Brief God of War Movie Updates

March 13, 2007

God of War 2

Just in time for the highly anticipated video game God of War 2 to hit shelves today, game creator David Gaffe spoke briefly about the film adaptation in an Entertainment Weekly interview. Like a lot of big adaptation projects as of recent, it's moving along slowly but surely, with the latest being a nearly completed script.

In the interview, Gaffe's answer was short and sweet, right to the point.

There's a really good script written by David Self, who wrote Thirteen Days for Kevin Costner. I keep expecting them to call me and say it's dead, but my fingers are crossed. We'll be sending the script out to a huge-name director.

He also was asked about what actor would be his idol choice to play Kratos, the main character in the game, and without hesitation Gaffe answered Djimon Hounsou. You can read the full interview with Gaffe on, with the last few questions being about the movie. Although I'm not a fan of the game myself, I do understand that just like Prince of Persia, it could be converted into a pretty incredible adaptation. Let's hope it actually gets made and doesn't die in pre-production hell!

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I would prefer Vince Diesel or somebody to play Kratos...

Robert on Mar 13, 2007


That's exactly who I thought of too when I was first reading that he had someone in mind for Kratos...

Alex Billington on Mar 13, 2007


that is crazy, Djimon Hounsou, is perfect, i could also see Terry Crews(the diesed guy in White Chicks) playing Kratos that would be better cuz he has the voice as for Djimon he has an azzent, so if they use him they'll need to dub the voice

Daniel on Mar 20, 2007


I think Bobby Lashley from WWE would be 10 times better than any other actor. Bobby Lashley looks exactly like him, Djimon isn't buff enough.

Damon Odom on Mar 23, 2007


i think who ever it was that played the kind in 300 (i forget his name) should play kratos

nick on Mar 25, 2007


I think that crazy ass guy from saw 2 should play kratos Djimon i admit has the face for it but not the body. Kratos needs to be extremely riped like the rock but with far better acting skills!

Shawn on Mar 26, 2007


Nathan Jones will be the perfect character. He is the gentlemen that lost the in opening fight against Brad Pitt in Troy.

Luis on Apr 13, 2007


i think it would be OK if they put Billy Zane,djimon hounsou ,or the guy from 300 to play the role of kratos

kratos on Apr 17, 2007


do you think that brad pitt would make a good kratos ?

kratos on Apr 19, 2007


k vin desiel should play kratos Hands down.. and i bet if he was asked to play the part. he will do a great job.. but yah GOD OF WAR 3 should be a ps2/ps3 platform game. i dont own a ps3 and not to many people do.

harpe on Apr 24, 2007


Hey what bout that dude who played Dracula in Blade Trinity. His name is like Dominic Purcell or something. Take a look at him and compare him to Kratos. Identical? I think so. . . .

Miller on Apr 27, 2007


Nathan Jones would own Vin Desiel as a pose to looking like Kratos. He has the face and the body for it. Vin has a soft face, not that scary, but Nathan can pull it off. You have to remember that Kratos is lead by his anger, and Nathan Jones could very well show it off when playing as Kratos.

Solid Snake on May 4, 2007


I just can not see Djimin playing kratos I mean think about it, do you really picture a guy like him playing the " GOD OF WAR". I think that vin desiel would be a perfect guy for the job. Who ever does get it has to be ripped as hell and mean as hell so there you go Todd

Todd on May 8, 2007


Vin Desiel is perfect for the role and who every they get will get in shape for the role. Djimin would be terrible for the part if he gets it i probably wouldn't even bother seeing it tell it came out on dvd.

Ace on May 14, 2007


i think that leonidas from 300 should play kratos, he has all the aspects of a spartan character, he also looks a lot like kratos

Alban on May 26, 2007


i don't think djimon is the best choice. He's a great actor but how are they going to sell a black actor as a greek character? Vin Diesel is a good choice and gerard butler even better.

sid on May 29, 2007


I've given this a lot of thought about who should play kratos in the movie and i've found a nobody in the acting world but he is absolute best person he has the look, the build and the whole package everyone needs to take a look at the TNA wrestler TOMKO. this guy would be perfect.

lunicidal on May 31, 2007


i agree with the ppl who are saying gerard butler i think he looks alot like him and hes built perfictly it think. but some wrestlers woudl probly also be a good choice like that tomko guy but eventho they look like him can any of them act any good???? we already know from gerard butler can act

nick on Jun 6, 2007


Djimon can play Kratos the just have to put him on make-up(really white make-up) but Vin Diesel or lionidus(300) should play kratos. Their big enough and really good actors Pucell iz ok but psshh......Wesley snipes could do that just use make-up(hes big enoughand a good actor)

GoW freak on Jun 7, 2007


if they put vin diesel or the rock as kratos thats going to be real gay they are good actors but i cant take them srsly at all

nickmoses on Jun 8, 2007


Its gotta be Stone Cold Steve Austin He has the perfect build and personality to be THE God of War

willy on Jun 10, 2007


stone cold's gut is to big for the part lol Vin Diesel looks just like him and he has that dark voice that sounds alot like kratos

ace on Jun 11, 2007


if they use vin diesel or the rock its going to ruin the whole movie cuz like no one can take them that serius i mean could u picture diesel or the rock playing the lead roll in 300?? no you cant at all

nickmoses on Jun 12, 2007


i agree completely on the fact that the rock should not be acting but 300 and god of war are to totaly differnt types of greek movies god of war is going to have a large amount of mythical creatures and tone to it. i could see diesil doing god of war but not 300. think of it like pitch black but with lots more gore he was bad ass in pitch black and as far as riddick went he did good in it its just the story and writing sucked but he still portaied a badd ass well. p.s. the rock should stick to wrestleing

Ace on Jun 13, 2007



MARKO M. on Jun 13, 2007


the guy from 300 who played leonidas would be a good aries. i think

Ace on Jun 13, 2007


I think wwe superstar batista should play kratos,he is part greek and has the body to play kratos.Bobby lashley is a good fit for kratos as well.

Bopp on Jun 14, 2007


the problem wit hcasting a wrestler is they usely aren't the best at acting yes they have the look but a look only makes a character so good u gotta be able to play the part to.

Ace on Jun 18, 2007


Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) from 300 should play Kratos, he is very aggressive and also his role will be perfect in God of War as Kratos.

Charles on Jun 21, 2007


he would be a better Aries.

Ace on Jun 22, 2007


Even Goldberg formerly from WWE is a better choice than Djimou although he can't really act.

The Dude on Jun 26, 2007


I agree how u going to sell a black actor to play a pale white greek its just to much of an oppiste

Ace on Jun 27, 2007



DonkeyPunch69 on Jul 2, 2007


the brother in [prison break] i mean the one who is going to be exicuted is a good choice to play the role of kratos.

true arabian on Jul 13, 2007


I never actually thought about him but he would

Ace on Jul 16, 2007


the whole thing is is that everyone is caught up on the acting issue bottom line kratos doesnt require a wide range of acting skill. he's a stone cold full of rage killer. he doesnt cry, feel remorse or any of that shit. so putting up the argument that you need a serious actor is kind of a mute point. you just need someone to look the part, have the voice, say the lines, and pull off the physical side of the role the rest will come together. wrestling is acting to a degree. Tomko could be coached through it like many other now big name stars that never took an acting class in there lives. TOMKO still the best choice.

lunicidal on Jul 16, 2007


has anything on this move like been updated at all??

nick on Jul 25, 2007


If we consider the origins of the game, its is obvious that greeks were not black. Granted, Kratos is going to be painted white, but an African American doesn't have the correct facial structure to play kratos. There are a myriad of possibilities for the role, but I think it will come down to cost. Vin Diesel will be more expensive than the guy from Blade Trinity (Purcell?), and who knows if Jones can act. It will be a great action flick for sure, but the critics will pan it if the acting sucks.

jordan on Jul 29, 2007


Bobby Lashley and Djimon Hounsou are aweful choices, they are both black. Greeks are not black and Kratos is a Spartan. Has anyone read about the Spartans? They did not intermix with other Greeks often and they totally were xenophobic of people who were not Greek. Plus Hounsou has African features, Kratos has Caucasian features. They totally do not look anything alike.

Ron on Aug 14, 2007


I would of love to see Vin Diesel playing as Kratos too. He has muscular arms and he even looks like him. (JUST A LITTLE BIT!!!!!!!!!!") He has a little bit of experince from the Chronicles of Riddick!

SmartgamerX on Aug 15, 2007


One big question here is - Why would David Gaffe, the creator of God of War, so readily envision a black actor portraying Kratos in a movie adaptation of his game? He knows that Spartans were Greek and, therefore, white by all accounts and yet his first choice for the lead would be Djimon Hounsou, a great actor, who's anything but...I have to concede that he must see something in this guy that nobody sees right now since we are all caught up in issues of ethnicity, accents etc...or maybe he's just another geek looking to stir things up a little...ok, a lot. [please read on.] The truth is that since the game is undeniably linked with Sparta of ancient Greece, many [white] fans will never accept such a radical transformation of a Spartan [albeit a fictional one]. He should have steered clear of Greece/Greek Mythology and created an ambiguous diverse society loosely based on Sparta if he had ideas of eventually porting the game to the big screen. Doing so would have allowed him to pick anyone for the lead role with less resistance from the harsher fans who aren't necessarily being racist for insisting on a white lead actor and other principal characters - he made it way too specific and now fans are holding him to it. To turn things around with comic book examples, I think it would be equally unconvincing and disappointing to the diverse and loyal fans if the Marvel character, Blade, was played by a white actor [which almost happened] in the movie adaptation or if Charlize Theron was cast for the role of Storm in the X-men trilogy. These are [fictional] black African characters and surely [black] fans would have been more than disappointed if the casting deviated too far from that. Some characters are ethnically flexible while some are not. I think David Gaffe sincerely [and naively] expects fans to get past the contradiction of his original character and accept Djimon Hounsou as Kratos and only offers that the fans should look past the fact that Spartans were Greeks, and, therefore,...white! That's asking for too much...we just don't live in that kind of world and I expect that this movie will die if he holds his ground concerning his first, and thus far it seems, only choice for the lead role assuming he insisted on a clause in the contract tying the lead role in with with the transfer of rights. If [and it's a big IF] this movie gets made and Djimon Hounsou is the lead, I'll still pay full price to watch it at the local multiplex [IF it's not a straight to video], and twice if it's really good and then render my judgment based on how well the story is told and not how closely the lead actor resembles the original character. It's just entertainment and I'm more than capable of looking past such a technicality. I loved the Spartan epic 300 not because they spoke Greek and I had to read subtitles [nope], or they had the proper armor [they didn't] and but because it was a kick ass movie and not a history lesson or documentary. Frank Miller et al took liberties and I was glad that they did. Still, I don't think that the investors in this project will be willing to bet their bottom dollar that the current favorite lead actor will carry the movie into box office heaven which is what really matters in the end. Vin Diesel - The Rock - Tomko - Gerard Butler and Dominic Purcell [I don't like him too much] are at this point the fan favorites... wait...wait...don't attack me yet...I don't watch wrestling so I can't add any of the other wrestlers-turned-actors who supposedly look the part and could possibly deliver Kratos to the big screen. It's quite interesting that we have a black guy, a whole bunch of white guys and a couple of not-so-black-not-so-white guys [unofficially] in contention for this epic role. May the best man, Spartan-esque or not, do us the honor of breathing life into Kratos!

possiblypleonastic on Aug 19, 2007


I think Bas Rutten would make the best Kratos. He looks the par tand is a better actor than most.

Guy Peterson on Sep 8, 2007


ne the best dahm actor would be vin diesel he a dahm good actor for kratos. he looks like his photo and what the hell hounsou is hounsou look like i mean hes black NOT BIENG RACIST but i mean kratos is a greeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! for gods sake he got white skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace

Kratos on Sep 27, 2007


Ok there are a couple things that need to be brought up to squash the debate about hounsou. OK first of all kratos was origanly a black guy then they changed him to greek. second look at his facial features he looks like an albino black guy. third has everyone forgot about the fact that kratos is covered in WHITE ASH from his dead family hello has anyone played this game. Now I think Hounsou, Vin deisel, and that Nathan jones dude are all awesome choice's if i could pick it would be Hounsou's face Vin's voice and nathan body and that would be kratos as long as you remeber the damn ashs

biscuit on Oct 5, 2007


For the record, they didn't 'change' Kratos to GREEK, he was originally GREEK cause guess what THE WHOLE DAMN STORY IS BASED UPON GREEK MYTHOLOGY! Meaning the character was always 'white'.

Not Again on Oct 18, 2007


Do a little research and youll find that kratos was origanlly a black guy with dread locks they created the story around him first he was black then they changed him and made the story about greek mythology

biscuit on Oct 23, 2007


As long as everyone seems to be considering people who can't act whatsoever.. Why don't we throw out there Keith "The Dean of Mean" Jardine Talk about born for a role.

Paul E. Tick on Oct 23, 2007


Ok, as for Djimon Hounsou, accents can be learned, and if anyone actually played the game then they would realise that Kratos is "covered in the ashes of his dead family". Therefore an actor with any skin tone can play kratos as the selected actor will have to wear full body make-up, regardless if they're black or white. Anyone who doubts that Djimon Hounsou has the ability to play Kratos in a movie has most likely not seen him in "Blood Diamond" when he kills the guard that has taken his son. Watch that and you will know why David Jaffe chose him. Another suberb actor that would suit the roll beautifully is Gerard Butler. The man who starred in the epic movie "300". Keep in mind that David Jaffe is the man behind God of War. he made the games, and they are great. Now he's choice is Djimon Hounsou.

James on Oct 25, 2007


from what ive seen Djimon is the best guy for GOW hes perfect just his nose is a bit to wide but he will still beat anyone else and come on dudes stop bein so racist hes gonna be in full body makeup anyway he will make the movie great and dont worry about his accent kratos spends a lot of time killing and when he talks well thats what hollywood magic is for.

martin on Oct 28, 2007


vin diesel without a doubt should be kratos have any of you even play the series the guy from blood diamond that's ridiculous kratos isn't even black i know the character will be covered in white ashes but no vin diesel is the obvious choice

mc on Oct 31, 2007


No one has mentioned it but I know he is getting better at acting and he would be perfect for the part, he really looks kinda like Kratos! (Bill Goldberg) Need I say more? just pull a pic up of kratos and compare it to Bill Goldberg and just image the face tattoo and the chains wrapped around those wirst, the guy would fu**ing destroy any other actor they could find !!!!

Drew Atkins on Oct 31, 2007


Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Mine is: "I hope to the heavenly Lord All-mighty that the creators of this movie do not choose a cheap alternative to a real actor. Like a wrestler." It just would not do the games justice. The man chosen to play Kratos has to be able to act. (That's why they are called 'actors' guys) It doesn't matter if the guy doesn't look like Kratos because, guess what, no-one looks just like Kratos, and no-one is going to watch nearly two hours of of bad acting even of they love the God of War series.

James on Nov 2, 2007


well you see here is the thing the actor is the most important thing being black,white or whatever ..i think they should just be able to pull off all of the anger that kratos has .but i think that Diesel would be a great Kratos.

social pariah on Nov 2, 2007


Vin Diesel I don't think could play the game they make Kratos look big and tough....if you ever read a biography...Vin Diesel in real life isn't as tall as what you would imagine. Also....Kratos was a GREEK SPARTAN... djimon hounsou is a great candidate for the part whether he is black or not...he has the face...and he can GET the body..or they can digitally enhance his body....this is hollywood we're talkin about the majority of the movie...who ever plays Kratos will be painted up in greyish white / red body it won't actually MATTER the color of the skin underneath!

Amy on Nov 9, 2007


Nathan Jones would be the perfect Kratos

me on Nov 10, 2007


i think nathan jones is gud for the role''but what i would like to suggest is cast people shuld go for a new(face) person whose is as gud as all the ppl mention above'''also he shuld know how to act cause that is more important than anything cause kratos is such magnefecient'' character that its hard to play''' we need 1) Similar face as kratos 2) Body structure like kratos 3) Voice like kratos 4) Rageing eyes like kratos 5) Acting like kratos 6) Strong personality like kratos 7) Gud director who can frame kratos life 8) Script writer have to be gud enough to potray kratos life '''very important'''after all you are talking about greek methology. 9) Gud producer (whose gonna be very lucky cause this movie is gonna do awsome on the cinema. 10) and a lot of support from people i wish best of luck to all the people who is going to create a magneficient movie thanks Chris

Christopher Massey on Nov 12, 2007


im a great fan of both the games ......... i surelly belive vin diesel looks and can act the part...... he's got the body and looks for it .... and he's a decent actor... so i wish the david gaffe consider him..........

leo on Nov 13, 2007


Look, I am Greek I'm from Rhodes Greece and without a doubt i know that no pretty boy white actor or wrestler will be able to play the role of Kratos except for Djimon. The guy isnt the biggest or most ripped actor to play the part but hes a hell of a better actor than anyone else being considered for the role, besides hollywood trainers have made guys get freakin huge and ripped for movies, just look at Gerard Butler from 300 (leonidas). To me the movie will be a joke if they just pick a person that only looks the part.

Dimitrie on Nov 30, 2007


most of you guys are thick. Djimon Hounsou should play the role. i will tell you why. vin diesel cant act for shit, he is a shit actor. i swear i will NEVER watch the movie god of war if he acts in it as cratos. The rock is a better actor that vin diesel, but this role of cratos should not be the rock he is too tall, and he's not the right person for that role, trust me. anyway i think Djimon Hounsou is the right actor, he is perfect, even the face is good and hes a brilliant actor. But obviously they gonna have to make him look grey and red, and once they do that trust me when u lot see Djimon Hounsou with the make up on he will look like cratos, Djimon Hounsou may have to go to the gym a little bit to get a tiny bit bigger, but i think thats not a problem. Djimon Hounsou is the perfect and the right actor, hes the whole package.

kaiser on Nov 30, 2007


just take a look at these pictures CHECK THIS PICTURE, HES PERFECT Now just imagine Djimon Hounsou with the red stripe and the grey ash (with all the make up) he will look perfect. he got the body and the face, all of u who think he doesnt dont know shit all about actors and looks.

kaiser 2 on Nov 30, 2007


For those who haven't purchased God of War 2, the extra disk that comes with the game is a special features disk. On that disk, there are interviews with all the voice actors for the game and the voice of Kratos was played by an African American man; TC Carson. Anyone who hasn't seen a cartoon or CG movie created within the past ten years doesn't know that all the drawn characters in those movies are drawn to look like the voice actor portraying them. It gives the character that familiar feeling. That's why Kratos has similar features to TC Carson and why Djimon Hounsou would be a excellent choice for Kratos. Blood Diamond, Gladiator, need I say more?

Josh on Dec 3, 2007


GERARD BUTLER/LEONIDAS from 300 should definetly play that main character role, no doubt

mikot on Dec 4, 2007


the actor cant be a white guy because originally he was black and after he killed his wife and child he covered himself with there ashes so this djmon guy would be good if he didnt have the acccent

volpe on Dec 6, 2007


I think my 89 years old grandpa can performe kratos

tucan on Dec 8, 2007


i think the guy that played golberg in wcw should b the actor. he is buff and has the same voice. he is also a great actor and would definatly fit the part. his face is perfect. all the other ppl who said djmon or otherr ppl have the wrong chin and facial expression. also, vin diesal is known to b in a movie but not return for a sequal, if the make 3 movies like they r makin 3 games, well hav to get a different actor and it would look bad.

i luv Sparta on Dec 8, 2007


vin diesel has everythinmg you need to play the role of Kratos, this black guy people are talking about doesnt even have the right face eg. nose, lips chin and so on.

chris on Dec 31, 2007


no damn black person can play Kratos. Greeks are white not black. either vin Disel or Gerard Butler. Djimon can't be Kratos. and anyone who has played the games knows that greeks are white not black. how the hell u gonna get red tats to show up on a black man. it ain't gonna happen. Djimon plays this movie he'll fuck up the whole movie. and yes the rock and disel can act. ya'll just jealous that u aint that hot and could act your way out of a wet paper bag.

pitbabe21 on Dec 31, 2007


I think that if God of War wants to be a sick movie, they will have to do it before all of the hype of the game is gone. God of War is one of the greatest games, but doesn't mean it always will be. The script has been done for a very long time and they need to get a move on. I think if they want to make it the best movie possible...they should do it like how Beowulf was done where it was all computer animated. Beowulf looked so REAL and there were parts where it was hard to believe it wasn't actually people! If God of War is done like a regular action movie, Kratos won't be able to do half of the cool shit he could do if it was computer animated. And people would obviously STILL go to see it. Lets face human in a movie can do what computer can.

Amy on Jan 1, 2008


1. Someone said that kratos resembles TC Carson, his voice actor. That someone is blind. 2. Someone said that kratos was black before he got covered in ash for killing his family. That someone is blind AND retarded. 3. Djimon Hounsou is a fantastic actor and will probably look great once buffed up and covered in makeup, HOWEVER: there's still the problem of his VERY THICK AFRICAN ACCENT which he's had in every movie he's ever been in and this makes me doubt his ability to lose said accent. 4. The God of War game had a lot of flashback scenes showing kratos prior to his enslavement to Ares and the being covered in ashes bit. If they plan to do this in the movie then there will be no way to around the ethnicity issue. 5. Vin Diesel can't act but he at least has the look and the voice. The better choice is Gerard Butler, that is if he doesn't mind being pigeonholed. GERARD BUTLER FOR KRATOS!!!!

chica on Jan 4, 2008


All right people the wait is over well that's what i think''i have searched it a lot ''finally i founded the right guy to play the role of kratos check the following link he's a wrestler in tna'''used to be in wwe'''etc''' he just need to bulk up bit more''' Thanks Christopher

chris on Jan 4, 2008


WTF?!?!? Kratos is not a black guy. He is a white European SPARTAN, not an African black person. Djimon Hounsou would be one of the worst casting choice for Kratos based on the fact the character Kratos is not a black guy.

Jeekel on Jan 25, 2008


Hello! I played god of war 1 & 2 many times.Obviousely GOW is not a drama OR theator kinda stuff it is totally action concept so we are not forcing to see any thing related to acting but we need face matches & action experiances first.I'm a manual & digital artist so my views are better then any normal viewers, as far as I concerned the best fit faces for GOW would be as follows. 1: Vin Diesel (The Riddick) Best Fitted By Voice, Face & Action Experiences. 2: Franky G (From SAW 2) Best Fitted For GOW as Face, Voice, Acting & Action. 3: Goldberg (WWE) Best Fitted For GOW as Face, Voice. 4: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock WWE) Best Fitted For GOW As Body Type, Acting, Voice & Action. Kindly force to cast these actors for GOW otherwise everyone is just wasting there time for making such a great movie.Please don't let that GOW name stupid by casting stupid faces like Djimon Hounsou. Immo0~ Visual Manual/Digital Artist & Creator Thanks

Immo0~ on Jan 31, 2008


I agree with Christopher Massey in his 57th post in which he mentioned Nathan Jones Nathan Jones Image :

King IK on Jan 31, 2008


Nathan Jones would make a kick ass Kratos!!

Jeekel on Feb 8, 2008


Come on guys, Vin Desiel is one of the greatest movie bad asses that can be mentioned, he has no hair thats enoug said, the rest can just be make up. Needs to fit the look as well as just be able to act. Only thing i can think of that might be an issue is the vocal comparison.

Darkone3 on Feb 26, 2008


Bill Goldberg! he would make a great spartan! kratos needs 2 be a blood thirsty character.

Jak on Feb 29, 2008


y r people so much against djimone and balck actors playing kratos? i mean i get it kratos is in the game a greek and white but there is something called make up plus his voice over is done by a black guy, forgett his name though

as on Mar 4, 2008


vin diesal should play the part he has the look and attitude for it plus the deep voice...

tommy on Mar 17, 2008


Maybe this has already been said since I didn't feel like reading all the comments. How about making it Beowulf-esque with computer animation or like the Chains of Olympus commercial...pretty good animation. That way, Kratos keeps his game looks and voice that everyone seems to be satisfied with. Still, live acting [with just enough CGI] is the preferred movie presentation for me with the right performers. @ 78 - The voice actor in the game is TC Carson. The last time I saw him in a movie it was Final Destination II. I sincerely don't care who leads the cast as long as he can channel Kratos' rage and it's a kick ass movie. I'm in it more for the entertainment rather than a history lesson. I guess Kratos is just too cool a character and everyone wants a piece of him. IMO, some roles are not truly universal and since the story is set in ancient Greece [with all the trimmings], it only makes sense that Krato's should [ideally] be a white guy or at least a whit-ish guy but we are talking about Hollywood here - anything is possible. If the movie gets made and the lead is a black guy i.e. Hounsou, they only need make up a really, really convincing explanation which will be fine by me. It's JUST PURE ENTERTAINMENT people - It's not that serious! 🙂

possiblypleonastic on Mar 18, 2008


Dominic Purcell all the way. check out the article and the pics in it they look the same.

David on Mar 26, 2008


i think that he would make an alright kratos but i think Vince Diesel would have fit the role more were he is such an awsom action person.

tim gregory on Mar 28, 2008


Looking at some of you guys choices for Kratos... Vin, Goldberg, Purcell, Brad Pitt (which I find holarious) Nathan Jones and a few others... I gotta disagree. Why do you think the game creator and writers didn't hesitate to choose Djimon Hounsou (a black man)? Beacuse KRATOS ORIGNIALLY HAD DARK SKIN!!! And he is NOT a 6"4' 270 lbs white guy. Kratos is ripped, not bulky. The guy is a great actor, but most of you wouldn't know that. 2 time academy award nominated for Best Actor. The guys got skills. It doesn't matter what any of you guys say. They're going wit who they want to go with. I persoanlly agree with whatever they do. as long as it ISN'T Vin Diesel. lol

Dale on Apr 3, 2008


I don't think Djimon Hounsou would match anything like Kratos. First of all, to attract the audiences for the movie, the director have to convince the audiences that the human Kratos is very similar in appearance to the animated kratos. Then matching the voice for Kratos is a simple thing for the movie makers. According to my judgement for appearance, a wrestler named William Goldberg would be a perfect match for Kratos. Another man can be a similar match for Kratos is, Ron Perlman in Hellboy.

Jack on Apr 3, 2008


here is my honest opinion. I think the people who originally put their heads together to create the game should team up with a movie production company and do the whole thing in C.G. like they did with beowolf and final fantasy it is cheaper this way with out having to pay some some sorry actors that probably never even played the game till they were offered the role. Not only this but we get the same face we all know and recognize and the voice from the same actor that played Kratos in GOW.

blackice on Apr 5, 2008


Vin.D or that big dude that went crazy with the axe on SAW 2. They both got the face, body, bad ass attitude, and ofcourse not to forget solid acting skills. They were made for this, Nathan.J...he should be Kratos enemy from the first game that almost wooped Kratos ass.

GOW FAN on Apr 5, 2008


oh yea...who was it that does the voice for kratos in the game

GOW FAN on Apr 5, 2008


i dont really care who gets to play kratos, as long as the storyline is good and as long as its action packed like the game itself. i've seen alot of disappointment when games come into the big screen. resident evil, tomb raider, streetfighter, mortal kombat, doom, just to name a few, imo, were all disappointing, the storyline is a bit off and not as action packed as should be. but if it's a kratos we're looking for, then i'll have to say dominic purcell from "prison break"..he has the kratos cheekbone, 'corse he'll need to hit the gym but he'll make a good kratos.

olympus on Apr 15, 2008


1. Dominic Purcell 2. Bill Goldberg only real choices. google them and you'll see why.

7 on Apr 17, 2008


Best choices : First person to pop into my mind was actually Batista from wwe however, we need to remember the guy has got to act the role and noone knows if he can act. From that point Dominic purcell is a good choice great actor good physique and has the look. Vin diesel would also be an excellent choice for the role he is an established actor with the right look as well. Nathan Jones is not really an option.. Ya he has the look down but if ou ever heard the guy do a mic interview. NOT AN ACTOR or speaker thus his role in Troy. And there is always Jason Stathom

tklear on Apr 23, 2008


Adding to what I said earlier I also thought about the action sequences that would be required to make this movie what the game is ...Jason Statham would be an excellent choice have him bulk up a bit and the man is incredibley talented actor and does his own stunts which adds to the realism of the movie. The accent would be his largest downfall. He's also very adept at weilding weapons as we have sen in his last ...well most of his movies. By the way , I sent off an email to Bill Goldberg for those of you who also thought he'd be good... I told him of the upcoming movie concept and that he would be a good choice to see if he was interested. I 'll post his reponse here when / if I get it.

tklear on Apr 23, 2008


I'm not trying to be offencive or anything, but shouldnt the ghost of sparta be white? =S

Alex on Apr 27, 2008


Hey michael clark dunkan could play kratos! Or nathan jones would be perfect

Matt on May 4, 2008


This guy is perfect for it ... Before Kratos's skin goes white/gray hes quite dark ... Unless Kratos (before he becomes Ares bum boy lol) Spent to many hours in the Tanning salon, then Kratos is black. Does no-one remember the cutscene where he yells out to Ares to help him before hes killed by the Barbarian King??? If you can what skin colour was he then? Certainly wasnt white. Maybe theres more to Kratos than there was givin to us in the games Goldberg as kratos? You kidding me? Does no-one remember Universal Soldier 2? ...Lame-o Michael Clark Duncan? No ... He can be Atlas or one of those Titans - He can be Gaia for all i care lol Dwayne Johnson? is this a joke? This guy has only had one great role and it was being The Rock. Wrestlers carrying the main role in a Epic movie should never happen. eg, Scorpion King (Honestly, that movie sucked so much balls.) But i can see why its hard to find Kratos black ... Spartan + Greek = White ... Unless there were black greeks back in those days? Domnic Purcell? - I cant take him seriously after seeing Blade 3 Vin Dieseal - He looks the part, but thats about it ... Not sure if hes changed his mind about making sequels but last i heard he doesnt do them. Seeing GOW is a game with sequels. Then there would be sequels made as well. Oh and that Hellboy guy, Pearl something... LMFAO!!! Next thing you know someone will say Jet Li should be Zeus lol.

Caharrk on May 17, 2008


DJIMON is the only one actor that can pull this off without a doubt, hes got everything, if not that buff in certain peoples views, he can start right now. i cannot see VIN DIESEL playing KRATOS i simply cant, the guy cant even run properly and his voice is out of the picture and he can never portry KRATOS emotions as it was portryed in the game. for such intense emotions you need a very experienced actor and that has the rest of the package. ggooo DJIMON.

luigi on Jun 2, 2008


u guys are stupid..... BRUCE WILLIS

bObthebuilder on Jun 15, 2008


Vin diesel would be the great choice to be kratos. Gad denget!!!

Marvin on Jun 20, 2008


For me it has to be Dominic Purcell. He has that mean and moody side to his personality that would lend itself perfectly to Kratos. I think it is a waste of time to even think of these washed up ex wrestlers who would only over act the part to the point of making it laughably rubbish. Tyson Tomko is the only choice in wrestling circles as he isn't an established household name and youth is on his side. Plus his look and presence are amazing. Vin Diesel is too soft for my liking his face and voice are emotionless. In the right hands this project could be monumental, in the wrong hands this will be a straight to DVD bargain bin filler.

Shu Manflu on Jun 24, 2008


Djimon Housou is perfect for the role. He has that epic quality about him; he just fits the "epic" roles. "...but wait Kratos isn't black, he's white" For all who feel this way, keep this in mind. For starters, his skin is white because of the ashes from his dead family. Second, early designs of Kratos feature him as a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks. Next, Kratos himself had dark skin, even more so in GoW2, before the Oracle in the first game, who is a black woman obviously if you've played the game, cursed him. Also, for this film, the creator...C-R-E-A-T-O-R of the character chose a black actor to portray the character over a white actor, one who actually played a Spartan in the film 300. Lastly, people it's a FICTIONAL character set in FICTIONAL Greece. It's not based off an actual Greek warrior. How can people make statements like, "Greeks weren't black, so Kratos can't be black", when in both God of War 1 & 2, you see several black characters from oracles to sirens? Why accept the two Oracles in the first God of War title as being black women, but oppose the title character as being anything but a black man?

kratosisablackman on Jul 16, 2008


as much as i would hate to admit it....playing this part would make Vin Diesel's career and more money....if this guy who they recommended was to play it....people won't react to it as much...which means another crappy game movie without the best actor to portray them. Vin Diesel is the best choice or make another movie flop that was based off a game.

erika on Aug 20, 2008


So you'd rather have a lighter-skinned black man over a darker-skinned one, huh? You say people won't react to him, why? You do know that he's an Academy Award Nominated actor who's played in numerous blockbusters. Sure he was born in Africa, but he grew up in France. His so-called "African accent" someone mentioned might actually be a "French accent". And speaking of accents, I don't remember seeing anyone having a problem with Gerard Butler having a thick Irish accent when he played the Spartan Leonidas in 300, or when Russell Crowe, who has a thick Australian accent, played a Spaniard in Gladiator. Even more, you people talk about getting an actor who looks like the character, well I'm sorry to inform you people but the only person who has the physical features of Kratos is a black man. The high-cheekbones, broad nose, full lips are all associated with black people. You people truly hate the idea of a great character being a black man. Hell you people still make comments about him not looking black, well let's be honest, he doesn't look Greek either. In all fairness, I'd say he's a multiracial character because he looks black, white, and Middle Eastern. Oh yeah, before I forget. Believe it or better yet, believe it because it's fact, in ancient times black people were on every continent around the world. They helped build cultures and civilizations. But I guess you people don't know that. The world's history has been "white-washed" to cater to one group of people and what's so sad is that the world accepts it. There are countless documentation and artifacts showing African presence on nearly if not all continents. The ancient Mycenaeans were a people from Crete and the Western Sahara, that lived on the mainland of Greece. There's even evidence showing that most spoke the Dravidian language. The Pelasgians were a combination of Black tribes which included the Achaeans , Kadmeans, and Leleges. The Garamantes were also often called Pelasgians by some classical writers. The Greeks often called them the first inhabitants of Greece. The evidence is there. All you people have to do is open your eyes to the truth. Here's more knowledge you people probably don't know: Black greeks big.jpg Notice the features (straight nose, medium-curly hair) are similar to this african slave: and_0327.jpg Now One might remark "that's just the paint" Okay, Black and white greeks pg Now, some might say "maybe they are enemies"... Okay, (Minoan example, but still valid) Black and whites in peace

kratosisablackman on Aug 21, 2008


Lol. My Sweet, Are you serious. I said he wasn't the best actor for the movie, I didn't say it was because he was black. If i thought that...I would have said it. You accuse me of being racist because i stated my opinion? Who is the real racist here? I happen to like Djimon Hounsou, he does good work and I like his movies but he doesn't fit the role...not because of his skin color but of the mere fact that his calm and collected demeanor doesn't fit Kratos at all just like Toby Maguire didn't fit the role of just does not work. So don't pull this whole you people are all racists crap on me. I know that Mr. Hounsou is an academy award nominated actor. I remember him from Amistad and i thought it to be a great movie...but he doesn't fit the role and that's my opinion. AND NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK you jerk.. and i have done my reading. Ancient Spartans do not fit the profile of the African people..they fit more the profile of middle eastern men who happen to be dark or light skinned. do your research a little more thoroughly since this is an american made movie talking of making money and it won't be as successful with Hounsou as with Diesel. Sorry

erika on Aug 22, 2008


Okay young lady let me clear something up with you. I never said YOU were being racist. I clearly asked if YOU wanted to substitute a lighter-skinned BLACK man over a darker one. You constantly say he doesn't fit the role, well I'm sorry but if this is going to be an "epic" style movie then Hounsou is perfect. He has this "epic" quality about him. I'm a fan of Vin Diesel and I'm not saying he'd be a bad choice, but when it comes down to acting and the ability to convey Kratos' raw emotions then I can think of no one better than Hounsou. YOU also brought up Ancient Spartans. You do realize God of War is a FICTIONAL story set in FICTIONAL Greece. In the God of War universe, there are "black" people, case in point the Oracles in the first God of War, Artemis, Sirens(GoW2), etc. As I've stated before, why would people accept the Oracles as "black characters" but oppose Kratos as being anything except a "black man". My dear I'm not calling YOU and everyone else racist, for if I was to do that I would be calling myself racist seeing as how my grandmother is Scottish, born and raised. I'm looking at how other people respond with RACIST comments like "he's too dark he won't work" or "black people can't play Greeks" or "why is an African playing a Greek" or "substituting a lighter-skinned black man over a darker-skinned one(i.e. the Rock, Vin Diesel, etc.)". Those are the comments I'm referring to. Oh yeah, and as for making money. The role of Neo from the Matrix film was written for a black actor, Will Smith, but after he turned it down, the role went to Keanu Reeves. The film(the first one anyway) was still successful. Russel Crowe played a character in Gladiator was a Spaniard who spoke with a British accent. Sure he was Australian but did people care, no. The film was still successful. The upcoming Prince of Persia movie has the prince and his Indian love interest played by a white American and a white European instead of Middle Eastern/Indian actors. (And don't come up with that BS about not finding any English-speaking Middle Eastern/Indian actors because they're out there; all they have to do is search much like they did with Hugh Jackman) All of these films are historically inaccurate, but they still are/will be successful why, because of the names attached to them. You saying a Diesel film would be more successful than a Hounsou film sounds rather...well foolish. Awards and nominations speak for themselves. Another thing my dear, "BLACK PEOPLE" do NOT reside in only Africa. "BLACK" people hail on every continent. They don't have to be dark-skinned either. The Dalit people of India, the Indigenous Australians, the Aeta people of the Phillipines, the Roma people of Romani, the Pacific Islanders just to name a few are all self-identified as "BLACK PEOPLE".

kratosisablackman on Aug 22, 2008


are we still on this? its my opinion. i dont think that particular role is good for him. sorry but if im proven wrong im proven wrong. btw the Rock would suck as Kratos geez..... i don't think Vin Diesel would play the part anyways just saying it would be good for him just throwing this out there i think Oded Fehr would make a better Kratos than most of what people are saying. Enough with the history lessons.. we are here for movies.

erika on Aug 22, 2008


I think that Jason Statham should play Kratos. He has the bad-ass look and attitude to go with the role. He has the best action films where he always has to play a bad-ass.

Kevin Rheeder on Sep 25, 2008


Dominic Purcell from Prison Break is the best choice. Just look at the picture from IGN

ETM on Sep 28, 2008


kratosisablackman, you obviously have not clue if you believe that black people ran around in ancient Greece. Sorry to break it to your PC American dreamed mind but black people were not in ancient Greece, and as a FREAKEN SPARTAN, one of the most ETHNOCENTRIC of the ancient GREEKS around who didn't have sex with other Greeks never mind black Africans, making a SPARTAN into a black guy is a stupid as casting the role to a freaken CHINESE GUY! So no ancient Greeks were not blacks, blacks did not roam the streets of Athens and they sure as heck were not found in ANCIENT SPARTA. Americas PC is starting to get out of hand and making people stupid when they actually believe blacks, asians, and I don't know what other none Caucasian groups roamed Athens and Sparta in ancient times. The Greeks called black people like Housoun ETHIOPIANS, you know what that means? BURNT FACE. They didn't call themselves that they called BLACK people that. So open up a book go take a look at the faces of ancient Greek statues in where they are all depicted as whites not blacks and stop livinging in this multiculture American dream land....ancient Greece was neither mulitculture nor did it have blacks, indians, asians or little green men running around.

HISTORY MAJOR on Nov 20, 2008


I also suggest you learn the difference between a TAN and being BLACK AFRICAN. Not one of those suppose 'black greeks' you posted on here depicted black Africans. Here is REAL depictions of what ancient Greeks look like CAUCASIAN light skin Europeans so stop with your c rap. you know nothing about the people you are talking about. Black Greeks didn't exist in ancient Greeks, Greeks called black people ETHIOPIANS burnt face they never applied this term TO THEMSELVES. Curly hair does not imply one is of black ancestry given many Caucasian have curly including many N. Europeans. More ancient Greek depictions, again their phenotypes are those of European Caucasians.

HISTORY MAJOR on Nov 20, 2008


I think Honsou would do a amazing job, as well as vin disel,who is also of african american descent u fucking idiots, but if he is able to gain the weight Jason Stratham would be best person for the job!

Troy Martin on Mar 1, 2009


I don't care who plays Kratos at all. What I most care is how the movie itself is! Such as the playwright's work, the director, the light and so on.

Joanna Spilioti on Jul 1, 2009


Not to start some stupid racy sh!t BUT on FACT It's funny how people keep saying that a black guy shouldn't play the role. But, What most don't know is: The reason Gaffe keeps saying Dijamon is because greek or not, The original Kratos was drawn to be black or african with dredlocks and white & red war paint( see bonus footage in GOW 1 ) and was even mentioned at one point that they used a profile shot of Dijamon (along with others)to get the initial face. Later they decided the story should go all greek and so they removed the locks to make him more animalistic but they kept the basics in the build. That being said, Dijamon may have the face but I don't see him with the body or doing the voice right with his heavy accent. I do agree with some about Vin Desiel If he can play Riddick he can really play Kratos as well. Kratos is ripped, but he's not huge.

Minace Steve on Aug 8, 2009


I used to argue regard this very long time ago, if you all look deep into the posts you can read my old posts. But hey i've not come here to argue, i think it should be played by dijamon, simply coz i personally want it to be. Anyway i just want to know from anybody, when the fuck is GOW the movie coming out, i really wan to watch it, i've finished all the playstation games from begning to end and i want the movie to be made so i can fucking watch it fast. Thank you. Kaiser

Kaiser on Aug 8, 2009


This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kratos was greek not black u can't cast this guy as Kratos! Vin Deisel would be a much better choice! As a God Of War fanatic i suggest that someone else be =casted as Kratos for the sake of accuracy!

Josef Maison on Jan 9, 2010


in all honestly does it matter what we think? it'll be whoever they cast it to be..

erika rules on Jan 10, 2010


All of you need to give up on any mainstream actor. the chances are already high the the movie will not even come close to living up to the game, picking a famous actor will seal this movies fate. i still believe and everyone should google TYSON TOMKO. i know he's a wrestler but who gives a sh*t. look at the pics and try and tell me that he isn't the spittin' image of KRATOS. The casting director needs to do some serious homework. All those other actors will mark my words ruin this movie before anyone even sees it.

lunicidal on Jan 12, 2010


wow i actually agree if the wrestler can act that is google this tyson guy he fits like crazy

erika on Jan 13, 2010


Erika you sound fit like crazy 😉 What's your e-mail address? I'll add you on Facebook! I'm from London, where are you from? Anyway i still think Djimon Hounsou should play the role, he's a brilliant actor, just look at his pictures carefully, he just needs to get painted grey! Kaiser

kaiser on Jan 14, 2010


fit? like physically? please im a pregnant wife lol i like Hounsou he's a great actor but depending on where they started the story he just won't fit

Erika on Jan 14, 2010


Lol yeah you sound it! But i don't know, are you serious, your just pulling my leg about the whole pregnant wife thing??? Yes i must say Hounsou is a brilliant actor. X

Kaiser on Jan 17, 2010


nope i am most definately pregnant either that or my boys a kicking tumor. you know i heard they wanted to just go into the movie with kratos already cursed butif they were to have flashbacks like the game did i wonder how they would put that off and i heard the ending of the movie doesnt sit well maybe they shouldnt make a movie

Erika on Jan 17, 2010


if goldburg can act he would be the best bet big strong and looks jus like the game character.

phillip on Jun 26, 2010


Hi all, I have been commenting here since the year 2007! Now i just wanted to know are these people even making this movie? If they are making or going to make the movie then roughly when the hell is it expected to come out because i want to fucking watch it! I finished God of war 3 about 3 or 4 months ago! I just need to see the movie. Regards, Kaiser

kaiser on Jun 28, 2010

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