Brad Pitt Starring in Bullitt Remake?

July 6, 2007
Source: Monsters & Critics

BullittThis is one big rumor, but I'm intrigued by it enough to bring it to all of you. The movie website Monsters & Critics posted a scoop from an inside source that said Brad Pitt would be starring as Lt. Frank Bullitt in a remake of the 1968 classic Bullitt. The original film focused on the tough detective as he hunted down a hitman who killed his fellow officers.

The source claims that the project has been in development since 2003, but hasn't been greenlit by the studio until now, with no further details (including producers, writers, a studio or anything). There's not even a real establishment of the announcement, including how Pitt became involved in it, besides a flimsy statement.

"Brad shares a lot of the same passions as Steve McQueen - including a love of motorbikes and fast cars - so it was a dream role for him."

That's the only statement the source made, which leads us to believe it's a very flimsy rumor drummed up by some Brad Pitt fans. However, as always, we'll keep you updated on the official news.

Either way, I'd love to see a remake of Bullitt personally. Ever since I saw it a few years back and was vastly unimpressed by the so-called best car chase in film history or even the story itself, I'm sure a remake could bring out the better elements, like a rehash of the one-and-only Steve McQueen.

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FIRST! This would be awesome BTW!

HIX on Jul 6, 2007


And ooone moooore mooove like Tooom Cruuuise! the guy want to be Tom Cruise, not Mc Queen. Pitt's life evolve around Cruise,my God! professionnaly and personnaly, he does all the same!

eww on Jul 8, 2007


No. This would not be "awesome". It would not. No, no, no. Go back and watch all of Steve McQueen's movies and then watch all of Brad Pitt's and tell me who's the man. Sorry, not 'the man'. I mean, The Man. And lets not talk about how McQueen did a great deal of his own driving. Do you really think the studios are going to fork out the cash for Pitt to be insured to do his own driving? If they do, they're miserable idiots. No remake of 'Bullitt'. And enough with the f*&^%$#@ remakes. I mean, have we run out of every single idea in the known universe? -30-

Julian in San Antonio on Jul 12, 2007


In the span of 30 seconds, I was first excited about the thought of Pitt in a Bullitt remake and then totally against it. I agree with the above post, enough with the remakes. Try something original. BTW, Steve McQueen rules.

Tony on Jul 31, 2007


If you didn't like the original enough to actually want a remake, you're a moron. Bullitt, one of the best movies ever made. No matter who they used, remake would suck.

arg on Sep 23, 2007


I don't honestly see how anyone could even consider remaking a claasic such as Bullitt. For starters, Frank Bullitt was Steve McQueens greatest role hands down. Besides, could anyone picture Brad Pitt as the burnt-out detective Frank Bullitt? Pitt is a good actor I'll give him that, but this role needs an actor, not a movie star. Besides, remakes almost never top the originals. Lets just pray that Hollywood dosen't add too much extra flash to this movie. Bullitt dosen't need a lot of extra crap. I won't even start on the possible remake of the classic Bullitt chase scene. If they screw that up, there will be a lot of McQueen and Mustang fans out there who will be disapointed. So I say no Bullitt reamke. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake on Nov 24, 2007


How about a movie just called MUSCLE. A movie where the star actors car is a 1970 426 HEMI Plymouth Superbird. A non stop chase from start to end. The story hell i dont know.It just be cool to see some Mopar Muscle at the movies. As for a remake of Bullitt that would suck. I met a guy at a big mopar show that clames his black 68 Charger 440 RT is the one from the movie and told me he had the photos to prove it. ? The Charger from Bullet did miss but thay could not retake the seen

Dave Pomerleau on Dec 18, 2007


Really?! Can't Hollywood come up with new stories? Ripping off great films that starred great actors is cowardly. C'mon Brad...think up your own classic crime thriller!

Nancy on Apr 23, 2008


Unimpressed by the BULLITT car chase? It is hands down the best car chase sequence ever filmed, not like todays computer generated crap, hopefully, if they do remake it they'll film real drivers slamming real cars. Even if they do remake the chase, they'll never truly capture the rawness of the original. The original chase sequence has flaws, however, it is still perfect because it has all the right elements: A play to the death with two shady looking and psychotic hitmen with giant sized egos, up against a bad ass cop with a giant ego. Engaging in a bet-like car chase with a couple of crude and very, very bad assed American musclecars. The whole car chase is not only the best ever filmed, the musical score and plot are brilliant.

Jules on May 13, 2008


Oh yeah, Steve McQueen was as tough and ready as the car he drove in the movie. Brad Pitt might be able to pull it off but he better be able to get behind the $%#@*& wheel of a real car and drive the ^*#@ out of it! Because if he doesn't come close [which is the most we could expect really] to doing this movie like McQueen done it he'll just make a fool out of himself.

Jules on May 13, 2008


One more thing: Steve McQueen is, and always will be, Lt. Frank Bullitt.

Jules on May 13, 2008


i think they should recreate the chase scene but with the new ford shelby gt500 KR and the new charger RT same exact scene just new cars

vvelez5 on Aug 17, 2008


Recreate the chase scene with a highland green, unscripted '08 other words a souped up outlaw copy of the original '68 Mustang, not the dealer available Bullitt Mustang but an original 2008 Mustang hot rod. Then have the chase car be an SRT8 Charger.

jules on Aug 28, 2008


"vastly unimpressed by the so called best car chase in film history". Any true Bullitt fan would never utter those words. That chase was brilliant in its simplicity. Not a note of music was played during the actually chase. The smooth jazz set it up during the ballet dance through Frisco and once the Charger let lose and Bullitt went after more music. Also, it was the sixties...they didn't use special effects, and they shouldn't have. If there is a remake everyone will know there will be F/X up the wazoo including slo-mo camera shots of unrealistic hill hops and uncalled for car chases. Oh...and i almost forgot...Pitt, god forbid he is the one chosen for the role, will have stunt doubles, real-life and CG, to take his place for the "scary" parts. McQueen did that chase himself with no stunt doubles...that is cinema.

Ronald on Oct 18, 2008


no. i swear to god i am sick and tired of hollywood remaking movies. theyve turned magnificent seven into a remade series. every year its some remake of a great movie. bullitt is a great movie and steve mcqueen is in my opinion one of the best actors. why remake it? its a classic, hes a classic. steve made frank bullitt. and it should just be left how it is. hollywood needs to come up with some better ideas.

robbie on Jan 20, 2009


Anybody who thinks that a remake of Bullitt and to have Brad Pitt as Lt. Frank Bullitt is an idiot. And anyone who thinks that the car chase in Bullitt is unimpressive should be shot or doesn't know the background history of the car chase. A remake of this movie would be an insult to the movie industry and an insult to Steve McQueen. Hollywood will also butcher it by not actually film a car chase a 100 mph and do it at 20 mph and make choppy cuts so that the audience gets sick and doesn't know what the hell is going on. This is the dumbest fucking idea Hollywood could have.

James on Feb 6, 2009


UNIMPRESSED??????dude you just lost all credibility to any serious action movie fans about ever having a respectable opinion about any adtion movie ever again.

sean on Feb 21, 2009


this would be kickass because now there is a nicer sexier mustang, way better effects, and camera techniques and all that fun stuff.. remakes are alwasy good.. look at gone in 60 seconds.. the remake was ... umm how to explain... orgasmic..... so have some faith and all the people who say..." GUH GEH STOP MESSING WITH THE ORIGINAL, THE ORIGINAL IS THE BEST>..." stop being a stubborn ball sack with large grey pubes... ok .. bye

Mike on Mar 25, 2009


If there's gonna be a remake of this excellent movie, at least, it should be starred by a true tough guy, like Daniel Craig....

JQ on Apr 15, 2009


What's up with these remakes! You cannot reamake a classic. The only reason why there are remakes is because people cannot come up with new material because they are not talented. They should not tarnish Steve McQueen, well they are really tarnishing there own careers but are to dumb to realize that. The remake of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a joke also. Tom Cruise and John Travolta in that. You have got to be kidding me. I thought these actors had more class.

Justin on May 13, 2009


Hmm, why not, it could be filmed a little harder, to 2009 standards, might work. And it IS the greatest car scene of all time simply because it cannot be done anymore, but altough I like Pitt I would go for Daniel Graig as Bullitt for sure.

Jayski on May 26, 2009


The only reason this movie has remained a classic is because of the true car guys. Steve McQueen was a true car guy, and so was Bill Hickman - both of these guys knew how to wheel these classic muscle cars; they were drivers. This movie is also the ultimate tribute to Hollywood stuntmen, and to go all crazy with the computer effects would completely fuck up the idea of a remake. Mike, the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds had only two things HOT about it: Jolie and the 'stang - the entire movie sucked ass, jumping 300 feet through the air with a car and driver rolling away completely unscathed - what a fucking lousy cartoon? H.B. Halicki was a real driver, and the original Gone in 60 Seconds is a thrill ride. Give me a break, at least classic stunt sequences are honestly flawed - I'd rather watch a real driver pilot a car that loses 10 hubcaps. Piloting a bone stock '68 Charger R/T through San Francisco, on skinny bald bias-ply tires, rowing a big 4 speed stick, and over 375 horses under the hood, and traveling at about 100 mph - nobody can do that shit the way Bill Hickman did it.

jules on Jun 22, 2009


If the there is to be a remake of Bullitt, Steve McQueen, Bill Hickman, Cary Loftin and Loran Janes better be in it and then the project needs to be directed by Peter Yates. Not possible is it? Better forget about it then.

Paul Roberts on Jul 7, 2009


If they are going to do a remake who better than his son Chad Mcqueen.At least he is an accomplished race car driver.

barry w on Jun 4, 2010


In addition to my previous comment.A remake would not do justice to the original ."Bullitt"is an icon and should be left alone.Steve Mcqueen did do some of the driving but not all.He did not do the jumps down Taylor street.

barry w on Jun 4, 2010


I love Steve McQueen, Ive seen all of his movies. I think it would be cool to see a remake but I dont think anything can beat the original. But if I HAD to pick someone to play Steve I wouldnt mind seeing Brad Pitt do it.

yup on Feb 6, 2011


I thought you can do the remake with Melissa Etheridge and have motorcyle chase scene.

Trivfun on Jul 6, 2011

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