300 Sequel Very Likely, But Not 100% Confirmed

February 11, 2007

Although no direct questions on a sequel came about during press events for 300 yesterday, and especially given that Frank Miller was absent due to an injury, confirmation on a possible "sequel" to 300 was tough to get. However, producer Mark Canton did speak very briefly about the possibly. They are obviously currently waiting to see how successful 300 will be at the box office and then from there are planning where to go next.

However, Mark did say the following: "If it all works out I'm sure we'll all be scrambling Zack [Snyder] and Frank Miller and everyone to figure out exactly '301'. Where there's a will there's a way, honestly. And the thing about Frank, you just don't know - he has a lot of stories he may want to tell that may be associated or not, but we just want this one to satisfy first."

Another interesting observation is that as the other press member was asking her question at the press conference, she stated first, "but you know there's no way to make a '301'" and Mark quietly said, 'well…' before she continued asking the remainder of her question. From the sounds of it, I assume it is likely and very possible, especially with what I overheard yesterday. And of course, Frank himself will have to create a new graphic novel first anyway, so confirmation is mostly up to him.

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What? How is it even possible to make a sequel to this? And don't go down the Queen's trail... This isn't right. Wait, I'm sorry -- when a film does well, they're contractually obligated to make a sequel, right? Dear god that's sickening. Or maybe just #1 opener? That would explain the Big Momma's House franchise. But then, here comes Little Man 2 and Norbit 2!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.D. Judge on Mar 11, 2007


They could easily do a sequel just by picking up where exactly where 300 left off. With the guy with one eye being the main character. He has his own interesting story. He fights as if he was suicidle (He was) trying to die in battle. (He doesn't).

steven on Mar 12, 2007


The battle at the end could easily have its own movie. Its Huge. And the Persians -=coughcoughIranianscoughcough=- get their heads handed to them.

steven on Mar 12, 2007


seriously...why would u want the guy with one eye as the main character? its gonna skip ahead and leonida's son will most likely be the main character

Carlos on Mar 15, 2007


oh and it would be cool if they leave off at the ending of 300 and rename it 1million.....ahhaah just a thought

Carlos on Mar 15, 2007


Listen i dont't care what they call it..300 or 400 its a great movies and great movies sometime needs (s) a sequel. this will not satify any true fan of 300 if (they) leave it alone

FRED on Mar 17, 2007


300 by far is one of the best and most interesting i have seen this year (though the year has just started).. I owuld love to see how to see what happens next.. There's to be a sequel. At least two more movies. Because from that War with the one eye guy at the end, that part itself could be the movie.. I hope 300 makes it to 306..

300 Fans on Mar 17, 2007


I loved 300, one of the best movies I have ever seen. Heck, I wouldn't mind a sequel. I watched 300 mostly for the fighting anyway. If it's got action as good as the first, great. If it sucks, who cares, 300 still rocks.

Andrew on Mar 18, 2007


The 10,000 Spartans that are shown at the end of the movie WILL be fighting Persia to drive them out of Europe, ending Persian conquests. This would make a great sequel idea. I mean, who DIDN'T want to see those 10,000 Spartans march and whoop some Persians up.

Joshua on Mar 18, 2007


The sequel should be the Battle of Plataea.. where the greeks actually destroy the persian army and send it running. Which is what I think that ending was about.

Gabriel on Mar 19, 2007


Aside from making more money, the sequel to 300 would not make a lot of sense. Frank Miller created the graphic novel as homage to an earlier movie (i.e. 300 Spartans) based on the battle of Thermopylae. If he wanted to create a story about the decisive Greek battles that followed that's fine, but they are unrelated to the significance and meaning associated with Thermopylae. Analogies would be like Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway or Battle of Toulouse and Waterloo. Each battle significant in their own right, but representative of different periods of major wars.

gozaru on Mar 21, 2007


The battle at the end is the battle at Plateau, the decisive victory for the Greeks over the Persians on Greek soil. Maybe they start there and go to beginning of the reign of Phillip II. Maybe a movie on the crusades.

Shon on Mar 23, 2007


Frank didn't write a sequel to 300 when it was a hit comic book. and I hope he's smart enough not to do one now, it was an amazing story and thankfully very successful... we don't need sequels to every damn hit out there! it was an original idea/movie... come up with more!!

needlelies on Apr 4, 2007


300 is based on true events as is the pending battle at the end of the movie, bring on the sequel, id love to see some more of what this was based on

Mike on Apr 12, 2007


A sequel to 300 would be awesome. All i hear about at school and at the movie theaters is that 300 is the best movie made in a while if not the best period. If they do create a sequel i think like said before that it should give the history ,in between 300 and the sequel, about the battle of marathon and the battle of salamis where Leonidas's younger brother (Cleombrotus) was. Then it pick up on the remaining Spartans kicking some persian ---. Thats just what I think should happen but then again who knows. 300 was good so if they do a sequel, then theres no doubt that they will do excellent with it

jdizzle on Apr 18, 2007


Yeah, all this stuff about "oh there should be a sequel about the battle of plataea" (the battle at the end of 300). And then people say that Dilios (the 1 eyed guy) should be the main character. What about the sea battle of Salamis that turned around the entire Greco-Persian war? Personally, I loved the movie. I also think a sequel is a terrible idea. Leave it how it is, it's already the greatest movie ever.

cnbob on Jun 1, 2007


They would just make a different war, seeing that if they go by historical terms the battle at the end of the movie never happened.

balls on Jun 6, 2007


The plataea would be a great battle to continue on and a lot of other ideas too and i personally think the athenian naval battles would be good too but it just doesn't seem right to absolutely make a sequel. And i personally would be overly angry if it turns out to be like the matrix and just totally ruins the other movie or creates a bad name for it period.

Jesus on Jun 11, 2007


I'm all for another 300 movie. Everytime (which is a total of 4) I watched this movie I loved it. They should either make a prequel about the Spartans previous battles under King Leonidas or the demise of the Persians. I don't think they should name it 301. That would be stupid, but they can't leave us die hard fans hanging. Don't leave us hanging please.

leonidasbiggestfan on Jul 17, 2007


guys, a sequel could be easily done, and done well too. they just need to do the story of the 10,000. xenophons story of tha anabasis. its a great book, and if done in 300 style, could make possibly the greatest movie praying that they do that actually.

caz on Jul 19, 2007


I believe the would NOT

Jimmy on Jul 31, 2007


Forget about a sequel with the one eyed guy or anyone related to Leonidas. It should be about the Greco-Persian War, the war that 300 started. And what better than the biggest sea battle ever, the Battle of Salamis. Imagine 1000 ships with millions of soldiers ramming into each other. Never seen a badass naval fight in a movie, but I never thought I'd see 300 men fighting a million. Bottom line, it can be done, and it would be awesome.

Eric on Aug 2, 2007


i loved 300 and thought the action was awsome but to leave it at the end of 300,u know the spartans are going to win,if 300 beat thousands then why would 10,000 not?im a big fan and think it would be awsome but if anything they would skip it to king leonidas's son.i mean i would go see it and everything and it would probably be good,but i still think they should skip it to the son becoming the king.

Zach on Aug 3, 2007


i disagree with eric,i think it would be dumb for them to have a '' mighty sea battle''.if anything it should be about the son.why would it not be about the mighty spartans u see in the first movie?sequels are continueing the movie before it,so why not call it the battle of salamis?

zach on Aug 3, 2007


I think some kind of sequel would be amazing. This movie was not only just viloent and bloody but it was epic and inspirational. The story was so great it almost made you want to be there. I dont care if people say it will ruin the story i agree with you the story was perfect as it is but i still just think theres something else to be told and shared and i love this movie enough to see what happens next. Every single time i watch this movie i get so exited and pumped and it was a perfect movie in my opinion but i think they should go ahead and make a sequel.

sam on Aug 18, 2007


300 is a suck dick movie, I hate all this crap everyone is talking about "sparta" and such, god, who cares, it's just a crappy film. The sequel 299 sucked balls and 301 is going to suck even more cock, Even more than ur mom (that's a lot)

Frankurmom on Sep 15, 2007


I'm all for another "300" type film, but where can they go next with it? So, here is just a rough idea of many:

Rekoni on Sep 22, 2007


This movie cant have a sequel. It would make no sense like '300'. First the movie wasn't even historically accurate, the 300 Spartans won as we all know. For the director to even consider a sequel is a travesty, and a fallacy. Remake the first and make it historically accurate..and then come back and make a sequel of Sparta's future from then on. '300' had it of been historically accurate might of been a decent movie. But like all directors, they are out looking to make a quick $ not a decent set it up for a sequel and end it there.

BlAcKsHeEp on Oct 31, 2007


They could easily make a movie and NOT call it 300. they could call it 10,000. or if they wanted to get a bit more creative "M". highlight the mentioned battle that turned the tides against the Persians. I for one would definitely go see it. As far as battle of thermopylae and the events that came later its related enough to warrant some kind of sequel. Hell there has been way more pathetic excuses to put out sequels. As long as the cinimatics and the general insight into that their ideal remains, which lacks in this day and age, its a story worth telling.

nihilijay on Dec 12, 2007


i think they should have another 300 the movie because at the end of the movie he said we fight 10,000 to 30,000. i think they should finished the movie with more action.

quaasia sims on Dec 28, 2007


They should just keep adding to the movie. This movie deserves a sequel a lot more than most crap i.e "the fantastic crap" I mean come on flying around pulling 5g maneuvers without a cockpit canopy... This is sparta! I wanna see hords of porcupine formations traversing through the battlefield unscathed leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Yes the end thing what true spartan tactics, but they just should have advanced at once in that ball and destroyed everything.

Hib on Jan 31, 2008


"This is sparta! I wanna see hords of porcupine formations traversing through the battlefield unscathed leaving a wake of destruction in their path." Awesome!

Jeffrey on Mar 6, 2008


300 is definitely as of right now my favorite movie. I mean ive seen all the great and impactful movies dealing with war back in the roman ages. Movies such as Alexander, Troy, and any other movie in this particular category that anyone can think of. But 300 is definitely the greatest. The graphics combined with the great acting from Gerard Butler and Lena Headey as king and queen of sparta, and also the action had me goin from the beginning. And the music is absolutley awesome. Its the best movie of 2007 and 2008. Ive seen it so many times and never get tired of it. The ending also was extremely moving also. There has to be a sequel. There must be a sequel.

Kenny Pacman on Jul 14, 2008


Leonidas' son as the main character? HAHAHAHA Sure, except for the fact that if you look at history at all you'll notice that the son of Leonidas who becomes King of Sparta is a completely useless twit. I guess they only way I see of doing it is making Dilios the main character and focusing on the battle of Plataea. But really, a sequel is highly unecessary...

Mallory on Oct 21, 2008


i loved 300, i've watched it hundred times... this is the moment i've been waiting... 300 THE SEQUEL.

sakti on Apr 5, 2009


this is easy one you have a few flashbacks and bring in the conept the battle of plateus, show the persian march on greece and we kick ass in the end . i am a spartan decent they should do it piss off the iranians lol

yianni on Dec 4, 2009


this is easy one you have a few flashbacks ,and bring in the concept the battle of plateus, show the persian march on greece and we kick ass in the end . i am a spartan decent they should do it piss off the iranians lol.

yianni on Dec 4, 2009

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