jan 16, 2008


i just saw the 1st one and it was ok but i personaly liked the 2nd one better. it had a better storyline. thats just me tho.

Kelli on Jan 20, 2008


Dru said "Yeah, a british fighter jet flying a recon mission (Looked like a harrier) at the very end. The brits also have military units based in the middle east. The pilot sounded like he had an accent. But then again you could be right." He was attempting to shoot down the theory that the British armed forces were decimated at the end of 28 Days Later. The jet in this scene is a Hawker Hunter, formerly a British jet but now used only by the Netherlands (note the subtitles on this scene. He doesn't have an accent, dude. He has a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE). And the Brits have not had Royal Air Force units permanently stationed in the Middle East area since World War Two. oh, uhh...go Canada.

Mike on Jan 22, 2008


Well at the end of 28 weeks later it shows paris being taken over...but this is 28 MONTHS later who knows where it has spread, prolly everywhere so the russia scenario does'nt seem to bad...but I would like to see a desert scenario like iraq or eqypt or something...just my thoughts P.S GO CANADA!! lol

Bran on Jan 28, 2008


If you guys remember the virus started in animals. A chimp bit the girl who opened the cage in the research facility and after that she infected everyone else. And in 28 weeks later the general said there was still wild dogs and rats that were infected and still on the loose.

ChrisV on Jan 31, 2008


Yeah but chimps are a helluva lot closer to our genetic structure than dogs and rats. And if you listened carefully, they said the virus does NOT pass on to animals (as mentioned in above posts). The dogs and rats were infected with viruses, yes, but not rage. It's just like walking around a New York City sewer. Sure, the twelve-foot rats may not be rage infected, but there's still a danger there....somewhere...

Mike on Jan 31, 2008


My question is this if the "infected" died or straved in Britain in 28 weeks would most of the infected die of starvation also? It seems the forgot that part. As for Entry 85# the US Marine used harriers for a while. Although they are not the first choice for recon and missions. The MArines use the F-18 Hornet for that. I am a combat vet and retired Army Officer... So as for Entry 88# the question is how does this Virus mutate example the are many versions of the the Influenza virus, (Pandemic Flu) one is teh Avian "bird" flu. When we talk about “human flu viruses” we are referring to those subtypes that occur widely in humans. There are only three known A subtypes of human flu viruses (H1N1, H1N2, and H3N2); it is likely that some genetic parts of current human influenza A viruses came from birds originally. Influenza A viruses are constantly changing, and they might adapt over time to infect and spread among humans. But most virus can die easily so that is a concern over the vast expanse of Asia and Russia. The hosts need to survive. Also with something that is spread that quickly would cause the host to die out very quickly too. IE 28 Weeks LAter.....

Shane on Jan 31, 2008


Also the US And UK sell there fighters to just about everyone. So there is your accent. also I dont see any UK Soldiers making it out in the First Movie. And I wouldn't think if you survived that ordeal you would want to return that was my only complaint about the sequel....

Shane on Jan 31, 2008


Shane....The Marines using Harriers has nothing to do with the fact that the jet in question was a Hawker Hunter. I know the Marines use Harriers. And the Marines, were they searching for survivors in a post-infected world would not be using F/A-18 Hornets for that. The visibility from the Hornet cockpit is rather limited when compared with a Harrier, not to mention the unquestionably lower stall speed of the former aircraft. Secondly, the U.S. and U.K., contrary to popular belief, do NOT sell their fighters to anyone. The U.S. has a very tiny number of countries that they will sell any military goods to (particularly multi-million dollar fighter attack aircraft). The U.K.? You think they sell their aircraft? So what was the last one sold? Because as far as the rest of the world is concerned, the U.K. has had a consortium of nations pitch ideas and manufacturing into the last few generations of their aircraft (ex. Tornado, Typhoon). None have been sold, as any nation willing to purchase already got their fingers into the deal long before the aircraft was completed. The British Forces, while still around, had no power to wage a reconstruction effort. And if my country were to be infected, all my friends and family killed due to a horrible mutated hemmorhage, I would wait for those b*stards to die off and then I would get the hell back in there and reclaim that would any other nation.

Mike on Jan 31, 2008


Hmmmm 28 days later was how the infection begin 28 weeks later in the unitend kingdom all the zombies what killed but there was 1 zombie that was immum and a zombie and he's men kissed him and he become a zombie than the and of 28 weeks later that the infection was moved to french very strange? We need to know what gonna happening with them but how the infection come to russian? Strange???? i dont got any more clue's

khodan on Feb 6, 2008


28 months later. Argentina.

Austin on Feb 8, 2008


setting it in Russia would be awsome. first, the Russians could put up a giant gence or wall to stop the zombies from getting to them. second, the zombies could get though and run amoke in Moscow, the birth place of the Soviet Union. would that not be awsome? plus the Russian winter could once again save the world as the zombies die of frost bite. how cool would that be?

nathan on Feb 10, 2008


(Of course it would be better if the virus hit the United States and only the United States, at last that would free us from that dominant culture devastating other cultures with their domination in European politics, like pushing the Netherlands to send military aid to Afghanistan and thier big mouth politics for war aginst terror, but meanwhile they are starting a 1984 state, calling of a war against a non existent enemy and keeping every one frightened.) you know what, fuck you! you, whoever the hell you are, weren't attacked, you didn't have 3,000 people killed for no reason, you are an asswhole! this is a 28 --- later forum,. stick to the movie jackass.

nathan on Feb 10, 2008


#95 is a Jackass! This has nothing to do with 28 months later... Keep on topic! Yes the War on terror is Bullshit.... Nuff said... Move the fuck on...

Chris on Feb 11, 2008


I think for once they should push farther with what all the being overun by zombie movies are about. Why not make it a hard fought battle but in the end the infected win? i really always see people prevail in the end and the infected winning for once would really have more of an impact on people who see the movie

DamnedSoul on Feb 15, 2008


you ppl need to realize your all equally inferior to the US

meh on Feb 15, 2008


i agree ....... I think they should go even further... 28 years later....28 decades later... 28 centuries gets a bit silly ending up.... 28 ????? after the end of the world

m on Feb 16, 2008


The movie should take place in russia. As someone above said that the winter in Russia would make the movie scarier and lord knows that we need scary movies now a days and that it being in the US would only make it a little boring because I'm tired of the US always figuring out how to beat/destory stuff(and Im american). What is the point of arguing over countries history? Its history for a reason..

PotPie on Feb 17, 2008


no no no not Russia are you kidding me 13 time zones to much open land not alot of huge cites somewhere in western Europe or even china i could see a story of the US embassy being evacuated and the movie is the story of the marines or whoever getting the hell out of china with its 1.2 billion infected people chasing them down. and p.s. Americans have saved the French twice and no we didn't wait for our own advantage you fucking dumb shit we gave all are planes and weapons away in the lend and lease program with churchhill we had to rebuild our arm forces before we went to war and also the congress wasn't going to pass a declaration of war even though the US president wanted to not until pearl harbor did congress ok the war.

alex on Feb 18, 2008


Russia works. Think, huge military stockpiles, a complete lack of resources to do anything other than mount a military response, and though no longer a superpower, they've got nukes on home soil and 1000's still aimed at them. 28 hours later, a further mutated form of the virus settles out into the ground water from fallout. Put your head between your knees and pucker up.

Vain on Feb 19, 2008


If he made it a musical and in France they could title it 28 Months Later: Moulin Rage

Pete on Feb 19, 2008


Russia would make sense. Just think of it, the refugees fleeing east word with the virus right behind them. Russia would be great. Flat, open, barren great for a final showdown

Canada on Feb 26, 2008


I honestly have nothing against Russia but I say he shoot for america because i dont speak Russian and if he shoots in Russia no ones gonna know what they are saying so why not go for and english speaking culture rather than a place where you have no clue what they a saying

chris on Mar 1, 2008


why did fox atomic produce a second hills have eyes 2??? any1 notice that there was another hills have eyes 2 made in the 80s i mean seriously you could of studied or at least knew the movie before making it. Russia i believe is a poor choice it doesnt have enough people or major citiesand the cold. in 28 days and weeks they captured theyre entire environment to theyre fullest. which would be hard to capture in russia in japan, china, france, us, etc it would be more suitable with larger cities closer together but russia does have good environment hinting that it isnt during winter or having THE SHINING effect where you basically cant leave because of cold and infected except THE SHINING had no infected. also dont say zombies thats romeros and others deal boyle has no undead its more of a virus that is called rage never really kills the persin who has it just makes em wild.

Richie on Mar 3, 2008


right.....28 months later will be too sick no matter WHAT way u look at it, end for the people givin it the biggun about their races n whos done what for/against who, ur all pathetic, if any1 whos been lairy tryin to exclaim their countries supremacy has actually done something to benefit their country's conflicts then u have a right to shout about it....the rest of u shut the fuck up. just chill wiv a spliff, thailand has the right idea, all we do is fight with ourselves lmao (the recent civil war) but yer 28 months later.......FUCKIN LUSH!

thaiboi on Mar 7, 2008


Russia sounds like a good idea. But the question is where in Russia. Chernobyl? Chechnya? Moscow? So really the actual place that 28 months later will take place IS in Paris, France (Hence the Eiffel Tower being shown infront of the infected, running towards it in 28 weeks later) I think it would be a good step up to go venture into Russian territory. Except it would have to be a very large payroll distribution in pre-production because it takes knowing the right people in Russia, and the right bribes to take care of things. If I were to pick the next place for 28 Years later, it would be in Chernobyl, and the outskirts. A Depleted Uranium plant, and lots of radio-activity. A new age for a Virus. The fact that 28 years later, Chernobyl, will be bringing back people after the enclosure of the Nuclear reactor, and having this Virus spread, destroying everything once again, and greatly increasing the strength of the Virus with radio-active ingredients, sounds very good to me. Ill be the first in the theatre.

G on Mar 8, 2008


I just saw 28 weeks later, great movie! It's awesome to hear that there is the possibility of another sequel. The whole idea of 28 months later taking place in Russia makes sense considering Britain was taken out in only 28 days. However, the whole idea of zombies being able to rampage across half the world uncheck seems kinda dumb. If the military didn't have any problem killing people to try and contain the virus in 28 weeks, then the military of any country shouldn't have any problem implementing a scorched earth policy after a couple of cities have fallen in mainland Euorpe. Everybody remotely close to the virus would stay there as bait (such as cities that are sealed off with infected at the doorstep) while the people who are a good couple of days away from the virus be transported to a further distance. Afterward, bombs would start dropping, possibly on the cities that were being used as bait too. The zombies that survived the bombings would die off from thirst and starvation and people would return later. One last thing that I kinda question, even though it ruins the whole enjoy the movie, don't think too much thing, is why France/NATO (remember, though we only see US troops, the movie said it was a coalition of NATO troops led by the US) didn't have the tunnel running through the channel (Eurotunnel (?)) blockaded!? Okay so during the beginning of 28 months later when the time line of the virus was being given, it said Britain was quarantined in 15 days or so therefore assuming that every way out of Britain was closed, especially the Eurotunnel (Dumb as f*ck if somebody forgot about the only means of getting to mainland Europe by land). So after the outbreak happened again, wouldn't it make sense for the world to know that the re-population was a failure (I'm sure most of the people of the world, as well as news agencies, would still have their eye on Britain getting back on their feet). As such, would it not make sense for NATO to pull their forces back to re quarantine the island, as such re-sealing the Eurotunnel? Though I'm sure that the infected have been already rampaging across France before the final scene of 28 months (Eurotunnel exits at near Calais, a fairly good distance from Paris) it shouldn't have taken but a couple of days for the military to re-seal the tunnel and prevent the infected from crossing over. I wonder if the fact that Paris was devoid of any un-infected people at the end have anything to do with France already taking action. 43: Yeah, a british fighter jet flying a recon mission (Looked like a harrier) at the very end. It's been a while since I've seen the first movie but I vaguely remember seeing the Royal Navy Emblem on the side of the airplane. It makes sense that at least the Navy was still somewhat intact. 66: I wonder if the US will help out Russia against the infected. My guess is that they will most probably stay in Iraq and protect the oil. That's a good question. My guess is going to be based on the whole "in the interest of our country" deal. Basically, the US will pledge support by sending munitions and food, and possibly and insignificant amount of troops (if we're generous). They'll wait and see how the war goes and come in to mop up. Considering Russia is still somewhat a major contender in the world arena, it would be advantageous to have one less power (whether it be broken and completely destroyed) to worry over. Not only that, they do have a significant amount of natural gas and oil for a bonus. And about staying in Iraq to defend it...probably not, they would probably stay there during the first couple of days during the infected rampage, but after that, they'd probably evacuate (Finally an excuse to leave, hurray one for the leftists...or is it right? eh whatever), and let the zombies die in the desert. 69: also that the worlds populations is less then 100,000, Yeah, I heard that too...but it came from a mod for a videogame, so it's guaranteed to be out the window. Besides, countries infected wouldn't have any foreign flights coming in therefore making places like Australia, Japan has a good possibility of being screwed thanks to some dumb f*ck boating over, the Americas and other islands fairly safe. If somebody was infected and managed to get on the plane, the plane wouldn't be in the air for very long. I'm really looking forward to this movie and how it turns out. I know it's still not official but one can hope. Which brings me to another point. Please, not super virus/infected, it's already crazy badass enough. Don't go the way of RE Extinction. At least give the viewers some hope that humanity will be okay, otherwise, there would be nothing that will keep the viewer engaged. Like said above, this series isn't about a single or group of characters, it's about the survival of the human race.

yoyomon on Mar 9, 2008


You see, then we can make 28 years later, where the kid from 28 weeks later, who's a carrier, finally gets a girl, goes "honney, i love you" and she gets rage, and its all back. Yay! It never ends. But, seriously, Russia is just awesome enough to shoot a movie there. Not to mention the fact that everything awesome happens in Russia, especially when Alex Krycek is involved, because he cannot die. I'm rambling. But really, I like the idea of it being in Russia, and it'd make so much sense too if the US government was involved again, which would be rather dumb if they weren't (my vocabulary is rather small today). Oh! Chernobyl isn't in Russia, by the way. Tunguska! That's where it should be! Or Cola. That's where Artemis Fowl sees trains taking away the junk from Chernobyl. See, I made connections. Yay! Gray aliens!

Jakin on Mar 9, 2008


yea Chernobyl = ukraine if i believe so correctly. i LOVE the 28 series. so god damn awesome. ps i dont see why they cant just make a "28 days later 2" then a "28 weeks later 2". why does it always have to go up in incriments!

Xellith on Mar 19, 2008


So you think that the writers will go with Russia, even though Paris is the only thing shown at the end. Right? Well my thought is that YES Paris will be used, THEN Russia. The 2 kids will meet or find the first 3 characters (Teen emo girl, Psycho Goth girl, and Hero boy) in either Russia where they all are carted off to after a Paris evacuation, or Paris where they just hijack another car and hightale it to Russia to find more Zombies..

G on Mar 20, 2008


Ok listen, 28 months later shouldn't be filmed in France, as said before its way to big, plus its to predictable, wouldn't make a good movie if it was. 28 days later had the edge on it since it was original, 28 weeks later had the oh shit what a fucking idiot moment, 28 months later should have a closer. Like at the beginning its found out that almost everyone nuked themselves in Europe and Asian in order to fight the rage virus. Russia is a radioactive wasteland, Asia is fucked beyond believe since they would kill themselves, the middle east countries the zombies would die of heat exhaustion, so to shoot it? Well gotta ask yourselves that, i feel they should have all the characters from all the movies in these ones. The first 3 got out when the U.S found them, they moved out of Britain feeling all the carnage was enough, the other 3 got out of course due to blackenstine and his nice helicopter techniques. So where 2 now? Well from the ending of 28 weeks later, the helicopter looking deserted for quite and awhile, so they should be spain or nothing near the coast trying to find a boat off the island, but that would be similar to dawn of the dead. So where to next than? Well lets see. Any ideas, instead of bad mouthing this idea post better ideas of why it should be in other places, your basically not explaining to much. So explain more set a country and say here and why. Idk where i just gave on idea, have fun boys Oh and p.s I think that warhammer 40,000 space marines should come down at the end kill all the zombies and claim the world in the name of Emperor. No i am not kidding.

Franx on Mar 20, 2008


my whole take on the ending showing france is basically this.... france was the next place possible for a rage virus outbreak... the channel tunnel AND the fact that they landed there... now to people who say "MUST BE IN PARIS!!!" all the ending shows is that "OH SHIT THE RAGE VIRUS IS IN EUROPE!!" it in no way has to start in paris. it doesnt even need to show paris ever again. its just SHOWING that its crossed the ocean. i personally would have bombed the UK into oblivion with napalm and such before reintroducing anyone to the country. but thats just me. all it takes is 1 single bacterium of rage virus to get out and its all over. hell build huge walls and seperate the country into Square blocks so any outbreak would be contained in a small area so not possible to spread. but w/e i digress.

Xellith on Mar 21, 2008


The coolest thing would have probably be that the last remaining places would have nuked every single known infected place on earth and then after 28 months later send troops back into the nuked area too look for survivors and any signs of infected that survived. the best place to have them look for that kinda stuff would be in major population centers so like ruined cities. After a long search and no survivors they decide that nothing survived and the rage virus has been wiped clean off this earth. then before they leave hundreds of infected come from nowhere and kill thousands of soldiers and once again the cities are filled with thousands of infected but this time they use guns and drive vehicles. With this a team of survivors try to escape losing a couple people along the way hoping that the reinforcements they requested will come to aid them, and eventually they hear on the radio that hundreds of nukes are preparing to launch once again to wipe the infection clean off the planet. Then the survivors get hopeless and after days of running towards the last remaining outpost on the ocean they find out that there is still a boat left preparing to leave and so with renewed vigor they head towards the docks. But once they reach that outpost they find out that it was overrun the night before and the boat left days ago. At the outpost they live their final days holding off the infected for as long as possible and at the very end when the ruined outpost has been overrun hundreds of missiles fall from the sky and then everything goes white. Maybe after that if the producers want another sequel they could have a flashback showing the day the boat left and have an infected rat or maybe a test tube of infected blood break and cut a mans hand after the boat has left towards the Americas or Japan or Australia. Lol i think i made it a little long but the idea of fighting zombies in ruined cities would be awesome! by ruined cities i don't mean like just garbage everywhere and deserted streets i mean partially destroyed buildings on fire and streets filled with tonnes and tonnes of rubble kind of like those scenes in terminator where the humans are fighting in the destroyed city against the robots kill hundreds without breaking a robot sweat... that would be freaking sweet.

pancakehouseofdoom on Mar 25, 2008


Responding to comment #117. I just saw "Doomsday". If anyone here has seen Doomsday, they probably know what I mean when I say NO FUCKING WAY IN FUCKING HELL SHOULD 28 MONTHS LATER HAVE A NEW BREED OF VIRUS INFECTED PEOPLE SHOOTING GUNS AND DRIVING CARS. The whole point of the theme is having infected on foot, and running violently. Their brains are so scrambled, they are now INCOMPETENT ANIMALS. It takes Millions of years to train a virus to shoot a gun, or drive a car. And "Hundreds of infected coming out of nowhere". Not only would that blow, But I would be the first to walk OUT of the theatre. That would not even be the LAST resort the scriptors should consider. It's a "PFFT!!!!" idea. All I hope for is that the writers are really really smart, not trying to get an extra buck on this thing, and actually create a work of art. The whole "Daddy's coming to kill you!" theme was so shitty. It needs to be a movie where you know NOONE. Everyone or NOONE is/are the main character. Everyone is in deep shit. It should now be about survival of the fittest.

G on Mar 25, 2008


ok to you it might suck but to me that would be plain awesome to me 🙂

pancakehouseofdoom on Mar 26, 2008


Since in 28 Weeks Later the US have come to like sort out Britain or whatever, that means that other countries know of the virus so wouldn't France have closed the tunnel just to be safe I hope it's not set in the US just seems kinda predictable

felixx on Apr 1, 2008


@120: They flew over in a helicopter at the end of the movie remember? Also, the virus could still reach France across the channel if the infection happened to be on a boat...

jason_md2020 on Apr 1, 2008


USA: 50 States; Multiple Locations; Not a Good Idea. Outcome: Short, Boring, Predictable. Greenland, Iceland, Canada, South America, China: Good locations. When the location is not predictable, the viewer's scare tactic goes up. Being isolated.

G on Apr 1, 2008


They flew over in a helicopter at the end of the movie remember? Also, the virus could still reach France across the channel if the infection happened to be on a boat… could the infected actually be able to use a boat?

felixx on Apr 2, 2008


USA: 50 States; Multiple Locations; Not a Good Idea. Outcome: Short, Boring, Predictable. Greenland, Iceland, Canada, South America, China: Good locations. When the location is not predictable, the viewer's scare tactic goes up. Being isolated. .

G on Apr 2, 2008


OK NO MORE POLITICAL IDEAS!!! lets just focus on the topic i think russia is the perfect place, survivors trying to make it over the frozen berring strait!!! make it over to alaska

aj on Apr 3, 2008


wouldnt they just freeze??

felixx on Apr 8, 2008


Im from America, and i feel Russia would make the best location. All Russian foreigners i've met were always awesome. wouldnt make any sense if this movie was based in France, because if 28 weeks later ended with France, pass a few months and they're still fighting in France? Russia FTW

booyah on Apr 9, 2008


how about they have the infection spreading thoughtout russia china the middle east. they have the united states and other countries closing there boarders sinking ships and shooting down airplanes from europe or aisa, that would be cool and they could make another movie called 28 hours later where it shows what happens when the infection starts to spear thought europe and the united states pulling all there troops out of that side of the world. 28 hours later would be about the world chaos in the world as the Rage Virus infects france germany and other european countries. and in 28 months later america would be panicing about the billions of infected in euroaisa and africa and then decide to forget about that side of the earth but some idiot brings the infection over into canada and it spreads.

Dis rage on Apr 9, 2008


A couple of problems I have about Russia being the setting for 28 months later is 1) Russia's size(i'll explain) and 2)its horrible winters(let me explain). Don't get me wrong, I think some of the cities would be excellent backdrops for the film and I would still love to see it situated there. It's just that the massive size of the country would make it quite hard for the virus to travel(unless you introduce the idea of mosquitos and it is in the summer..related to next point). Still on the size matter.....let's remember that the "infected" are not zombies per say - they're not undead. They have a virus that scrambles their brains making them extremely primitive and dangerous etc. They cannot eat...or drink. They exert themselves constantly chasing people or the traces of people(phermones or someing), and constantly using up energy. The average person cannot survive more than 14 days without water. And that's pushing it. So the virus cycle for each host is at most 2 weeks. Do you see where I'm going with this? Even olympic sprinter infected(with infected relay partners to boot). Would have a tough time successfully transmitting the virus across russia. Transmission of the virus could be done through some plot device, I just hope the writers don't become lazy..that's all. 2)If the film takes place in the winter.... Now, considering that the infected are still prone to frostbite(impeding travel), exhaustion(through lack of sustinence of any kind and trudging through a lot of snow over vast distances), and exposure to the elements( in a russian winter, infected or no, you will not last too long outside without some'd have to be wolverine or something, sorry). Right, so with the infected sufficiently slowed down by mother nature alone(never mind any military force) where's our plot going.....? The anxiety of inevitable demise at the hands of these quick moving killers is lessened and well, if I get a bearskin or two, some excellent boots, parka, headgear, ski mask..feck it the whole shebang, then I've got no more zombie -sorry- infected worries. Throw in an arctic winter proof sniper's rifle as well, why not. And snow shoes just in case(tennis racquet looking things for your feet). It would work better if it took place during a russian summer, I think.

Chris on Apr 10, 2008


Sorry, that 14 days without water is stretching it a bit. It's more like 3 days - 8 days. Eight days would be stretching it, as in you're lying in a life raft doing nothing but waiting to be rescued.

Chris on Apr 10, 2008


As evidenced by the books "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z" by Max Brooks (two excellent yarns I would recommend to all of you), the virus doesn't need to last too long. Let's say, for examples' sake, our story is based in Stalingrad (now known as Volgograd) in Southern Russia. It's warm and close enough to Eastern Europe that millions upon millions of infected surround the entire area. Now let's say we've got a nice, tall-walled compound with low flat land surrounding it for miles. Perfect fields of fire and (why not?) even some land mines. Now let's say you are smart enough to shut up, hunker down and wait for the infected to starve (again). Soon enough there's bound to be a sound somewhere. An infected is seen walking through the killing fields, say, and some yokel pops its head off with a .308. With a relatively dense area (population-wise) there will be someone (or something) else to hear this. The noise created by this second party and their sudden departure for the gunshot area is bound to attract more of the infected (keeping in mind they are very group-oriented as shown even in the first movie where they constantly work as a team to eliminate humanity). A chain reaction of infected attention-getters is not unbelievable. So point one is that (just like my home country, Canada) it's a complete falsity that Russia is made of snow. Russia is also home to temperate climates, sand deserts and dense forested areas in addition to the famous snow. Point two is that no matter where you are, they can find you. And if they do, more will. Point three (which I haven't touched on yet--are you ready?) is that Danny Boyle mentioned it MAY be being filmed in Russia. Now, should this movie actually happen, and God willing it will, and SHOULD it actually be filmed in Russia, this doesn't necessarily mean anything. For example, my town, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada has a small fast food restaurant surrounded by nothing. There's couple of little malls in the area and the port "city" (Halifax) that this town is a residential area for does not even boast one million people. yet somehow this little restaurant, the Chickenburger, was used in the filming of "Love and Death in Long Island" (won the academy award for WORST MOVIE EVER MADE) as part of New York. This goes to show you that if filming location experts are dedicated enough, they could use Russia as a set for pretty much any part in the world.

Mike on Apr 10, 2008


On youtube people tried saying the next films going to be in America !?! How exactly ? the last people left went to France right ? not America. Theyre trying to take the good old britishness away. As much as i'd like it to stay in Britain it would become boring. They should shoot some scenes in France and show it spreading towards Russia or something. I'm going to miss the british theme though, i thought it was brilliant on the first one when all of london was empty. It shouldnt be in America though because it would look too much like i am legend. Still whatever they do i bet it'll be great !

Holly on Apr 10, 2008


Basically England has gone so no more england, the've gone to france in france the infection spreads so the film could be set in france or you should just see a small clip of the infection in france spreading to spain portugal germany holland or any other country so it could be set their or the directors could have thought that we would obviously think that france and other countries were gone quickly so it moves to russia or it could go to the middle east it could be set pretty much anywhere in the world accept america or australia and new zealand or any other islands but after the 28 months later movies (if the're is one) then it should go to an island being carried on ship by humans who have contained one of the infected and bring it to america or other countries across see to carry out tests on them someone gets infected then bang its spread's again leave a cliff hanger in 28 months later like they did in 28 weeks later so then people will want to watch the seaquel probly called 28 years later or something different but i would definately want to see a sequel to 28 weeks later they can't just leave it at a cliff hanger like that.

smally on Apr 10, 2008


I can understand the political value of choosing Russia, because it's naturally going to be a different reaction from other areas of the world by their government. Hell, throw Chernobyl in there somehow and you've got a much more savvy kind of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. reference. But I like the original finger pointing better. The reason? Zombies and humans in catacombs would be so much cooler, deadly, frightening. And that's just the catacombs, even places like the palace at Versailles would make amazing spots for filming.

gildedlink on Apr 10, 2008


A few people here have suggested how great it would be for the virus to spread through Russia, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East etc. The problem I see with all these story lines is land. Australia and the USA are isolated by huge bodies of water, but even discounting this fact, the populations are simply too spread out. The infected simply couldn't travel that far from infectable population to infectable population, they'd starve or dehydrate, or be in numbers small enough to pick off. The same goes for parts of the Middle East and Africa, the climate is too inhospitable and the distances are too great for people to traverse them without supplies, enraged or not.

Maxy on Apr 11, 2008


I Think It SHould be set in France Cause The French wil be like *He says in a french accent* Oh Sheet The Infected Are Coming The Infected Are Coming!

Joseph N on Apr 12, 2008


Ok guys, i am russian by nationality and live in Russia. "28 weeks later" was perfectly dubbed into russian. Recently i was on business trip in London, have bought the two original DVD's in HMV on Piccadilly and it was very exciting to walk through some historical places of London in the evening and then to watch the same places in the night on DVD, exclaiming "haha look i was here today". I personally believe that the best era for zombie movies was 80's. They still continue to make movies like this in 200_' s, but they are just boring and not catchy, i don't even know why. Maybe they got too stereotypised and lack sincerity and atmosphere. But the "28 weeks" is surprisingly rare exclusion. The dark depressive soundtrack, the "hand camera" way of shooting and disrupt cut, the rich coherent storyline and believable characters - all together created the great show. Another advantage is that the plot is set in Britain and London - it is like a shot of fresh air after omnipresent America which we all have already got sick to death of. The environments and spirit of London are transferred very well via the movies, from Tube and DLR to language of protagonists. Now to plans to shoot the 2nd sequel in Russia: it is ok unless it will be another stereotypic shit like cold war movies, e.g. "Red heat" or recently shot "Bourne ultimatum". Live here at least several months, understand what russian people really are, what real situation here is and create something more or less true-to-life, and not another caricature. Throw away all that "matrioshka-snow-bears-vodka-balalaika" shit! I often get confused when i understand how western ppl really realize us. It looks like from their side it is often mixture of disgust and despise, although nearly the same people with nearly the same problems live here. OK, it has some specific of course, but please learn it before judging anything. Still, as you can see, western people die of infection exactly like russian people do ) that's why i'm waiting with curiosity for this next sequel to see what it's like.

Andrey on Apr 15, 2008


Ok I absolutley love the first two films to bits and really hope there is a third! But don't u think that in the third film they could follow perhaps a group of people, no more than about 5, of which one of them is completely resilinent to the virus and does not carry it, not at all like the boy from the second film. He/she could still be killed by the zombies though. The film could focus on them trying to keep ahead of the virus as it rapidly spreads eastward through Russia. The reason why they are travelling to the east coast is because one of the group, being a Russian soldier, knows of an airfield where they can catch a plane to the US, or atleast Japan or Hawaii. This story line could also lead onto what someone previously said about how the virus could then attack northern America, and then spread south to southern America. I would state that at this point, the virus, being in Russia, has also spread into southern Asia, the middle east and eventually into northern Africa, where the heat and remoteness of population of middle Africa would kill it off. However, there could be a few survivors in places such as southern Africa, Australia, parts of Indonesia, Greenland, Iceland and other remote islands that could not be reached easily from the major land masses. During they're struggle through Russia, ther could be flashbacks of the infection spreading through France, Germany, Poland and finally the Baltic States. Another point u could add to the story is that the group could have first started in France, and the group could have had more people and different nationalities, say two Brits, a frenchman, a german, and an american agent sent to keep tabs on any anomalies that the virus produces. There would of course be other people at the star, but some would get killed off along the way, and every no and again another survivor would join the groupm, like the Russian soldier. Comments about this storyline are very welcome!

Nathanael Taylor on Apr 16, 2008


wow i can't wait till the next movie the first two where great had me jumpin in my seat, n i hope the next one will do the same, so russia is the setting cool, those russinans will kick ass. n once again very good work on the first two movies

brandon on Apr 21, 2008


You know what I find really funny? A lot of these people are bitching and whining about wars that the Frenchmen and American's were saved in. Wars that are long gone and shouldn't even be an issue anymore. People were lost, it was sad, sure. But c'mon. All this crap about "hay we did dis 4 u, u horid ungr8ful shit" can really do somebodies' head in. Especially when it's such old news and people are talking to each other as though their ancestors were closely intertwined into saving the other country. A lot of the time it was to protect THEMSELVES or to have a JOB. I'm not saying the wars were without cause, and I'm sure a lot of people were compassionate and cared about the welfare of the other countries, but lets face it; a lot of people died in vain thanks to the ugliness still displayed in this world. Even sadder being the fact that people from countries who should be allies are whining about lack of compassion. Hypocrisy, much?

Daisy on Apr 29, 2008


Man. I have a great idea. Why doesn't 28 months later start with a few north pole walkers with chemist and doctor backgrounds, across the frozen abyss to Russia with special military guardsmen to protect? You know.. go in, see what's happening, try to cure a few infected coming at them on the ice.. , they go into Russia with sniper rifles filled with tranq cartridges trying to cure alot of zombies....? You see other non-infected groups trying to get across also. They find the scientists or the scientists find them, and... they say "its getting worse and worse and worse no one is sane behind us, we need to go with you and back to Alaska... (((28 weeks later..))) .... the infection devours a few souls and it spreads in Alaska with wild wolves and they infect a lot of polar bears and seals and penguins (lmaonaise... infected penguins! AHHHH!). They cross into Greenland.. they infect the U.S. Then it goes down to South America and so fourth. Good IDEA? Or... should it just infect Russia, and then Afghanistan or China or Japan...?

G on May 1, 2008


So.. What will 28 YEARS later be about? 28 DECADES later?

G on May 1, 2008


Look the movies werent that good the first one didnt have enough action and the second one just didnt make sense i mean it made the us army look like panzies becuase they let some dude have access to every facility and on top of that there was nobody guarding the chick when they knew she still hade the infection in her blood. Red alert my ass i would have nuked europe and clean the place out, but do this to, go back and watch the first one and remember when the guy in the hospital found those survivers do remember what they told him that there was already outbreaks in Paris, france and in new york, so it didnt make any sense. oh yea one more thing how did the infected know where they were going and just so happen to get in france and then why the hell would you leave any access to your country open when you know what happened in england. That is one horrible storyline so if they make a third one i hope to god they make it a good movie.

Ryan on May 3, 2008


well to start of i think that the very finder of the fabric of the film makes up as in the first one it shows how much the symbolic plauge play in its part both showing the meaning of life and death. and with the mutilation of the mind in which it can over take a person and in which greed and might can come, hence forward i think that in the third film it should resist the temptation of the human mind and replenish the youth as such though greed upon lust as well as the main aspect that the virus has the continuess temptation of the chance to replenish.

ben on May 4, 2008


Jeeeeez I just hope Jim and the people from the first movie are in this one, I want to know what happened to them!

IzziLop on May 5, 2008


i think we should go back in time and actually see watt happens when the virus hits the, like in scotland for example :):):)

Finlay on May 10, 2008


I actually preferred the first movie, the second one was ok, but the first had more twists in it - such at Christopher Ecclestone luring women for his troops, regardless of age.. pretty f*cked up.. I really hope the film next movie, assuming there will be a 28 Months Later, stays well away from America.. I think the reason that both films have worked is that they have kept the filming and the style very British.. I didn't like the American influences in the second film but I did like the fact that they portrayed them as a bit panicky and deciding to shoot anything that moved and firebomb the place as soon as it seemed like there was trouble.. Pretty accurate to me! The idea of a trip to Russia appeals as it is such a huge country with very different terrain and a lot of it is uninhabitable.. Would be cool to see them all around Kiev one minute and then up a mountain another, trying to reach civilisation in the Far East.. I also want to see Kosak dancers with rabies!!! lol!

Wiggy on May 11, 2008


Why would it be in Russia anyways? Does anyone remember the end of 28 weeks later? The infected effing run straight to France! it would be stupid in Russia, because we wouldnt know what the hell happened to the french people, we all know they were screwed anyways because all they do is eat slugs and shit anyways, but i want to see them get destroyed anyways.

John on May 11, 2008


Man the whole idea is so freaking scary, because even if military personnel tried to protect borders, it only takes one. If one infected makes it past the barricade the whole thing is useless. And imagine if this thing spread across the world and it were actually true. no where to run, no where to hide...the idea scares the crap out of me and it all started with one stupid animal rights activist.

Ryan on May 11, 2008


Use your imagination when 28 days later first came out look how short it took to take out Britain. Then 28 weeks later came they took out the whole country in Britain. Now I do get the idea of it being in Russia because in that time span they would take out France, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and all the other small european country so Russia would be a fantastic idea. So just imagine maybe the Russian and china join forces and take out the virus for the third and final sequal and virus would be terminated that to me would make it five star movie.

Tim on May 11, 2008


it'll be interesting if the Virus spreads to French via Omaha Beach(and the crashed copter is the 101st airborne) , and and repeat the D-Day Scenario... lol...

Djashoo on May 13, 2008


it's 28 Millenia Later or sumthin' and the virus gonna enter w40k(Warhammer 40.000) Universe, it's fun to watch those Space Marine Guys attacked by Infected Orkz, Infected Eldars, Infected Tyranids(could it be?) maybe Necrons gonna wipe the infected out, they're living machine...

Djashoo on May 13, 2008


if it was in russia, it would be a bit crappy? its just snowy and bare. in britain it worked because it is a small dense country and the infection couldbe passed quickly. it would be bit boring if the infected had to wonder through 100s of miles of russian waste land, they would just die wouldnt they? alsoi dont get how the infected dont die through dehydration?

chriss892 on May 17, 2008


I think the movie should take place in the US. Were a carrier with no symptoms of the rage virus get into newark airport in NJ and infects the population there. So the goal would be to stop the spread of infection before its gets into NYC.

Markus69 on May 18, 2008


It would be interesting to see how the virus effectively wiping out the 'Old World' (i.e Europe, Asia and Africa) would have an effect on the human civilisation. Imagine for a second that North and South America along with Japan and large parts of Australasia survive the outbreak. Entirely plausible due to being along way from the infected areas and if an effective blockade of shipping and aircraft was enforced during the intial months of the outbreak then after 28 months, possibly longer, the vast majority if not all of the infected in the old world would have died of starvation. As long as there are no more cases of people being imune to the virus surviving in the infected areas. The virus for all intents and purposes would be completely irradicated. The remaining 1 billion or so people would have access to the natural resources of the rest of the world (now free from the virus remember) that would have ran out in 20 years max could now in theory last 4 times that long. So perhaps as terrible as a huge virus such as this would be. In the long run it could be one of the most benefitial things to ever happen to the human race in terms of surviving past this century.

Dan on May 18, 2008


They should show what happened to the three people who escaped at the end of the 2nd movie, the brother the little kid and the sister.

Toure on May 18, 2008


when I said brother I meant the helicopter pilot

Toure on May 18, 2008


i think the 3rd movie is a great idea ,it should be shot in eastern europe .when a strange boat arrives in spain or something and everybody on board is dead with the rage virus inside them ...infecting all of eastern europe and still traveling west to china and russia .eventually when it gets to asia it somehow becomes airborn and then everybody is F#%$!&!.and the good old 4 billion people die eventually and then the viru just dies out and then 5-10 years later it comes back wiping out wats left of the world(2 billion peeps).

George Liska on May 19, 2008


k no offense or anything but i dont think russia is a good place 2 do it in the hell would the virus get there,i think it should wipe out like alot of small coutries and make it way to russia eventually ..."Thats all I have to say about that".

George Liska on May 19, 2008


I know why it will be set in Russia and it has something to do with the snow but that's all I can say!!!

Aaron on May 21, 2008


I personally would like them to wipe out the U.S. thats what i want to see.

Kristine on May 24, 2008


Aaron just tell us. Does it really matter. I mean come on what harm is it going to do

Seamus on May 24, 2008


I haven't seen weeks only days...I'd say days was pretty corny though. Like in the beginning what the fuck is with all the trash, the infected don't litter right? There was also a couple little stupid bits: Example - When they're on the stairs and the infected come in...she shouts QUIET as loud as she can and shines the light on the infected...kinda like saying "C'mon we're up here!" Also that bit where the fat guy gets infected...he was just stupid...but when they shot him like 10 times in the back Hannah still said "Dad are you ok?" I mean what the fuck...I'm looking forward to seeing weeks and hopefully months though. I've seen a bit of weeks and it looks better.

EwwStalkerDontLookAtMyName on May 27, 2008


G...WTF are you talking about...anyways When is the release date!!!!! I cant wait to see it regardless of where it is set.

J on Jun 3, 2008


I think setting the film in Russia is a very good idea, like starting out in Moscow and then the survivours have move into Siberia and then further east towards and Bering straight and Alaska. All wintery and such!

Max on Jun 5, 2008


I think the setting in russia would kinda be a weird but stupid image. The infected would surely die more easily then in France because of the severe cold conditions. I mean....Common guys RUSSIA?! It kinda makes me mad but at the same time it kinda makes me laugh because there could be some very eerie moments in it like the infected could find new ways to feed on prey and like shoot out from the snow. It's a stupid idea but VERY different. It's cool but very risky because it could be an instead bomber.

Leo on Jun 8, 2008


Russia's not cold all the time and there's a fair few people in thw Western part. The only thing thats been missing in the last two films is tanks. Would love to see some Russian tanks mowing down some infected...

Hamish on Jun 8, 2008


How can it be set in Russia when the last one ended in Paris?

calmingspirit1 on Jun 9, 2008


because the virus might spread through eastern europe into russia

Finlay on Jun 11, 2008


damn i think they should do something like The infection stopped in Russia After taking Africa, Middle East, and much od India Since Middle Russia isnt the most populated place on Earth North Korea takes the chance to take some Makes a Barrier blockin all its lts north side from bieng driven out by zombies They see the chance and gather some of the infected After doing some tests and infecting some people, and animals they send a ship to the Canada, and Mexico and Release the infected That will sooner of later have to reach the world's current Super Power the United States And there it is a script to be made XD

Freeto on Jun 11, 2008


I'd love to see 28 Months Later made, the first two were pretty original for the zombie-horror genre. Although, they aren't even really zombies, they're still alive, on some level. They're just infected with a modified Ebola virus that was intended to SUBDUE aggressive behavior, but mutating to cause the opposite and PROMOTE aggression. One of the things I really liked about the first film was the total abandonment you feel. There you are in London with only Jim to guide you on his journey. It would be nice to see where those characters end up in 28 Months, but it would kind of detract from a focus on introducing new angles on the Rage, Infected, etc. And one thing I really loved about 28 Weeks was how with Don, after he's infected, retains bits and pieces of his humanity. This is shown when at the end, Tammy holding the gun, screams his name. You see that brief flash of his wife, and he stops biting Andy to focus on Tam. This just is a big revelation - that the infected aren't merely mindless super humans intent on destroying or infecting everyone else. They actually have a tiny bit of "memory" and a "thought process" mixed in with all their anger and rage. I'm anxious to see what Boyle (and whoever else) does with 28 Months, it's a very refreshing look into the whole zombie/horror genre that deserves a conclusion. 28 Years Later would be kind of unrealistic, looking at how quickly it can decimate enormous populations like London.

Jackal on Jun 14, 2008


Anyone have any updates or news on the project? Haven't heard anything since 2007

Anton on Jun 16, 2008


It doesn't matter where it is as long as its good.

veronica on Jun 18, 2008


Personally i dont care about 28 months later jut make it good so we can get 28 years later. My idea 28 years later: set in the USA coz u americans lap that up after all the the hoo haa in europe a anti - virus has been developed it has been dispensed to all Americans but all it does is turn you into what that boy and his mum wer like in 28 weeks sort of halfcast you know what I mean. Anyway the infection breaks out much like the aids virus did in the 70s and 80s. It spreads to a small percentage of the population and these people are treated as a social under-class doing jobs like rubbish collecting. They use seperate transport systems etc etc this is were the film begins. The half - infected are hated and abused by the un-infected as a comparison to American racism seen in Mississippi burning etc Eventually the infected are rounded up and put into labour camps and killed off slowly but yer they break out blah blah comparisons made with how circumstances could turn america into a state similiar to that of Nazi Germany

Jambut on Jun 24, 2008


My god people are so very Ignorant about Russia. Russia has vast desert, jungle, subtropical, steppe only the top and far east is arctic.

Mescovic on Jun 24, 2008


Fuck all of your ideas. There should be a trilogy, but not set in chronological order. Perhaps you could set a movie in Europe (France, Germany and pretty much every bit of Europe) And in Russia, which could in turn somehow have in spread into Alaska, then Canada, and into the main bit of the USA, while the infection also spreads down into Asia and Africa, then through Indonesia and onto Australia. Then as it goes through all of North America it can spread through mexico onto South America. There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many possibilities for movies here, and I don't think they're going to limit their possibilities, because the first 2 movies have been box office successes. You could create about 6 or 7 fuckin' movies but I think the worst part is that you see plenty of Americans winging and whining because the third movie isn't going to be set in the USA, but if you'd shut your fucking trap and realised that you own the hugest entertainment industry in the world, so just because there's some decent movies that you don't make you don't have to bloody leech off of the popularity of some decent British movies. btw you Americans and French that were fighting on earlier in the topic can go fuck yourself. Neither of your countries are 'pussies'. Americans, the French saved your ass in the Independance War or whatever the fuck you call it, and that they built you the statue of liberty. Frenchies, they saved your ass in world war 2. I'm Australian, and I think because you've done so much for each other, I don't know how the hell you can hate each other. I mean, what the hell? Seriously, with all the things you've done for each other, you should be best mates.

Chris Warren on Jun 28, 2008


Dude totally I concur

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Jun 28, 2008


Same here. Chris Warren you couldn't have put it more with a flaming fist. I agree. Not only should the USA not be used as the location, it is simply retarded. There are too many states. The pose "why wasn't it in this state?" is something that needs to be completely avoided among many others. 28 Months Later might need a desolate and unknown / forgotten area.. like outskirts of Chechnya, and / or other civilizations (Did I just say Civilized?) LOL JK. I don't care where it's based. As long as its not a little story line like we saw in Weeks Later with laxidasical children and snipers. If the story line could reach longer than just a few days in hell in a 100 mile radius, that would be satisfying (Weeks Later *Caugh*didthat*Caugh*)

G on Jun 28, 2008


it should totally be in Afrika like Resident Evil 5 OH YEAH!!!

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Jun 28, 2008


But furthermore: We. We the people of this forum are not the people to pour gas on. Also, if you haven't noticed, your dreams will come true shortly as I see you disgrace the American Film makers and location choices. I also agree that those are poor. Shit luck has become of the industry over here in the USA. I do not know too much about other places being in hell, so still don't take pity on USA. People are getting away from places like Los Angeles as we speak because of money shortage, and mortgage payments. Not to sound like everyone else, but also Gas prices, and the cut throat . Everyone is moving to Canada, Australia, Europe, Ireland, ect. It's becoming more and more exotic. I hear there is going to be a SAG problem. It's just a conversation about a movie. The movie is not about War, and the belittleing the past will certainly not cure how film makers decide. One of the ways to change it is to become it. And God Bless America. NO! I didn't mean to say that.. xD

G on Jun 28, 2008


you all dont need 2 explain all of this sillyness really some prick started by trash talking you all are making it worse this is not a news forum dude above me which is more the reason this movie should be done in Afrika like Resident Evil 5 with zombie elephant rhino monkeys of death

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Jun 28, 2008


Good riddance. Sillyness? There is ALWAYS a person who will egotize. If not dictating by "facts" it is about spelling. Can I have the last word? Pretty Please?

G on Jun 28, 2008


well sorry Mr spelling B maybe you should go else were & check some other person's spelling the there are other forums who desperately need your awesome spelling talent dont waste your time on someone who is illiterate like me

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Jun 28, 2008


I think that after 6 months of the initial outbreak the rest of the world should have been prepared to handle an outbreak in europe. The fact that anyone from britian entered europe should have been shot down at all costs.

Azzam on Jun 29, 2008


Yeah, that's another question for me too. I mean, who would be stupid enough to let that frickin tunnel between england & france go unquarantined? before anyone says some bullshit like "They thought it was safe in England because the infection was wiped out" don't be stupid. Remember, in 28 weeks later they said "There are still rats and dogs outside district 1 that are infected" or something on the lines of. And to make sure my point is in firm in cement, if anyone says "they didn't think it crossed species" or something 1. First of all - the monkeys in the first film attacked the activists. 2. They must know something about cross species contamination, after all, americans couldn't be THAT ignorant. I mean they're ignorant, but they must know it can cross species in the slightest because you can't automatically assume that you know it doesn't cross species because you haven't seen it before. 3. who would be stupid enough to let infected rats and dogs in another country anyway? That's like letting the black plague for animals into France. I mean even if they don't know it's cross species, who would want to let them in anyway and let them fuck up every rat, mouse, dog, in the entire fuckin country? So basically 28 months later is going to be based on a very, very stupid error assuming the french are sooooo stupid they couldn't even think to quarantine themselves. Btw that's no shot at the french, that's a shot at the writers.

Chris Warren on Jun 30, 2008


Back onto the subject of Russia, just to get off the badness, personally I think it's a shit idea. You know why I think it's a shit idea? Because it's obviously a shit idea. Russia is too big, and the middle of Russia is worse, because it's huge, and totally underpopulated. Running from Western Russia to Eastern Russia would kill the infected, because it's huge, snowy, they've got no clothes on, and just because they're pumped up full of anger and rage (because the disease causes intense emotion) doesn't mean they're superhuman. They die by human bullets, they starve like human people, and they cut like human flesh, so the thing is, they're either gonna freeze, die of starvation, or die of exhaustion. You know why? I'll tell you why. 1. Humans freeze in intense cold. Rage doesn't modify the human body in a whole lot, apart from tonnes of blood, and as evidence by my points above they aren't superhuman. 2. Humans die of starvation. On the odd chance that some of them could make it to a populated Eastern Russia by like running a whole lot and really fast non stop, that'd also drain their energy and food. Look below. 3. Humans die of exhaustion. The ones that could have made it by going really fast non stop to Eastern Russia will die of exhaustion, for obvious reasons. What people fail to understand is that the infected have a disease, and that they aren't superhuman, they're just really stupid blinded by rage to do stupid things that most humans won't. They're humans, albeit angry. I would think more people would have noticed that when Don stop attacking one of his kids to focus on the other, with the added bonus of the non-symptomatic carriers Alice and Andy. That's evidence why it's a shit idea in Russia. Now I've said why I think it shouldn't be set in America, because every one of them winging and whining about how they don't have a 28 film set in the USA as of today. Now I'm gonna tell you some reasons why it's bad for the movie to set it there. American movies themselves are awful, I believe. Apart from the odd star wars movie all of your action movies are shit. I've seen a few okay ones. I mean Indiana Jones is okay, but other than that you're up your own ass about your movies. They're not as good as you think they are. If you americanize 28 whatever later whether it be months or years if they continue the series, most people aren't going to enjoy it. 28 days later was a small, low budget british movie that it seems made it. 28 weeks later was a higher budget british movie with a tonne of american influence, because americans just love snipers, and guns, and helicopters, don't they? I bet half of the people that's seen the movies prefer the first one. You even had to top it off with a whole "Okay you need to be here in four minutes or we're gonna explode the entire city" thing. That's why you should stick to a low budget british film. That's why I think 28 weeks later declined in quality in comparison to the first one, because of the influence. Another thing is that you just simply suck. You have too many states & too many cities. If you get this film in your country, Pretty soon you're going to be showing the infected in every single state, in every single city just too prove it's all over you're frickin country. Even if you only show half of that, you're probably going to be saying some crap about "The infected have been spreading to Mississipi" and "The infected have reached Alabama." Going through every single state will be torture. Even half of the states. Even a quarter of the states. Your country is whacked out. You're also gonna probably add more explosions if you do get the film, because you couldn't settle to see a simple district get blown up. I'm sure you'll get the president on the phone, saying how they should nuke every city, and all that jazz. Your movies are predictible. Over-actiony, all gore, and not even a break from it like the picnic they had in the first one. But I can tell that there's no possible way it could turn out well for that movie. Not one, because america sucks for British based movies to have them as a setting. It just wouldn't be a British film. Now I know a tonne of you won't agree with me, but if you look at every single movie you have made you'll realise you suck. Genres have all been topped with British stuff 1. Horror/suspense: You might think you have classics like 30 days of Night and such, but British has 28 Days Later. 2. Romance: You might think you have sleepless in seatille but the British have Love Actually (Best Romance ever made) 3. Comedy: You might think you have Scary Movie, and Jackass and all of that, but the British have the entire Monty Python TV shows and movies, because they can look on the bright side of life, plus classics like Hogan's heroes, Are you being served, and Some mothers do have em. 4. Action: All of your actions can be easily topped by the worlds best secret agent, James Bond. British, might I add. 5.Sci-Fi: you can top in is Sci-Fi, which ironically is the stereotypical nerd's genre. You win for Star Wars, although I bet Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy could give you a run for your money for a sci-fi comedy. 6. Drama: You also can top Drama, because of the few classics like Forest Gump. As you can see 4/6 movies that you have can be beaten. I rest my case at why it shouldn't be in america.

Chris Warren on Jun 30, 2008


Hey, CrazyWhiteMAN. So. I guess you totally missed the subject right? I mean read what I said! And specifically read from # 179 to # 186. You are against me. That is all. I didn't say anything about your spelling.. I am implying that [maybe] you are one of those assholes that just... disagree because. Just shoot it all down right? I think that a lot of bullshit would be avoided if people would just triple check what is being said. So to maybe end this bitch fight again... Want the last word? So I hear that Russia is being used, period. I doubt there is anything that anyone can do about that because half of it is already filmed.

G on Jul 1, 2008


No we can rebel & boycott the movie & im not against you just at the pricks who started this several months ago

CRAZYWHITEMAN on Jul 1, 2008


MK I am trying to decide how I want to die.

G on Jul 2, 2008


ok if its in russia nikko bellic from gta 4 will kill em all LOL

Vishal on Jul 6, 2008


Sum people say oh Russia that's a bad idea cause every one would freeze. WRONG Russia isn't all snow sum ex: Altai Mountains, Kamchatka Peninsula, and Verkhoyansk Range. So for all you people that say Russia is all snow know your locations before you rant on about it. Second it being in Russia would show how wide scale the infection has become. Third some people say what about Africa there's sum things you should know Africa isn't connected to Europe/Asia. It was until the Suez Canal was built and they can blow that up or sumtin to stop the infection and if the infected would freeze they could also die in the Sahara desert,and did u ever see Africa I mean i dont want to see sum movie about African tribes fightin off infected with spears yeah that's real cool.

TyTy on Jul 16, 2008


Actually # 23 that song "Hurt" is done by Johnny Cash. I think it is a far better version hehe. Now on to the Movie. The French, Germans, Spanish etc etc.. all would end up handling the situation of Mass Infection all the same as Great Britain. So, whats the use of showing the same thing over and over again as the two films before 28 Months Later? Russia is a good idea, because this new area presents a few more (and New) obstacles to the spread of the Rage Virus. Unlike most countries in Europe, they do not have any thing close to Russian Winters, there are also natural barriers which present even newer ways of how the infection might spread, like Napoleon or Hitler, hell the winter might kill off the infection hehe. Now as for the the middle east... Its just to damn hot to support the kind of energy these infected use. Even Zombies need to eat. now imagine, infected feeding on other infected just to survive, and as one huge army going towards the east... oh lord. again, that just might be too cheezy hehe to compare zombie armies to Napoleon and Hitler lol.

Allen on Jul 25, 2008


Well i would say if the infection some how reached china. and infected half of thier population. thats a wrap mate for every country around there..ill be on the next plane to a indonasian island

Argie on Sep 3, 2008


the infected should reach detriot the fourth over weight city in the entire world but then they might get into canada (by the way is NOT a barren ice land where polar bears run around in our back yards and where live in igloos and hunt cariboo and ice fish to feed ourselves) like fucking dum ass americans think cause there fucking stupid and everyone hates america 🙂

coolio on Sep 13, 2008


I'm stoked about it taking place in Russia! like in the World War Z book the writers can stretch the story out with military factions splitting to control parts of Russia from infections weather effecting the zombies etc... then after 28 months a Sci-Fi mini series like a cool show like Fire Fly or maybe a Manga Anime can continue the story to help give all us Z heads a real big taste of total destruction with the rage virus eventually making it to the north and south Americas.

angryk on Sep 17, 2008


If anyone is on facebook...? Search in the facebook groups for 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later... Survivors Its a good group and also has ideas of future films and dicussion boards on the film!

John on Sep 22, 2008


The writers should have only made 28 Days later and left it at that. In the first the audience could actually suspend your disbelief, you really got to know the characters and really enjoy it and feel as though the infection could actually happen in reality. The premise of the second really was quite weak and completely unbelievable, although, I did think it was entertaining, it just did not live up to the first. Now talk about Russia, France? what is next? they are gonna bring in M. Jovavich to wipe out the infection, please do not turn this into a Resident Evil. The storyline of 28 has become way too broad now and has lost its importance in the genre. Let it alone. Make a new more original "zombie" film seperate from the 28 series.

Hubris on Oct 2, 2008


shooting in russia actually makes sense when you think of commercial reasons. it would be a complete waste to let the rage virus go to the middle east, america or asia so quickly, especially if they're planning to make a 4th sequel, and eventually a 5th. added to that, it would make no sense for the virus to have already spread throughout different continents since we have to take into consideration how european military forces could possibly suppress the virus from spreading any further - they were able to do it with stalin, hitler, and mussolini - why not the rage virus?

Robby on Oct 18, 2008


there is no way the infection would be to spread so rapidly as the incubation period is far to quick thats what would destroy the virus, i think 28 months later should be set in Europe, most of Europeans coming together to fight the infected aka Germans, Spanish, French and the remnants of the British army set border forts up and strong points in Europe and fight back the infected with the helps of the civs who are left just all out action. I dont know just something i was thinking about and where ever did ya get the idea all the British army is gone they have bases in Europe and the middle east. Anyway prob a crap idea but hey i like it.

Mark on Oct 20, 2008


Hey guys, I think the shooting should be shot in China, I know its big leap threw a whole of conutrys, but it would be very interesting to see, primarly because of their masive popoulation problem.

Nick on Nov 1, 2008


I think the 2nd film was better than the 1st personally, so come on make a 3rd, I think it should start in France at the begining (or at least some flash backs how the Rage virus got to Russia) then get to Russia perhaps from a traveller that bearly escaped France and bring in more higher status actors to boost box office sales.

Dave Rees on Nov 7, 2008


i think it's a good idea to set this film in suck a unknown country like russia, and i say unknown, because it's very big and only few places are famous. Maybe low tempetaures are the weak point of zombies 😀 and the focus of human resistance stills in cold places 🙂 would be very cool. In my opinion a good place to make that movie and very few movies makes films about it, it's spain. Zombies running during summer in spain..... hahaha would b aamzing 🙂 anyway the only thing i wish is that this 3rd movie becomes true asap 😀

azuzito on Nov 13, 2008


Errmm... Russia you say... I hope they really do it in russia and not some mock-up city which is actually in USA. My guess is that they want to film it in russia because it's mostly empty anyway. You can find miles of abbandoned places without any people... lol but it would be quite tricky, having in mind what most russians think about americans. Just hope that this movie will be good, i'm sick of those movies which have the 1st part good and the other ones just go worser and worser lol... IMO if this will be good, i'm getting it on my HDD the first chance i'll get. I love my apocalyptic movies 😛

Past Light on Nov 16, 2008


THE GREATEST MOVIE IDEA EVER FOR THE THIRD MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about the third movie starts off with the chopper landing in france (a little rough) and that dudes pic of his family ends up falling down on to andy's (the kid who is a carrier) lap and they share a breif exchange and then he sneezes or a tear drop falls down on it or what ever. The kids are taken in to a government office or an embassy to be asked questions and taken care of. The pilot kisses the pic of his family like he did in the second movie....and 30 seconds later all hell breaks loose. Once things start going to crap in france the government sends those kids to the US... where everything is cool for now but it wont say about 28 months or so when little andy gets a girl friend in the united states. But in the mean time, everything frome france - to - well any where in the eastern hemisphire those things can walk or run will get infected with the rage virus. the closing sceenes of the movie could be little andy and his girl friend kissing and then go from there. i hope this sounds good to you guys....maybe the director will call me up for some more input... ummm...not likely... layyyter dane

dane"ger" on Nov 29, 2008


Well I am Australian and if the next movie were set in the US, I for one would not be watching it. There are way too many action movies about famous US cities and landmarks being destroyed. Eg - Armaggedon, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, I am Legend etc. America is not the centre of the universe and seeing its city's abandoned, frozen, destroyed and traumatised has well and truly lost its shock value for me. Plus the continual, and annoyingly American outcries of "Oh my God! Oh my God!" would make me want to tear my hair out. Bring on the Ruskis. 😀

Mimee on Dec 1, 2008


This will be awesome!!

sean houghton on Dec 6, 2008


Nice ideas dane"ger"

Chris on Dec 11, 2008


Starring James Mcavoy, Olga Artemoff, Stephen Graham, Directed bt Kai Van Der Putten. Looks like a couple of previous characters return too. Lots of military action……looking good. Eradicate Exterminate Cleanse

vision impossible on Dec 25, 2008


I personally loved the 2nd film better than the first. I just felt that 28 Weeks Later had a better story. I would like the 3rd movie to start in France. The boy Andy is living there with his sister for 28 months and he has a girlfriend. He forgets that he's infected with the virus and he kisses his gf. Then she becomes infected and bam, France has an epidemic! The U.S. would come in and help the French and German Armies from letting it cross into Germany. I just said the U.S. as well cuz they always are stepping in. I'm from the U.S. and our army is always trying to fix the world's problems, not always being successful. But oh well getting back to subject. Anyway, Paris is overrun and you see everyone running in the streets. Then it turns out the survivors from the 1st movie are living in France and they meet up with the survivors from the 2nd movie and they all get to relive the horror. Some of the soldiers get infected and the virus crosses into Germany. The movie would end with the survivors fleeing into Italy because it didn't cross into their border yet. Then the screen goes black, it says 28 months later, you see people infected with the rage virus chasing non-infected people by the Leaning Tower of Piza! Perfect, then it will pick up 28 years later where it finishes infecting Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and makes it way to the Americas!!!

James on Dec 28, 2008


hahahahaha just read all the talk aboutwar how the hell did a talk bout a film turn t war mad eads lol seriouslys dudes wen is this film out i need t see it d b makes great movies love the whole idea of it bein set in russia scenery is awesome and seriously guys the french guy thomas or what ever it is hes like 15 dnt swear at him lol i rli dnt get it wer wud ww1 or 2 cum in t 28 months later lol hope its bein made cuz i reks it cud b the best out the 3 o well we shall see peace x x (female btw hence the x x)

leah-hollydyke on Jan 1, 2009


I think a lot of people forget that when the "infected" that enter Paris at the end of 28 weeks later, it's 28 days after the movie took place.

allan on Jan 10, 2009


Are these the first leaked images from 28 months later? I just stumbled accross them on flickr! Check the website link!

Chloe Chandless on Jan 15, 2009


If these are pictures from the movie, then there should be some more imformation availible. Like for example leaked trailers.

Nicolas on Jan 15, 2009


I think Russia makes sense if its going to me set 28 months later, after 28 months most of Europe shouls be infected, Russia should take a bit longer due to its large regions of low population and harsh climate

Morbo on Jan 16, 2009


ok, so here's what I think. They should start off the 3rd movie showing news clips of the infection spreading accross europe, talking about evecuation etc. They'd have set up massive refugee camps in russia (maybe using the old goulags?) and built some kind of giant perlin wall type barricades. So Russia suddenly becomes very densely populated because half of europe has moved there. But the problem is that the infected have surged towards the wall they built, to the point where the west side of the infected area is now devoid of life (because they've formed one giant group and gone towards population. So what we have Is a swarm constantly trying to infringe the protection of this massive wall. And then, disaster strikes. Some kind of weapon backfires, a hole is made, and a few infected get in. After all, even in the most military and protected environment, all you need is one or two. I mean that's how it all started, with one. And then there's the scene in 28 days when Jim unleashes that guy on the brit army guys, and then that's the ENTIRE premise of 28 weeks. One single infected! So because russia is now stock packed with people, the infection spreads like no tomorrow. I think chernobil is a stupid concept for this plot because all radiation seems to do is cause cancer in the long run, and kill in the short run. I mean ok, it's a crazy virus, but after all the carriers are human, and look at how people died off like flies when it happened. And even when mutations do happen, they're never of any useful type. Even on a bacterial level. I'm talking of mutations engendered by radioactivity of course, not the evolution type. So yes, that's my view on tchernobyl. I also agree with a post above in the fact that it would be extremely interresting to see the spread of the infection in britain from another point of view in either scotland, wales or ireland. Although russia would be my foremost choice. But hey, you know what? If anything like this ever happens in real life, wherever it happens, I'm hopping straight on a plane to tahiti to wait it out.

Chloe on Jan 16, 2009


After the second movie came out I thought that they would make a third, but with the virus spread throughout Europe/Asia and maybe Africa, with only the Americas and Australia untouched (28 months would give the virus over 2 years to spread). Then one person would somehow carry the disease over (ex New York City, Sydney) and chaos would again ensue. Russia would make sense if we assume France and the rest of Europe was infected within the 28 months that passed.

Tracey on Jan 16, 2009


I agree with 221. Go 221

Monopoly on Jan 31, 2009


You go girl!

Chris on Feb 9, 2009


I really hope the setting is in paris, and not in russia. It would really throw people off. Y'all already got everyone excited for a sequel in paris!! LOL!!

Carlos on Feb 13, 2009


Is anything official yet...... For what iv seen and heard nothing is official and the question of a 3rd movie is getting grim..

Jordan on Mar 1, 2009


We can't wait any longer. Damnation should we except the movie or wasting time pointing out ideas and locations for a ghost movie? WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE RAGE VIRUS, MORE SEQUELS!! MORE HORROR, MORE BLOOD!!PUT SOME TANKS ON STREETS GOING OVER THE INFECTED HORDE!! (Remind you the scene with the helicopter tearing off the infected at the field)

Rage V Fanatic on Mar 18, 2009


should be set in america europes an asia overrun and america nukes everyone BOOOMMM

americaa on Mar 24, 2009


no offence canadians but u guys would just run straight to america. no question about it

uncle sam on Mar 24, 2009


Why would we run straight to the us, didnt you hear taht fox guy and how embarased he was when he fond out we lost the most casultys up to date in afgan. So Im pretty sure we would all work together 🙂

Nicolas on Mar 25, 2009


I personally think that they should open the third one up of how the virus was constructed and how they decided to make it....and why. test subjects, mistakes, ideas, plans, years, etc etc. i mean who says "LETS MAKE A VIRUS THAT WILL MAKE CREATURES VERY VERY VERY VERY ANGRY, VOMIT BLOOD, AND BITE!!!"??? thats just screwed up. they should trace it back and then bring it to Russia where they are building a giant barricade protecting them from infected coming from the east, west, and south. then somehow someone who is a carrier but still immune to the side effects comes along inside the walls, some stuff goes down and a break out happens. they are the only ones left in the world and its up to them to start a population all over again. just an idea. ive loved all of the movies so far, especially the second one and im so effing psyched for the new one hopefully coming out

Micky on Mar 29, 2009


Well Micky, they already have a Graphic Novel out called "28 Days Later: The Aftermath" or something, which explains HOW the virus was made in the first place.

HELLO on Apr 14, 2009


I say that Russia is a shit idea. In some ways anyway. I'd like to see how other areas of Britain dealt with the outbreak like Scotland and Wales nd that. Or how schools managed to cope ect.. There are mores ways of doing things than fuckin Russia or continuing the sequel.

Findizzle on Apr 24, 2009


rofl just putting this out their but basically each russian (if he gets pissed enough very Easy to do) will fuck a zombie in the ass rip out its intestines then slit the basterds throat and push it into the barring straight. Russians are tough mothers and they always have a friendly ak47 on hand more than likely so i would LOVE to see zombies come to russia sure their would be a shit load of zombies but a whole city of pissed russians with ak47 is gonna fuck some shit up! Also a few survivers crossing the barring straight (assuming it froze over) would work really good if they wanted to continue on with the series. ex it could move onto canada and the u.s.<--- where i live but my guess is we are going to be very lucky to get a 3rd film out of em. so cross your fingers and just hope we can even get a 3rd sequel to fill our zombie cravin stomachs!

The terminator on May 5, 2009


I liked 28 Days later. The most superior zombie/horror film I have ever seen. The fact that zombies could run and the story line being very accurate of what could happen in reality. i.e a virus not living dead. Starvation being a means of killing them. 28 weeks later was a great sequel (A) because GB would have been quarantined and yes the virus would have died out. It was also very accurate that the US would have led a clean up. Poor points were robert getting infected so easily and the fact he seemed to have a BRAIN/decision making ability which gave it a cheesy hollywood style to it. It was also a disappointing end with the "kids" living - very predictable which was a shame. 28 months later will see the return of danny boyle and therefore no more cheesy antics. Setting it in Russia seems brilliant. What made 28 days later amazing was the isolation the survivors had in a massive city. Russia could bring a whole new dynamic such as basing the survivors escaping to a cold tundra environment where infection could not survive! GB is a very densily populated country where the infection could spread very fast i.e. I could see the fall of Europe taking some more time because of more better preperation, armies in place and less populated because of evacuations etc.

Phil on May 15, 2009


I realy dont understand why that you say it will be in russia when in the last part of 28WK it showed you that they where in france so if this is actualy true im sorry you have pretty much f*cked up a good story and plus i will think it will very poor in russia any way as if u can amagine it being in russia so i think the website is a huge scan if you ask me.

Bryan on May 17, 2009


If you retards at the top knew anything about our history, the French saved our ass in the Revolutionary War. No France, no America, Statue of Liberty(more than one were made), hairy pits, or good ass food. You people are simple minded. I would like a chain of islands setting. I aslo think Russia is a great idea. We don't see much about Russia in movies, and never in a movie like this. We would get to see how poor the country is and it woud have more of a mental installment if that makes sense.

Nick on May 27, 2009


LADS I think it should be about the world in generall. Like how did Ireland manage to keep the virus out when it infected europe. Also no offense to russia but why bother. The last two were about survivers and if its about survivers in Russia it whould be borin. Itshould have multiple story line for example America trying to keep it out then over to Ireland then to a blakaded city like berlin or somthing. I think tho berlin would be a bit fucked due to them been beside France. Then basicly the virus completly overuns any land conected to europe. Then America just says fuck it and nuke Europe. Then dudes in Ireland not been infected and like africa all being grand and australia and new sealand. Then the last scene would be a world map and then a red dot say in california then it spreads like wilde fire accross all america and south america and Canada. Plus would ye shut the fuck up about the french gettin helped by the americans. Who gives a shit. There are loads of countrys around the world who have to help them selfs out in wars. The French cant help it if there pussys and there a nation with a gay rugby team and the americans cant helpit if there greedy war hungry basterds. The way it should be judged is which country is better at partyin and that would be America Spring Break rocks. The French suck Cocks and there women suck mine.

Evan on May 31, 2009


^^ Well, that clears that up doesn't it? Were you dropped on your head shortly after birth or are you actually the after birth itself ? First, learn to think, then learn to spell then, ....nah just end it all now and do EVERYONE a service you throwback waste of oxygen.

evan is a banjo strumming retard on May 31, 2009


you know near the beginnig of 28 weeks after the scene in the house, when everyones on the train and the US army woman says "your safety is in the hand s of the US army" you could tell they were all totally screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. before anyone says anything i am half english AND half American p.p.s english side is better

rise agianst on Jun 17, 2009


239 - I like how you spell "half english and half American" I assume I know which part is the educated part since you dont use capital letters for half English. Come to America and learn some English!

Paulus on Jun 20, 2009


I like to suck cocks from the infected. And after this a cockfight. Hmmm nice cum.

CummyCock on Jun 30, 2009


I Loved both movies and can't wait till the next one. The comment about france movie being called 28 sec. so funny. But too say the USA could shut down the boarder in the Middle east is dumb when we can't shut down the boarder to Mexico. so tho that idea in the trash. normal people don't hate russian people its just your gov't but the movie being in russian would be great Love the idea. Think it would make a great movie just want to see another movie of 28 later movies.!!!! Can't wait!

Tim on Jul 18, 2009



A Crisis In Eden on Jul 23, 2009


It should definitely take place in France. 28 Seconds Later 1. The Rage victims come across from the UK and enter France. 2. The French see them coming, they drop their guns and bend over (just like when the Germans arrived in WWI and WWII took about 28 seconds). 3. France becomes an occupied country. You guys are currently occupied right? All of the poor, unskilled, muslim radicals you let in (over 5 million at last count) are now taking over your country (was it ever your country?) and will soon be holding you hostage. No one will pay to save your arses again! All you bleeding heart fools once again forget that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Yeah, like anyone wants to go through that BS again! I would not give a squirt of piss for France. Mark Twain had the French figured out long ago....

Frog Stomper on Jul 29, 2009


Right i think that another movie to the 28 days/weeks later series is a good idea since i loved the first two but i was a lil dissapointed in the 28 weeks later because there were no characters from the first movie :S. Although Don looked abit like Jim if he were abit older he even had the accent lol. A good idea to set it in Russia just to prove that there russian vodka and there mozlov cocktails are'nt good anough to save them. Also French wouldnt join a war if they got paid to they will surrender in 20 seconds flat since they dont have 1. no military 2. horrible food or it could be set in France the 28 months later and the French could fill there frogs with poison and kill them all. But they aint tht smart. And about all this country shite first England is the most DOMINANT country for wars. We save everyone like at this moment we are saving the Afganistans!! And in WW2 Hitler wouldnt have pussied out and shot himself if it werent for us brits. By the way i just recently watched the 28 days later and loved it so i watched 28 weeks later which was awesme but i hope they manage to keep the essence of the realism in the 3rd movie :).

Ben on Aug 8, 2009


If I as a 21 year old canadian can think of atleast 2 more movies for this series then im sure boyle and posiblly>> (new management) can do this...BUT!'s obviously not about the idea's,how & where it will take place, But more about money and people willing to apply themselves to doing this! Just my opinion!:P The acting & grahpics will be get out of style over time but truely>>>>THESE ARE BRILLIANT FILMS! IF this movie ever comes to canada! i would be glad help in any way for these movies 🙂 Email>>>

Ryan on Aug 15, 2009


i was a bit disappointed to hear that. i mean, the second movie hints about the infection moving to France and now Boyles changed it to Russia?? ahh. well, i love all his movies and if this is the start of a better movie than by all means, go ahead. im just excited for 28 months period 🙂

angela on Aug 23, 2009


I think it would be more intresting if the movie was about the rage virus's spread to north america. If it took only 28 days(maybe less) to wipe out england, than the virus would of raged through europe and into russia and the middle east in about a few months, maybe less. America would probably end up being the last place to be infected since their is no physical way for an infected to make it all the way from europe or asia.

28 on Aug 31, 2009


If the story is to be set in Russia (no matter where it is filmed) then my biggest question is; Has western europe already been overun ? If not this will allow for the horror of international (american) containment troops who draw a west facing line in France to discover the virus is behind them. if not (Maybe more interesting) it will allow the russians to take over operations in "eurasia" because the americans have twice failed to contain the virus. The "zobies" are not evil they are sick, the uninfected alone have the possibility to be evil. Would a russian regime deal with the problem differently than the americans did? Please remember 28 weeks showd that the americans clearly thought the brits were expendable. The film must be about people we can feel for. I can imagine that in a europe wide epidemic every adult capable of it will be enlisted either to military service or food/ammunition production. The world might very quickly become very authoritarian. The scenes that I really want to see are the cities falling apart (that is high budget big crowd scenes) but used as a backdrop to make us understand the reactions of the characters we are following. Also I have loads of jingoistic and xenophobic comments about other countries and their various military histories but right now I am thinking of the films. If I comment again I'll do my best to be rude and insulting. Nick

Nick on Sep 28, 2009


Sorry I did say I would be rude and try to insult people's nationalistic sentiments but I am musing on another part of the story. I was expectiing the americans to use a neutron or atomic strike in the second film but if the world has written off britain why bother ? Nerve gas would spread it's effects less far and the rest of the world might press america not to nuke what was left of britain (I guess France and Ireland would have some thing to say) Is there an aptimum moment for using nuclear weapons when the virus breaks out on mainland europe though. Leave it too late and the amount of weapons needed might be catastrophic. Would the bombs be dropped on the infected or in advance of them. This might lead to a fourth film being set in a very dark and unpleasant future ! I can imagine a scenario with america and china pressing for nuclear strikes whilst russia threatens the USA that it will defend what's left of europe. The russians meanwhile taking conrol of eastern europe and demanding every country seal it's borders to slow the spead and give them the time to build the big wall. Hmm I hope this does not turn into an action soldier movie the first two have been good and were in a genre I like and which prompts endless speculation ! I promise I will do xenophobic comments soon Nick

Nick on Sep 28, 2009


Just my opinion that really make sense, some interesting facts worth mentioning after watching both 28 days and 28 weeks later. This movie is actually about a virus called 'Rage' that is actually infecting humans through blood/saliva, so basically they are still 'human' but lost their senses and fill with 'Rage' that makes that attack, maul, kill, any living person or animals when detected through smell, movement, sound or light. Since they are still 'human', they will starve to death, fall to death or bled to death. They are definitly not zombies cos they are so-call undead means they don't run, starve to death and they like to chew flesh (based on the zombies movies i watched). So bascially zombies don't fall unless they are decapitated or shot in the head. Is quite interesting to see the 28 months later set in Russia cos i think after 2 years and 8 months, the infection definitely would have spread there. Russia covered by snow six months of year. Weather is usually harsh and unpredictable. Average annual temperature of European Russia 0°C, lower in Siberia. Precipitation low to moderate in most areas; highest amounts in northwest, North Caucasus, and Pacific coast. Many people would have fleed there cos they know that the infected will die of hunger and cold there easily. And since the 2nd movie showed that the infected will starve to death after 4-5 weeks, there is a possibility that France (the country that start the infection) and its neighbouring countries would be free from the infected cos they would all have died of starvation. Then maybe Americans (again. LOL) or UN stepped in and start rebuilding and finding a way to stop infection spreading further into Russia or Asia. Maybe they would have study a way to push the infected to Russia and by then, they had found a cure to it in Russia cos since infected are froze in the cold and they used the frozen infected to find a cure to it. So there is actually no worldwide epidemic cos there is no physical way as mentioned before the infected can cross other continents or even desert. Finally i hope to see an end to the infection that will mark it as the last sequel. The mention of xenophobic or using nuclear weapon is not logical.

Call me EuroNRG on Sep 30, 2009


"Call me EuroNRG" ends with three points. "Finally i hope to see an end to the infection that will mark it as the last sequel. The mention of xenophobic or using nuclear weapon is not logical." I don't know how many really good sequels will follow the much praised and highly original movie but I to would rather the story ends with a cure than gets turned into endless sequels of decreasing merit but we're still looking good so far ! I don't think I was illogical to mention the idea of a nuclear weapon Suppose the "bristish disease" had reached Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China had only a short time to react having seen how quickly Britain fell I think their goverment would at least include a nuclear option in the emergency planning. Lastly several people's postings have been blatantly nationalistic, ignorant and xenophobic and I really do want to join in it might be childish and illogical but if it goes on I will have a go too. Nick

nick smith on Oct 1, 2009


I don't know maybe I missed something in the movie, but what about biological warfare? I mean the infected can't be immune to every biological agent, just drop some anthrax on their asses. It's a win win situation we are killing them as they are infecting/mutilating us. Personally I don't see how this movie would work in Russia without some form of transportation for the infected. I'm know there are several heavily populated areas of Russia but for the most part there are long stretches of desolation and the infected are basically hoofing it, so it isn't like OMFG were getting overrun, it's more like hey we have 3-4 weeks to get the hell out of the way so we don't get eaten/ripped apart/infected. To me it seems more logical that they would run around in circles once the tasty Europeans are wiped out, and since Europe is basically surrounded by desert/frozen tundra they can't really follow population centers. They aren't birds they can't read the magnetic waves of the Earth to figure out North, South and whatnot. Once you get past Moscow there is like several hundred miles between cities and towns; it isn't like Europe with everyone crammed in together. The same goes for the middle east and North Africa, unless it follows the Nile or the coast. So the same argument someone made for it not being in the U.S. (focusing on certain states and whatnot) applies for Russia, they would mainly be focusing on western Russia, because seriously guys what loser would take a plane to eastern Russia, come on. Plus I think it would be cooler to have Africa infected in the next sequel, running past the pyramids or getting trampled by an elephant or mauled by a lion or something, that would seem so much more original than a trip to Russia, if that is what has been decided. Pre-WWII French weren't cowards they just didn't know how to fight wars or manage money and the only reason they loaned us money they didn't have during the Revolutionary war is because they didn't like the British. Also if your going to call the French pussies you might as well say the same for most westernized societies because ever since the end of WWII we have become increasingly more feminized, all you have to do is walk outside to see it or turn on the TV. To the guy who said something about the Japanese sending their army to attack the infected - Japan doesn't have a standing army, that went along with the whole death of the Samurai culture.

apple butter on Oct 7, 2009


Would there be any reason to set one in America? Most Americans are dumb tv-watching zombies, and the rest are inbreeding redneck dumb-as-shit zombies... zombies without a virus, maybe the virus would improve the gene pool and general fitness and intelegence levels in the USA, actually sending the virus there would make the USA a better place.

Green Nutcase! on Oct 12, 2009


i still think that they should go back and see what happens when the virus hits small towns and cities and stuff in scotland or wales, or see how school kids dealt with it and shit, that would be quality

Finlay on Oct 18, 2009


I don't have an issue w/the film being shot in Russia. I'd rather the virus stay overseas...LOL. Just playing. But I think it's best to keep the film over there. The film would seem rather bleak I guess...but, I mean, how realistic is it for the virus to travel to the Americas? It occurs w/in seconds. I recall Selene saying that there were reports of infection in the U.S, in the movie? Seems a little unbelievable. I think it's more realistic to assume that the President was just lying his *** off about it...w/full support of the ppl (majority wise). H*ck, with pressure from the ppl...if he had other thoughts in mind. b/c if there's one thing that will illicit a knee-jerk negative reaction (besides big govt) it's 'immigration'. Once most Americans get wind of the fact that the pop. of Europe and others have been nearly decimated by a deadly highly contagious virus? Refugees won't have to worry about the military. Average Americans will whip out their guns and run/drive to the borders to keep the overseas refugees the hell out... It's been a long while since I watched either movie so forgive me if I'm off-vase on the animal thing. It's just that -- if the Americas began to reveal infecteds, well -- that could only come about through accident (animals) or intent (greed or well-intentioned ppl trying to find a cure). IMO, anyway...and even then I don't think that it should JUST be centered on the US. We already know what will happen: The setting will be in New York and in the end the Air Force will blaze through to save the day dropping bombs all over the place. Our hero will let out a hearty laugh posing atop a hill of infected corpses (like the Captain Morgan beer icon) with the American flag flapping in the background. The movie will fade to black while inspirational type music plays in the background. I'd prefer a more Global outlook to the film...why not keep it overseas? Maybe following multiple major story-lines. In the city, countryside...and maybe near the borders showing ppl fighting to get out of the country? Maybe shots of the Western and Caribbean countries fighting to hold of the refugees. Sort of expand...the whole newsreel idea to get an idea of widespread panic and devastation as the virus erupts yet again. AS it erupts. The chronicle the few days/weeks to show how they dealt w/it/contained it/met their end. That would be cool. The endings would be a mixed bag, which should satisfy everyone... Some characters would make...others would not. I don't think it should be a rosy ending. But more of a bleak and survivalist but determined resolution. Depicting winners AND losers. Green Nutcase, have you actually been to America...or is this all about what you've seen on tv or heard from the mouths of others? ...and you speak of other ppl being of 'low intelligence' when you pay homage to stereotypes and generalizations? Also, in ref to a comment I saw earlier, what exactly is a 'half-American'? (i.e., 'I'm half english and half-american but the english side is better'...) I don't think you can somehow develop 'american' traits b/c your mom was born in Fl. It's not like being 'half-mexican' or 'half white', stupid. It's a nationality thing....and if you aren't a citizen then you're not an American. ...neither are you a 'half-american' <--whatever that is. You're just an English chick related to someone who was born in the US. *shrug* God...and some of you claim to be more superior to 'US'? Anyway, every country is fine. I'm an American and have no problem with the French, Canadians, etc... Ppl on here need to get over the xenophobia and Stay On Topic.

maliah on Oct 26, 2009


I prefer comments related to production time of the new movie, not the babling of commoners.

comment on Nov 6, 2009


i quite agree with comment 257, why havn't we got answer yet? i wanna new 28 movie and its three years down the line and there isnt one yet! fecks sake

finlay on Jan 3, 2010


The film is still a way off from actual production but the budget is to be about $110,000,000 USD. Fox Atomic is gone and a mainstream studio (not annouced) will produce it. Danny Boyle will not necessarily direct it. Production probably won't take place before late 2010-early 2011 and realease not before mid 2012. I work for a London based casting director and in December she (and all the other casting directors and actors agents here in the UK and the US) received initial casting briefs for about 290 speaking roles and a muster order for over 5000 extras who will be cast locally, in UK, France, Germany and the US. The film will not be set in Russia but could involve Australia as the worlds last refuge against the infected and it's rise as a superpower. This is not gospel as so many drafts af the script are in existance. Early auditioning and screen tests are taking place, with the usual list of UK, US and Aussie names, and a bunch of not so well known and up-and-comers rolled out. No real A-listers though, as talent costs have to be kept reasonable. No actor confirmed as cast yet. "So, patience Glasshopper, for nothing will happen any time soon"

James on Feb 6, 2010


I think it should stay in Lonon. Idk I know I'm lame but it just seems like it should :/

Felly on Mar 3, 2010


Haha sorry I ment London. It's that both of the other ones are there and I feel like this seires should stay there.

Felly on Mar 3, 2010


proluge for 28 days wen it just started

Stuart on Mar 22, 2010


iv seen a trala for 28 months later its a good one i think it turns out they go back to england

cj on Apr 9, 2010


@264 - You have seen a trala huh? Have you seen a spelling book?

Steven on Apr 10, 2010


Here is a Rage virus timeline with 11/1/02-the opening date of 28 Days Later in Britain- as the starting point. November 1, 2002 ( Day 1 Exposure) 3 animal rights activists unknowingly set free chimpanzees infected with the Rage virus at a laboratory in Cambridge. November 3, 2002 (Day 3 Infection) The infection continues to spread-generally in a southwesterly direction towards Wales and away from London-for now.BBC News reports incidents of what seem to be spontaneous rioting but the government slowly becomes aware of a much bigger problem. November 8,2002 ( Day 8 Epidemic) Prime Minister Blair is taken to a secure location outside London and briefed about what is now clearly a national emergency as the infection continues to spread in southwestern England and Wales. Queen Elizabeth and some of her family are moved to Balmoral in Scotland.Plans go into effect to try and limit the spread of the virus and some government scientists are tasked to try and find a source of the infection. November 14,2002 With Rage cases approaching London and nearing Manchester and Liverpool. Queen Elizabeth is flown out of the country. Prime Minister Blair briefs President Bush advising him that the situation is out of control and he will order a general evacuation of mainland Britain the next day. Bush vows American and NATO help and speculates that this outbreak might be an Al-qaida operation. November 15 2002 (Day 15 Evacuation) Prime Minister Blair orders mainland Britain evacuated and the UN issues a quarantine of the mainland. President Bush addresses the American people and vows American support to help Britain as much as possible in its hour of need. Spain,France,Portugal and Ireland reluctantly agree to be the disembarkation points for British people from the mainland and British nationals who are abroad are welcomed in America and Canada as well. November 17,2002 The famous last issue of the Evening Standard goes out Evacuation ! Mass exodus of British people causes global crisis Who will stop them? Refugee crisis looms. Dangerous animals! Blair declares a state of emergency Military ordered shoot to kill Government check points overrun UN to build giant refugee camps Chaos at all London airports Government call for calm US warships patrol waters around Britain. All roads around London gridlocked. Rage cases are first reported in Edinburgh Scotland November 20,2002 ( Day 20 Devastation) Millions of mainland British citizens have been infected with the Rage virus. Millions more have commit ted suicide in their homes rather than fall victim to the horrible fate of infection or been killed in violence and accidents related to the pandemic. However millions were able to make it to areas in the southeast ,east and north where a massive reverse Dunkirk of sorts occurred. Some last desperate BBC News broadcasts state that infection has been reported in Paris and New York. This was actually a government attempt to keep any other survivors from trying to make it to the remaining protected evacuation areas November 29,2002 ( 28 Days Later) Mainland Britain has been destroyed by the Rage virus. While close to 5 (?) million people mainly from southeast and northern England and Scotland were evacuated it is estimated that nearly 55 million people in the mainland British population have died in the infection. Around 500,000 or so are estimated to still be alive in the country but there is now little hope for them-indeed thousands are dying or being infected every hour. Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Blair deliver a tear filled address that is broadcast worldwide-they have lost their homeland. December 7,2002 Manchester England burns to the ground in a huge conflagration. London stands nearly untouched . December 25,2002 Queen Elizabeth II's annual Christmas message is broadcast from Toronto Canada. The Queen appeals to surviving Britons that " our land will always be in our hearts" January 5,2003 ( 5 weeks Later) Surveillance planes note that most of the infected appear to be dead or dying from starvation and thirst. Some survivors are found including the famous Manchester 3. January 20,2003 American scientific teams initially conclude from studying Rage virus samples that it appears to effect only primates and that it apparently hasn't mutated or gone airborne. A large scale re-population of mainland Britain is possible. February 2,2003 President Bush addresses a joint session of Congress attended by Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Blair It has been decided that the United States will lead an attempt to re-populate mainland Britain. Bush appeals for NATO assistance in the mobilization. Bush also warns Saddam Hussein and "other tyrants" that "while our attention may now be on a friend we will still be watching ". February 19,2003 (11 Weeks Later) An American lead NATO force enters London. The force includes Canadian,French, Dutch and German troops. March 15,2003 Conditions in the UN Refugee camps in Spain and France are deteriorating and there are growing incidents of anger. There is a lot of pressure to find a more permanent home for the thousands of displaced Britons in these camps. April 12,2003 ( 18 Weeks Later) Despite widespread skepticism a NATO report declares that mainland Britain is free of infection. April 30 ,2003 It is announced that there will be a worldwide lottery of surviving Britons in the UN refugee camps and other uncomfortable situations to determine who will be amongst the 1st to repatriate. Only those without children under 18 will be chosen from initially. May 26,2003 ( 24 Weeks Later) Reconstruction begins as the Isle of Dogs District 1 Zone receives its first group of refugees. If all goes well plans are established to repopulate areas of Birmingham and Edinburgh in the next few months. June 29,2003 (28 Weeks Later) Its noticed by a group of Spanish journalists that 2 children under 18 have joined a group flying to the District 1 Zone for repatriation July 4, 2003 The Isle of Dogs Massacre occurs as most of the repatriated Britons are shot or killed by the American led NATO force in an attempt to quell another outbreak of the Rage virus. August 4,2003 ( 28 Days Later) Rage victims reach Paris-which has been largely abandoned after an unexplained outbreak of Rage in France swept inland from the Calais region. All of Europe trembles at the thought of what happens next???

Michael E Johnson on Apr 23, 2010


#259 - Which casting agency or casting director is doing the London auditions for this? Sounds like it'll be a great movie and I want in. Any clue by now when it's going to happen and who is to be in it?

Maz on Apr 23, 2010


@264 you seen a trala? and where the fuck was this trala?

finlay on May 13, 2010


Tra, la la la la la la............

Max on May 22, 2010


all yall are stupid..they said in the first one that the infection had already reached the second they said all infected died and reconstruction began meaning all the areas that had been infected has NATO forces there already...meaning that if the infection did reach paris which isnt really much infected the NATO forces would wipe them out and plus how do you know if the helicopter did crash in paris...what if it crashed in russia and the boy infected his sister by transfer of germs or saliva..she goes crazy and kills the pilot then they kill the boy then russia gets infected...sad a 15 year odl kid knows more than yall.

Justin on May 25, 2010


Its really annoying how you Americans are all "it should go to America" and blah blah blah. Why does every film have to go to your country? Resident Evil went to shit because it was always America, Dawn of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, etc. Nobody wants to see shit loads of tall buildings and crap all the time. Thats why England was the perfect place. Open country, natural old homes, not the same drizzeling accent all the time. When a character isnt American, i find myself more connected to that person. I mean no offence, but every American sounds the same to me. It would be much better if it was based in the European area like the last two. If it go's on to the US then a lot of people are going to pissed off about it. Russia seems a brilliant place to do it. Imagine the possibilites it can achieve there?

Marko on Jun 18, 2010


It think Russia would be a capital ideal. It's a big country that actually has abandoned large cities (since the end of the cold war). It wouldn't be a strech to think the Russians would try to establish a defensive line outside of their boarders (eastern europe). The Russian goverment would also probably be much more flexible on what kind of filming could be done and where, alot of films are being done in Russia and eastern europe these days. What a cool scene it would be to see a line of Russian T-80s and T-72s trying to hold back the millions of infected from central europe. Since the Russians have warmed up a bit to working with other nations militaries, having a multinational force wouldn't be out of the question. Just a note to others, France is Not part of NATO. A KH1B (Helo) cannot fly from England to Russia without a refuel. You can become infected with Rage Virus from a dead body.

zombiehunter on Jul 3, 2010


Leave a reply if you want to. 🙂 Well I say 28 Days Later was rockingly great!! you know; the anxiety, the expectation for what would happen next, etc. 28 weeks later is a complement for the first movie but I really didn´t like some parts of its plot like e.g. they didn´t mention Selene or the gut from the first movie. What I liked of 28 weeks later was only the end when they crashed and it leaves you thinking: what if France is also occupied by american army soldiers as so did the U.K?, hey what if the americans spread the rage virus and it went uncontrolled then?? it would be a good story-line answer for the virus origin maybe. The thing with Russia being involved it´s totally GREAT!! when I read on the .net 28 months later would be possibly on Russia I cheered up!! LOL because you know when people mention Russia you go: wow, it´s a serious thing, or you go: hey it´s pretty scary. Anyways Russia´s a great scenery for the 3rd installment due to its psycho-social effects e.g. can´t you imagine publicity ´bout this 3rd movie? oh, sure it would be blasting and rocking, sure people will start talking everywhere ´bout the fact that Russia is the biggest country in the world and that sure they will have a big war over there against infected. I hope in some part of the movie it involves Germany, sure because I´m german descent but anyways it would be great that germans would find a cure a start a mission to give it to other nations just like in resident evil, e.g.

Helmut on Aug 4, 2010


well it doesn't really matter where the set is as long as they make the movie ! but didn't the 2nd movie ended in Paris, France not in Russia?! i hope they mention something about france and how it reached russia ...

cheska on Aug 16, 2010


i think these movies should just stay in Europe because if it moves global that would be a bit too much as in how would a virus reach the us or Australia when no aeroplanes are running and it would be stupid if the virus moved onto animals that would be to difficult to survive and then the movie would just be like resident evil without the flesh eating zombies!!!

daniel on Aug 29, 2010


I'm so excited to see what will happen in this sequel and I really hope that this sequel will happen. 😀

jehzlau on Sep 7, 2010


I don't know if somebody is gonna read and take that seriously, but spaniards would like to see the zombies run into Madrid, Spain is so forgotten in doomsday films...

David on Jan 12, 2011

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