Worth Watching - May 31: The Brave One Trailer

May 31, 2007

The Brave One Trailer

Damn, Warner Brothers has got some really good films lined up post-summer - the other one being Michael Clayton with George Clooney. However this new trailer is one of the best trailers I've seen in a long time, even better than the Transformers one or We Own the Night - it's incredibly well put together and just builds up the intensity and explains just enough of the story to get you interested in seeing it. The editing is fantastic and the musical choices are amazing, too. The film itself looks incredible, and Jodie Foster with a short cut looks rather intriguing, too. This trailer is definitely worth watching - so make an effort to check it out!

Watch the first trailer for The Brave One here:

[flv:braveone.flv 600 254]

The Brave One is directed by Neil Jordan, the Oscar winning writer/director of The Crying Game as well as Breakfast on Pluto. The film is currently set to open on September 14th.

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You could not have explained that trailer any better. Great music, great editing, everything about it looks perfect. I'm definitely going to be seeing this.

Nick O. on Jun 1, 2007


The last years worth of WB trailers have been fantastic. This is no exception.

Ryan on Jun 1, 2007


That's look great, at least a film I can look forward to after the huge let down that the latest blockbuster movies have end up being... I am really loosing my faith in Hollywood/Big Cinema Studio writes...

kimba1970 on Jun 1, 2007

4 I love Jodie Foster, but the concept of that movie is a rip-off of the "New York Subway Vigilante", Bernie Goetz, who shot 4 muggers in a subway car who were trying to rob/assault him. That doesn't mean its not going to be a good movie, but its far from an original concept.

Andy on Jun 1, 2007


Wow, this looks great. I love the song at the end too. Good job Warner Brothers, racking up the intruiging movies.

Jeff Warner on Jun 1, 2007


It reminded me of Ms. 45.

Keko on Jun 1, 2007


Andy, since when did a movie have to be an original concept? The parallel is obvious and hardly needs to be pointed out. But then I suppose there is some cred in being able to point out where the idea might've come from. So... well done.

B on Jun 1, 2007


You people are so easily entertained. This is so heavy handed. You are probably the same folks who flocked to Crash. This is nothing more than another vehicle for Jodie to emote in. It looks like it would make a good movie of the week, but a feature film, come on. The music is good though thanks to Mogwai. Hollywood has used their music in the past (Miami Vice), it's just a shame it has to be in such an utter waste of celluloid. Does the guy that wrote this article work for Warner Brothers?

rube on Jun 1, 2007


this is just for mr. angry rube...any way why you look mad,crazy and angry with Foster, came down boy, have some relax... "Jodie has an unusual sense of humor and enjoys acting a little bit crazy or outlandish sometimes. Foster craves excitement and emotional freedom and she likes to break the rules and take risks. Anything new or untried appeals to Foster and she has little patience for restrictive customs. Jodie Foster is attracted to unusual, creative, or offbeat people and nontraditional lifestyles and relationships".

jalal.khawaldh on Jun 2, 2007


May I be the first to say... DEATH WISH. But it does look good.

Jerry on Jun 2, 2007


I love Jodie! Big time! "I want my dog." How could you not laugh at that line. I do share the same sentiment with a lot of people, I hope Jodie moves onto other genres which I believe she's doing in her upcoming films. Jodie has done this type of movie for years now.

Al on Jun 3, 2007


well, its looks a great moviecome for jodie foster and i can't wait to see it in september

kenechi on Jun 3, 2007


The music is the Scottish band Mogwai from the album Mr Beast, brilliant album.

Mathis on Jun 5, 2007


I know the writer! She happens to be my Aunt.

Cameron on Jun 7, 2007


i'd love jo.d. to do more comedies...she was so funny in maverick...

maite,from menorca on Jun 12, 2007


I love Jodie. She is the most beautiful woman in the world ( after my mother sure ). I love her ... JODIE IS THE BEST OF THE WORLD ... after flight plan, the brave one ... It's very very good !! =)

fanny on Jun 21, 2007


Great trailer, great typographic treatment.

gracerx on Jun 28, 2007


To "rube": Don't tell me I'M easily entertained. You're probably a bitter whore; this movie looks fantastic. Its trailer is beautifully edited with great music, its poster wonderful, and it has Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard going for it. Not to mention Neil Jordan.

Kayla on Jun 28, 2007


What is the song at the end of the trailer????

Dexterlicious on Jul 3, 2007


Watching this trailer gave me the feeling of watching a great thriller again, like Heat, maybe Jodie Foster is the new Al Pacino, lol

Thriller fan on Jul 5, 2007


Back in the eightieswe as women had to almost sneek into die hard movie, now its time to see a woman handel her rage in a very destructive way. Its an anology of change from meek to wilful and it may not be new but it will be recognized by women anywhere. Its the perfect project for Jodie

TJ Grace on Jul 7, 2007


"I want my dog back." Great. A dog-owner revenge fantasy. Maybe in her next movie Foster will play a tough-as-nails independent woman who murders her neighbor for complaining about her 150 cats. The whole movie could have been avoided if those stupid people had kept their stupid dog on a stupid leash.

telecom on Jul 8, 2007


telecom... you're... kidding, right? You think the film is about a woman seeking revenge for her dog? LMAO! I've heard it all now. Just so you know, it's about Foster struggling with her psyche as a vigilante after the attack and murder of her SPOUSE, and deliberating on whether or not to stop what she's so become. When the killers attacked the couple, they took Foster's dog. THEREFORE, she wants the damn thing back, who wouldn't...

Derek on Jul 17, 2007


mogwai- auto rock

bobby joe on Aug 3, 2007


Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Charles Bronson recast as a blond dyke who lost her hermaphrodite girlfriend? I'll go see it though.

Mojo on Sep 2, 2007


So, is her dog taken, or killed? I can't stand animal violence and I don't care about the damn leash law. I figure the dog gets killed and she can't REALLy get it back, so she is being sarcastic in the trailer and just blows the dudes away. Which is it?

Val on Sep 13, 2007


who was the artist of the song when they were dancing and making love in the beginning scene and at the end of the show---wonderful music!

Leslie on Sep 16, 2007


Leslie, it's Sarah McLachlan's 'Answer.'

Derek on Sep 16, 2007


Alright, so I figured this trailer would be just like all the rest I've seen on TV for this ver ysame movie. So I wasn't expecting anything different. Thing is, it actually WAS different, and it was better. I guess this is the trailer they were using for the theatre previews and not for TV. I wish they were using this on TV, though, because it's the best trailer for the movie that I've seen.

Diva380 on Sep 17, 2007

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