Beowulf Rated PG-13; Sweeney Todd Rated R!

October 11, 2007
Source: Rope of Silicon

The MPAA ratings on both of these movies were two that were being kept under close watch. Would Beowulf be violent enough to be the first R-rated mainstream CGI movie? Would Sweeney Todd get cut down by the studios execs from a bloody R to PG-13? Beowulf didn't make an R-rating, which may not be a bad thing, but Sweeney Todd did, which on the other hand definitely is a good thing! Care to know why they got their ratings?

Beowulf - Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sexual material and nudity.

There's enough packed into the explanation of why it's PG-13 that makes me believe this is really bending the rules. I'm thinking they got the MPAA to be a bit more lenient considering it's only CGI and thus more like a cartoon. The speculation was that this may end up being R because of the red band trailer that was released and the violence in it. Unfortunately that's not the case but I don't think that means we're still not going to see plenty of blood and plenty of violence. I'm still thoroughly excited.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - Rated R graphic bloody violence.

Back in August we even reported a rumor that the studio executives at Paramount weren't happy that this was as bloody and violent as they thought it would be. Alas, a barber who murders people with a razor blade and has them made into pies all amidst some singing is of course going to be for the kiddies anyway. Thankfully it has earned an R for bloody violence - exactly what we needed to hear! If you haven't already seen it, go watch the trailer.

Both of these are probably the perfect ratings each needed. Beowulf now can get a wider audience and will still deliver some brutal violence. Sweeney Todd got the R it needed all along and isn't being butchered by the studio. Now only if the idiots at Fox would learn from Paramount…

BeowulfSweeney Todd

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darn, a damn R. I'm 12, but I still wanna watch... after all, I did watch The Amityville horror.

michelle b. (midget) on Nov 29, 2007


yes i agree! rated R!!! its only a little blood. im 14. i love tim's work. i think it'd be fine. and plus i need to watch SOMTHING DARK OR SCARY! the grudge was a total dissapointment. yes a good story but not one bit scary and i watched it when i was 10! and saw 1-4. not one bit wrong with that. same with the ring. we need a good blood thirsty thriller.

jan on Dec 26, 2007


It was one of the greatest movies I'v ever seen! As long as they can handle a lot of spurting blood the movie would be ok for teens as well considering that there's no sexuality, only breif language, and it wasnt all that gory, just a lot of blood. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were amazing together and I cant think of better actors to put in their roles.

J on Dec 31, 2007


How old do u av to be to see sweeney todd?? coz im 14 but my 12yr old sis wanna c it too..

Sam on Jan 18, 2008


I'm 16 and i'm from the UK. The film isn't out yet here but i really want to see it. we have age ratings, and this has been made an 18 (you have to be 18 or ever to see it) it is unfair as i am a fan of Tim Burton, i also like the play sweeney todd having seen it many times at the theater the age rating should be lowered to PG-13 Beowulf is not a very good film anyway

Laura on Jan 19, 2008


Sweeney todd is such a good movie and i agree with all the comments before me it should at least be lowered to ma15+ or m coz im 12 and people don't realise it's not how much blood.It' the storyline and quality.Like look at when a stranger calls.PATHETIC!.The phone whouldn't stop ringing{in the movie.}It was like she was awsering for a fish and chip shop!This is such a great movie and im going to see it regardless.Me and my friend are going to laugh our heads off!The songs are so comical

maddy on Jan 24, 2008


I just saw sweeny todd and im only 13 in ur face ha ha ha

Knoxvilles on Feb 2, 2008


sweeney todd in the philippines was rated R-18 (equivalent to america's NC-17) (bad! i'm only 13 but i bought a DVD)i was disgusted with some scenes actually

gian on May 24, 2008


why, are pg13 movies showing nudity? I don't agree with that, almost all r rated movies show it, why do pg13 movies show it to? I don't like going to the movies & seeing tits & there in almost every movie now. What the fuck! if it's going to show nudity it should be rated r & not pg13!!!

Lyndsey on Aug 4, 2008

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