Better Theatrical Trailer for I Am Legend

October 24, 2007

I Am Legend Trailer

This bigger, better, and newer version of the I Am Legend trailer focuses much more on Robert Neville being alone and his life in a deserted-version of Manhattan. It's got less action but more intensity, including some awesome moments from Will Smith going mad all over the place (just look at the photo above). I strongly suggest everyone watch both of these new trailers, as they each are fairly different. This could definitely be the big December movie and I hope it lives up to everything that these trailers make it out to be. Kick some ass Will Smith!

You can also watch a different, lower res international trailer as well. I'd also suggest watching this in beautiful high definition - check for the link below the trailer.

Watch the trailer for I Am Legend:

[flv:i-am-legend-full.flv 600 260]

You can also watch I Am Legend teaser trailer in High Definition at MySpace

I Am Legend is directed by Francis Lawrence, who also directed Constantine and Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" music video. The film is based on a great book by Richard Matheson. I Am Legend hits theaters everywhere on December 14th. The newest poster is featured below as well.

I Am Legend

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OMG! OMFG! That is one brilliant looking, kick a$$ movie. Count me in

Hilander on Oct 24, 2007


Didnt see trailler but must say that no matter what it is i hate it. This is NOT I Am Legend. Go read the book.

Heckle on Oct 24, 2007


Pat, you need to get over it! C'mon, go read what Mark said over on this one. It's not supposed to be "the book" because as Mark said, the book wouldn't translate well onto the screen. Who cares if it's not word-for-word exactly as the book, that's not what Hollywood does. Hollywood vamps it into a better-looking on-screen version that may be "inspired by" or "loosely based off of" the book, but that's it! Get over it and just accept that this will be an entertaining movie despite how close to the book it is or not!

Alex Billington on Oct 24, 2007


this trailer is way better... i must agree with alex, i've seen several movies that were "supposedly" based on a certain book and i must say, if not all, most of these movies fail to (if not offer a totally different one) translate the book itself... lotr for one is a total mixed up of events if compared to the book... maybe some books are not meant to be good when translated into a movie "word-for-word"... and some books just can't be captured within a movie... movies and books are totally different mediums of entertainment, hence, how one will be entertained by it, will differ...

miracle disease on Oct 24, 2007


OK....i can agree with part of what you said. However....they could have called it something else and said "Based on the book I am Legend" I thought LOTR was fairly faithful....They couldnt fit the whole story but what was there was true. This movie is taking the idea from the book and changing it to something they think will please audiences more. I think audiences would like the book more. But hollywood has to have explosions and such and the book doesnt have that.....Guess people wont see a movie unless it has explosions. Ugh....

Heckle on Oct 24, 2007


Ok....another bone to pick..... The book was about Vampires.......this is about a disease..... So its not I Am Legend....its a movie loosely based on the book I Am Legend.

Heckle on Oct 24, 2007


Ok, that trailer was FANTASTIC. This movie looks great to me. And yes, I've read the book, and yes I love the book. Heckle, the book is about vampires, but it doesn't approach the idea of vampires in a religious or superstitious way. Vampirism IS as disease in the book. But you're right, this is a movie based on a few of the key concepts and plot points in the book. Really adapting the book to screen? It would be horrendous. It would be rated X first of all. I'm just thinking of points in the book where the vampire women outside are flashing him and playing with their genitals to try to seduce him into coming outside. Oh, and in the trailer it looks like he just acknowledges their existence (the scene in the video store), in the book he HUNTS them. He walks around with a bag full of stakes and MURDERS them while the sleep. Yeah, that's a nice film right there. I can't wait to see this movie. This trailer just sold me.

Mark on Oct 24, 2007


I love how they use the Fountain music. Very well done.

andrew on Oct 24, 2007


Holy cow that trailer was awesome!! This films "looks" like its going to be huge... I have never read the book, and now am thinking I won't until I have seen the film

Lee on Oct 25, 2007


Wow!This film will great to watch... Hi... I want to propose you about exchanging link with you.You can check out my blog,'s about movies and I write some reviewing..

Lephat on Oct 25, 2007


I love the book I am Legend and easily cite it as one of, if not the, favourite book. Saying this though I don't want this film to be exactly like it. Why would I? What's the point in a straight page by page translation? If its based around a similar theme to the book ie dealing with loneliness and solitude during the day, attempting to find a cure and struggling every night with creatures killed/wasted/infected with a disease then that is good enough for me. The fact that it will have had some decent money thrown at it along with featuring a credible and attention holding actor is even better in my book. Far from it disappointing as not living up to the book, I'm more worried about it living up to the promise of what the film could be.

Payne by name on Oct 25, 2007


This looks really interesting. I wouldn't guarantee it to be great, but it seems to be (to a certain extent) Will Smith's Castaway or 1408 in the sense that he will have to carry the movie alone with his talent. People really need to cut out the "it's not the book" assault because people who buy the rights to a cancept and make it into a movie have absolutely NO obligation to adapt the book to film form verbatum. It's two completely different forms of art and what works (and SELLS) in one does not neccesarily work in another. That's why you aren't in film.

Nate on Oct 25, 2007


The book was almost an horror book. What's interesting with Will Smith's movie is that the science-fiction side is emphasized. I think it's a much better trade than in Matthewson's book...

I am legend on Oct 26, 2007


Great trailer. And like "Payne by name" said above, the main theme should be the loneliness and solitude and the hunt, that would be cool - like the 1964 Vincent Price movie. But there is going to be the need to spice it up for audiences (hence the explosions and zombie scares), and that could ruin the atmosphere and potential. I like the parallels between this film and Cast Away, too. If ...Legend has the mood of the latter then things are looking good. I'll see what the reviews say when the movie comes out, then rent the DVD 🙂

avoidz on Oct 26, 2007


i would be dissapointed if it strays too much from the book, the beautiful irony and twisted ending is what makes him a legend, it makes the whole story. the fact that he hunts them, sees them as the enemy of humanity, is a needed plot point if not the whole point. while isolation is also important i dont think it would make a good movie by itself. ((haha, itself..)) also, i love will smith. the character in the book was kick a$$ and he can totatly pull it all together. i will totally see this in theaters, just to see what they do with it.

sarah on Oct 27, 2007


I was just curious, if these creatures are more like zombie, rather than vampires, cause I love vampire movies, but I can't stand zombies, in fact the part where he is in the bathtub with his dog, and the creatures are outside moaning, makes it seem more like a zombie movie. I'm just curious, cause like I said, I dont' like zombie movies at all!

tygertyger44 on Nov 21, 2007


Yeah, I feel like there's been so many zombie movies lately, I just don't care anymore. That said, there have been loads of vampire movies, too 😛

avoidz on Nov 22, 2007


Sarah, I can see where you are coming from with the twist on the ending in which the fact that he hunts them, and is now the "boogie man" -- the monster -- himself is great. However, I could see a twist on this that would be different but still work. It seems the movie focuses on him being indirectly responsible for the plague. If he is the last of the original mankind, an almost mythical figure... and HE is known to have been the one to cause the apocalypse... Then that could also make him a "Legend" -- a being of unimaginable horror to the new society. There are probably lots of possibilities like this where you can keep the core idea, but adapt it to the plot. This could be good or horrible, only time will tell.

Ian Tepoot on Nov 28, 2007


I saw this movie last night and i must say AMAZING, absolutely amazing. This movie was nothing short of brilliant. will smith was excellent in this movie. This movie has done something that a movie hasnt been able to do for me since i was little and that was scare the sh!t out of me. This movie received applause as the credits begin by more than half of the 200+ people in the sold theater, I strongly suggest that if you havent seen this movie, definately go see it, the way movies are coming out these days who knows how long it will be until another good movie comes out.

Chris on Dec 16, 2007


the movie was OUTSTANDING

Taylor on Dec 16, 2007


Saw it, loved it. Question: who set that trap, the zombies/vampires or the scientist?

meket on Dec 19, 2007


number 22 the answer for your question is.. for the first trap will smith set it. and for the second trap the sombies set it for him.. I saw this movie and fell in ? with it!! it is AMAZING!!!

carface on Dec 27, 2007


Hi! Can someone tell me what kind of song he sings in the film? The song that he put on, when he washes his dog ? Thx!

He's Legend on Dec 28, 2007


This is an anwer for nr. 24: That song is called Don't Worry About a Thing and is performed by Bob Marley.

Fred on Dec 31, 2007


I've seen this movie, too. I loved it! Best movie of 2007! And the coolest story ever! This is the only movie that ever made me cry. And i'm not gonna say why, because those of you who have seen the movie, knows what scene i am talking about. Will Smith rocks!!!

Kim on Dec 31, 2007


thisis the best movie in years

jonny on Dec 31, 2007


that movie was strait out kick ass all action i fucken love five stars man

richard zavala on Dec 31, 2007


i like will smith, he is very gud actor

Jema on Jan 7, 2008


best movie + best actor!! both rockin! i really really like it! i am touch when he remember what his daughter said about the 'butterfly' at the end...huhu

Natale on Jan 13, 2008


THE best movie ever

OMAR on Jan 13, 2008


what is this disease called besides radiation

Jessica on Mar 26, 2008


Wow the movie was great but the dog seen sucked at the end, also i think that the ending was kind of sudden didn't really have as much meaning it could have if it was a little slower

Kyle on Mar 26, 2008


The song is indeed sung by Bob Marley, but it is actually called Three Little Birds. My favourite film in the world. I wish they put more information on the virus in it, but it is amazing none the less. I cried like a baby, and not just at -that-(to avoid ruining for some people) scene. So powerful. And I agree, who cares if it's different to the book? I actually think the film is far better than the book; the differences in the film are far more powerful and touching.

Lindsey on Jun 2, 2008


In my opinion they should have used the alternate ending in theatres. There was more closure with it and it left open for another sequel. Still a great movie though. Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 1:56? Such a great song for a movie, I can never find out what its called.

Mike on Jul 12, 2008


luv this film, just another good one of will smith's lol no matter how many times a watch it a always cry when sam dies, it's horrible! x

wee mo on Nov 19, 2008

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