Avi Arad Producing an EverQuest Movie

October 6, 2007
Source: IGN

Just yesterday I was mentioning how video game adaptations are not looked upon highly in Hollywood. Today IGN reports that the MMORPG game EverQuest is getting a big screen adaptation with none other than ex-Marvel CEO Avi Arad, who has been the biggest production force behind films like Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and so on. Sony Pictures is aiming for a 2009 or 2010 tentpole release.

A screenplay is being written by Michael Gordon (300). Story details are unknown, but the fantasy epic will be based on an original pitch by Gordon and will feature some seminal characters from the game.

EverQuest takes place in the fantastical world of Norrath, a realm inhabited by 14 different races including humans, ogres, elves and animal-human hybrids, and its moon Luclin. Other planes of reality also exist within the game's universe. Players create avatars that can slay monsters, embark on quests or acquire treasure. The game was one of the more successful MMORPG's that originally launched in 1999 well before World of Warcraft.

Will this be the big one that proves to Hollywood that the right video games can be adapted into massive hits? I've got a feeling it won't be, simply looking at the following the big MMORPGs have. Aside from EverQuest, you've also got Asheron's Call and World of Warcraft and others that have more users than EverQuest. The fanbase just isn't there anymore and although they could try, this is going to turn out like Doom from 2004 where just because it's game people know doesn't mean anyone gives a shit about the movie.

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Everquest being as big as it is and having so many characters good and evil. It may make for a challenging script, unless they take a handful of characters and chronicle theirs adventures in norrath. Not that I'm against it in any way! But that movie has already been made (Lord of the rings). I just hope they do the the world of Norrath justice in showing the complexity of this community. thank you Harlain Elliotts Guard

Harlain on Nov 20, 2007


Everquest is dying for sure because of the way the developers/ GM's / Programmers have made the game to hard for the casual gamer and lets face it there are more casual gamers out there than die hard , non working, still living with mom, no girlfriend/boyfriend, afraid of the outside couch turds so in short the major population(casual gamers) have had enough of wasting time for nothing. But i will say this as a past eqoa fan , I will go see the movie either way as do i think alot of others will also whether they are a fan of eq or not , People love fantasy movies. The D&D films didnt quite cut it but maybe with the new CGI and better scripts now a days it will do well.

Pyromage , Kahzahm (David ) on Nov 23, 2007


I agree with Kah , I play eqoa and see the pop going down and i agree about the casual gamer part also. They have made it so you need a guild to complete everything now and im tired of wasting my time as well as alot of others are too , The EQOA game is failing but the pc game is still doing alright i believe so hopefully the movie comes out i will watch it.

Brigade (PPO) on Nov 23, 2007


I havent played EQOA in a long while but ever since 60 epics i started losing interest because of how hard it is to achieve anything in the game for single or even single groups anymore so i have quit. But i will definately see the movie it sounds awesome.

lastdaygunslingr on Nov 23, 2007


Blah those d&d movies were terrible but maybe an eq movie would be great who knows. as for eqoa the game is sucking badly anymore for the exact reasons listed above the games creators and management have made it so hard for the casual gamer to play it that it is pretty much pointless to even try, if you donot have 20+ people helping with things like flags,epics,ect.. you cannot even get anywhere. i do still have a subscription but will be quitting in 40 days when it runs out because this will never change, most have explained on the forums about these issues but they dont care, they just listen to the silly uberguild raiders and quad boxers that need no help from the community. Casual gamers are the populations strong point but they are leaving fast. i think its funny. maybe the next game soe makes they will learn from their mistakes and give the casual gamer what they need as well.

Doomseed on Nov 24, 2007


Greed with all of the above . I will go see the movie but i wont keep my subscription going any longer after it runs out in a few months, My reasons are simple read the posts above and thats exactly how i feel as well, Without 20+ people helping you then you cannot get anything accomplished anymore.

Spiritpaw on Nov 25, 2007


As an old skool EQ player and once raider now solo class mage I have been there and done that. It is true that the developers don`t care about the casual player anymore or ever did. I have left the game a few time just to get away from the boring same old stuff, but what really ruins the game is the constant spamming of people ruining the currency of the game and the same tards that spew their stupidity over chat channels racism, sexism and what ever u can think of. I can verify tons of players that have left the game to just a few people on EQ sitting around in guild lobby trying to piss people off in chat. Reporting doesn`t do anything as SOE doesn`t care. I remember when a GM would show up if u were caught swearing. now they join in. People just don`t get it. The younger generation of players are being turned off by all the nonsense, but i do believe they should go to WoW and learn some gaming before they head to EQ . People hiding behind a keyboard makin others gaming experience suck need to grow up. That being said I think its about damn time they made the movie and made it BIG. Anything else would be a waste of time. I will watch it regardless just to see wether its a nail in the coffin for EQ or a rebirth and bring back some really good players who are much needed.

Longhaul on Aug 31, 2009

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