Bill Maher's Religulous Poster - Grilled Cheese Anyone?

September 10, 2007
Source: SlashFilm


A long gray-bearded man named Larry Charles actually directed the Borat movie from last year. No it wasn't just Sacha Baron Cohen going back in the editing studio and putting his favorite sketches together, someone had to direct it. Why did I just tell you this? Well he's got another film called Religulous in the works that you should probably keep your eye on. The film is a documentary that takes a satirical look at religion through the eyes of political comedic mastermind Bill Maher. Lionsgate just debuted the first poster and it's quite interesting.

In the film, Maher travels to some of the world's most popular religious destinations, from Jerusalem to the Vatican, questioning believers while being upfront about his own skepticism. Why is suffering so random? Why are so many religions down on homosexuality? What’s up with the virgin birth?

He talks to Hasidic scholars, Jesus impersonators, Jews for Jesus, Muslims, polygamists, Satanists, creationists, stoners, a Senator who believes in the Rapture, and even Rael – prophet of the Raelians – who it turns out is a big Bill Maher fan.

This first teaser poster comes from SlashFilm. I'll say right away - damn does it make me hungry!

Bill Maher's Religulous

I'm not a documentary person at all - however this one, I'm already way interested. Beyond my own curiousity in religion across the world, combining Maher and Charles may result in a brilliant and hilarious film.

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The one thing i enjoy about Bill Maher is that he speaks his mind even if it isn't the "politically correct" thing to say. We need more people on tv who do this. Instead of the prompter reading puppets we currently have.

Heckle on Sep 10, 2007


Borat was hysterical! People, we have to start getting real and RATIONAL!! This is going to be a great flick, which if based on the perspectives of Bill Mahar will hopefully open the eyes of the masses once it catches on. Pass the word. This is an incredibly important message that needs to get out there. I know, because it took me seven years to re-program my reality to the point where I could stop feeling guilty about questioning and walking away from my pentecostal, born again Christianity and feel great about the fact that all religions are full of it and incredibly dangerous to EVERYONE!!

X-Christian Can't Wait!! on Sep 22, 2007


I can't wait to see this film in my town. Hope it comes out soon and nust at the "independent film" theaters. I love watching Bill Maher and can't get enough of him. One hour a week just isn't enough! Major Maher fan

Pam Brown on Sep 23, 2007


I also am counting the days until I can get my hands on this one. It's looking to be a fantastic bit of work. I hope they pull it off. It's going to take the movement that was begun by people like Dawkins and Hitchens to a much wider audience. How much more will religion be able to take before it dies. I don't think it's going to be a slow death. I think the rationalists will build more and more momentum until it reaches a critical mass and then, in a relatively short period of time, religion will just go 'pop' like the hollow balloon that it is. There will always be some remnance, mind you, maybe something along the lines of what astrology is today; a once-powerful superstition able to control the decisions Kings-- that most people don't take seriously anymore. Fingers crossed.

Wiggy on Sep 27, 2007


Definitely looking forward to this. It's carrying a pretty big message so def needs to be done well and I trust Maher to do it. If it's simply just going to make the religious right turn their head and say it's the work of the devil...then it's not going to be too effective.

Mark on Oct 8, 2007


Definitely looking forward to this. It's carrying a pretty big message so def needs to be done well and I trust Maher to do it. If it's simply just going to make the religious right turn their head and say it's the work of the devil...then it's not going to be too effective. oh yea and the post above from Wiggy is sweet....I hope you are right!

Mark on Oct 8, 2007


bill maher is raelian, he speack like raelian and im sure he is. you all will see in the movie

hagay on Feb 7, 2008


Could this evenually lead to the demise of religion? Is it more than satirical look at religions? I guess we will see. Wonder if there is going to be protest over this at threaters?

The Demise on Feb 19, 2008


This will certainly be an interesting project. I wonder if he will tackle the faith of atheism. The difficulty will be to take him seriously. After all, people excuse his unfathomable ignorance on the fact that “he is just a comedian.” I could see people committing the ad hominen based on the fact that even if religious faith is fallacious, if the alternative is to be like Maher then, “No thanks.” Let’s face it, he is certainly not the best, or even mediocre, example of anything that could even be imagined to be decent. He thinks that incestuous pedophilia is hilarious (, he rejoices when people such as Jerry Falwell dies (as did Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens:, etc., etc., etc. Maher has two difficult mountains to climb: he is a clown trying to make a serious point and he is sadly of very, very poor character even while trying to belittle others.

Mariano on Apr 6, 2008


Mariano, your statement that atheism is "faith" shows your ignorance of the plain meaning of the word. And not only do you demonstrate that you don't understand what an "ad hominem" attack is--you can't even spell it. It is by definition futile to attempt to reason with an unreasonable person, and "persons of faith" such as yourself have (again, by definition) cast aside reason. So I'm sure none of these facts will penetrate the thick fog of religion which clouds your thinking.

Paula M. on Apr 22, 2008


This movie sounds completely immature and disrespectful to those who choose religion. I won't go see a movie that satirizes religion.

Michelle on Apr 28, 2008


amen to that #11.

ni.Je on May 16, 2008


Wasn't this film suppose to be released last June? What is up with that? Is there an important religious holiday in the month of October, or is it just to add to the festive pagan custom of Halloween?

The Demise on May 28, 2008


Mariano Atheism is a "faith" like not collecting stamps is a hobby

Mark Kregel on May 30, 2008


And yet Michelle you will support a president who satirizes religion? I don't get it.

Jeff on Jun 9, 2008


In the trailer, Bill Maher is talking to Andrew Newberg in Grand Central Station. The trailer says Newberg is the author of the book WHY WE BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE and BORN TO BELIEVE, but he's a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania--the guy who does brain scans of nuns, buddhists, atheists, and pentecostals as they speak in tongues. I'm dying to know what his take is on all this religulous-ness. Anyone know anything about Newberg?

Mark on Jul 8, 2008


God is dead, why do we need church or Vatican ? Right ! Just fot fun!

ferkelbuch on Jul 13, 2008


I think BNill Maher is one of the few intelligent people on the TV . Why do people do bad things and hide behind religion . If they really beleive in religion why do they lie and cheat ? Just like our fearless leadre and all other politicians of the world . They kill and plundre in the name of religion . They recite the religious books and then do whatever they feel like . They give charity hoping that "God" will forgive them of their sins . Are they trying to bribe their God? All religions are the basis of Evil and corruption . People who are not afraid of god's wrath are the ones who listen to their minds . I wish I could find a few sane people like Bill Maher in tampa , Florida . I am sick of people who act holier than thou and then say they are religious . Does their religion not teach decency and humility.

Subiha on Aug 21, 2008


That movie was amazing. I was suffocating in the theater from my constant laughter. When Bill Maher goes into public places, he just asks questions and debates with an "open mind." This movie was genius. I am looking forward to buy it when it comes out on video.

LukeNess on Aug 22, 2008


I like Bill and I will be seeing this movie. But lately he's been a bit too rah-rah for the democratic party for my tastes. One of the reasons I've always liked him is because he normally seems to get it on the 2 parties. They both suck, they both are broken beyond repair, and neither of them have the solutions to the nation's problems. So to see him sucking DNC ass every once in a while is disheartening. And his live audience...they don't even get it when he mocks them as the trained seals they are! Despite that, the show is still very good and I expect this movie to be a riot.

Blutarski on Sep 23, 2008


Finally! ... a jumpstart into an intellectual debate about religion, it's fallacies and it's insistance of unearned respect. Someday, people will look at the religions of the world in the same way we look at the Greeks' Gods and their Mythology. It's okay to let it go. The only thing that will change if we let go of religion, is the fighting over who's is right and who's god is more powerful. People will still do kind things. It is the people within religions that do charity, not the religions themselves. We lose nothing in letting it go.

goobers on Sep 30, 2008


I like to see this Chicken on ghost hunter or most haunted.

Troy F on Oct 3, 2008


Serious students of religion will find this movie shallow with many/most interviewees cut off, ridiculed, edited out before they could complete their answers. A pause on a point of irrationality is used as termination without waiting for an answer. Considering that the movie involves a comic and the creator of Borat explains the juvenile approach. The trouble is that the unceasing negativity leaves the viewer with nothing or less than what they had. Naive people like goober (previous comment) believe that "It's okay to let it go. The ONLY thing that will change if we let go of religion, is the fighting over who's is right and who's god is more powerful." Any thoughtful person will reflect on the huge number of changes already made as the population slowly slips away from their church. It is politically correct to go along with such changes but a time will come when that pendulum will reverse. Try to imagine what will cause such a reaction. Still, since i had never seen inside the dome at Mecca or what speaking in tongues actually looked like, among other things, the show was worth the time taken. Finally, i wish to say that there are answers to the dilemma he poses that can return Bill and the rest of us to the foundation (not the frills) of his/ our faith. But you have to think about it.

canbyte on Jun 26, 2009

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