The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2007 - The Very First Year

December 24, 2007

The Best 19 Movies You Didn't See in 2007

No one really has enough time (or money) to see every movie released every year, but shamefully too many great films are left in the dust. Sure, maybe you'll see a couple of those indies that are making the rounds on the year-end top ten lists, but even those critics missed a few good ones. This is about those movies that were phenomenal yet hardly anyone saw, so now we're giving them one final moment in the spotlight. I want to encourage you to maybe stop and ponder the next time you come across one of these and wonder why you didn't catch one in theaters - because they were worth that ticket price, guaranteed. If anything, you'll at least discover something new and something great from this list.

If you spent the two hours or so that it would take to watch even one of these movies mentioned below, it would mean that much more to the filmmaker. This isn't about getting kudos for mentioning certain films, this is about pointing out movies that don't deserve to be forgotten and are begging to be watched.

Across the UniverseAcross the Universe
Opened September 14th, 2007
Directed by Julie Taymor
A dock worker Jude travels to America in the 1960s to find his estranged father. There he falls in love with sheltered American teenager Lucy. When her brother Max is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, they become involved in peace activism.
Why it's Great: This Beatles-infused musical features over 30 Beatles songs modernized and sung beautifully right into the story by an immensely talented cast. It wasn't the greatest film - it got hacked to pieces in editing - but the songs and a great love story combined with some profoundly unique visuals make it one of the most memorable films this year that shouldn't have been missed.

Air Guitar NationAir Guitar Nation
Opened March 23rd, 2007
Directed by Alexandra Lipsitz

Air Guitar Nation chronicles the birth of the US Air Guitar Championships and the personal journeys of those talented contestants who are vying to become the first World Air Guitar Champion from the United States.
Why it's Great: We've all had that moment - dancing around our house in our undies rocking out to some old school rock and roll. It is those moments of glory that spawned the worldwide sport of Air Guitar, the subject of Alexandra Lipsitz' fast paced, energetic and deeply respectful documentary. Showing off the silliness and the seriousness of the sport, this documentary left audiences both in stitches and filled with great respect for these wannabe rockers.

Opened May 25th, 2007
Directed by Luc Besson
A beautiful woman helps an inept scam artist get his game together.
Why it's Great: Despite being in black & white (which this actually uses to its advantage), it's a fantastic morality tale about a down-on-his-luck guy who thinks he meets his lucky ticket but eventually discovers she is helping him get on the right track. It's not overflowing with visuals, besides the gorgeous streets of Paris, instead it focuses on the story and morals at hand. I came out of this a much better person and realized that it's yet another wonderfully cinematic film from Fifth Element director Luc Besson that sadly not enough people have discovered.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordThe Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Opened September 21st, 2007
Directed by Andrew Dominik

Robert Ford, who's idolized Jesse James since childhood, tries hard to join the gang of the Missouri outlaw, but gradually becomes resentful of the bandit leader.
Why it's Great: One of the most gorgeous looking films of the entire year, The Assassination of Jesse James is an absolute masterpiece with critically acclaimed cinematography and some of the best performances in any movie. Despite it's epic length and mediocre reviews, you'll find yourself drawn into the detailed world of the old west and won't be ready to let go of the story until that final moment. Even if you're not a fan of westerns, this is still a phenomenal film that shouldn't be passed by without a second glance.

Death at a FuneralDeath at a Funeral
Opened August 17th, 2007
Directed by Frank Oz
Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family.
Why it's Great: The funniest farce and best British humor you'll see in a movie in years. Death at a Funeral takes us back to Frank Oz' comedic roots with a great film that builds momentum as time goes on and turns a typically morbid event into the most hilarious mishap ever. Fans of "Firefly" star Alan Tudyk won't be able to stop laughing once he's on the drugs - and it never lets up, it only gets better and better as the story goes on.

Opened August 15th, 2007
Directed by Tom DiCillo

An offbeat drama focused on a homeless youth, a pop music siren and a member of the paparazzi.
Why it's Great: A little indie comedy that has so much warmth found amidst some solid comedy. The more I watched this the more I started to appreciate both Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi's performances and their story within. The final scene with Buscemi on the red carpet is still one of my favorites. This is such a happy-go-lucky comedic gem that many people will appreciate and enjoy, but it never got traction enough to make it to the mainstream.

Everything's Gone GreenEverything's Gone Green
Opened April 13th, 2007
Directed by Paul Fox
Ryan, a good-natured slacker, is tempted into a money laundering scheme while working for a lottery magazine. A capitalistic comedy that asks the question - when is "enough" enough?
Why it's Great: A Canadian indie comedy about everything from money to marijuana. It's not about how over-the-top it can get nor is it a stoner comedy, it's an incredibly smart drama with some great comedic moments all lead by one of the finest up-and-coming actors of this generation - Paulo Costanzo. This is such a "chill" and down-to-earth film that I've suggested it to more of my friends than almost anything else.

Opened July 6th, 2007
Directed by Andrew Currie

Timmy Robinson's best friend in the whole wide world is a six-foot tall rotting zombie named Fido. But when Fido eats the next-door neighbor, Mom and Dad hit the roof, and Timmy has to go to the ends of the earth to keep Fido a part of the family.
Why it's Great: This is as hilarious and as awesome of a take on the zombie genre as Shaun of the Dead. Once you actually see it you'll know why it deserves a spot in your collection next to Shaun of the Dead. It's smart, it's funny, it's got a great cast, and to top it off, director Andrew Currie pays such close attention to detail that every scene looks lush and vivid. I don't know anyone who saw it who didn't end up loving it.

The Go-GetterThe Go-Getter
Opened Never
Directed by Martin Hynes
When his mother dies, a teenager takes a road-trip in a stolen car to find his long-lost brother. Along the way he discovers a profound connection with the car-owner and with himself as well.
Why it's Great: Although this was never actually picked up by a distributor after its debut at Sundance in January, I still haven't forgotten it. The best road trip movie I think I've ever seen with a great soundtrack and an unforgettable, and often funny, plot. This should've been in theaters this year and it's likely that if it would've made it out it probably would have become a cult hit by now.

Gone Baby GoneGone Baby Gone
Opened October 19th, 2007
Directed by Ben Affleck

Based on the Dennis Lehane novel about two Boston area detectives investigating a little girl's kidnapping, which ultimately turns into a crisis both professionally and personally.
Why it's Great: It had a poor run at the box office and yet was one of, if not the, best movie of the year. Not only are Casey Affleck and Ed Harris awards-worthy, but the plot has so many perfectly executed emotional twists and turns that I was very moved at the end. Don't be fooled, Ben Affleck is an immensely talented director who has succeeded brilliantly with his first feature film.

Opened April 6th, 2007
Directed by Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
Two full length feature horror movies written by Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez put together as a two film feature. Including fake movie trailers in between both movies.
Why it's Great: I'm not sure how so many people missed this set of two of the best movies the year. Planet Terror is quite grotesque yet a finely crafted small-town zombie fiasco directed by Sin City's Robert Rodriguez. Death Proof contains not only Kurt Russell's greatest performance, but the best car chase ever filmed, hands down. Forget the length, watch each individually and you'll still find they're equally awesome. The best experience I've had at the movies my entire life.

The HostThe Host
Opened March 9th, 2007
Directed by Bong Joon-ho

A monster emerges from Seoul's Han River and focuses its attention on attacking people.
Why it's Great: Subtitled or not, The Host is one of the most gripping films of the entire year. Forget about Cloverfield, this is what a monster movie should be - a huge slimy sea monster created by American ignorance that terrorizes Seoul. It's at times ridiculous, at others intensely scary but always entertaining. There is no other movie that redefined its genre the way The Host gave a makeover to the monster movie in '07.

Opened July 13th, 2007
Directed by Steve Buscemi
After falling out with his editor, a fading political journalist is forced to interview America's most popular soap actress.
Why it's Great: If you truly appreciate independent film, then there's no way you won't find something incredible in Interview. It's a two-person back-and-forth interview piece without a moment of boredom. I never would have thought I would enjoy Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller talking for nearly two hours, but I'll be damned if they didn't pull it off and still had me amazed at the ending. Be brave and take a risk with Interview, the pay off will be sweet.

King of CaliforniaKing of California
Opened September 14th, 2007
Directed by Mike Cahill

An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to convince his daughter that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under suburbia.
Why it's Great: Another indie gem that I don't understand how so many people overlooked. Michael Douglas is great as a crazed institutional lunatic who's searching for Spanish gold underneath a CostCo in California. This is such a fun movie on top of being very well-made and I can't suggest it enough. It's not the best comedy nor is it the best drama, but it is a very fun flick and one of the better movies that was missed this year.

The King of KongThe King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Opened August 17th, 2007
Directed by Seth Gordon
Diehard video game fans compete to break World Records on classic arcade games.
Why it's Great: Probably the greatest underdog story ever told on film, The King of Kong was loved by both critics and all who saw it play in limited release. It's the story of two gamers, both determined to hold the world record in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. Edited to perfection, this one plays out to be just as epic a battle as Jedi v. Empire. If you've ever played a video game or loved a geek, you will be easily captivated by this enchanting documentary.

The LookoutThe Lookout
Opened March 30th, 2007
Directed by Scott Frank

Chris is a once promising high school athlete whose life is turned upside down following a tragic accident. As he tries to maintain a normal life, he takes a job as a janitor at a bank, where he ultimately finds himself caught up in a planned heist.
Why it's Great: The opening scene alone with the fireflies is enough to suggest this, but it's much more than that. In fact, The Lookout is even much more than a small-town heist movie, as they thrown in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has trouble remembering things, into the mix. Too many people missed a great indie thriller from early in the year that I'm sure a lot will find fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyable.

The NinesThe Nines
Opened August 31st, 2007
Directed by John August
A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways.
Why it's Great: Although it's hard to suggest this as I wasn't too fond of it, I can't help but include it because of how unique it is. Ryan Reynolds is outstanding as three different people in three almost unrelated plots. If you end up catching this, I'm certain you'll find yourself drawn in to figuring out exactly what's going on as well as searching for all of John August's cartefully placed nuances. By the end you'll be a changed person for experiencing The Nines.

Opened July 20th, 2007
Directed by Danny Boyle

A team of astronauts are sent to re-ignite the dying sun 50 years into the future.
Why it's Great: One of the most incredibly envisioned sci-fi movies of this entire decade, Sunshine is a fascinating adventure through the cold and lonely depths of space. What Danny Boyle did for the zombie genre with 28 Days Later he has done again for sci-fi with Sunshine. The production design and visual effects look and feel incredible, and the performance of the small cast and hugely thrilling plot all deliver.

Talk to MeTalk to Me
Opened July 13th, 2007
Directed by Kasi Lemmons
The story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph "Petey" Greene, an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s.
Why it's Great: Talk to Me is as powerful and profound of a biopic as Ray or The Pursuit of Happyness. Don Cheadle absolutely deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Petey Greene and not only makes it emotional but also injects the perfect amount of humor in the right spots. Talk to Me is both charming and inspiring and does not deserve to be so easily passed by. It's musically inclined and wonderfully filmed and tells a powerful story in our country's history. I can't say enough good things about it and yet how depressing it is to see such a phenomenal movie be forgotten so easily.

I hope I've been able to introduce everyone to a few more great must-see movies that they've never seen. Not everyone will love all of them, but I guarantee there is something unique to discover in every last one. Support an indie filmmaker today and watch one of these 19.

Guest writing on Air Guitar Nation, The Host, and The King of Kong provided graciously by Neil Miller of Film School Rejects. Photo at the top compliments of msnmark on Flickr.

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Nothing like a condescending list at xmas time

Muggadub on Dec 24, 2007


Seen, The Lookout, Sunshine(dubbed version), The Host (awesome movie), Grindhouse, and about to look at Gone Baby Gone. This is a very nice list... will by the end of the month see the rest.

Brent(chitowncubs) on Dec 24, 2007


yeah, The Host is a Korean film. It takes place in Seoul, not Hong Kong.

anthony on Dec 24, 2007


Woops, fixed it Anthony, thanks for pointing it out.

Alex Billington on Dec 24, 2007


Saw grindhouse, and it definitely was not my favorite time at a movie. planet terror was fun but I wouldnt recommend it. If you dont see it you're not missing...anything. Death Proof was good, although the dialogue between the girls was monotonous and dragged on ALOT of the time. But that car chase scene was one of the best ever filmed, and definitely the most suspenseful. I recommend it just for that scene.

Keith on Dec 24, 2007


This reminds me to ask: What ever happened to that movie Teeth?

Kail on Dec 24, 2007


Of this list, I have seen Across the Universe, Assassination of Jesse James, Fido, Gone Baby Gone, Grindhouse, The Host, Interview, The Lookout, Sunshine and Talk to Me. I have plans to see the others though. 3 of these films are on my top ten list of the year, Jesse James, Sunshine and Interview. I recently picked up the original version of Interview but have yet to watch it. The problem with these small movies is that they don't open everywhere, not even close enough to drive to. If they all came here, I would most likely see them all.

Jeff Warner on Dec 24, 2007


Yeah I have seen a few of these movies... but Across The Universe I saw twice.... its one of my favorite movies I saw this year... but I do disagree with you on Sunshine... that movie was bad.

CSpuppydog on Dec 24, 2007


Keith, I agree with you on the Grindhouse film. Death Proof was so weighed down by Tarantino's dialogue, I fast-forwarded through most of it. I think Tarantino is loving himself a little too much. Yeah, he writes great dialogue, but don't just stick it in a movie because you can. It has to have purpose, a reason for being there, and most of it could have been cut. I did like the revenge part of the film, but I didn't get how or why the two groups of cars were related really. Why did we waste so much time with the first set-up, if it didn't really relate to the 2nd part at all? I was waiting for some kind of significant connection or a reason why he targeted these women, but it never came. The zombie movie was all right. Josh Brolin was fantastic. But because it was supposed to be like a 70s B movie, it was hard to tell if I was supposed be laughing at the cheesiness of it all, or somehow seeing something greater.

Movie Lover on Dec 24, 2007


I think it's safe to say that quite a few movie lovers saw quite a few of these films. I don't think it's fair to assume that these are "19 movies we didn't see". As the first post says: A little condescending.

Tank on Dec 24, 2007


I think some of you are taking this way too personally. Great list Alex. Saw a few of them, will definitely try to check out the rest.

Tyler on Dec 25, 2007


I heard of all of the movies on the list. The problem is they don't play near me and I'm not traveling over a 100 miles to see a movie. I wait till they are out on dvd. Sorry filmmakers.

Samantha on Dec 25, 2007


I saw a lot of movies this year, but hadn't heard of a few of these. Thanks for the suggestions. Great list. I'm going to netflix to see if Fido, Everything's Gone Green, and The Go-Getter are available yet. Happy holidays.

John Williams on Dec 25, 2007


"What Danny Boyle did for the zombie genre with 28 Days Later he has done again for sci-fi with Sunshine. The production design and visual effects look and feel incredible, and the performance of the small cast and hugely thrilling plot all deliver." Oh, give me a break. The movie looks stunning for exactly half the movie. Then they go completely bananas trying to make Freddie Krüger in space. Must be THE dumbest movie I saw in 2007.

Oyvind on Dec 25, 2007


Stardust should be on this list.

Jeff on Dec 25, 2007


Sunshine was just a blatant rework of Event Horizon ... Even some of the "cut' scenes of the "villian" are the shot EXACTLY the same way.. Not to mention the story being basically the same, just at the opposite end of the solar system... I probably would have liked this movie had I not seen Event Horizon before it. Other than that though, nice list and I agree on all but Sunshine 😀

mike on Dec 25, 2007


"Once" is not on here. This list lacks credibility because of it.

Clinton on Dec 25, 2007


To the author: "The Man From Earth" is another lesser know great movie of 2007.

John on Dec 25, 2007


I agree with Clinton, Once should be at the top of anyones must see list.

Peter on Dec 25, 2007


If you're a die hard beatles fan like my friends and I are, you will not like Across the Universe. I'd list its shortcomings but i don't have enough time to. Sunshine on the other hand, was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie.

Tyler on Dec 25, 2007


Nice list.. here's what Rotten Tomatoes had to say: Across the Universe - 58% Air Guitar Nation - 83% Angel-A - 45% The Assassination of Jesse James - 75% Death at a Funeral - 62% Delirious - 84% Everything's Gone Green - 69% Fido - 67% The Go-Getter - N/A Gone Baby Gone - 93% Grindhouse - 81% The Host - 92% Interview - 57% King of California - 63% The King of Kong - 96% The Lookout - 87% The Nines - 67% Sunshine - 75% Talk to Me - 81%

Scooter on Dec 25, 2007


Pretty good list, though i am not a big fan of most of the movies, the Host and Sunshine were very good movies,. The King of Kong was also very good. Based on this, the list holds merit.

Kato7000 on Dec 25, 2007


I think that The Darjeeling Limited and I'm Not There should have been included.

Harry on Dec 25, 2007


Just wanted to make a quick comment on "Fido"...yes, if you shelve your DVDs not alphabetically but by thematic connections, you SHOULD file it next to "Shaun of the Dead". However, "Pleasantville" should be on its other side...for some reason THAT's the movie it most reminded me of....

Bryan F. Irrera on Dec 25, 2007


What about Paprika?

Teeney on Dec 25, 2007


Great suggestions - I have added the most of the movies to my Netflix queue Thanks for the effort of putting the list together

Borza on Dec 25, 2007


Some great films in there. I wholeheartedly agree with "Death at a Funeral" which was actually quite a hit here in Australia. Absolutely classic material if you enjoy British comedy. As for "Sunshine" though, yeah, not so sure on that one. A bit of a joke in my opinion - great visuals and some good suspense, but one of those movies that is SO far fetched that even walking into the cinema with my brain entirely switched off was not enough to suppress me yelling out "are you joking?!" multiple times in the cinema. I also agree with John who said "where is... Zodiac?". That was a seriously brilliant film. There's a few on that list which I have not yet seen and I will endeavour to do so over the Christmas break.

Josh on Dec 25, 2007


the lookout sucked. bad acting, predictable story, dumb twist at the end. it gave me the feeling i was watching a student film. great concept but just not well executed.

joe on Dec 25, 2007


Nice list Alex, thanks. p.s. Maybe a comment section isn't worth it?

JBF on Dec 25, 2007


Yep without Once being on the list it's not really much of a legitimate list now is it.

hdtv00 on Dec 25, 2007


CONTROL. The best movie that only a handful of people got to see.

arvin on Dec 25, 2007


I worked at a movie theater (the alamo drafthouse, amazing place in Austin, TX) when Grindhouse came out, and Austin is also where the films were made. Never have I seen people cheer at the end of a movie, and that happened every time I worked the film. Amazing.

Moxie on Dec 25, 2007


the lives of others (das leben der anderen). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405094/ best movie i saw this year, although it might be from '06.

andre on Dec 25, 2007


Three movies that should have been included; Once The Darjeeling Limited Juno And to the guy that said The Lookout sucked; You're a 'tard. Don't breed.

Gooch on Dec 25, 2007


i agree with a few of the previous posters that "once" must be included. the movie is simple and astounding. not only is it one of the best movies that hardly anyone saw this last year, it is one of the best movies of this last year. in fact, i'm inclined to place it in the top 10 movies that i've seen since the turn of the millennium. go watch "once"... now. it's available for purchase.

goose on Dec 25, 2007


Everything's Gone Green was a piece of shit. Watching milk expire is more entertaining. I've never been more bored in my life.

Kai on Dec 25, 2007


I honestly thought 'Once' was a boring film. 'Juno' is surprisingly similar to this film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny,_Juno

Mike on Dec 26, 2007


Needs Music and Lyrics 🙂 another great movie overlooked imo

j on Dec 26, 2007


Across the Universe was horrid... I hate to hear Beatles songs butchered.

Kevitivity on Dec 26, 2007


Death at a Funeral and Across the Univers were both really bad.

Timbo on Dec 26, 2007


Great list. But one of my favourite films of the year is not on here. "The Man From Earth". Brilliant Indie SciFi.

James on Dec 26, 2007


have seen a few filsm on the list ... grindhouse was good ... sunshine was not ...

subcorpus on Dec 26, 2007


Thanks, Alex. Most of the public relies on the media and trailers to decide what movies to see, and some really good flicks like these get left out just because they may not contain sensational special effects and a lot of blood and gore.

Reliance Web Design on Dec 26, 2007


What about Jerome Bixby's the Man From Earth? Look it up on IMDB and then rent it! Or buy it!

Mark Buus on Dec 26, 2007


TWO of the list were shot in Winnipeg Canada ! "The Assassination of Jesse..." "The Lookout" Who-hoo !

Unky Duck on Dec 26, 2007


Sunshine = Sunshite

Paul Taylor on Dec 26, 2007


Grindhouse: "The best experience I've had at the movies my entire life." Your credibility is now completely shot for everything else on the list. Sorry.

DC on Dec 26, 2007


DC - Why did I lose my credibility over that? I'm sorry that you can't appreciate other people's personal experiences and I'm sorry you can't respect what was genuinely a fantastic experience for me. What is your best experience you've ever had? EVERYONE needs to realize that this is a subjective list! Obviously you won't agree with every last movie, but that's not the point. The point is to maybe point out one or two movies that you haven't seen and consider those. You may hate Grindhouse and love Across the Universe, but that doesn't mean everything else on here is bad. Plus, not all of it is my own choice, a few were chosen by Neil from Film School Rejects - so you might as well consider his differently than mine as well. And as for ONCE - I know it should be on here, but I didn't include it because in my belief, a lot, if not everyone who wanted to see it, already did see it. It wasn't as big of a "no-namer" as people think. It's a great movie, but this list is for great movies that no one saw. Once was a great movie that a lot of people saw and a lot of people loved. The fact that it's mentioned so much obviously points that out.

Alex Billington on Dec 26, 2007


Thanks, added a few of these on my netflix.

Matt on Dec 26, 2007


The reason no one saw "Fido" is because it was AWFUL. TO say that you don't know anyone who saw it who didn't love it must mean that you don't know anyone who saw it. It got incredibly horrible reviews, and was so bad in fact that it was released in the USA a full year AFTER it had been released elsewhere - so to be fair, if anything, this should be in a list of movies from 2006.

James on Dec 26, 2007


I haven't heard of most those movies but when I saw Grindhouse on the list and you said it was, "The best experience I've had at the movies my entire life" you lost all credibility. Those movies were forgettable at best.

BILZ on Dec 26, 2007


BILZ - Yet again I ask, why do I lose credibility for having my own personal opinion and being honest with my personal experiences?

Alex Billington on Dec 26, 2007


Good job except for Grindhouse, which was one of the biggest pieces of shiat of the new millennium. Baffling that you would include it here.

joe on Dec 26, 2007


Good list, and I have to agree with you and disagree with the clueless commenters about Grindhouse. Truly one of the greatest movie theater experiences I've ever had. It was pure brilliance and I'm amazed by how many people can't see that. Planet Terror was cleverly absurd and gratuitous, and Death Proof was just plain good, dialog and all.

TurboFool on Dec 26, 2007


Anyone who refers to people who didn't like Grindhouse as "clueless" is clearly just some fanboy who lives in their mommy and daddy's home staring at web porn all day. It was an awful movie with terrible, pretentious dialog that proves Tarantino has lost it and is living off his huge ego and not his talent anymore. But the fact "fool" is part of your name is apropos.

joe on Dec 26, 2007


I just have to take issue with the logic behind including GRINDHOUSE (which I loved) but not ONCE (which I also loved). GRINDHOUSE was granted national release on multiple screens in every movie market in the U.S. I would guess it appeared on well in excess of 1,200 screens. Last time I checked ONCE had appeared on less than 150 screens during its entire U.S. release. Most of these were art houses in major cities and college campuses. A large number of my friends never got the chance to see it until its recent release on DVD. I would be willing to bet that GRINDHOUSE absolutely dwarfed ONCE in total screens and box office. ONCE may have beat it in average sales per showing. Luckily I live in Chicago and so was able to see it with ease. But friends in Arkansas (even in Little Rock), rural Massachusetts, and rural Wisconsin were unable to see it, even though they wanted to (largely through my urging). I'd also suggest that some films like STARDUST could have been included, which was seen by fewer people than saw GRINDHOUSE. You might be able to respond that while a large number of people who wanted to see ONCE didn't, due to lack of distribution, they at least were aware of it and therefore would have seen it had they been able to, but the list was titled The Best 19 Movies You Didn't See in 2007, not The Best 19 Movies You Didn't See in 2007 but Couldn't. ONCE should have been on the list. Apart from that, I agree with many of the films that were added, though I should add I did see about two-thirds of them. My three favs were ONCE (which should have been on the list), GRINDHOUSE, and THE KING OF KONG, which was a wonderful record of just how strange some people's lives are. I'm anxious to see what 2008 has for us.

Robert on Dec 26, 2007


Across the Universe is the biggest waste of time. I'm not necessarily against musicals, but this one is horrible. They bastardize Beatles classics and manage to give some skewed uninformative cliff notes version about how the 60s were a wild time for political and social change. What an entirely unoriginal message. King of Kong - Fisful of Quarters, is brilliant though, and one of the funniest movies of 2007, it ranks up there with SuperBad in terms of hilarity, and it is actually a documentary.

jnicely on Dec 26, 2007


Um I didn't like Fido. I thought it was trite and really not funny. So now you know someone who didn't like fido, Alex

has bellmer on Dec 26, 2007


Did I see someone mention "once"? Should be called "twice", I liked it better when it was called Lost in Translation. Once was ok but not anything great.

has bellmer on Dec 26, 2007


This guy makes a lot of generalizations. Obviously not a William Blake fan. To say sunshine is one of the best sci-fi's of the decade begs the question of whether or not this guy was born this year.

john on Dec 26, 2007


Alex, Thank you for the list. I don't get out to the movies much and I haven't seen any of these, however upon your recomendation I will try to see most of these (if not all) when I find the dvds. I need to sequester myself for a few weekends, but I'll do it. On another note some of the posts are annoying when the name calling begins because of differences in opinions. Thanks again. I'll save this list to my favorites. P.S. Public libraries are a great place to look for hard to find movies and generally there are no rental fees (some libraries)

Michael on Dec 26, 2007


thanks for a great list, I'm just sorry I missed so many.

Norman Roberts on Dec 26, 2007


To elaborate on my earlier comment. Sunshine = Sunshite. First, it is great-looking and well shot. A big plus. Second, it deals with some of the basics of space travel that many films gloss over, nostly concentrating on the fragility of human beings travelling in a glorified metal tube through the cold recesses of space. However, the movie appears to have been made by "have-a-go" sci-fi film makers aimed at "have-a-go" sci-fi fans. Anyone who has seen a science fiction movie in the past twenty years will recognise an element that has been outright stolen from another picture or weekly episode of the genre. I'm not against larceny if it is in the furtherance of a good plot, but Sunshine, particularly the third act, is ridiculous. My missus and I kept watching, believeing that this film had to be worth the hype bestowed upon it. Sadly, it is not. It is a movie that actually manages to be far less than the sum of its parts, and one that I could not recommend to anyone.

Paul Taylor on Dec 26, 2007


Alex, I wanted to commend you on the way you responded to the "haters". I think the list is helpful and creative. Obviously, it was only meant as a guideline to help movie fans see some gems that might have missed through the year. Based on the desciptions, i don't want to see them all BUT i definitely have a good list for the video store this week-end... keep-up the good work.

Robin Pallas on Dec 26, 2007


Wow... I've got some catching up to do... except for Grindhouse, I've never heard about ANY of those movies... I live in Quebec province, so it could be possible that they just didn't make it in french.... I'll be on the lookout for each and everyone of them.

Smumdax on Dec 26, 2007


Glad to see The Lookout and Air Guitar Nation represented.

Zach D. on Dec 27, 2007


You Missed the best film made all year - 3:10 to Yuma Russell Crowe and Cristian Bale smashed it in a western Clint Eastwood would be proud to call his own.

Johnny Yuma on Dec 27, 2007


Sunshine is a BAD BAD movie. The whole story is new age pseduscientific CRAP no better than The Core. Did you like The Core? Ok then I'm not talking to you. By the way YOU DON'T FREEZE in space, you explode. And being the sun billion times (in volume) bigger than the earth, it won't matter if you throw the WHOLE EARTH inside it. Even if you look over to those stupid and avoidabile stretchs, it's still a poor movie. The actors are ok, but the plot is POOR POOR POOR. All the turning point in plot are forced and unjustified. The new-age sunworshipping stuff is just nauseos. I was going to check out the korean one but after this I won't

Ste666 on Dec 27, 2007


I'm sorry, but...Across the Universe? Anyone who has any respect for music, anyone with a soft spot in their souls for The Beatles should have shunned this movie from the very beginning. I really tried to like it, but the instant I felt a new song begin, I either laughed or said, "Oh, COME ON!". Why they had to hire pretty actors and bastardize an entire catalog of greatness and turn it into something so trite....It's just beyond me. They tried too hard.

jc on Dec 27, 2007


Ye gods. You don't explode in the vacuum of space. Thanks for the list, Alex. Most of these movies I've never heard of, and I have a knack for remembering movie info. The reason no one's seen them is that they simply weren't marketed. (Grindhouse is an obvious exception to this. If it wasn't seen, it was probably because the length of the double-feature made people shy away.) Some of these don't seem like I'd be interested in them, but many of them went straight into my rental queue.

QS on Dec 27, 2007


Interesting list. Some I'd seen, some I hadn't even heard of; some of the latter are now in my Netflix queue. I love "The Host". "Sunshine" was quite good; Danny Boyle always delivers. Thought "Fido" was okay even though the comedic talent of Billy Connolly had been wasted. Grindhouse was entertaining, although "Planet Z" was too close to the source to be considered satire, and "Deathproof" took FAR too long to get going. I absolutely love Tarentino's dialogue-writing, but I think he over-compensated for the lack of it in "Kill Bill Vol. I" with this movie. Liked "Across the Universe" much more when it came out in 1979 entitled "Hair", and was directed by Milos Forman. I will never forgive Julie Taymor for "Titus".

Dan on Dec 27, 2007


Hey Alex, I think this is a great list. Lots of people like to dish it out behind a keyboard. Grow up people. Disagreement is great, but because Alex had fun in the theater he loses credibility? Wrong. I've seen plenty of these and he's spot on. They are above average to great films that not many people saw. As a critic, I did get a chance to see a lot of these, but not all. I hadn't even heard of "The Go-Getter" - but as a big Maura Tierney fan, it'll be in my queue by the end of today. And for the record, "Grindhouse" was also the best experience in a theater I had all year. Uber-fun. Cheers.

Andrew James on Dec 27, 2007


I've seen ten of these and you are dead on except for "Across the Universe" which had a trailer even worse than the movie. I look forward to catching the ones I missed. Thanks for your service to our country.

Barry Lynn on Dec 27, 2007


Alex, thanks for the suggestions. I have not seen (or heard of) many of these films and plan to explore them. As for the simpletons that complain about your taste in movies, well, I once had a friend who couldn't understand how I could possibly like something that he hated. I tried to point out that the world would be a boring place if it represented only one person's opinions and that we are talking about MOVIES. Just movies. Enjoy them or not, but the world will not end if we disagree. Thank you for letting us know what you like, even if some are too immature to handle a difference of opinion.

Scott W. on Dec 27, 2007


Why is it that people always slam esoteric (in a sort of mystical sense) films like Sunshine and 2001? *Sigh* I will never know. (The Core was indeed a piece of crap though.) My dad, who was brought up Mormon but continued to explore different religions until his death, loved spiritual/scientific stuff... (I know he would have liked Sunshine as he liked Final Fantasy Spirits Within and 2001 A Space Odyssey... the former admittedly having a good plot but BAD writing) WHY is it that Westerners hate this so much? I think maybe it's because Protestantism is really "rigid" and not spiritual in the sense that people are not into body awareness and "soul" stuff... no meditation... not mystic at all. Christianity is all about going to church, reading and singing... and if you're Catholic you do the required prayers, penance and then you're done. Not "feeling it" but "thinking it"... a logical, left-brained faith. (By the way I myself am an agnostic and I still like religious, spiritual stuff.) I LOVED Sunshine... while it did take that Event Horizon turn, I still thought it was good. I understood what he was trying to do. On Flixter I rated it 5 stars. I loved the themes on religion and atheism, etc. I saw Sunshine, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and Grindhouse. I BADLY want to see Angel-A but it keeps getting rented at the video store near me. I loved all three of those films, btw. You only explode if you have air in your lungs... btw. He expelled his air before he got kicked out. #55 said "Anyone who refers to people who didn't like Grindhouse as "clueless" is clearly just some fanboy who lives in their mommy and daddy's home staring at web porn all day." Just to let him know I'm a 20 year old FEMALE who does not live with my parents, who does not look at web porn, and is planning to become a surgeon. Currently studying for MCATs as we speak. I'm a Bio major. My friend who is a 21 year old female and also my roommate is a bioengineering student. She also is going to become a doctor. Both of us LOVED Grindhouse and we've seen it 3 times each and both own the DVDs. Don't give groups labels. It irks me when people do so. My dad said I'd get over it in high school but I'm in college and I'm STILL infuriated that people are given labels.

Tina on Dec 28, 2007


Thank you

Alex on Dec 28, 2007


Touche Tina. Well played and thought out.

Omar on Dec 29, 2007


Never saw, let alone *heard*, of any of those.

Doug on Dec 30, 2007


I have to agree, Grindhouse was without question THE best movie theater experience I've ever had in my life also. The theater was filled with fans who understood what the filmmakers were trying to do, and loved every minute of it. It's rare that you go into a movie and EVERYONE seems like they're really into it and having fun. It was a great night.

Sportaphile on Dec 30, 2007


Hurm,an okay list and I've seen about 11 of the movies here-I thought Gone Baby Gone was plain bad and tediously conventional,only worth seeing for C Affleck's performance-but King of California and The Lookout were both extremely mediocre,for the latter I thought the fireflies scene was brilliant but too soon it became an intolerably contrived crime "thriller" whatwith Isla Fisher's character completely erased after one point without much explanation-and That Levitt Guy should seriously consider retiring early.

Daniel on Dec 30, 2007


I believe I've only heard of two or three on that list. Perhaps the producers should do a better job marketing, then more people will see them?

Jach on Dec 31, 2007


Good list. Unfortunately, the guy who made it sounds like a complete tool.

Joe Bob on Dec 31, 2007


fido >>> is very ugly movie don't waste your time watching it

popcorner on Dec 31, 2007


I really liked your list. My favorite movie of the Year was Juno followed by Across The Universe. I also enjoyed Lars and the Real Girl, did you see that? I also saw The Lookout, Talk to Me, and Gone Baby Gone and I enjoyed them all. I really want to see "Everything's Gone Green" now thanks for the tip.

Corinne on Dec 31, 2007


I've don't watch a lot of movies, but I have seen 2 of the movies on this list, Fido and Death at a Funeral. I absolutely Loved them both. Death at a funeral instantly became my favorite movie of the year. I haven't seen the others, but I'll be sure to look into making sure I do. These are the kind of films that most mainstream America won't see but probably should.

Lacey on Jan 1, 2008


That's EXACTLY why I made this list Lacey! Glad you liked Death at a Funeral and Fido, both were two of my favorite movies this year. And thanks to everyone else who has commented as well!

Alex Billington on Jan 1, 2008


Just thought I'd add to your list som great aussie films this year: Noise, Homesong Stories and the Jammed

Stupidfish on Jan 1, 2008


Condescending? You are kidding me. If this list isn't spot on for movies that marked a year unlike any other in probably 15 years. Some of the most amazing sleepers, and some of the most richest, inventive storylines. Two directoral debuts, including of course Affleck, but Clint Eastwood's daughters film 'Rails and Ties'. The Sleeper December Boys, Mike Clayton, the fairy tale joy of August Rush, the epic cult following of 28 Weeks Later, the disgusting PR, almost direct to DVD two Jaquin Phoenix movies, 'Reservation Road' and 'We Own the Night', and the most eluding, majestic Sean Penn's 'Into the Wild'. So this list is a definitive one. Can't wait to see Fido and the Nines, thanks for this list captain. movinupintheworld@gmail.com

Ken on Jan 2, 2008


Gone Baby Gone was by far the best movie of the year. Amy Ryan deserves best supporting actress and Casey Afflek cemented himself as a top actor with this performance combined with his role as The Coward Robert Ford. Kudos to The Mist with arguably the best ending in film history. Gutwrenching for anyone that has ever had children. Can I also pimp Away From Her and Julie Christie as best actress? Oop just did it.

STEVE on Jan 2, 2008


I love these people posting things akin to "I was going to check out *this movie*, but because you like *this movie*, I changed my mind". You people are immature, ignorant, spiteful fools. Are you truly so closed-minded as to opt not to watch a film Alex suggests (a film whose description at least piqued your interest, otherwise you wouldn't have opened your mouth) because his opinion differs with your's on an entirely different, unrelated film? Please get out of my gene pool.

Derek on Jan 3, 2008


So I saw the movie Across The Universe and I thought that it was amazing! I would have to disagree with a lot of you who said it was bad. I think the way that they portraid the 60's and the Vietnam war was both beautiful, and origional. I liked how at the end of the movie you felt satisfied. Now I know that a lot of people had a problem with the fact that the beatles songs weren't in the order that they wrote them. But I mean really this movie isn't about the beatles it's about the 60's and the Vietnam war and how the Beatles music was about peace. the songs don't have to be in the order that they were actually written but in the order of the movie. Anyway, during and after the movie I was literally shaking, because I couldn't get over how beautiful yet sad the movie was. I laughed and I cried and I could feel the energy in the movie and the singing and art was amazing! I have suggested this movie to everyone that I know.

Anna on Jan 3, 2008


I agree with number 1. Nothing quite like a list that insinuates that you wouldn't know what good movies are despite the fact that I've already seen all of these movies. Call me crazy, but the moniker that "you've never seen" is ALWAYS bullshit. Just cause you haven't seen it doesn't mean we haven't. Thanks for proving that the internet is still full of egocentric introverts that assume their body of knowledge is complete. If you really wanted to make a list of movies we haven't seen, why not start it off with anything starring Tom Cruise? Apart from that, I DID enjoy the movies on the list. But I've seen them all already so I couldn't care less about them. Fido was my favorite though the Host was also really good.

The Mog on Jan 3, 2008


Nice list. I shall add a few of those to my queue. Thanks for the information.

Gorgon on Jan 3, 2008


Mog, don't take the title too much to heart. I believe it is only used as a genrelisation, as i have not seen any of these movies on this list, i dont think Alex made this list jus for yourself anyway. However, i must say what a brilliant list of movies.A fter just watchijg Grindhouse and The Host, I can honestly say each were a really great in there own way. I think i might watch Death At A Funeral and Fido next. Thanks for a great little source for some really exceptional movies.

team7elite on Jan 4, 2008


I'm not quite sure what Angel A does in this list. The movie was released in 2005 ... Good film though, but I feel it's not as good as you make it out to be.

Ive on Jan 4, 2008


I think it's great that you bring some attention to the movies that didn't get a lot of attention. These are all that came and went. Especially Delirious! What a marvelous glimpse at the life we are all involved in and how we look at celebrity. I thought Steve Buscemi was terrific and the ensemble cast all stayed in character and allowed us that glimpse into the minds of people that are either in the world or want to be in it. Thanks for the list....saw half and want to see the other half.

Allison on Jan 5, 2008


I agree with the list title since i only seen sunshine, which really wasnt that great of a movie at all... this list is overhyped though "One of the most incredibly envisioned sci-fi movies of this entire decade" blah..., ... most of these movies though were just released at a bad time... with movies that were blockbusters everywhere, with transforms, bourne ultimatum, spiderman (barf), harry potter, but yeah this list definitely shines as movies that dont appeal to me...but i might want to see across the universe, again released at the wrong time and didnt hit the radar with sales 🙁

bob on Jan 6, 2008


How can you leave out 'He Was A Quiet Man' from this list??? Excellent film, superbly acted, and most definately a future cult classic. Everyone who likes movies has to see this. Aside from that, I've only seen 'King of California' from this list, which is a wonderful film. Truly brilliant. Micheal Douglas is bananas!

duuude on Jan 6, 2008


I loved Across the Universe!!!!!!! It was the best movie I saw in theaters in 2007.

Kay on Jan 6, 2008


My vote is for "Gone Baby Gone" as best movie of the year. If that movie doesn't move you, and make you stop and think, then you have no soul. Ben Affleck finally did something to redeem himself from "Gigli", and he's shown that he's got mad skills behind the camera. Casey Affleck impressed the hell out of me. I really wish that "Assasination of Jesse James...." would have had a wider release. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. "Fido" was fun, with some serious social undertones thrown in. On the outside people just saw a Zombie comedy, and shrugged it off. The satire had some layers. Definitely a "smart" Zombie movie, if that can be a new genre. "Sunshine" was brilliant, and I don't care about the similarities to "Event Horizon". Danny Boyle made it work. Cillian Murphy is always creepy good. Chris Evans stays under the radar alot, but has some serious acting chops. Check him out in "London" opposite Jason Statham, and Jessica Beil. "The Host" is one of those great monster movies that will stand the test of time. I liked the characters, and didn't want the movie to end. I'd look for a Hollywood remake soon, that will suck. "Death Proof" was definitely not one of my favorites, but "Planet Terror" was awesome. Josh Brolin was as good in that as he was in "No Country For Old Men". Maybe better. I've only heard of a few of the other movies, but at least I have something to search for on Netflix. QUESTION: Where is "There Will Be Blood" ?. It's currently only in 51 theaters, but is stacking up it's critical reviews. Thanks for the list! I love subjective lists like this that tend to spark debate. Everyone always get so passionate about there favorites! TCox

TCox on Jan 7, 2008


I think Angel-A is from 2005.

Bogdan on Jan 9, 2008


lucky me, I've seen all of these and got paid to watch them.

sundance cinemas projectionist on Jan 10, 2008


woah- good list 'the host' and 'gone baby gone'- agreed! some of those i havent checked out, im intrigued.

gaston monescu on Jan 10, 2008


Wow. You suck at life AND watching movies.

rabbitfighter on Jan 10, 2008


Great List. But come on! : Death Proof contains not only Kurt Russell's greatest performance, but the best car chase ever filmed, hands down. 1. Escape from New York 2. Bullitt

BossHog on Jan 10, 2008


Across the Universe was one of the most painful experiences I've been through sitting in a seat. Car crashes, bad english finals...a lot happens in my life in seats. This was the most painful. Thanks for whatever possessed you to think that movie was fabulous in any sort of way.

Joel on Jan 10, 2008


cool information....did anybody see this movie??? bookmarked @ http://livbit.com

Brian on Jan 10, 2008


I agree with Alex and many others, Grindhouse was a FUN movie experience. Acoss The Universe though...? Uh huh, ok, if you say so. I'll be checkin out the others, thanx.

tony5fingaz on Jan 10, 2008


ive seen everythings gone green and it was by far the worst movie i ever wasted money on. i dont trust this list anymore

marc on Jan 10, 2008


here in europe, the money grabbers (be they the cinema owners, or the distributers or whatever) wouldnt release grind house as it was intended, so planet terror and death-proof got seperate releases. thank god! i could warn my friends off death-proof!!!! planet terror absolutely rocked!! great comedy, great OTT action, perfect tongue in cheek schlock flick. then there was death-proof, been a huge fan of tarantino from the very start, and since kill bill, i was crazy with excitement to see what he could come up with next! it was so fucking indulgent it was beyond sad, with lots of great refrences to movies no one but him ever saw, so fucking what, and the chase scene with a real stunt girl acting! so fucking what! so she was on the hood only holding on with belts, i couldnt help but feel tarantino really thought that this would make people sit up and go "wow" , it was boring, and it took too long to finally get to boring scene in the 1st place. russell also was wasted, on the upside, that jungle jane girl or whatever........smoking hot!

jay on Jan 10, 2008


Did you get to see Black Book, the Lives of Others, Waitress? I agree with you on Death at a Funeral, Interview, Talk to Me and Gone Baby Gone. I never thought I would like another Ben Affleck-affected movie again (other than Good Will Hunting because he plays himself), but this was a great one all the way around. I loved Once also. And Juno. Will you do an Oscar picks list?

Wes H on Jan 10, 2008


oh, before i go, angel-a came out before '07, and it rules! very very clever, very well shot, what few effects there are, are brilliantly executed, all round classic!

jay on Jan 10, 2008


Yeah, Sunshine fell apart once they docked with the second ship. I mean come on! How can a naked guy with the worst sun-burn *ever!* kill off a whole crew? The movie starts off as a pretty decent psychological thriller, then at the last minute any suspension of disbelief that is left is thrown out the window as it tries to suddenly become a horror movie.

David on Jan 10, 2008


GRINDHOUSE "The best experience I've had at the movies my entire life" That is by far the crappiest "movie" i've ever seen... and i've seen it beceause of your comment ! Please, do everybody a favor and STOP making movie lists... cause, let's face it man ..... YOU SUCK BIG TIME !

zany on Jan 11, 2008


Thanks a lot.

Zahid on Jan 11, 2008


Screw the haters, Sunshine was an amazing film and I just picked it up on DVD 2 days ago.

Moe on Jan 11, 2008


Grindhouse was also the best movie going experience I've ever had. However, that doesn't make it the best movie ever. It was pure fun. The sitting in the dark with a bunch of friends more than a little lit and screaming at the screen the whole time kind of fun. The trailers were a riot, and the ending had all of us on our feet screaming FUCK YEAH!!!! So I see it as a movie you don't watch by yourself at home, but one that needed the right group of friends, the right sense of humor and the right cinema to appreciate.

Killgore on Jan 11, 2008


"Death at a Funeral" was the biggest pile of crap I've seen in a long time. It makes me angry that it was most likely lottery funded, when there are a load of talented directors in the UK who would not have made such a dumbed-down, mediocre "comedy".

Ben on Jan 11, 2008


One has to ask what the people in the Promotions department are doing? I've been meaning to see most of these movies on your list (some I was lucky enough to see). I especially wanted to see The Assassination of Jesse James... but I didn't have time to see it in my Home Town and then I moved to a new place and started asking people if it had come and gone there already or if it was coming out yet and people didn't even know what I was talking about. I can understand Casey Affleck isn't exactly a crowd-drawer but Brad Pitt certainly is and yet this movie seemed to fade into obscurity...it just makes me wonder why the Actors, the Directors and the people in Promotions aren't doing ALL THEY CAN to get their movie out there and get it noticed. Or if they aren't to blame for people not even noticing the movies, why don't the Studios get the movie shown in more theaters? Who has the control? Someone has to put some pressure, take a chance and let these movies be seen. I hate the fact that I've seen a lot of cheesy blockbusters - mainly because EVERYONE was talking about them - and meanwhile Classics such as those in your list will have to be rented from Blockbuster and played on my crappy TV. Not Happy, Jan.

Caitlin on Jan 11, 2008


City of Lost Children: foreign, but fucking epicly awesome.

roger on Jan 11, 2008


never seen any of them in a movie theater lately

ads on Jan 11, 2008


I am a big fan of the Beatles and I really enjoyed Across the Universe so as a message to people unsure about watching it, please give it a chance. I thought it was a beautiful and well done movie and though some people disagree with me, you might love it. The DVD is coming out pretty soon, why not rent it one Friday night? 🙂

Annabelle on Jan 12, 2008


I'd like to see the film about Jesse James.

David Mackey on Jan 12, 2008


I just watched "Air Guitar" my first of many movies off this list. What an amazing movie! Thanks so much for showing me a great movie I would have otherwise have missed. Do have other eclectic lists like this for previous years or do you know of one?

Tim on Jan 12, 2008


found this from stumble---you must of made a great list, plenty of comments. I have seen none of these. I have seen recently (as of January 13, 2008) many adds for Sunshine- not sure if they are dvd adds or what. I have an itunes podcast: Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy so almost read every entry here to find out what people thought of Sunshine. I appreciate a list like this and not modifying people's comments. I want to see Sunshine even more now, strangely, even though most people slammed it. A quick link to itunes or just to listen at your computer http://www.heroesofsciencefictionandfantasy.com thx again for the inclusion of a few science fiction and fantasy films in your list.

doc on Jan 13, 2008


Death Proof? are you serious? I'm a HUGE Tarantino fan, and I thought Death Proof sucked. Best car chase ever? laughable. I don't even remember it, and I saw the movie less than a week ago. You've obviously never seen Bullitt, or Ronin - who's car chase scenes are legendary. Death Proof was a boring, tedious waste of talent. For the record, I count Pulp Fiction as one of the ten best films ever made, and Death Proof is the first Tarantino movie I didn't like.

Jeff on Jan 13, 2008


the best film i watched in 2007 is a British film called "rise of the footsoldier" i hvnt met anyone who has heard of this film but it is absolutely ace.. really gritty, i didn't realise i was watching a movie i thort it was just a program that was lasting along time its been described as being goodfellas in Essex(uk) can't believe its not on the list to comment 126.. i loved death proof.. my favorite thing about the tarrantino films is the scripting.. just what the girls talk about and stuff its ace.. and the car chase was cool not just an action packed typical hollywood film like batman (that sucked)

Matthew Berry on Jan 15, 2008


I don't know, The Nines kinda sucked to me. It seemed like a visual response to a Joan Osborne/Alanis Morrisette/Eric Bazillian song, the title of which I won't mention because it would ruin the movie for you. No coincidence that Ryan was been involved with Alanis for quite some time.

A Butta on Jan 16, 2008


I've seen The Lookout, the Grindhouse movies, Fido and Sunshine. All were very good movies. The Lookout had my full attention and kept me guessing, Planet Terror was as gross as it was explosive (how could you not like that combo?) and Deathproof was surprisingly great and had TERRIFIC car chasing scenes. Fido had to be the most delightfully strange zombie movie I've ever seen. I also liked Sunshine, the concept was something new to the genre and was acted very well. I'd highly suggest these five flicks.

Chrissy on Jan 17, 2008


Hi. Kudos to you for having the audacity to tell people they don't know what a good movie is, or, more accurately, they probably didn't watch the real good movies of 2007. I don't feel patronised by it though I notice some here do. they will get over it! Now, on to the list. I am so sorry but I have browsed the list, then looked at some revies, trailers etc and came to the conclusion many times that your idea of a good movie is NOT mine!!! Yes I KNOW it is a subjective list but when you come up with a list and proclaim it with such a confident title then it is only natural that we expect it to be of exceptional quality right? Some of it is, I am just amazed that you wasted even one word on 'Fido' and, horrifically, you compare it to 'shaun of the Dead'?? AARRGGHH. You misunderstand the humour in SOTD or somehow, I missed all of the humour in fido because it was a stupid, flat, boring, silly beyond being in the slightest 'funny' crap family film apparently made for kids! I haven't seen Grindhouse yet. I have it on order. I will say though that, as Tarantino has 'progressed', his ego has definitely taken over and pushed out the artistic integrity he became known because of. In short, I think the guy is a twat and I really don't expect much from this movie except more of the same: Teenage style comic book crap with many fights, explosions and(apparently) snappy and smartass dialogue (in relity the dialogue is also teenage and hollow no doubt). So much for Grindhouse. Maybe it is because I am english but I have heard a few positive reviews for 'Death at a Funeral' so I am going with you on this one. I plan to watch it tomorrow. thanks for the list. One thing - I have found some seriously great movies posted in the comments!! To commenter no127 - I have heard of, and am getting soon, 'rise of the footsoldier' and am really looking forward to that one. Have heard such good things of it.

geafaegin on Jan 17, 2008


A classy list. A little exaggerated in some points (they can't all be the best) but I love independent films that shine.

JD Rucker on Jan 17, 2008


I am sad to see that Gone baby Gone has made any sort of top 10...or 19 movies of the year list. It was a great let down, maybe if it hadn't lasted what seemed like three hours, or if it wasn't written by Ben Affleck it would have been a bit better.

ariel on Jan 17, 2008


Where's There Will Be Blood, Darjeeling Limited, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?

person on Jan 19, 2008


I loved the Lookout and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. I have added the rest to my Netflix list and can't wait to see some excellent movies!!

elegantgowns on Jan 19, 2008


saw the host. its terrible. don't waste your time.

moviegal on Jan 19, 2008


If the music was the best part of the movie, why bother watch the movie ? Why not just buy the soundtrack, or even better buy the original albums ?

GFYM on Jan 21, 2008


Daniel, Number 80 Said this: "...-and That Levitt Guy should seriously consider retiring early...." HMM, you are referring to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, perhaps, if not one of the top three most underrated and ignored professional craft method actors of today. His performance in the movie Mysterious Skin was pulse-pounding and brilliant. His work in Brick, another art house 20's film noir type flick was equally ingenious, as well as his work on The Lookout. Perhaps your comment is one of the most insane I have read on movie websites in sometime.

ken on Jan 21, 2008


A quick comment about these choices. If you have a problem with them, then you need to take a step back and look at all of the films as a group. Some people like horror films, others like romantic comedies. Alex gave us a list of films that HE enjoyed last year, with the hopes that perhaps somewhere in that list were films that we haven't seen. If you take the entire list of films, you may be able to gain some insight into the type of film he enjoys. IF you find yourself in agreement with him, then you're golden! Chances are that if you haven't seen some of the films in the list, you're in for a treat. IF, however, you find yourself enraged and wondering how the hell he could have chosen some of those films, then stumble on, my friend. Stumble on... because obviously your tastes differ. There's a word invented relatively recently, and that word is "epeen." The "Leave a Comment" section does not say "Show us how big your epeen is." NOBODY reads comments to find out who the most elite commenter is, so you're impressing no one. Remember that Alex put this page up to give to the community, not to take from it. Personally, thanks for the list Alex, there'd definitely a couple more on my queue.

Keaves Sharpi on Jan 22, 2008


This list is great. I was so interested in seeing alot of these when they came out but missed my chance. Across the Universe is up there on the number 1 i must see, that and the assassination of jesse james. The girl from the king of california, is that the same girl as from across the universe?

Elaine on Jan 23, 2008


Come on, Across the Universe is terrible. I felt ashamed for the cast during the whole session. Many times me and my wife would catch eyes and smile but not because it was good, but because it was ridiculous. It was a great idea but completely poorly executed. Now, for the other suggestions, I added many of them to my NetFlix list. Thanks a lot!

Rafael on Jan 28, 2008


fido sucks its a poor movie everything is nonsense

heheh on Jan 28, 2008


Haven't ya watched the Brazilian movie "Elite Squad"? I think it deserved to be on this list...

Foreigner on Jan 29, 2008


I saw 'Across the Universe' and liked it a lot, I can see why long time fans of the Beatles would have a problem with the songs being altered but it's pretty much impossible to satisfy true fans of anything, nothing is like the original, ever. The other I saw from that list was 'Death at the Funeral' and it was ok. I intend to see the others you've selected except 'Sunshine' and 'The Assassination...' because I didnt care for the trailers or the stories and I know I'm not going to like them. And for what it's worth, good job with the list. Take care. XD

Letícia on Jan 31, 2008


Nice list, thanks!

Brock on Feb 1, 2008


Everyone needs to see Death at a Funeral, I watched it last night and it was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It's starts off slow, but give it 20-30 minutes and you will be happy you did.

Chris on Feb 6, 2008


nice list you've got there. thx, brilliant work.

photographer on Feb 7, 2008


I own a video store and I am always searching for good independent films to put out there for my customers to rent. I agree with your list and I have most of them in my store. And yes--MOVIES ARE SUBJECTIVE. This is what I tell people who come in complaining because they didn't like a movie I recommended. I can't even believe you have to defend your own list. Keep up the good work Alex.

KJfish on Feb 11, 2008


Why are people are knocking Grindhouse? Some movies need to be watched in the right context. They are made to be fun goofy action horror movies. When you watch them with this in mind then maybe you will enjoy them. Don't waste your time if you only want to compare them to Gone With the Wind or any other timeless classics. I have seen several of the movies on this list and have enjoyed every one. I will have to do my best to catch them all. Nice job.

Aru-galla on Feb 15, 2008


The hot debate is over the film "Grindhouse". I, personally thought would rather sit and watch the Lawrence Welk Show for 24 hours than sit through that overrated, overblown, unintelligent, mindless dribble again. If you're into the whole "exploited hot-bodied, big breasted, badddaasss chicks with guns thing, rent a Russ Meyers film (your 15 minutes are up Quentin). And "Tina", I can't help but feel somewhat sorry for you...you really reveal you're age ability to reason logically. Show me a room full of Dr.'s, Biologists, etc... that could write a successful film...or even remotely interesting 15 minute student film...and I'll show you my magic pink hamster Fyodor who plays Beethoven on his miniature clarinet, while dictating best-selling modern-day classic novels between breaths...while being cute and fuzzy at the same time. By the way it really is a bit pathetic that you have to try and stroke your fragile ego and "yet to be" accomplishments as a precursor to your movie critique. Very sad. P.S On a lighter note I loved what you said about you're father and the "spiritual" element in many films I whole heartedly agree. Ignore most what I said above, the second part of this was going to compliment the person who wrote that piece (i.e. "sunshine", "Final Fantasy", and"2001", so I am now buttering up my converse to take a delicious bite out of the foot in my mouth. So sorry and well said. I just happen to think the Tarrentino/Rodriguez thing has really undermined our culture and adds to the dumbing down of our youth culture. the Archers of Loaf put it best when they said "The underground is over-crowded". Soulvomit.

Geewhy on Mar 8, 2008


I wholeheartedlty agree with lots of these-- especially "Jesse James," "Grindhouse." and "King of Kong," which all made my Best of 2007 list. (http://www.scene-stealers.com/top-10/erics-top-10-movies-of-2007/) "Grindhouse" haters should note that that clever homage/parody can be done in any genre, but if you are ignorant of that genre, you won't get it. What's really dumbing down our youth culture are the really dumb teen horror flicks that don't acknowledge their debt and just carry on killing teens with no tongue-in-cheekiness at all. Just because its violent doesn't mean its dumb. For more on that: http://www.scene-stealers.com/print-reviews/grindhouse-double-feature-a-gloriously-entertaining-contrast/ I dodn't think too much of the cliched "Talk to Me," despite Cheadle's fine performance, but "The Lookout" was a great little low-key neo-noir and "Gone Baby Gone" was a intriguing study in tough moral decisions, despite a silly last minute plot twist. Great post!

Eric Melin on Apr 2, 2008


Excellent list, thanx!

VetBallas on May 9, 2008


The Counterfeiters is not on this list!?!?!

JOE on May 17, 2008


i could not disagree more about sunshine. it was one the worst sci fi films i have ever seen. tut tut

john on Jun 22, 2008


Has anyone seen "Shake hands with the devil"??? I think it's a very good movie and should be mentioned!!!! Thanks Manuela

Manuela on Jun 23, 2008


Thank you for the list - I'm always on the lookout for movie suggestions and this was a well though-out compilation. I also appreciate the comments where people suggested other movies....It seems I work contstantly and when I do get a chance to relax it's nice to watch a flick that I have some background on so I'm not likely to waste my time. I've had my husband put several of these suggestions in our "queue". Thanks for doing my homework for me!

Annie on Jul 8, 2008


Wow. I already commented on this list a few months ago. I just cannot believe it has grown legs in this way...I am now, still, using this page as a good reference point for movies I should see! Thank you to all the commenter's so far who have given me some great film ideas! Keep them coming!" Let's turn this into the best movies recommendation list around 🙂 Here is one I don't think has been mentioned: In tranzit (2007) Not everyone's cup of tea but then...movies are all subjective right? I just liked how well done this one is. A war story... read more here...http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0785012/ A good film.

HitMe WithIt on Aug 4, 2008


Should have put KING OF CORN. It's excellent.

Joe on Aug 19, 2008


haha wow i haven't seen any of these. i need to get moving! great post.

BPO on Sep 9, 2008


hi while the Nines and DaNNY Boyles Sunshine were brilliant, and Nines, although limited in release, was one of the better movies of the past five years, others in 2007 really took a bath. Juno was probably one of the most convulated and nocturnally boring films I have seen over the past decade. I would rather watch a miscast of Brad Pitt and Craig Shaffer in River Runs Through It any day of the week, then to be put through the horrors of a film noir type succulent masses edgy type award winning ca ca of Juno. Even worse No Country For Old Men, seemingly fit all the stereotypes of A plus B must equal C. I mean if films are that easy to make in Hollywood and to get that many accolades, shizzzzzz son, I am in the wrong industry. Hats off to Danny Boyles for thinkin again, outside that lame box, and the dreamers out there, perservere, challange yourself, think outside the box, and GET OUT OF FILM SCHOOL.

Kennnnnnnyyyyy on Sep 12, 2008


No Country For Old Men no good ? have you gone a little bit bonjour ? you, my friend, are bonkers...

Jamie on Sep 26, 2008


I don't think you people realise that this is in his opinion. Not yours or what he thinks everyone else's favourite film is but his own view. If you don't like it then don't. Just don't discredit someone's choice in films because yours isn't the same. Remember, one man's Godfather is another man's Revolver.

Allan on Oct 6, 2008


ONCE = 2006 Maybe that's a reason for no inclusion??

Pete on Oct 7, 2008


Great List thanks and please send me your next list.

barbary on Oct 13, 2008


i didnt see them because their way too bad IN MY OPINION this movies suck, this is for who dont have anything to do so they watch a bunch of DOWNLOADED movies, what i am looking for is some real good movie and i think thats what everyone is looking for

BAD+BAD=BAD on Oct 18, 2008


great list! thank you very much. I don't understand why some people are complaining about your list. the only movie from this list I had seen before was sunshine and I liked that one very much. I just watched Death proof and it was awesome! I hope you post more of these great lists. thanks again!

Bart on Oct 25, 2008


man from earth is the best movie i ve ever seen .

arshad on Nov 1, 2008


Gone Baby Gone was awesome, I saw it when it came out over here a year after the US release because a little English girl very similar to the child actress in GBG went missing. I've also seen both Grindhouse films and found 'Grindhouse' to be much more entertaining then 'Death Proof'. Mainly because with 'Death Proof' I found Tarantino to be very egotistical, especially with all of the references to his own movies (black and yellow car, ringtone etc) also the dialogue for the girls, which was very masculine and sexist, did not fit to the girls who were saying it. No complaints for 'Grindhouse' though, thoroughly enjoyed the film from beginning to end. I do plan to watch some of these on your list, good compilation.

Danny on Nov 13, 2008



Bob Niggar on Nov 16, 2008


The problem with Sunshine was the third act where it switched gears completely and thus ruined the remainder of the movie. So it was about 2/3 good.

Mark on Nov 17, 2008


I agree with KJfish.. Rating a Movie is very subjective.. Love quite a few on the List! Great List Alex!! the year is fast Ending, ill be waiting for The Best ?? Movies You Didn't See in 2008.. thanks!

azaret17 on Dec 4, 2008


This is a very helpful list---I'll take any and all "Best of"'s to save myself the time of sorting through the rest of what hollywood offers. For me Gone Baby Gone was one of the most thought provoking and convicting movies I've seen in a long time. At first I was afraid the theme was going to simply be "how deep does the rabbit hole of corruption goe?" and was very relieved when it went even further with questions of social justice in relation to power vs. lack-thereof. I think this is a movie that should be at the forefront of discussion for churches, relief-organizations, and any other NPOs seeking to make a "real difference" in people's lives. Angle--A was very refreshing to me in many ways--great opening/dialogue, nice balance of humor with the serious subject matter. But in the end, I found it weaker than I was hoping it to be. For one, it felt like it started relying too much on dialogue to tell its story which I think kills a lot of movies--especially ones with this kind of redemption theme. Secondly, I felt it stopped short at discussing its theme---the closest it got to redemption was "truth and love": have to tell yourself and others the truth and have to accept love for yourself before you'll know how to love others. This leaves me asking how do we ever experience love from other people in this world of fallen people (and angels!)? I guess this question hinges on what the movie defines as "love." Is it simply the truth spoken to someone? Is it being shown or given something? All this to say, I would have been a lot more excited about it if it it had gone further in its discussion. But if I'm missing something, please let me know. I'd like to have a different perspective if I'm missing something key.

Sarah on Dec 6, 2008


This has been a great list. I finally saw the Go-Getter and I think it tops them all. Why has this movie not become more popular? Everyone should see it. I wonder if the studio can get it re-released somehow.

Eric on Dec 7, 2008


This is a good list and, while this does not shake my confidence in your credibility, I really like Sunshine the first time it was made. Back when it was called Event Horizon.

Jake on Jan 4, 2009


Hah, I'm one of those few people who really like Sunshine. But I guess it helps that I like 28 Days Later a bunch too. Hearing all of these people say that it's like Event Horizon just makes me want to watch that movie as well.

Caissi on Jan 7, 2009


Thanks! Looking forward to your list for 2008! ; )

Dave on Jan 23, 2009


Thanks a lot! Great list. As Dave said: Looking forward to your 2008 list.

Ro on Jan 31, 2009


"Fueled by American ignorance". Which certainly does not include this listmaker! I can't stomach this hipster shit...

You on Apr 13, 2009


Across the Universe was a crappy movie with no cohesive plot line and such horrible renditions of Beatles music you'd think Ringo had decided to create a solo album of nothing but covers of his glory days.

JAck on May 6, 2009


I agree with Jack above me. Across the Universe does not deserve to be on the list. With flat characters, horrible plot, and bad covers of Beatles songs, this movie doesn't make the cut. And by adding that it got "butchered in editing" doesn't make it ok. The movie is what came of it, not what "could have been." Maybe someday Taymor will be able to release a directors cut and change my mind. Until then, don't praise a big pile of crap to people who don't know any better.

Mufasa on May 11, 2009


thanks for the list. i wanna say, the movie Interview is a remake of the dutch movie interview, written and directed by Theo van Gogh, who was murdered by a muslim terrorist. the original is in dutch language. i just think it should be mentioned, out of respect for van Gogh.

oki on Aug 1, 2009


I have seen about a third of the films on this list. A few of them are okay to good - Assassination of Jesse James, King of California, Gone Baby Gone. The worst film on this list was Across the Universe. It was a mockery of the era it tried to honor/exploit. I started out feeling indifferent towards the characters and by the midpoint of the film actually wanted bad things to happen to them. Sunshine, while derivative of other, greater sci-fi films that came before it, had a striking visual style supported by an interesting cast. Sure the plot was flimsy and only intermittently original, but I liked it the best of any of these movies i didn't see.

hunter on Aug 1, 2009


That is a great list. Before i saw it the only movie i had seen was King of California and i loved it! (It was so sad at the end) *sob* but i watched more of these and i loved them all especially The Go-Getter! All great movies anyway! Thanks for sharing. 😛

Lily Forth on Aug 3, 2009


Okay, Half of your list... not that great. Across the Universe is WAY over-rated and seems like, to me, pretty much an excuse to play the Beatles for about an hour and a half or however long it way. I'm tired of hearing about it even now. Planet Terror was gross and Fido really insists upon itself.

amy on Aug 3, 2009


Like a lot of die-hard Beatles fans I thought across the universe was just terrible. Even if it was good, I don't see how it even belongs on this list as it is a very well known movie that tons have people have seen. Planet Terror was pretty heavily viewed as well. Lot of nice ones on the list though.

Dave on Aug 4, 2009


Am I the only one who thinks The Host is an overrated crock of shit? And an extremely boring one at the same time? Must be something with amerians thinking every foreign film must be artsy. When it comes to Korean cinema I think Oldboy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance truly are very good films. The Host is just a comedy-horror flick with a sad ending (which just doesn't fit into the comedy frame).

Eric on Aug 6, 2009


this list is fucking bullshit and presumptuous. best movies in 2007 i didn't see? are you fucking kidding me? LIKE GRINDHOUSE???? not to mention the other huge studio-budget films that were advertised like the rest of the schlock. jesse james was film school masturbation. TIME LAPSES? REALLY???? jesus this list reads like some mouth breathing asshat who just started watching kurosawa two weeks ago and JUST LOVES FILM NOW. get the fuck outta here.

mr. obvious is obvious on Aug 9, 2009


ps. this site is a joke but i have yet to find the punchline.

mr. obvious is obvious on Aug 9, 2009


gone baby gone is not that bad. but to call it 'best movie u didn't see' is too much.

robb on Sep 2, 2009


Single most compelling comment from your readers- "Stardust" should have been oon the list. Did you see it? It opened in Decmeber '07, and wasn't on the 2008 list- give it another shot. I look forward to "Gone Baby Gone".

Campbell on Sep 4, 2009


I think this guy did a great job picking movies you didn't see. Jesse James was a perfect example of a movie you thought you were going to go see and then ended up forgetting about. I hadn't heard of most of these movies let alone had seen them. This is the perfect link for someone who is looking to see a bunch of movies they haven't seen before and it not CONDESCENDING at all as someone strangely posted. I'm more into music when it comes to who's indier then who but apparently that very same thing exists here. Who really is the INDIEST!?

James Minnes on Oct 7, 2009


Condscending? really? your an embarassent for saying that to someone who is trying to help, really.

James Minnes on Oct 7, 2009


Your list is dead-on. Kudos to you, Alex. (Sunshine is for sure an amazing and under-appreciated film; I was blown away)

Frank Drakman on Oct 9, 2009


Across the Universe is the best movie ever! But I missed it coming out. I only saw it last year at my friends house and now all my friends love it to. I have seen it so many times. It's a complicated plot so you may need to watch it twice. I still see things I never noticed when I first saw it. GO SEE IT!

Christine on Nov 12, 2009


Across the Universe IS great. And if, for some reason, you think it was a perversion of classic Beatles tunes, you should at least give Eddie Izzard kudos for his hilarious performance. That dude is funny. Also. Sunshine = Event Horizon.

KJP on Feb 21, 2010


He's right, I didn't see any of these movies. Because I didn't want to.

Sargonarhes on Mar 23, 2010


Across the Universe is utter garbage that looks like it was produced by a film student using Final Cut, the soundtrack notwithstanding. Planet Terror & King of Kong were good; Fido was noteworthy. The rest of your list is mediocre to bad, which is why no one watched them and they have crap ratings at most all of the critic sites.

Sid_Viscousity on Apr 28, 2010


Who the fuck didn't see Sunshine? You'd have to be retarded to have not seen it. It's like... a masterpiece of epic proportions. In fact... I think I'm going to go watch it again.

pat on Jul 13, 2010


Really great list of movies. A few I haven't seen on there.

debbie on Aug 9, 2010


200 comments later you have everyone talking, thank you for the heads up and sorry about the animosity 🙂

Weronika on Sep 19, 2010


Gone Baby Gone was excellent! Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to watch a few more from your list.

Laura B on Nov 4, 2010


No. 89 said: "...Kudos to The Mist with arguably the best ending in film history." Without question, I absolutely agree!

Ken on Nov 18, 2010


what are you fuckin doing

maslaodhsfhsf on Nov 20, 2010


"the host" .. really wierd china movie if i remember it right.. something about some crazy sea-monster.. saw that grindhouse, that too Fido, ofcourse i saw.. assasination of blabla looks formilliar.. cant identify it really though.. bet you i saw it though.. "Air guitar " seems promising though.. getting that one, since the level of the other movies you have here wich i´ve seen is good....

Killah-Malmö-Law-Boggy on Apr 1, 2011


I have since watched most of the movies on this list. Still love Across the Universe, Grindhouse and Fido. Death at a Funeral deserves to be a top comedy movie list - best British comedy in a long time. Sunshine, Gone Baby Gone and Assassination of Jesse James... are good but not spectacular. Still have to check out King of Kong though. To see where your favorite ranks http://www.filmcrave.com/list_genre_movie.php?genre=Comedy

Albert Farragut on Apr 6, 2011

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