Captain America Movie Next From Marvel After Hulk!

June 14, 2007

Captain America

This week has been a flurry of comic book movie news - Thor, Punisher 2, 30 Day of Night! And today it gets even better! Our friends over at heard from Marvel's President of Production, Kevin Feige, that after The Incredible Hulk the next Marvel film will be Captain America! Feige spoke quite a bit about the project and the direction the film would take and that they already have a writer working on the script.

From the interview, Feige said that they don't have a director yet but that David Self is writing the script and they're hoping to get it into the pipeline within the next year. He also spoke about what they're planning to do with the project and whether it would be a period piece or not.

"Well I think we'll certainly have to play with that and play with Captain America being this patriotic propaganda machine on one hand but also being a very human Steve Rogers – interesting, fascinating hero in his own right."

So no chance of a period piece for Captain America? "Right now what we’re developing would be half and half."

Captain America is the superhero first introduced in 1941 known best by the shield he wields and his patriotic uniform. If you're a fan or just want to learn more, I suggest checking out the full quotes from Feige over at

Is anyone else pretty excited to see this coming together? I think Marvel's got the comic book movie genre in the bag right now, give or take DC's Batman, and their upcoming films already in production (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk) are going to be huge. This is going to be an exciting next few years for Marvel.

Read the rest of the updates from Kevin Feige on future Marvel projects as well!

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This is a great idea if done properly. Want to see him from the beginning. Getting the superserum and fighting the nazi's and then getting frozen. Wouldn't it be great to see Captain America joining forces with Tony Stark, the F4, and Spiderman?

Heckle on Jun 14, 2007


looking forward to this. i'm sure Marvel will do the character justice. @fascist: "If only there were still Americans in America that would do so.. you bunch of brainwashed tv watching fat ass couch potato worthless garbage." and are you active in changing the situation? or are you action-limited to posting comments on the web to try and make yourself feel better for being a "brainwashed tv watching fat ass couch potato worthless garbage"?

DontTreadOnMe on Jun 14, 2007


Way to take a decently meaningful post and screw it up at the last sentence. Apparently painting an entire country with a broad brush is as much as someone with your limited brain power can handle.

IdiotThwacker on Jun 14, 2007


I love the character Captain America. Sadly, as America has declined, so has the character. Captain Amerca has been killed recently in the comic books. His death was in response to the current Fascist Regime in Washinton D.C. I want to see Captain America SAVE America. I want to see Captain America freeing our Country from these Tyrants. If only there were still Americans in America that would do so.. you bunch of brainwashed tv watching fat ass couch potato worthless garbage.

FascistUSA on Jun 14, 2007


If they made a Captain America period piece in 1941, showing his origin, and then some superhero Nazi ass-kicking that turns a major battle or some shit, maybe show him getting his superhero legs across a few quick cut years, with an overarching story building up to say, the Normandy invasion... it would be fucking epic. Easily could be the most hard-hitting superhero movie yet. I could see people standing up and cheering at a movie like this done right. But you'd have to take risks, and you'd have to stay true. And yes, end it with him being frozen to set up the sequel. PS No Bucky.

Chaos Motor on Jun 15, 2007


It would be great to have him battling fascists in the 1940's, get frozen for 70 years, and then wake up to find fascism has taken root in America so he lives up to the oath of fighting all enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

viridari on Jun 15, 2007


Who is this guy trashing America? Whether you dislike Bush's politics or not, they are hardly facist.... Get a clue before you speak. As for the movie :D, I am very excited for it, and would much like to see atleast a good chunk of the movie be about his beginning and some Nazi killing.

Dan on Jun 15, 2007


Actually, there is a compelling argument to make in favor of Bush being a fascist. I think Benito Mussolini would consider Bush to be one of his students. He has said: “War alone brings up to their highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to make it.” “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” “Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and the development of humanity, quite apart from political considerations of the moment, believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace.” “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” One of Captain America's buddies, FDR, said “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group,” As for the natural tendency for a democracy, left unchecked, to drift towards fascism, Jean Baudrillard said “Democracy is the menopause of Western society, the Grand Climacteric of the body social. Fascism is its middle-aged lust.” Bush is not as effect a fascist as Mussolini but he's trying. If he were as intelligent as Mussolini he might have a real shot at it. Good thing for all of us he's such a big dummy. I'd love to see the Cap kick his ass out of office on the big screen. 🙂

viridari on Jun 16, 2007


me and a buddy have recently started talking about this. didn't know they were thinking of making a cap movie. i really hope that a good chunk of it stays in wwii. and bucky is cool if he's the ultimate version. and brad pitt plays captain america.

crazyjesus on Jun 16, 2007


One need only pick up a newspaper or watch television to be prompted to ask youself one obvious question ... in an age where values and beliefs have been so distorted by political correctness what is the PC crowd in Hollywood going to do to completely ruin this classic hero as they adapt the story to the screen.

Jon on Jun 16, 2007


This is actually one comicbook movie i'm excited about. They're all pretty good though. I think this one has alot of potential if its set around wwII.

Motorcycle Guy on Jun 17, 2007


They'll have good'ol cap bringing peace to the middle east and saying war is bad and that America should be ashamed. They'll being hollywood. How sad. I want to see cap bust some towel heads. Fighting with our soldiers. No orgin cause we all know who he is. What he stands for. And I dont even read comics. Political correctness will be the death of this film. We all saw what happened to superman. "thruth, justice, and the American way". That the way the line should have been.

Mike on Jul 7, 2007


dude 1st of all fuck u, 2ndly how can u know what this hero is about when u dont even the the comics, in the past he has gone against the US goverment because they have gone against his views hell he even died for it and 3rdly if this film becomes a pro bush, lets kill the "towel heads" as u put it propaganda video for the US militayr then it will ruin marvel comics, captain america and all super hero films

akirajak on Jul 11, 2007


If there was ever a fascist, it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He imposed his will on the nation time after time, even thought he Supreme Court struck down his programs as unconstitutional. Then, in the most brazen attempt at dictatorship ever attempted by a U.S. President, he tried to double the size of the Supreme Court so he could stack it with rubber-stamp cronies. Talk about attempt a coup and Roosevelt has to go to the top of the list. It was a time of despots and history should recognize him right along with Hitler and Mussolini. Sadly, we are still living with the failed socialism he started and LBJ expanded. (Yes, I know fascism and socialism are different; it doesn't mean he wasn't predominately a fascist is his attempted power grab)

Historian on Jul 26, 2007


I hope they show Cap as what he was originally, a symbol of everything great about America. And I think the worst thing they could do is to make any sort of contemporary political statement. Cap transcends the politics of the moment. Can't we all agree that, irrespective of what we like or dislike about the current crop of politicians, there are a lot of good things about this country? Can't we just let Cap celebrate those things without grinding our political axes?

Voice of reason on Oct 6, 2007


To avoid completely screwing it up they should set it in the past and take no liberties with his character or his story. Sadly the anti-American left wingers in Hollywood seem incapable of producing anything that casts the US in a positive light.

Jon on Oct 6, 2007


I'm Canadian and I'm missing less than 88 Captain America titles to complete the collection meaning I know what he stands for. I may piss some of you off, but to me, America ain't solely the U.S... it's U.S. of A, meaning America is both South and North America, which may not be news to you that the States are in the latter. To me there are no middle America. That is my opinion and my point is, even thought 98% of the stories are all in the States what Captain America or rather Steve Rogers is defining are the morales that very much fit our own, can't speak for every Canadian about that one but we are not that different, we are all Westerners and believe in Freedom. All this to say that I'm really excited about this new Captain America movie, and I hope that after it's viewed by many, no matter who in the world, feel that this character would serve and protect them just as much as you Americans. I understand he's but a character aimed duely to Americans, but if he'd really existed, just like Superman, that "thruth, justice, and the American way", should read "truth, justice and protecting innocents all over the world!". I hope viewers get that part. Make mine Marvel

ChrisCanada on Nov 3, 2007


u guys shut the fuk up this movie is gunna be kick ass! and cap is my favorite because he stands up for the little guy and for wats rite fuk spiderman and hulk and superman there just guys wit issues so it doesnt matter were ur from wen u see captain america u think of justice!

truth ryder on Nov 11, 2007


Brad Pitt ??? Well thats the plan ... Make Mine Looney Tunes

JF on Jan 3, 2008


I personally think that they will end up with a relative unknown for the role (ala Brandon Routh at the time of Superman) or an actor with a limited profile (ala Tobey Maguire at the time of Spiderman). Whoever they end up with, it couldn't be any worse an effort than the last Captain America movie:

dreamscaper on Jan 27, 2008


I think if FDR was one of Captain America's friends, thats part of the problem right there. What is he going to do? Correct Social Security and the welfare system? Or maybe show the world how FDR, JDK, and Slick Willy had it right when they were fucking everything under the sun except for their respective wives?

BeeSting on Feb 3, 2008


If done right, this will be a great movie. But there are a lot of hurdles in making this film, a lot. Hopefully, they get it right.

Beth Loggins on Apr 17, 2008


I think in the cultural circumstances of today,this is tricky movie to get right and perhaps for that reason should not be made at all. I loved Cap as a kid,although if he is a servant of the flag then would he condone the actions of the US today? Maybe he should go on a mission with the troopers to Iraq,and discover the truth behind today's american government and tell Bush to shove it! This movie could provide a sense of what americans feel makes the US a great nation-not a bully nation. the origin story would be very boring, Flags of our Fathers puts WW2 into perspective. What could a new Captain America stand for?

Alastair on Apr 19, 2008


Well one thing i noticed ppl call him propagandist and outdated and some a hero.. In my opinion hes a symbol, neither a hero or propaganda. Symbols adhere to a higher calling. If u will recall in the 70s, captain america lost his costume to the government when he refused to be there lacky, and here we had him in civil war once again opposing the government, He's just a symbol of simpler times with thicker moral coding. I hope in the movie this is reflected. I dont wanna see him represented as some government g-man dog. He represents a time that never existed, like a norman rockwell will make u feel. When ppl apparently cared and helped each other. He was a reminder of what we were and could be, the true values america stood on, give me ur huddled masses etc. Keep that in mind when viewing Captain America, he doesnt stand for what america appears to be, but rather what it should be in an idealistic world.

MrRogers on Apr 23, 2008


Yea, Cap didnt follow a goverment call, he did wut he felt was right by his own moral ethics. Ya gotta respect that. To hate on him simply cause of the banner he carries is a conformist attitude set by the younger generation who are in "hate america" and "trust no-one" mind sets. Its become hip to hate anything that stands for something, most of all a character who represents a world power, one that most dont condone anymore for their would be actions, view'd of course through the narrow scope a political party. "Im right" , "Your wrong" remember this guys... whichever end of the political spectrum ur on, ur not right or wrong. Its all about choice. Cap or rather the creation of cap was for a time that needed him, post war america, here we are again, but in a country un-united. Judge the man on his actions in the stories, not his uniform! LONG LIVE CAPTAIN AMERICA!! MAY THE FEATHERS OF LIBERTY LAST AND HIS COLORS NEVER RUN!

Buckshot on Apr 23, 2008


I've been a Captain America fan for a very long time enjoying the Steve Engelhart and Sal Buscema era in the early 70s. I think the first film should be a period piece unless it begins with his recovery and we get a full flash back and we see both Bucky, Red Skull and Baron Zemo, Peggy Carter and even a cameo by Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howlers. The other versions of Cap were incredibly bad and I think the film keeping true to the spirit of the character would work. I'd love to see The Falcon in the second film but maybe that is pushing things, one film at a time and it has to be done right. Here's hoping!

Capfanforever on May 4, 2008


Capfanforever, ur assuming Joe Q. isn't gonna make captain america black. His whole reason for the cap kill is cause they felt cap was outdated, and well... Ppl today in Marvel believe white isnt the norm anymore. So an updated cap will most likely be black. Now, as a black man myself, i disagree with doing that.

RememberWhen on May 14, 2008


The movie will be a huge flop. Our company is based in the U.K and we understand what is needed to make a good film over-here and no-one in the U.K will want to see a symbol of America, it doesn't make sense. I think that if the makers of the Captain America want to create something successful, then they should create a U.S Based T.V Show because to-be-honest no-one in the U.K will be looking forward to that film, only a small minority. For more reviews and movie blogs go to: thankyou.

TheCollection Reviews on Jun 8, 2008


I'm a comic book artist and writer and have read all of the above posts. Since Captain America is one of my all time favorite characters, I felt the urge to post as well. A few of these posts went a little to the extreme, to be sure, but most have been very well articulated as well as very political. My view of Captain America has always gone beyond politics and the times, much like Cap himself. Captain America (like the American Flag that he prominantly wears upon his form) is a symbol. A symbol of hope and unity. A symbol of faith and persevearance. A symbol of caring and freedom. Captain America goes beyond the ruling classes and the administrations in power. He goes beyond who or what is going on in the world, even despite the times in which they take place. The symbolism of Captain America is transcendent. It is without boundries or boarders. He is a symbol of all that which we only wish and dream we could be as a people and as a society. Captain America is that conviction we all feel within us to do and be better than what we are already. Captain America stands for all. Not just America. Isn't that a part of what makes America so great? The ideals of liberty and helping others. Helping other countries and their people obtain the better lives they so deserve. No matter how many politicians abuse their power to try and get away with war profiteering or sleeping with hookers who've been in girls gone wild videos. No matter how many times some abuse the civil liberties that this country provides. No matter how many buildings terrorists bring down in New York City or anywhere else, Captain America is symbolic of all of the ideals that our forefathers built this country upon. Captain America is freedom, truth, justice, love, compassion, hope, and way too many more ideals to list here. Plus, his character started at the time of his inception, World War II. He was a part of what is commonly referred to as "The Greatest Generation". And if you think about it, his alter ego of Steve Rogers was very much within the Nazi ideal. Hitler's plan for the "Master Race" were healthy whites with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'd always found it such an incredible piece of symbolism in the respect that Hitler's (and the Red Skull's) star-spangled arch-nemesis was in the form of Hitler's view of human perfection, yet fought him off tooth and nail. Like Superman and Wonder Woman, he is one of the "Greatest Heroes" of comic book fiction. But, Captain America is even moreso in the respect that he is resonate to us all. He is strongly apart of American history and even more to the point, Captain America fights for all. Thank You!

WingHead on Jun 12, 2008


I think they could use Di Caprio as the frail pre super solder steve rogers, but they would have to go with a pro wrestler (john Cena) for the post super soldier steve rogers.

Tom Rice on Jun 15, 2008


I have it on good authority that the character of Captain America will be played by Andy Dick. Howard Dean will do the voice-over..."EEEYYYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHYYYYY...."

Bill C. on Jun 15, 2008


hahahahahahahahahah this is the last straw, the only cast choice that has even been watchable has been X-men and Ironman. why does Marvel think they need these "big" actors to play these superheros .. i still can't believe Ben Afflick was daredevil.. what the fak.. these guys are hated by most of the people going to see these movies.. i would rather them give it to someone who looked more like the character. not toby - spiderman. Come ooon Marvel.. just try and pick someone good for the next couple of movies.. Tony Stark great choice.. HUge for Wolverine great.. and the other xmen.. but thats it.. Ed Norton as Bruce Banner jesus.. as For Capt.. pick someone that is at least 6 foot tall..

Adam Sparkes on Jun 17, 2008


I agree with you totally there, apart from Ed Norton. I think Ed Norton is close to drawings of Bruce Banner ( I think he has the ability to bring The Hulk to life. He's not well-known amongst teens apart from 'Fight Club' I think he is very-well cast and lives up to the potential of the film. I also think Hugh Jackman was very well-casted in X-Men aswell as Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen, Shawn Ashmore and Kelsey Grammer. I believe Halle Berry didn't do 'Storm' justice. Ryan Reynolds is playing DeadPool in the Wolverine film, that should be interesting, I think he might pull-it off, What you recorn?

The Collection on Jun 18, 2008


WingHead, your statement is completely true, but unfortunately the world hates america and they cant see passed the color of his suit or his title to see his bigger meaning. And they call americans the small minded ones, HAHA. P.S. Screw the U.K.'s opinion the majority of any films take-ins is to the American public anyway. We are the capitalistic pigs as the rest of the world so constantly reminds us. Heh, b!tch all you want. America disappears and see how fast the world crumbles. GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND THAT I LOVE!

Buckshot on Jun 27, 2008


Guys... Wake up! Personally, I think of Cap' as the WORST ('n' I mean it) charachter MARVEL has ever brought to life! What are his super-powers? His "shield"?! His quotes as: "Oh please, Mr. RedSkull, don't do this, millions of lives will be lost, includin' mine... 'Cause I can do NOTHIN' more than just beggin' and cryin' like a baby...!"? But his extra-ordinary, invincible, incredible, astonishing, amazing SHIELD does the rest! And our formerly flaky "Super-Hero" turns into an proud guy yellin' "Justice has been given, Winter Soldier!" At least the Nazi-maniac General did the job four us and we got rid of him! At least the Avangers will have more REAL Heroes!!!

Yiann on Jul 21, 2008


it would be even better for Captain America to BE the facist how topical would THAT be!? Everyone would cry blasphemy of course lol still I'm glad with Batman out & Watchmen on the way, someone at least is actually thinking now about what this glut of superhero films might be saying about the American pysche

alex on Aug 4, 2008


Kurt Angle from TNA wrestling as Captain America

K.O on Aug 28, 2008


I have to say that most of these comments have got to be made by mentally retarded people. Yeah cap is an american hero, that is sort of implied in his name "CAPTAIN AMERICA", but just because he is an american hero for the most part doesn't mean that the rest of the world cant enjoy watching him kick ass. Now Im from Ireland and i know for a fact that if there was a new cap movie made it would earn millions in its first week over here. And i dont understand why people are accusing cap of being a fascist. He didn't create himself!!! If anything its Stan Lee who should be accused of fascism. Oh and why the hell would you want Leonardo de Caprio to play any part in this movie? The guy cant act!

Ste on Sep 10, 2008


I think that Capitan America should be played by Matt Damon.

Gabriel De Chicago on Oct 17, 2008


Hello theeeeereeeeee! I have read the comments and articles written in this page about making the next Marvel movie of Captain America. I think is a great ideal to see him doing what he does best and that is kick ass, nazi ass, german ass, or any ass that gets in the way of one of my favorite heroes. But I would like you to make The Red Skull exactly as he looks in the comic books and kept him in that form do not turned him into a monster and the into a human just let him be the red skull I have always admired in the comics even if I vote for Captain America and "Yes", Matt Damon should play Captain America he's tough, smart, very serious in his line of work and an american heroe himself. Thank you for your understanding and I'll be in touch.

Ricardo Acosta on Oct 26, 2008


Good Evening: I have heard about the upcoming move of Captain America in my opionion Kurt Angle can't not played the captain for he is a vicious malicious and idioatic wrestler. Plues he doesn't even have the face of a great american heroe. Also who the heck wants Leonardo DeCaprio playing such a great character a superheroe who really knows what he's doing. DeCaprio is not a great actor I wouldn't even go to the theater to see the movie if is made if you have DeCaprio is pick as the main character for this upcoming movie, if you or your writers have any little consideration please I beg of you do not put DeCaprio as the new Captain America. I feel that Matt Damon and only Matt should be the choice for this movie. Not only will he kick ass he will give the performance of his life time. Gracefully yours; Louie Lou

Louie Lou on Oct 28, 2008


Tom cruise would be an bad ass pick!

Shane on Dec 16, 2008


hrm a amercian actor for this movie keep the wwii scene get matthew mconeigh or whatevere his name is hes texan big accent so sounds good blonde hair blue eyed makes sense hes da onli actor i can think of to pull of this role.. or wait simon baker but he's kinda small beef him up and if u do the frozen thang which would be perfect ending till post-avengers that would be freggin sweet ultimate ending and mostly a promising second movie b4 the avengers movie.

koopy361 on Jun 15, 2009


I still can't wait for solid news on this film. I don't think DeCaprio or Damon will be cast but I could be wrong. I hope they spend most of the film in the 40s with some Baron Zemo and Red Skull and that they don't eliminate Bucky Barnes, Sgt. Duffy or Peg Carter. There is great potential for doing this film historically correct with a mix of humor and some of the real horror of war and keeping it entertaining enough to lead Cap into contemporary times. They should leave the movie with a scene of him frozen in a block of ice. I think he'd be found in the Avengers movie. I'm looking forward to seeing Cap on the big screen in a decent translation then Thor.

Bob Vosseller on Jun 15, 2009


Well I always thought Captain America was the even gayer than Superman, but I do have an idea that could work. Now I have been watching X-men Evolution and in WW2 wolverine worked with Captain America. Also Captain America has a disease caused by the operation, but lets say it causes him to go insane throughout the movie and perhaps he tells Wolverine to kill him at the end. Also Magneto was in WW2 holocaust camp so we should put him in only as a young good guy. Overall the biggest thing is we should get a good villain not just the peace of crap villain in the 1990 film. So I would get a guy like doctor manhattan only red,not named Dr. Manhattan, and wheres close. Also get a guy in it called the ape man which is a monster created by Russian Scientist.

charles on Aug 4, 2009


i will see the first avengre captain america i will let and see john cena as captain america because i like john cena as captain america he's cool so i will see john cena as captain america beat the hulk on the avengres movie this is cool im glad john cena is captain america so i will see john cena as captain america on the first avengre captain america and the avengres in theatres see ya.

andries price on Aug 17, 2009


Honestly I would like to see the Director of Captain America take actual big-name stars into more consideration for the part of Captain America .... I really don't think Kellan Lutz or Channing Tatum or even John Cena would be all that bad .... you need someone with an All-American look and someone strong to play the part of him .... Kellan Lutz is my first choice .... As for the story I would like to see how CAP came to be with the super - serum but the story needs to become more modern as the movie goes ..... - - it needs to be an IN YOUR FACE - OUR GENERATION IS THE ONE IN DANGER THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA IS SAVING - type story .... Villains could be Red Skull - - or the more modern .... already filmed .... Kingpin .... or .... Dr. Doom - - A Villain that would tie CAP to other heros .... AKA the AVENGERS .... The story needs to be strong and BOLD .... WE NEED A HERO .... And please .... NO 3-D Filming .... don't overdue and ruin a good movie and a good hero by trying to do the film in 3-D. Sincerely, - D Werth

Dave Werth on Mar 8, 2010

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