Another Bloody John Rambo Trailer - They Just Don't Stop!

September 8, 2007

John Rambo Trailer

The buzz on John Rambo (aka Rambo IV) has been insane since we first posted the promo trailer back in May. Following that was a burly batch of great photos and now there's another new entirely brutal and awesome trailer. You know you want to watch it! John Rambo is quickly building up into one badass film and it looks incredible. Any of you who saw Shoot 'Em Up this weekend may be still hyped off of the non-stop action in that and this looks like it'll live up or even beat Shoot 'Em Up!

Look exciting? The film is aiming for a May 2008 release, so stay tuned for plenty more trailers and photos before then.

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Looks like a light PG-13 :). Looks alright but very dumb idea to release in May against Indy, etc. I would say move it to late summer or March or April.

Ryan on Sep 8, 2007


I hope they don't cut any of the brutal violence out.

PG on Sep 9, 2007


oh my dear lord. thats frickin sweet. no playing around. just doing what hes meant to do. kill a bunch of bad guys.

ethermay on Sep 10, 2007



kurt on Sep 13, 2007


At last an 18 film that does not look like it will suffer a cut for teen audiences. Very dissappointed with alot of films that suffer the 15 or 12 cuts when they should be just for adults. Now in the UK they ham films up for prime time viewing by removing the swear words which made the film in the first place. At the end of the day the viewers want to see what they want to see not cut down action and cut down swearing. Ridley Scotts Black Hawk down and Saving Private Ryan are real examples of great cinematography for the depiction of war and heroism. If no one got shot or it looked like the A Team would we walk away satisfied? Resident Evil to Resident Evil Apocolypse? What is going through the film studios minds when they take away the 18 cert to get the audience out to watch this rubbish. Its stupid and hopefully an 18 movie will remain for the adults out there that want to see a film that is as stimulating for someone old enough to really appreciate it. Keep them coming!!!

Stuart Ingrey on Sep 18, 2007


I Hope this film stays true to the nature of it and with a bit of luck Sly will understand that his core audience are people that have been around since First Blood and are now well and truly over the 31 year old mark never mind the 18 year mark so I really hope this film stays true. All I can say is go Rambo the truly born killing machine that Troutman got and just chip away the rough edges.

Jay on Sep 26, 2007


yo buddies! wats up with that shiat. how lang cun one man fite de vietnam war. its over. im vietnamese and this shiat pisses me off

logan thom on Sep 27, 2007


The fact that you butchered the english language, like you just did, pisses me off. Wow. Intelligence just RESONATES.

ethermay on Sep 29, 2007


I hope the quote "if you're pushed killings as easy as breathing" isnt used more than once in the film.... Im guessing its the damned motif and is going to be said 1989 times....

Bill on Oct 3, 2007


Yeah Ethermay doesn't that gangsta rap just piss us all off. I would have thought though that a new Rambo would involve Sty getting his Zimmer frame out and taking it to the bad guys lol Joking. Will just have to wait to see the finished product to really see if it's any good

djcalzar on Oct 4, 2007


I dont believe its the vietnam war, rather the conflict in myanmar. As long as they arent arabs im fine with it 😀

Ramez on Oct 9, 2007


Oh freakin sweet.. I see guts and heads and arms flying ... Not a sissy movie. About dam time..

kimosabe on Oct 24, 2007


DAMN!!!! totally badass!

shitt on Oct 26, 2007


Best trailer in a long time. Reminds me of all those violent action movies we used to watch on videocassette back in the 1980s 🙂

avoidz on Oct 26, 2007


i can't wait! looks like 4 is a good # for new action sequels. after all, LFODH was prety good.

pumaadder on Oct 29, 2007


I cant wait to see this film but i hope i dont have to wait until may as it is being released in the states in January imagine how many people would have seen a pirate copy by the time its released over here

Darren Cage on Nov 4, 2007


wow!!!!!!Kick ASS trailor movie seems to show the world how a action movie was made in the 1980s.... movie will rock!!!!go rambo go!!!!

rockyvinu on Dec 13, 2007


Aun Sang Suu Kyi may get a free copy. But Than Shwe will not like because it targets his regime.

Juan on Dec 14, 2007


Please don't be an idiot!Just look at that picture for a second.Just look at it!Isn't it obvious that Sly's using a pathetic badass-wannabe image so typical to these new action movies that reduce to just death-violence-blood-gore?I know what you're saying,it has all the cool stuff you enjoy seeing on T.V. (decapitations,disembowelings,gore,blood,and other second handed gimmicks)!Who cares if the movie doesn't really have an original script?With all that blood who's gonna notice?.Well I will,because John Rambo is probably one of the worst movies I will have ever seen by the end of 2008!"When pushed,killing is as easy as breathing"

Rat Rattus. on Dec 26, 2007


P.S. Do something about your fuckin' website.It reduced my post with 50 %.It seems everything sucks when related to Rambo 4.

Rat Rattus on Dec 26, 2007


Rat - Who's website? This one? Is there an issue?

Alex Billington on Dec 26, 2007


It looks like it could be the best Rambo movie

David on Jan 2, 2008


To all you uber liberals running your vegan mouths about how Rambo is too violent, and Americans deserve to be tortured.... You can all kiss my US Army, meat eating, combat Infantryman, airborne paratrooper ass. You people are what is destroying America today. I piss on all of you that don't have the courage to die for what you believe in. NOW THAT BEING SAID The first movie I ever saw was Rambo: First Blood I loved it my dad got me the Rambo knife for my birthday and I remember taking it to school for show and tell. It was great all the other boys that were in my class had the rubber fake ones and I had the real thing. I loved the Rambo movies, even though they may not be the greatest movies of all times they were movies that I grew up with. Now I have a son and a daughter my daughter is older so this won't be her first movie but my son well he is only a new born and he won't understand but he will see it the day it comes out. And hopefully when he grows up and has children he will be able to take his son to see the new Rambo. That way my decendants will get that extra little boost of testosterone that all young boys should have. If you don't like Rambo or you think Sly is too old well thats your opinion and opinions are like Assholes everyone has one and they all fucking stink. OOHRAH Rambo OOHFUCKINGRAH

Sgt. Todd McIntire on Jan 9, 2008


Piss off Rattus. This is a manly movie. You wouldn't understand. Go rent Terabithia again.

Sinner on Jan 10, 2008


just cant wait bing it on does anybody no when it is out in the uk

chunky on Jan 12, 2008


i cant wait does anyone know if there will be a big london prem. i think the film is released feb 22nd in the uk

daz on Jan 14, 2008


Holy Shit! i thought that Stallone mightv'e been too old to pull this off but I stand corrected!Stallone should have never stopped making action movies.We lack a true action hero these days. The Rock? If he puts something out that isn't aimed at the kids then he stands a decent chance. Vin Deisel? Anything after The Chronicles of Riddick was pure crap.(That includes the Fast and Furious(ridiculous fucking title.)

Cyfer1 on Jan 15, 2008


In a perfect world, Vin & The Rock would already be filling the action void. They have already proved that they could pull it off if they wanted to. I even liked Stone Cold in "The Condemned". Let's make some manly movies again so the male youth have somebody to look up to & stop listening to emo & wearing tight purple pants. SOOOO GAY!! Thank you for "John Rambo" Stallone. Maybe guys will start acting like guys again.

Sinner on Jan 17, 2008


Have any ov u fukwits actually read first blood the book, coz if u did u would no he gets his brain blown out

screwball on Jan 22, 2008


That actually has nothing to do with nothing; but thanks for your 2 cents Fukwit (screwball).

Sinner on Jan 22, 2008



johnnyo on Jan 23, 2008


I went to see this today with my wife and children, I was amazed at how good of a job sly did on RAMBO. As was everyone else there with the exception of three war protestors that stood up in the movie and called it war mongering without have watched five minutes of it. They were asked to leave, and after that the movie watching went very well. In fact everyone was cheering and clapping their hands I think that this is the best Rambo out of all the Rambo movies ever made. I give it 6 stars because it was that good. This is how the greatest action hero of all time should go out this is the way these movies should be shot. I loved it and will purchase it for my home and for all my buddies in the sand box too.

Sgt. Todd McIntire on Jan 27, 2008


Comment number 1: pG-13 my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David on Feb 25, 2008

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