Adam Sandler's You Don't Mess with the Zohan Trailer

December 12, 2007
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You Don't Mess with the Zohan Trailer

You Don't Mess with the Zohan is about an Israeli operative, played by Sandler, who comes to America to live out his dream of becoming a hairstylist. It's quite an odd concept, but just watch the trailer and it explains it all to you. I'm not really sure what to think about this. It looks incredibly cheesy and over-the-top and Sandler's accent isn't that heartwarming, but I think it could be good. It's one of the few comedies without that Judd Apatow feel (even though he did co-write it) that still has a chance next year, and for that I give it credit. Watch and decide for yourself…

Watch the trailer for You Don't Mess with the Zohan:

[flv:zohan-trailer2.flv 500 270]

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You Don't Mess with the Zohan is directed by Dennis Dugan, who previously directed I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The Benchwarmers, Saving Silverman, and Big Daddy. The film is written by three comedy greats: Knocked Up's Judd Apatow, SNL's Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler. Zohan arrives in theaters next summer on June 6th, 2008.

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Ha, you seemed excited about the first photo.

Zach D. on Dec 12, 2007


"Greatest israeli soldier." Super... more anti-palestinian sentiments. This seems complete and utter bullshit. I've stopped respecting sandler ever since that Click stage, and hope to god this doesnt get anything other than a few dollars at the box office.

ramez on Dec 12, 2007


Can we have a Wedding Singer 2? Just as long as it doesn't suck and is even better than the first. Or better yet how about a Tollbooth Willy movie??

Caz on Dec 12, 2007


Wow does that look stupid... It's like Adam is trying to be Borat but fails miserably... I will be sure to avoid this at all costs.

Jeff Warner on Dec 12, 2007


Remember the last time Judd Apatow wrote for a big star? We got "Fun with Dick and Jane". Ecch! He's funny but let's not forget he is fallible.

Charlie on Dec 12, 2007


I agree with Jeff, it does look like it is trying to ride Borat's coat-tails a little bit. I think it looks amusing at least, maybe a wait-for-dvd and watch it if someone else rents it.

Derek on Dec 13, 2007


hey ramez....palestinians are adam and hollywood have every right to make a movie about an israeli soldiers OKAY!

sivan on Dec 13, 2007


i don't like jewish heroes but sandler i like.... click kill me but still like this man... o won't go to movies for this i thought it was from grece or omething... 🙁

veach on Dec 17, 2007


i cant wait this will be crack

Vit on Dec 23, 2007


This will be ABSOLUTLEY BRILL. Just like every other Adam Sandler Movie.

David on Jan 2, 2008


Why does it look anti-palestinian??? If anything, it looks anti-Lebanese since they make reference to Hezbollah... Besides that, just because he is an Israeli soldier doesnt mean the movie is anti-palestinian. They're taking a sensitive subject and taking a (VERY) light-hearted approach to joking around about it. "Life is Beautiful" is a comedy about the holocaust. It's not as slap-stick as this, but a comedy nonetheless, and a comedy about the Holocaust... Does the movie make the Jews look like heroes??? No. It makes a single man look like a compasionate and loving father. It has nothing to do with being jewish. The character's background doesn't matter as much as the character. It's a matter of circumstance. I do have to say that this might only be funny to a specific niche of people though. As a NY jew, I might be biased into thinking this movie looks hilarious. From "Chaustralia" to him jumping off the "Moishe's" moving company truck (something only NYers know about). The general public might not be able to relate to this... We'll have to wait and find out....

Al on Jan 6, 2008


"Why does it look anti-palestinian???" Because the only Palestinian character in the movie is a terrorist

Anonymous on Jul 8, 2011


And one more thing.... What does "I dont like Jewish heroes mean???" That sounds pretty ignorant. And so does "Palestinians ARE terrorists..." Generalizations are stupid... And just because he has an accent doesn't mean he is riding Borat's coat tails.... How does this movie relate to Borat in the slightest bit besides the fact that they're creators are both Jewish????? I might be mistaken but Sandler and his crew has been around way longer than Borat or Ali G... Besides, Schneider was doing the accent in "Big Daddy" long before Borat was popular (at least in America)

Al on Jan 6, 2008


I'm not Jewish, but I think movie is brilliant. An ex soldier becomes a salon technician, WOW!! And all those Palestinians who have their panties in a ruffle over this movie should just chill. Israel rocks!!! while you guys just throw em.

Gonzo on Jan 8, 2008


For anyone who hasn't got their head buried deep in the sand, taking an Israeli Mossad agent as a character that we should feel sympathetic towards is simply jaw-droppingly insensitive and ignorant (or do I mean arrogant?). Was this movie funded by the Israel lobby?! Israel is an apartheid state (of which Mossad plays a very active part), piling misery upon misery upon the Palestinian population, has stolen land from Jordan, has occupied Lebanon, .... It doesn't matter how many great lines there are in this movie, it just isn't appropriate to be "taking a light look" at what for 100s of thousands of Palestinians is a current and ongoing hell. How funny would it have been 20 years ago to have made a movie about a white supremacist South African who wanted to become a hairdresser and move to the US and was then threatened by Mandela's freedom movement (who, yes, did take up arms against their oppressors)? And, no, I haven't got a problem with Jews. I've got a problem with terrorist states like Israel.

Jimmymac on Jan 18, 2008


Seriously, Jimmymac you have a problem. Okay so what your saying is that Israel has no right to a piece of land that was taken away from them during the Great Diapora under Roman occupation. All the persecution and death that they suffered at the hands of the Nazis and on top of that they were driven off of their own land which they occupied since the time of Abraham. The Palestinians are simply squaters with rocks and a whacked religion that teaches killing Jews, Christians, and Americans (Westerners) will lead them to heaven. O'yeah that reminds me, when was the last time you heard of a bomb attached to an Israeli that killed people on a bus? C'mon, dude!!! Open your eyes and stop being so p_ssyfied.

Gonzo on Jan 18, 2008


It always amuses me to see how a simple thing like a movie can bring out the prejudices in people. If you have a problem with Israel or Palestine keep it to urself and just don't watch the movie! I personally agree that Sandler is def trying to pull a Borat, but I still think it will be entertaining. Rob Schneider looks hillarious in this one!

Amrit on Jan 19, 2008


Yes, consider my amusement Amrit when I read about passive, "let's all get along" comments like yours when the reality of whats going on over there should have an open forum of discussion, even if it just over a dumb movie. When people misinterpret history and modern political thought the result is your type of dillusional mindset, "just keep it to urself". Wake up and read the front page sometime then have a normal discussion with your neighbor, maybe you'll feel a little bit different next time someone has a comment.

Gonzo on Jan 22, 2008


this looks like a gay movie ha ha ha ha ha h a ha ah

tom jones on Jan 28, 2008


is he trying to make a comeback from chuck and larry?

:-) on Feb 26, 2008


stop acting like ua re movie stars critircs people wathc the movie enjoy the movie and if u dont fukk off

Your Mom on Mar 26, 2008


looks stupid.

Bridget on Apr 10, 2008


People it looks funny better than hulk cause that will suck the entire foot part one the entire movie over for me I mean c'mon it looks better than get smart

Max on Apr 24, 2008



Looks STUPID STUPID STUPID on Apr 28, 2008


Oh boy does this movie look incredibly stupid...It looks to be Sandler's big coming out party..."Look at me, I'm in shape now" Snoooooooze

Punch Myself on May 2, 2008


For anyone who hasn't got their head buried deep in the sand, taking an Israeli Mossad agent as a character that we should feel sympathetic towards is simply jaw-droppingly insensitive and ignorant (or do I mean arrogant?). Was this movie funded by the Israel lobby?! Israel is an apartheid state (of which Mossad plays a very active part), piling misery upon misery upon the Palestinian population, has stolen land from Jordan, has occupied Lebanon, …. It doesn't matter how many great lines there are in this movie, it just isn't appropriate to be "taking a light look" at what for 100s of thousands of Palestinians is a current and ongoing hell. How funny would it have been 20 years ago to have made a movie about a white supremacist South African who wanted to become a hairdresser and move to the US and was then threatened by Mandela's freedom movement (who, yes, did take up arms against their oppressors)? And, no, I haven't got a problem with Jews. I've got a problem with terrorist states like Israel. Jimmymac on Jan 18, 2008 Is that you, Jimmy Carter?

Drew on May 9, 2008


Hi people. I just want to tell you my experience about Israel- Arab thing. I traveled a lot and talk to many people in both sides, going from Iran, Iraq jordan syria and Israel. hell, i even talked to many israeli and arab students here in Canada. the bottom line is there are 12.5 million israeli jews and 700 million arabs from nile to Euphrates (river in egypt to river in iraq). less than 1 million in Israelis believe the land between these two rivers belongs to Zionist (note that there are many jews who are not zionists. PS, no relation between this and the underground city of zion in Matrix). those one million happen to be in charge in Israel, while the 11.5s vote really don't go anywhere (read about how democracy works in Israel). out of those 700 million Muslim and Christian Arabs (yes, there is a large population of Christians in lebonan. read a book Gonzo) a few are terrorists. if all 1.5 billion Muslim population was terrorist we all be dead by now. the deal is that both these minor groups on both sides believe these two nations should be separate. that way they get to be in charge. so they have the same goal. movies like this are made to help north Americans accept this and show support for this separation or at least keep them from complaining. I think the movie sucks. hebru accent is not like that. I think Adam is trying to pull a borat. that is sad coming from a veteran actor. i keep my ten bucks thank you. PS. all the people who think they are in danger from Arabs because their red neck congressman tells them so, read a book, talk to people, find the truth, and don't come to Canada before you fix yourselves, because racism is a crime in Canada unlike in United states, where you need to sue somebody to get you dignity back. also smart bombs used by Americans in Iraq are just like suicide bombing, because they kill more children than terrorists. from Nile to Euphrates doesn't just belong to jews the same way that America doesn't just belong to KKK. they belong to all people of earth. get that into your head war mongering people. we are not going to fight each other just because you say so. we are all brothers and sisters and should love each other. if you got a problem with that you can kiss my natural born black ass.

saga on May 11, 2008


I like Adam Sadler. Always thought his movies were funny. As a Palestinian, I am of course questioning this film. Its not only the fact that its bringing the whole situation into a comedy film... But its timing is horrible. I mean, its coming out now?? Today, May 15th marks 60 years of occupation of the Palestinian people. Its a time where all Palestinians are in morning. The situation is a touchy one to both Jews, Christians, and Muslims, from that nation. I mean most of us just want it all to just end. We are sick of the violence, sick of the "rock jokes," sick of all of it. We just want there to be equality, the right of return for those Palestinians who were forced to leave the country, freedom, and to be able to handle ourselves, without other nations jumping in as heros. I really cant just judge this film by the trailer. I dont know, nor do I understand exactly what hes trying to portray. If hes portraying himself as a proud zionist, and that Palestinians are all terrorist and evil, then I would not support him, nor his films. If hes just being a comedian, but not going to far, then I dont care, as long as hes not putting a bad image on my people. Its just a really sad situation, and its hard for us Palestinians who were forced out of their homes, lost a family member to an Israeli missle, gun, w/e, are not allowed back, have had their homes and businesses bulldozed, and cant go pray in the most holy places on earth. Palestinians are not all Muslims, there are Palestinians of all religions. And Muslims, and Palestinians are not terrorists. There is evil in every color, and religion; so dont point fingers on a group as a whole. People need to end their bias comments. but really Adam, bad timing with this film.

falasteen on May 15, 2008


Hey Saga, just because you collected a little data and talked to a couple of people you think your an expert on an issue that has been around since the time of Moses. Are you kidding me!! You and your French kissing comrads are all full of it. Why don't you take your hippy lovin BS to the holocaust museum and take a reality picture. Car bombs, suicide bombers and conversion of the infidels(yes!! that means you too) by the sword is part of the Islam religion. So before you start preaching about "lets all get along" do some research first about religious wars. P.S. Does Canada even have a national language... oh yeah it's French Natural Born Butt Lickers..

Gonzo on May 15, 2008


Gonzo sounds like hes from the midwest where they dont get access to a lot of data

Rick on May 18, 2008


I think its a cool movie. Can't wait 2 see it!!!!!

jb on May 18, 2008


"smell eet, smell eet, now take eet"! Yeah it's a stupid movie, but so are most of Sandler's movies and they're still funny! Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, lil' Nicky, Anger Management, ... all adam sandler movies have the same theme. He's usually a loud talking NewYorker average Joe who doesn't take crap from anybody. I like Adam sandler because I feel like his characters are kinda like me, a dude in his 20's trying to live his life and be a good guy against the odds. It looks like this movie has the same formula, but I don't know if a lot of people associate comedy with the Israeli conflict. I'll probably see the movie, but I hope that the writters were more involved in writing funny material, rather than try to tell the American public : "hey guys, Israeli soldiers are cool!"

NYpersian on May 19, 2008


My family has owned the same plots of land in Palestine for 700 years. If thats squatting, your as stupid as a box of rocks. Every single jew that condones the actions of the Israeli government, are as much murderous pigs as the ones that are doing all the torture and killing that our media is paid not to report. There is a reason why Israel receives the most in foreign aid in all the world, when they don't even need it. It's just another way of paying back a bribe. Murder is business and unfortunately for all of humanity, Business is good. I liked Adam Sandler, but will never watch another movie with him in it again. This movie shows that he is in support of genocide. We live in very sad times.

True Lies on May 20, 2008


Hollywood always has their own agenda. Why do you think Mel Gibson had to finance "Passion of the Christ"; none of the Jew's in Hollywood would even consider it. (Even though it grossed in the top 15 movies of all time) And yes, all of the studios are run and were founded by Jews. It is not an opinion, or antisemitic slur, but a verifiable fact. In the recent years Hollywood has been slowly fueling the machine that shovels you this type of shit. There are a lot of Jewish references in todays movies and TV Shows, for a religion that is practiced by less than 1% of the world. Don't go see this movie and get caught in the trap. Oh by the way I own probably 5 Sandler movies, so think what you want.

Name on May 22, 2008


The Palestinians are not "squatters who throw rocks" They are an occupied people who suffer under the tyrannical Israelis who kill a poor weak people off like flies. The Jewish religion is just as nutty and as bullshit as the Muslim religion. Just because the Jews suffered under the Nazis does not give them a free ticket to try and wipe out another nation. In fact, shame on them. If they suffered that kind of oppression they should understand what the Palestinians are going through.

Freddy Eagan on May 22, 2008


Gonzo, when you said "The Palestinians are simply squaters with rocks and a whacked religion that teaches killing Jews, Christians, and Americans" that is far from the truth, there are Palestinain Christians and Muslims who are close with each other. I know, I was there and still talk to people there. Please do not generalize. Most Muslims in Palestine are peaceful people and look at Mohommed as a prophet of peace. These many Palestinian peace movements. There are even Israeli soldiers that left the army because of what the government was doing. And about their "hate" for westerners, most of the poeple look to westerners as their last hope, even though, by the wall that the US paid for, they are prisoners in their own land with a unemployment rate that you would not believe. Please read books by Elias Chacour and Mitri Raheb, these are Palestinian Christian leaders who give their perspective. "You have to be the change you want to see in this world." - Ghandi God Bless

Heart Broken Christian on May 24, 2008


Another retarded Jew movie cleverly cramming Jew/Israeli culture down our throats. Hurray.

James Edgar on May 30, 2008


Dear heart broken christian, I'm sorry you feel so guilty and condemned about the negative treatment of so called "peacful" muslims. You fail to realize that wthin their very holy scriptures they teach conversion by the sword. Christians teach conversion by the one who died and rose from the dead. There are many paths that lead a person to an end, but only one that leads to the truth. P.S. Didn't mohammed lead a massacre in Mecca and Medina? instead of telling people how good mohammed is maybe you should tell them how good Jesus is

Keep sight for the SON on May 31, 2008


Keep sight for the SON, Do we ignore all the wars that were set by Christians, such as the Crusades? That was conversion by the sword. What about the Spanish Inquisition. Also, do we ignore the wars and violence in the Old Testament? Also what do you do with Matthew 10:34 which states, ""Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." We as Christians ignore the violence in the Bible, but those of faiths that also have violence are considered wrong. Do you not suppose that Muslims do the some thing? How many Muslims do you know? Are you afraid of them? If you ignore those whom you consider a threat, you will miss something sacramental. Also, if you ignore those whom you are afraid of, that is ignoring evangelism. We are to declare the message of Christ throughout all the earth, and still love those who do not accept it, because we are to love our enemies, and we never know if before their death they will accept Christ. I have friends of all faiths, from all walks of life, from many different races. Are we to keep to ourselves and those like us? I am not tearing down my own Christian beliefs, Judaism, or Islam, what I am saying is that until you know a person whom you think you know about, do not judge them. And if you meet one bad Muslim, then don't project that person's message upon all of Judaism, because if we do that, then those outside of Christianity, looking upon certain people would say Christianity is a do what ever you want and get away with it religion, which is absolutely not true. The Christian walk is the hardest thing any who believes will ever do. To try to follow Christs teachings is very hard. Also about your comment, "instead of telling people how good mohammed is maybe you should tell them how good Jesus is" I tell people about the peaceful Mohommed because of people who tear down their belief. If you tear down someone, or their beliefs because of your preconceived notions you are pushing that person and probably all those who believe the same thing further away from Christ. I let Christ speak through my actions, through my sufferings. Many people in this world, whether it be Palestinians, the people in China from the Earthquake, those starving in parts of Africa, are suffering oppression, destruction, and death. We are the body of Christ. We are the hands and the feet and the legs, and the arms of Christ. We are in a sense of paralysis right now, Christ the head is telling the body that those who are sufering need our help, they need to be lifted up, not have the Bible hit across their head. Why should we knock someone unconscious with our Holy Book, when they need food, clothing, shelter, medical attention etc. I am declaring and always declare Christs message anytime I walk outside my door, and live a life that I am called to live, the the false lies that some prosperity gospel false prophet teaches that leads people to aphathy and self interest and vanity. I give of myself daily. And I will give of myself unto my death. Just because you do not understand Muslims, just because you think a few extremists represent the whole does not make it true. I am half Italian, am I to be blamed for what the Mafia does? I am part German, am I to be blamed for the horrors of the Holocaust? To generalize just because you think you know something is not right, it is a judgment we are not allowed to make. I am sorry that I am standing up for a minority that is being pursecuted that needs help. Would you feel the same way if I stood up for African Americans, the Feminist or Womanist movements, Asian Americans, Bhudists, Hindus, and the list goes on. I do what is right. many people hate and loathe Muslims because they are misinformed of their beliefs. We are to stand up for the persecuted. What are you doing about it?

Heart Broken Christian on May 31, 2008


Sorry correction, "And if you meet one bad Muslim, then don't project that person's message upon all of Judaism" That Judaism is supposed to be Muslim. Sorry if I offended any Jewish men and women out there, just a slip.

Heart Broken Christian on May 31, 2008


Also, In think that it should be noted, I have nothing against Jews, just those on both sides (Jewish and Palesitinian) who are causing pain. Whether it comes from Zionism or Hamas, persecution and killing are wrong. I pray that one day there will be a reolution to this problem using peaceful means and tearing that horrible wall down that my tax money paid for. If we use violence and persecution we are no better than animals. I do not think any religion wants that.

Heart Broken Christian on May 31, 2008


Dear Heart broken one, You say that the christian life is hard/difficult and almost impossible? Consider the words of Christ; Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest, Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and humble and you shall find rest to your souls. Consider the Apostle Paul, I have been crucified with Chrsit, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ in me. The cross to us who believe is power, but to them who are perishing is foolishness, Christ said that poor you have always, but Him not. Sure all suffer, die, are sick and many need food and shelter. But the only thing that matters is not in this world, but that which is coming. The Christ shined in a dark place and many did not recieve Him. The same is in this world that we live in. Food will not save, only Christ. For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word od the Lord. Preach HIS WORD be instant in season and out of season; repove, rebuke. The crusades and the inquisition were ordered and conceived in the minds of men not by God our the bible. Jihad and conversion by the sword are foundational in the Koran. Where in the new testament do you read of such comparisons. You do not. Spiritual judgement concerning bilical contradictions is ordained and promoted by the teachings of Christ and the apostles. "Do you not know that we shgall judge angels" So stop thinking that you are more compassionet and merciful than the very God who created all things, I believe He can handle the nations by His word and divine judgement just fine. The purpose of the Church is to edify each other and preach the gospel to the lost. Since when did Jesus say we are to be the care givers of the world. We are to be the light of this world and through that if they believe or not it is on them before God.

Keep sight for the SON on May 31, 2008


Keep sight for the SON, We are to be concerned for the things of this world, what you do to the least of my people you do unto me Christ said. We are to worry about those who suffer. Also, the yoke of Christ is light, only because he helps us carry it, it makes it no less hard. Also, I have never once said I am more compassionate than God, for I did not die on a cross, so please do not presume things I did not say. There are regulations in the Bible, declared by Christ which we must follow, mainly compassion for our enemies, I do not consider you an enemy, though if I did, I would still give up my life for you, as we are to imitators of Christ. Please do not presume that you know more about the Quran than peace loving Muslims. They spend their lives studying the Quran, much like Christians (are supposed to) study the Bible. Also, quotes are not to be taken out of context either. About the poor comment. Christ meant at that time, because of the situation with the oil jars he was being annointed with. He did not mean that we are to ignore the poor, we are to be champions for the poor, the widow, the stranger, the orphan, etc. When you ignore those who suffer, you ignore God. I am not about to let an innocent person stand by while I am happy. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. And though I put myself last, I do not wish to be first, it is God's call who is first, and that is He Himself. His commandments are what matter, and salvation does not mean you believe and that is it. If you ignore God's call to help the poor and the suffering, then you ignore the very decree of God. Quotes in the Bible are to be taken with great care, my friend. Always in context, when taken out of context, it can be used for pro-slavery and child abuse. The Bible needs to be read fully and seen in its fullness. Always try to get in the head of a 1st Century Jew when look at quotes from Jesus, Paul, James, John, Peter, etc. There are many idioms as well that we are just learning about due to the findings at Qumran and Nag Hammadi. We also have to find redaction issues as well. Such as when Paul is speaking of 'faith in Christ' it can also be translated 'faithfulness of Christ.' These quotes that we so often use for our defenses have had much ink spilled over them. Use them with care and with a compassionate heart. Remember, Blessed are the peacemakers and blessed are the merciful. Just some things to think about. If you do not think that the Bible needs to be looked in this way, then this conversation is going nowhere and we should probably end it (if you want a final word on the matter I welcome it, I am not big on the last word). Please though, remember to hold people in you heart, even those you think are your enemy. God Bless. After your comment, please let people make comments on this movie and let this be. If I offended anyone with these comments, my apologies (including you Keep sight for the SON). I respect your faith, though I do not agree with all that you are saying, and I will continue to teach people what the Bible and Christ continue to teach me and the church (It is not about me, but the whole body, it is not individualistic, but communal - where two or three are gathered, he'll be there). Good night, all, I will comment no more, unless someone asks a question of me.

Heart Broken Christian on May 31, 2008


Dear heart broken one, Let us make and of this issue with two verses in context refering to friends and enemies. 1.Jhn 15:14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. 2.Jhn 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. It is clear that Christ lets us know who are His friends and who are His enemies. I find it clear then to address those who consider Christ not to be the one true Son of God as those whom sin remains and wrath is upon their heads because of their sin of rejecting Christ. Thus, how can these whom sin remains and the wrath of God abides upon be His friends. Thus, we preach the gospel to those who are sinners without a savior in the hands of God. With great love and compassion is this carried out. For it is God's mercy which leads us to repentance. There is no relationship with the One true God until the blood of Christ is washed and shed abroad in the hearts of those who turn from idols unto th living God. No more questions. Keep sight for the Son.

Keep sight for the SON on Jun 1, 2008


Comedy is only way to expose the coming Zionist Jew Police State, anything else that is serious would never get funding or media. It would be boycotted as anti-semite movie. Maussaud agents running around America, as on 9/11 in NY were picked up and sent back home by Dual Citizen, Zionist Jew, Chertoff aka Head of Homeland Security.... Remember last country that used Homeland ? I bet the Jews remember, I bet they remember all the propaganda the Nazi's used effectively, the compartmentalized heiarchy of control from top, ect. THE REAL JEW NEWS !



"I'm sorry you feel so guilty and condemned about the negative treatment of so called "peacful" Muslims. You fail to realize that within their very holy scriptures they teach conversion by the sword. Christians teach conversion by the one who died and rose from the dead. There are many paths that lead a person to an end, but only one that leads to the truth. P.S. Didn't mohammad lead a massacre in Mecca and Medina? instead of telling people how good mohammad is maybe you should tell them how good Jesus is?" ok, i kinda understand that someone can be ignorant and doesn't know anything about Islam. nobody have to know everyting, right? but where did you learn all these lies? 🙂 "their very holy scriptures" you say, did you read that very holy scriptures? i read it, by the way. "Didn't mohammed lead a massacre in Mecca and Medina?" there is a very simple answer to that. no he didn't. people don't wanna change. they tend to keep their beliefs against anything. so does the arabs. at that time, they fell threatened with rise of a religion and they stood against it. with everything they've got. so there were battles. yes, hz. mohammad was the leader of muslim army, and yes he fought in person but most of these battles are defensive. He avoided to fight everyway he can. after everything they've been through, people of medina invited them to live in peace. so they went to medina and there were no massacre. "they teach conversion by the sword." this isn't a true also. here comes an example. you probably know the city of istanbul. even today, if you come here you can see a lot of churchs and synagogue. why is that? Ottomans reign in istanbul for 500 years and why even that time orthodox patriarchate was alive? why did they let it be alive? how can greeks, armenians, turks and many other race manage to live together for all those years? No, Islam teach conversion by telling. beyond that, you can do nothing. aside from that, killing is one of the biggest sins in Islam. Conquering or occupation, whatever, never includes killing innocent people in Islam. go research about andalucia if you want an another example. no matter what i said here, i know that you probably don't want to believe these. i can imagine that you telling the same things to other people, in other platforms. and why is that? like i said, people don't want to change. being open-minded is one of the rare and important talents and with that much hate inside you can't go anywhere. i know that, US government needs an enemy just like everytime. just like communists at old times. since oil market is pretty hot right now, this enemy tends to be Muslims at these days so its make sense, but this is not nearly normal. yeah i'm getting away from subject, the conclusion is :"palestines are good people just like everyone" 🙂 ps: Heart Broken Christian, you are a wise wise person. worlds needs people like you if there will be world-wide peace someday.

fakalit on Jun 2, 2008


Dear Fakalit, Here are some scriptures from the Muslim Holy Book "the Koran": "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190) "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216) "Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends." (Surah 5:51) "Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God's religion shall reign supreme." (Surah 8:36-) "...make war on the leaders of unbelief...Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them..." (Surah 9:12) "Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]...until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Surah 9:27) "If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37) "Prophet make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home." (Surah 9:73) "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them." (Surah 9:121-) And for the women here is one for treatment of virgins; "You shall not force your slave-girls into prostitution in order that you make money, if they wish to preserve their chastity." (Surah 24:33) The teachings of Jesus Christ in the new testament diametrically opposes Islam in (John 3:16) “ For God so loved the world he gave His only Son to die, that if any put their faith and lives in His hand they shall not perish but have everlasting life.” Looks like you need to have an open mind, not only to the falseness of Islam but to your own spiritual condition before the Almighty God.” I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one can come to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6). Jesus lived a sinless life and died for your sin, even before you were born. He paid the high price of sin, which is death, in your place. He died that you may be able to call upon His name and be forgiven and given the gift of eternal life. I will pray for you in your quest to find the Truth.

Keep sight for the SON on Jun 3, 2008


Hey Freddy, Lets establish one thing here, lets say that you occupied a land for a very long time after many wars and battles. Then another empire came in and killed off and drove millions to disperse all over the world, even though you owned the land. Then when every thing seemed okay again you get nearly extinguished by the Germans. And if this isn'nt bad enough you have a bunch of people take the very land you were driven off from without paying you for it. Then when a country decides to help you out a little to return to your land the squatters get pissed and start car bombing your friends and family. So what do you do? Get blown to bits or establish and army to protect yourself. It doesn't help that aproxiamately 5-6 nations around you would like to see you blown off the map, which has been quoted by several arabic leaders. If it wasn't for Elohim and the U.S. backing Israel, they would no longer be on a geography map. P.S. They have made it thus far even after all that they have went through, you would think the muslims would have some compassion too. Don't you think? It takes two to tango. And it is not all Israel's fault.

Watchman on Jun 3, 2008


for one second, just stop acting like you are the one that knows everything and everybody here don't know anything you don't already know. first of all, this isn't a fight. discussion is a way to find the truth, not something to win. then again, try to be open minded. I don't know if i am, but i m trying. we're back to the square one. what did i just say? "did you read that very holy scriptures? i read it, by the way." picking single verses from a long long text is a very limited way to see things. you know it but you just don't want to face the fact that, this is a poor strategy of newspapers when they want to make dramatic headlines. so the picking single verses from holy scriptures is not the perfect approach too, as you might guess. I want to explain all these verses, as much as i m incapable, to you. But I can't, there isn't space for it, time for it and I'm not a expert. but, I can say what i can say and here comes one example. i m not even going to try to make any comment. just give you the all facts and you may decide if you being fair with those quotations. you say: "(190)Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." here is the real and complete version: "(189)With those who fight against you, fight in the way of Allah. But begin not hostilities. Because, Allah loveth not aggressors. (190) And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers. (191) But if they desist, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. " this is a one simple tiny example. look how much different things seen, even with accompany of 2 more similar verses (and with the real translation) Then again, these are the verses about war, this is one subject, you can find similar verses in bible if you look for them. try to imagine the whole scripture. Where you stand is not a place to make comments. So few of the Christian people know that Muslims believe in Jesus Christ too. Not the way you do but, we believe he was a prophet of God. We believe Islam is way of Allah just like once Christianity is. So you don't need to lecture me about Jesus. I only ask of you to research and seek knowledge for not to win the discussions, but to understand the world, people. I believe that, one should always ask himself the question "what if I'm wrong?". P.S.: you can check the other verses from if you want. English is not my native language, so i can not say anything about this is the perfect translation, but i ran into this when i look for an English translation. btw, something tells me you won't (: whatever.

fakalit on Jun 3, 2008


In the end the only thing that matters is what will we do before the eyes of the Living God. Christ is my remedy/cure/medicine for sin, he is my savior who died in my place to save my life from hell. Who will be your savior when you have to give an answer for all your sins? Does not the koran teach that you should obey the words of the great prophet Jesus Christ? Or does your religion just pick and choose which ones meet your religious code. If you are to adhere to the words of Christ then you would turn from your own sinfulness and recieve the only remedy for your sins, that is, Jesus Christ's finished work on the cross. He died to set you free from idolatry and bondage to sin. Recieve him quickly before it is too late. John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. I will continue to pray for you, Fakalit

Watchman on Jun 4, 2008


It's not like that Watchman (: OK, all your comments, all these things you say just pointing to one reality. that is, you don't have a slightest idea about what Islam is and what we believe in. i know a lot more about Christianity than you know about Islam. but, here i say it again, don't let the fear of change prevent you from knowing more. go research about everything with an open eye and open mind. Go on and learn. so thank you, both of you, Watchman and keep sight for the son, for praying for me, for my quest to find the Truth (: know that, that feeling is mutual. I'm out, please go back discussing zohan (:

fakalit on Jun 4, 2008


Hey Gonzo I as a Canadian am a tolerant person. that is something missing form your chromosomes because of too much inbreeding. why don't you go back to your confederate deep south and hide behind you racist slave owning confederate flag. yes I know two languages of English and French because we are so tolerant, instead of forcing English on people we let people choose Either French or English for their province and learn the other in school. we are educated and value knowledge. as for you I doubt you can even speak one language right. my ancestors escaped U.S 150 years ago from your slave owning ancestors. that is why you value supporting a group that you think is closer to the color of your skin, than seeing people equal and value peace instead of war. I see history has not brought any change in your house. it is true that many Jews were killed in holocausts, but that should only give them a better sense of tolerance, which it did for their people, but not their leaders. car bombs and suicide bombings are wrong, but that doesn't make cluster bombs, toy bombs and smart bombs right. well, only if you think Christianity and jewdism is the only right thing and everybody else should die. oh wait that is what islamist radicals believe about their religion. maybe you can go live with them. they are also value inbreeding.

saga on Jun 5, 2008


I'm Muslim. I'm Arab. I don't see the problem with the movie, I'm seeing it tommorow. No offense, he wants to STOP fighting in the war. I don't see what the problem is. They are just dealing with situation with comedy.

Mostafa on Jun 5, 2008


I saw the movie last night, to me it seems that Adam Sandler was trying to convey a positive message to "stop the fighting and end the war". I especially loved the ending when the Palestanians and the Isrealis all became friends, he even married a palestanian girl!! I really don't see what the fuss is about!

Liana on Jun 7, 2008


Stop being so p_ssyfied? Listen, you self-righteous momma-ass prick; I want you to see this video, and I want you to see this father, on live tv, get killed by the Mossad together with his 13 year old son. They are UNNARMED If the Israeli army had a problem with them, then they should arrest them. Not shoot them like pigs. Palestinians are not animals. They are people like you and I, and this is the condition they live in. Watch the video, then compare it to what Sandler wants you to believe. Ask yourself this question: Why is it that these 'crazy' arabs go and make themselves human bombs? Just because they are terrorists? Or just because that's what YOU would do in the same situation, after your whole family was killed. If you still wanna argue, let's leave it up to math: 83:1. 83 Palestinians die for every Jew killed! Seriously, Jimmymac you have a problem. Okay so what your saying is that Israel has no right to a piece of land that was taken away from them during the Great Diapora under Roman occupation. All the persecution and death that they suffered at the hands of the Nazis and on top of that they were driven off of their own land which they occupied since the time of Abraham. The Palestinians are simply squaters with rocks and a whacked religion that teaches killing Jews, Christians, and Americans (Westerners) will lead them to heaven. O'yeah that reminds me, when was the last time you heard of a bomb attached to an Israeli that killed people on a bus? C'mon, dude!!! Open your eyes and stop being so p_ssyfied.

concerned on Jun 13, 2008


I saw the movie and it wasn't anti-anything. The movie tries to lighten some very touchy issues and show that comraderie can be made.

butterfli8 on Jun 16, 2008


If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size? I'm not jewish either but this isn't about the palestines all the time, stop whining telling us how "poor" you are. it's just a god damn movie! so eventually, with or without it, Israel rocks.

acura on Aug 13, 2008


I've just watched the film and had a look on the web for the expected cries of derision from those who feel they empathise with palestinian cause. Perhaps hollywood would have made a movie like this using a palestinian character as the "hero" if palestinians or more accurately many muslims wouldn't be offended by just about everything the guy does. It's difficult to have a sense of humour wth this kind of slapstick humour when the sword of religion hangs over your head: which of course is why we get death threats against cartoonists and authors who happen to think Islam sucks ass. It does of course but then so does all religion! It's a funny film, not side splitting but a good giggle and the girls in it are hot! hot! hot! 🙂 P.S. You guys fighing for the cause, whichever one it is, need to chill out a bit

bryn on Aug 15, 2008


im christian but im learning about islam cuz i wanna know about it cuz i heard a lot so im livin with muslims so i have full knowledge about their relegion and i watched the movie but im shocked by some of u who say that palastenians are terriosts...why? cuz they throw stones and rocks at isrealy soldiers? you gotta be kiddin me ...what about the guns and bombs that isreals use? are they peaceful...and yeah i know its used 2 be isreal land but thats not the right way to take it back...if you wanna a war you dont kill unarmed people and say its a war... each side has to be armed ...thats the real war...and the movie is talkin about isreal and palastine why do u people bring the islam up and talk badly about it... if it was really bad then why some legends such as (CAT STEVENS) became muslims and left all the life pleasures behind them? so there,s gotta be something great about this relegion...and besides about the scriptures from the quran (the muslim,s holy book) u should check it again and read all of it then judge not just pick what you like and use it...and there,s an christian writer who wrote about the greatest 100 men and he chose the prophet muhammad (the islamic prophet) to be on top of the list and the book called (100 greatest men) and the writer is (michael pollard) and people you gotta wake up (NOT EVERY TERRIOST SUPPOSE TO BE MUSLIM OR ARABIC) and we are not the right people to judge islam or muslims cuz i,ve been studyin about islam more than 4 years in my own country not in a muslim country and i still discover somethings new i didnt know about it so what make you guys the right judge...i confess that i also used to think the same way about them but i refused to be slave of the media and believe what they say or what people say and you should do the same so i wanted to discover this by my self and it turns out i was completely wrong so dont blame the islam but blame the people who talk without knowing or the ones who dont present it in its true form i even visited islamic countries and talked with americans and british and many un arabic people and they told me many great things about the muslims people and their country although not all of them were muslims... ofcourse they are not perfect but that doesnt mean that islam is wrong or bad so dont blame anything or everything on it. and believe me in 4 years ago i couldnt tell u anythin about it but now that i know i can say and be 100% sure. and here are some links that will tell you about islam and prophet muhammad...the first one even has articles written by non muslims (Biography by a non-Muslim, K. Rao) from (university of southern california) the link: ( link 2: ( link 3: ( here you,ll find the full quran in english so if any one want to say something about it first before judging im not gonna pick you things to read ...its in your hands now and you,ll be the judge... thanks for reading.

christy on Aug 21, 2008


I agree with whoever said that this is just another retarded jewish movie cramming judaism and israeli propaganda down our throats. It doesn't even look funny unless you're dumber than rocks. Ever notice that every damn comedy in our country is about some ugly ass jewish dude who somehow some way pulls tight chicks and is supposed to be a loser but can somehow afford a badass apartment? By the way, if most of you think our news agencies tell the truth about the palestine-israel issue, or even show most of what's going on, then you should pull your head out of your ass. That bears repeating. If you believe mainstream American media is right on this, you're absolutely fucking wrong, and if all you know is what CNN and what Fox News tells you, then you've only heard one side's story, the pro-israel side. Please guys don't be such fuckin idiots. If Americans really knew about what was going on in Israel/Palestine they'd stop paying their taxes. bam.

Rob Bru on Nov 30, 2008


dont mess with zohan is an awful movie i just saw it a while ago , its like adam sandler tries to be borat, and the movies also tries to imitate the movie borat, he dances like him , he has the same accent, he also goes to america for new oportunities, etc etc etc i thnk the movie is for a five year old kid.

alan rubinoff on Jan 28, 2009


Will everyone stop arguing about who has the best imaginary friend? All religions are fatally flawed and there is no reputable evidence for any of them.

Dawkins fan on Nov 30, 2009


@Gonzo just because you read a verse from the Quran, doesn't make you an expert either, and it doesn't give you the right to call Islam as the religion of terror....hello, I mean hello, the crusaders (the fucking europeans) killed so many christians and jews in the holy land, the same christians and jews who were living in peace with muslims if you think Islam is responsible for murdering innocent people, then why don't you call Hitler as an Islamic extremist as well.....why don't you call the pilot who dropped A-bomb on japan as an Islamic extremist.....why don't you call Bush an Islamic extremist for murdering children in Iraq (he admitted that the intelligence was bad, crap, we knew there were no WMDs).....why don't you call those people as Islamic extremists who murdered thousand muslims in the Bosnia war just because your bull shit media has fed you non sense about Islam, doesn't mean Islam is responsible for 9/11 Grow up, how come people living in mountains, pull something like this: 1. Hijack 4 planes in 1 day 2. Fly without assistance from air traffic control, as if driving a car 3. Is pentagon's security so weak that it couldn't detect a commercial plane, I mean DUH, where were all the radars, was that huge plane somehow magically converted into a spy plane? 4. Watch "In plane site" and "Loose change".....then decide who is the enemy, Islam, or your misguided brain.....but I know you won't watch, because you don't like to hear other side of story....that's how much bull shit is in your head against Islam

Fahap on Feb 12, 2011

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