Child's Play Remake in the Works

October 20, 2007

Child's Play

While talking with David Kirschner this weekend, one of the producers of the upcoming John Cusack film Martian Child, he revealed that they are working on another Child's Play sequel, but it would instead be a remake of the first Child's Play. Don't jump the gun and complain about another remake just yet, you need to here all of the details - because this could be good. The film is only "in the works" at the moment with a story being put together but Kirschner claimed it would definitely be "more terrifying".

First things first, David Kirschner is the producer behind all five of the currently released Child's Play movies. He produced the first one and even the latest one, Seed of Chucky. Secondly, he also said that the same screenwriter who came up with the original Chucky story, Don Mancini, and who wrote all five of them is working on this one as well.

There is no director attached yet, as they're still working on the story, but some interesting discussion arose around what director might be chosen for this. Kirschner went on to explain that it would be very close to the original script, with some twists that the audience won't see coming. Sound like it could possibly be good yet?

Now just imagine a lot of the same things coming together with this that the first film had. Although Child's Play only has a 6.0/10 on IMDb, it is a cult classic in terms of horror movies and I know there a lot of big Chucky fans out there (including myself - that is, at least up to the third Child's Play). So just imagine - you have the same screenwriter and nearly the same script and you get someone like Darren Lynn Bousman, Rob Zombie, David Slade, Mikael Håfström, Christophe Gans, or even Takashi Miike to direct the remake. Now that would be awesome!

Something similar to this exact idea just happened - Rob Zombie's Halloween. Kirschner even mentioned it when one of the members of the press questioned whether a remake is a good idea at this time. Not everyone liked the Halloween remake, but I know people that did. And if you think of putting Child's Play in the hands of one of the new generation's up-and-coming horror directors, we could have a great film in the works.

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Are you serious? I like the Chucky movies and love Jennifer Tilly. Just do another sequel, no need to remake it. And Zombie? Bousman? Come on...

Ryan on Oct 20, 2007


If the script is so close to the original, why remake it?

Zach on Oct 21, 2007


This is stupid. It's only 23 years old. Why remake a film that's only 23 years old? What about Brad Dourif? You can't remake Chucky without Brad Dourif.

Luke on Oct 21, 2007


brad dourif is going to be in it

Jim94 on Apr 11, 2011


that is toatally stupid im tired of remakes of movies its so old just make another sequel!!!!.

Linda on Oct 21, 2007


Cinema lately is like some movie nightmare where the Writer's Guild of America has been on strike for years and years already, and all we get is lame remakes of not-very-old movies. Enough with the f!#&ing remakes! Hollywood, "Wake up and smell what you shovellin'!"

avoidz on Oct 22, 2007


to whom ever i concern, Will There Be Another Frienchise Film Based of all the Child's Play Movies Do you think will have another prequle to the Film Child's Play 6 what will be the Story and The Prmise to the Film its self. will there be another Film Based on the First Movie Final Disination from one to 4 thats my Question so For they Made This Frienchise Film and it has been on tv on Bravo Leprechaun from 1 to 4 will there be another Frienchise Film Based on the First Film Leprechaun Do you think That wthey Will Make and process of Making Leprechaun 5 And More Upcoming Films Keep me posted For More Movies what will be Coming tp the Movie theater and what will be coming to DVD Let me know RSVP Yaniv

Yaniv Gorodischer on Oct 26, 2007


who would want a sequel love the first three the last two were a joke as for the halloween remake good but could have been better if your gonna do a sequel drop the last 2 continue from 3 were andy left in a cop car and get the story jumping from there it would be perfect

jason on Nov 1, 2007


continue from 3? yeah ok jason, lets see it take off from there, then the actors growin like 10 years older in the next scene.. get real, its a remake that im sure would be good, ive read els where that its going to be another type of doll, a robo doll if i remember correctly, so im intrested in how its going to work out, also the orginal voice of chucky, (sorry i cant remember the guys name) is also going to voice it, so the remembernce of chucky is still there reguardless if its another doll.. im all for this remake and will definitly go and see it

Jay on Nov 15, 2007


Just great! another remake. Hollywood is really dead!

Greg Bonkowski on Nov 28, 2007


okok.....remake=when you have run out of ideas for e.g halloween i read about the meeting the makers of halloween had with rob zombie and they not one more idea except something stupid like michael myers in space.the remake was a good idea for halloween because 8 films is alot and they had no more ideas.but i disagree with a child's play remake because of the fact that even jennifer tilly had an inside scope on some of the ideas for a number 6 sequel so y make a remake if you had ideas it mad i dont understand why they would do that.i am a great chucky fan i have all the movies and have seen them several times and enjoyed them but i dont think a remake is nessary but its going to be made and i will go see the remake because of the fact i am a horror/child's play fan and i am intrested to see what they did with the stroy. also who will play andy? or will there be a andy? and for the doll being changed i am really intrested in, chucky had no scares in the first child's play so it wont look very different i think but for it being a robot hahaha thats is stupid no way i dont no if you have seen the chucky films but its a mnas (charles lee ray's) soal inside the doll that is the story and they must stick to it.does anyone have any ideas on what the doll will look like?

joshy on Dec 30, 2007


I love child's play movies and go for it

vader95 on Jan 1, 2008


ok for the dumbass that doesnt understand you can use new actors the first three were good stories and good movies the last 2 sucked and remakes ruin movies in my eyes besides a couple exceptions i could be wrong but in my opinion it would be great to see the third story continued and are you serious and robotic chucky doll would be absolutely ridiclous y dont you make him a life sized person while your at i would hate to see the series ruined more then it already has been but like i said just my opinion

jason on Jan 1, 2008


I must be honest the idea of a remake interests me. The first one was a classic in terms of the genre, the second was a good watch and the character came into his own and by the third I watched it for Chucky and less so for the story. So then they go and release two bad sequels. Now if Don Mancini is writing it, writing the screenplay and if Brad Dourif returns then I will certainly be watching it. Personally I would like to see a continuation of the current story from three onwards but quite frankly they've ruined that by affectively creating a self farse. By making this remake they can start a fresh and make sequels following the horror genre like it was originally intended. If anyone has seen Mancini's original draft for the movie on how the doll comes to life it is much more interesting and makes the film more of a thriller than an out and out horror.

Danny on Jan 2, 2008


chucky will be back and fuck you all chucky kick you all in the ass

vader95 on Jan 3, 2008


fuck you all chucky kicks ass and you all to in the ass

vader95 on Jan 3, 2008


i heard that chucky will have blond hair? i heard it of a friend of mine and come on here to check with u guys what do u think the doll will look like?

joshy on Jan 3, 2008


A remake of the first Child's Play movie would be awesome because alot of people are making remakes of old Horror movies and we need a good one. Don't get get me wrong I like Rob Zombie's Halloween, but who can forget Chucky?! I have been a fan for years now.

Vampt222 on Jan 6, 2008


The first three had animatronic dolls, they are thinking of going back to that so that it feels more like the original, the feel you get from an animatronic doll vs the cgi they have been using is very evident on screen, just from the way the doll looks on screen. Plus it has more of the feel of a REAL doll, just like it would be if the story were actually to have happened. HOWEVER, I fully agree that its rather idiotic to just make a remake with most of the same story just being rehashed instead of just carrying on with a different story line then the last two movies they have made in the series. I personally think most remakes end up less then par, with some exeptions of course, so its not like I'm going to be running to the theater to watch it or anything.

Meandstuff on Jan 8, 2008


well ill say mst of these comments think it will suck or they dont need a remake but i dissagree im totally interstead in the fact that there making a Child's Play remake,i think that it will be great,i mean it did sayit was going to be more terrifying,and there are going to be "twists" in the a huge chucky fan(iv been one for 1 year) even though im really ii yearsold) and iv seen 3 of the movies,the original is EXELLENT and if there going to make it better it's going to be BETTER.but im still woundering how chucky will look cuase i dont know what cgi or animotron ic he going to look weird?????????????????????????????????????

elsie on Jan 13, 2008


I cant believe theyre making a remake, it will probably be good, but the original was great, that was my 1st horror film ive ever seen. im 18 i saw it when i was 5 and had horrible nightmares to this day it still scares me, i cant wait tho.

Robotkid on Feb 6, 2008


well shoot im always been a chucky fan since i was a kid and i like all of them except the last 2, and i always like the original chucky because he was a bad ass, he's the one that gave me nightmares when i was just 10! but the new one now is just a joke, no one aint afaid of chucky nomore because of the last two, so the remake is a great ideal you got my full support!!!! i be waiting for it

rico on Mar 1, 2008


just try 2 have brad, a very scary looking chucky and nothing but fear through out the movie and were straight

rico on Mar 1, 2008


dude dont mess up the classics! the 1 childs play movies was scaryier than seed. and brad douif has the most sexest voice ever. dude suggestion make a sequal it is soooooooo much more interesting!

karissa on Mar 8, 2008


This is such a stupid idea. I bet the remake will have a teenager atmosphere, god-awful CGI effects and rated PG-13. This just further proves that hollywood has been taken over by a bunch of talentless uncreative chumps. Why remake it when its only 20 years old?!?!? Your messing with a classic! A remake by todays standards will never be anymore than a waste of film. I have also heard of them remaking Hellraiser, RoboCop, The Thing, The Birds, Back to the Future. Pathetic bastards!!!

Methos on Mar 23, 2008


well...i have not really been thinking about the remake that much latley. so i came on to find out some news e.g who playing andy or any cast etc. and i yet again find nothing. since the halloween remake which was good for some but any horror fan would know how infact terrible this remake was not for the actual film it was for what we expected. the first halloween was brilliant, unique and ab-normal and offcorse it went down hill from there as do anyother horrors for eg. nightmare on elmstreet, friday the 13th. i am not saying these are bad films far from it infact they are brilliant in its genre and i am a big fan of both series of films but by the time friday the 13th got to it 9th film you had to fill enouth is enouth as bad as it would be to let these horror films go because it does not look like any horror films are gonna come along and become classics and take the world by storm like thses did. infact know the 10th friday-jason x was poor for the fact of the idea and then to go back to face of with another horror legend and to have such a terrible ending and now are making another sequel and nightmare on elmstreet the same-new nightmare-wes craven what were you say a horror character that scared all those people and to make a movie to say how fake it was and then bring another freddy alive who looks and acts different and then to go onto freddy vs jason were he is back to normal that is whta makes freddy vs jason so fake you just couldnt believe in the story. as i said on this foroum before that halloween had just run out of ideas and had no option to make a remake. but chucky he is to new...i mean he has been going for over 20 years now but horror films especcialy classics they should last atleast say....30+ years chucky has not been forgoten enouth to create a remake. as i said before jennifer tilly even knew some ideas for a sequal and that is jennifer tilly. ok what they should of done is forgot about the comedy and foucesed on the horror and created a desent sequal and biult on from there.but i completely disagree with a child's play remake but it is going to be made and it dosent matter how many time or people come onto this or any other forum and complain it is going to be remade so we just gotta hope for a brilliant remake and maybe even a prequal but if not then chucky wont be coming back.

Josh Whincup aka Joshy on Mar 29, 2008


can't wait!!!

black on Apr 10, 2008


is brad really that scary anymore though after seed? he's kind of a joke now, but who knows? this movie will only kill if it's all creepy no funny ( :

Kyle on Apr 10, 2008


Dont remake it finsh what was started I want to know what happend to his kids and tilly and then go back and make one about before chucky about charles lee ray before he was chucky then end it at the begining of childs play I really think that would be alot better

becky on Apr 29, 2008


ok so i think this is a really DUMB idea. first when i heard of the remake i though "oh no.. not this crap again" remakes are never as good. i think you should eather make a child's play 6 showing what happends with chucky's family OR continue from childs play 3 and show more of andy after he leaves in the cop car. or maybe bring andy back in childs play 6, he'd be older but still... if you MUST make the remake then dont change chuckys look. with the last movie only 4 years ago and the first movie only about 23 years ago and the last movie with a big cliffhanger, you cant really change the look. that would be like redoing the 1st Terminator movie and changing the robot to look like one of the transformer bots, it wouldnt make any sence and would ruin the classic movie charecture... because once you change the look then you can never make the child's play 6 or continue childs play 3 because chucky would be different and personally i love the red haired creepily friendly and get scarey look of chucky. anyways i dont think it would be a good idea because i would much rather see a continuation of the seriese then another dumb remake, maybe 10 years down the road if no continuations come out then a remake with an apperence change might work but as for now eather a new one or nothing also i think a 3rd gremlins would be sweet

Mike on May 3, 2008


my bad the 1st one was only 19 years ago... so that even more of a reason to not redo it.. i mean come on.. redoing a 19 year old? LAME

Mike on May 3, 2008


Redoing this movie would be excellent, Chucky would be scary again and then the ability to scare with new adaptations would be attainable. We're not the writers here and I wouldn't tell a great actor how to act. I have faith in this remake ( :

Kyle on May 3, 2008


Please tell me Brad Dourif will do Chucky again you cant do the film without him HE IS CHUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victor on May 10, 2008


I reckon that there should be a Childs Play 6, where Chucky and Tiff are humans, see what they were like BEFORE they turned into dolls? =]

Leigh on May 14, 2008


don't listen to those dumb asses!!! i say, do it!!! dammit, do it!!!

suckass 931 on May 20, 2008


i have all the movies, love them all and i think a remake would kick ass, i hope they remake them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mitch foster on May 25, 2008


For you people who think that a remake is a bad idea, think about this: As far as continuing on with the saga, what the hell kind of movie would we get next? The Grandseed of Chucky? The Divorce of Chucky? The Autumn Years of Chucky? It might be nice to find out what happens to the family in a soap opera sort of way, but I'm sure it would just end up being a particularly terrible film that focused on humor over horror. If you want a scarier Chucky (and let's face it, everybody does) then starting from scratch again would be best, seeing as after the previous 2 installments, the character is laughable. As far as continuing on after the 3rd Film...I don't really see that as being a smart idea either. It would just be another unintelligent romp. Somehow the doll gets brought back, and he either chases Andy down or discovers a new way to get a body. Remember, the third movie was released years ago, if they want to bring in new fans restarting the series is the way to go! Much smarter than pushing the already outlandish series further along by tracing it all the way back to the third movie and sending the timeline off in a different direction. It's much smarter to start the whole thing from scratch rather than going back to a particular part of the series and deciding to take a different path from there. I mean the story just wouldn't be very good. Think of how good the story could be if they went back and decided to do it again. It's exciting! They could take this fantastic character away from this gaggy series and put him i na more mature, intelligent and downright scary film. You can go on and on about how remakes usually suck, but let's face it, so do sequels! And it's the sequels that have been doing Chucky damage, mainly bride and seed, but also 3, to a small degree (sorry fans). If you want more Chucky AND you want him to be a in a good film? I say starting from scratch is better than continuing on the lame ass saga that Child's Play became after the second movie. However, I do the see the concern...I mean a robot doll? I'm sure that is a false rumour, because that is too fucking stupid, even for Hollywood.

Chris on May 27, 2008


RE: Chris's Comment I believe Child's Play 3 did justice. Part 1 and 2 were also great! They could remake Child's Play all together, seeing that Chucky is the scariest killer doll creation of them all and deserves a second chance with fans... and if this remake is good (how the fuk would I know? it could fall face first seeing the writer and directer was a bit out of their minds with Seed) It will deserve a second chance with the world. The stupidest thing they could have ever done was made a family of killer dolls. But also, Bride of Cucky was fun!... Anyways, before I get way off topic.... Child's Paly 3 wasn't bad at all, it was scary and exciting ( ;

Kyle on May 27, 2008


I thought tant in this case, the remake is necessary.... Bride was not bad, but Seed was a kick on the balls for all the Chucky fans. We need to see the classic Chucky, without scars and bullshit like this.. the Good Guy one is so scary and was the best. Dourif-Kirshner-Mancini hell yeaah, I can't wait for see a Chucky Psycho-killer film again!!!!

Charles on May 30, 2008


i love all the Chucky movies they are all awesome and even though i am only a thirteen year old girl and the chucky movies creep me out i love them and i love Jennifer Tilly and Brad Dourif so Jennifer Tlly, Brad Dourif and the directors of the Chucky movies if you are watching this please make more Chucky movies cause i know that not only me but other people around the world really love Chucky, Tiffany, Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly. and for people out there that hate chucky, jennifer tilly, brad dourif and tiffany well who give a flying **** cause i love chucky and everyone else.

Jennifer Tilly's #1 Fan on May 31, 2008


hey its me again directors can't make another child's play with chucky cause he already has a son and a wife well actually she divorced him but he already went to scary plastic , rubber doll that hunts andy to a wooden doll with cuts so directors can't make another child's play cause that wouldn't make since anyways just make another sequel please.

Jennifer Tilly's #1 Fan on May 31, 2008


sorry i keep coming back but like Chucky say's in the second child's play you just can't keep a good guy down. anyways if there is another chucky movie brad dourif is definetly gonna play chucky cause he has been doin it in all the movies and he's really good at it so if he doesn't do the voice of chucky the movie is gonna fall apart... so he has to

Jennifer Tilly's #1 Fan on May 31, 2008


I am a big Chucky fan as well as a pinhead. I designed "Pinball of Chucky" and submitted my idea to Universal Studios and Stern Pinball (the only manufacturer of Pinball in the world) July/Aug '07 . I consulted with the agent for David K. and Don M. and they said Universal owned the rights for Chucky and a pinball idea had been underway for years. All I want to do is get others excited to develop the game; I am willing to turn over all my design and sign over everything. It was nothing but fun for me to put together and I just wanted to play it. Unfortunately, Universal does not accept copyrighted material and returned it and said they forwarded to their legal department. I never heard from them. Stern never replied to me or even returned my material and later learned they don't accept copyrighted material either. The game featured a real part-mechanical Chucky doll in the back cabinet who would rotate head 360, raise arm with knife, and talk. The idea of the game was play five mini-games (Build Chucky, Awake Chucky, Shoot Chucky, Domestic Dispute, Glen or Glenda?) leading up to finale of "Do the Chant" then finally Kill Chucky. There was an Tiffany head leading into an upper playfield that was Jennifer's body in her Bride of Chucky corsette and fishnets with two bumpers for her breasts which exposed themselves with hits. The upper flippers were magnetic like Twilight Zone's. Spell L-O-V-E to set Tiffany free. Other features included Tiffany love canal via a hardness meter (plastic, rubber, wood, steel) Other features included A-N-D-Y rollovers, lighting all movie titles for an extra timed (killing spree) ball, Crimes of Chucky magnetic catch (accompanying DMD animation), magnetic pentagram, Heart of Damballa scoop, Chucky and Tiffany ramps, Chucky saucer eyes, etc. The game used sound bytes and music for all five movies. I was all smiles and laughs putting it together. I sent this to the parties mentioned last year and then further sent a follow-up email that said now was the time with this remake to time a release of this game. I think the game would appeal to the 40+ crowd that grew up with Chucky and are now pinhead collectors and to the new generation of Chucky fans. The dialog could be customized to be as foul-mouthed as Chucky was or bleeped out for an establishment where kids were to be present.

Doug on Jun 1, 2008


Continuing... On the remake, I will certainly support. I thought the updated look of Chucky in Bride was much cooler and menacing that I wouldn't mind seeing the first one remade with it. I hope the producers pick someone who can really do a good supporting music score. Seed of Chucky was my least favorite but I did really like the opening animation and musical score. To me that sends shivers up my spine and sets the tone. For a script, I also thought if they brought back Andy as an adult who has been tracing Chucky and his murder spree throughout the years that he would travel to John's (the voodooist) homeland and learn about Damballa and how to ultimately destroy Chucky. He decides to devote his life in destruction of Chucky. The spin on the story could be something along the lines of Alien 3 with Sigourney Weaver killing herself and the alien. Andy would either enter the doll sacrifcing his own life to fight Chucky internally in some other world OR Chucky would switch with Andy and Andy now in the doll's body would have to fight to get to his body now possessed by Charles to transfer his soul back and destroy the doll. Andy in the doll's body would have to fight to survive and not be detected by others and somehow find Charles. Charles now in Andy's body continues to be bad. The script might either ignore Seed of Chucky and have the final battle in Tiffany's home. Andy (in doll) is able to destroy Jennifer Tilly and transfer his soul back. He ends up killing the doll only to have the evil daughter and son (now grown) show up where the daughter eventually kills Andy, which ensues a battle between the son and daughter who eventually end up killing each other in the battle leaving the doll to be found by yet another sequel.

Doug on Jun 1, 2008


Re my pinball design in #43, I forgot my sixth mini-game which was Tiffany Striptease which was between Shoot Chucky and Domestic Dispute. The upper playfield would open and you would have to spell LOVE to set Tiffany free. More hits on bumper breasts exposed themselves. DMD animation and music would play from the same scene from "Bride" "Ah ah ah, I wouldn't talk about Chucky that way, he has a very bad temper" "Ooooo!"

Doug on Jun 3, 2008


I think making a remake at this time is silly it would be much better if they make number 6, a follow on from number 1,2,3,4 and 5 so please dont jump back to number one just carry the story on from number 5 to 6 please. I strongly think that making a remake at theis preseant time is a bad idea but if they do make a remake i will still watch it of caurse beacuse i love chucky i am a big fan COME ON CHUCKY!!!! I would also love to see more of shit face. lol

Ginger 08 on Jun 10, 2008


Hey You wanna know why, in my opinion, they are remaking the first Child's Play. 'Cause I agree with Chucky...a true classic never goes out of style. But I would love to see more of Tiffany and Glen/Glenda. LucyXX

Lucy on Jun 15, 2008


NO MORE TIFFANY GLEN GLENDA!!!, Seed was enough!! please don't use that bad language again lol... But I can't wait for a child's play remake, c'mon... c'mon... c'mon baby yeah

Kyle on Jun 16, 2008


Brad Dourif should definitely play Chucky again. It just wouldn't be the same. Bride and Seed of Chucky were more like comedies than horror films. I personally would like to see a remake of this movie. As long as it stays true to the story, and has a decent voice for Chucky. (Brad Dourif All the way!)

Jesse on Jun 21, 2008


Doug from #43, #44, and #45.... They CAN'T put the look of the Chucky they had in "Bride of Chucky"! The reason he looks like that is because he was cut up by the huge fan at the end in three and was resewn back together piece by piece... >..<

Jesse on Jun 21, 2008


i absolutely looove chucky for me he is my all time favourite horror icon. Now for the issue here about the remake, i am all up for a remake because lets face it everything is being re-vamped for todays generation because if i showed the 1988 classic child's play to a group of young teens now. Porbably likely they wud not find it scary and probably humourous (even though when i was six, chucky scared the living shit out of me, but that was back then) For the remake it will have to be way scarier for todays young people. The doll should not be CGI because that will just make the doll look like a animation. An animorphic doll again should be used and now puppeteers probably have better ways of making the doll look real, like a doll possessed by a killer like it should be. The issue of Brad Dourif coming back and voicing the doll is a major YES YES from me. the reason why is that Brad Dourif has made the doll his own and i cannot imagine chucky being who he is without Dourif's strong voice. The only setback for this, is that at the beginning of the original Brad dourif as Charles Lee Ray is being chased down by the cops and if that again would be the beginnign for the remake let's just say Brad Dourif is now 58 (not that there's anything wrong with that, i still love you brad) and it will look pretty wierd if chucky was older that he should be. i think chucky was in his early thirty's before he was gunned down. A remake should definitly happen. All David Kirschner and Don Mancini have to do in order to keep chucky fans happy is still use the same or similar story, make the doll scarier and realistic, chucky should be creepy and still have the same sarcastic humour (but not too much!!) and lastly and a definite must have for me is bring Brad Dourif back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph on Jun 24, 2008


chucky remake should be on the 3 one

LJR on Jun 29, 2008


they should remake the 3 one and continue with andy because he just disappeared from it. the last 2 ar just humour and has ruined chucky from being really scary to lame humour they shouldnt of made the last 2 it should just be chucky as the killer a remake is a good idea or just remake the first 3 and trash the last 2 and continue with the andy storyline and brad dourif to do the voice

LJR on Jun 29, 2008


Honestly The franchise lost it at Bride Of Chucky, pure comedy, it ruined CHucky's "SCARE" appeal! The original Child's Play was scary! I remember watching it as a kid and at the end when they burn him he doesn't say a work, all he does it run and come at them it was awesome!!!! If they were to remake Child's Play it could work if they stay true to this idea and not put out a SEED OF CHUCKY or BRIDE OF CHUCKY, Chucky is meant to be scary not a comic relief....anyways I'm curious to see if this actually gets made. I love Child's Play 1 & 2, part 3 was ok.

Shawn on Jul 13, 2008


Whoa what the how can you not like the remake of rob zombie halloween movie i saw it and loved it way better than the first one and dying to see this remake i hope they continue with chucky and tiffany and stuff i hope halloween and chucky continues for years and years lol um as for a new title i have no idea but i was thinking wouldnt it be something if we saw glen and glenda growing up and being like their parents or something but of course we know Glen is the good kid and that Glenda is like her mom and dad "tiffany and chucky" but like i was saying it should continue i say this story about chucky,tiffany,glen and glenda is not over yet and hope you people agree

Michelle on Jul 21, 2008


I am a huge chucky fan. Im pretty estatic that their is going to be a new remake of the childs play series. Chucky is the all-time slasher. He is a bad S.O.B! The 2nd childs play series, out of all of the series, was the all-time best. Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky was nuthin but a big joke. Those two last installment was a disgrace to chucky. i have a feeling this remake is definately gonna kick azz!!!

Randall on Jul 22, 2008


why dont they just re do the dvds in better quality an do a sequil they left it at kind of a cliff hanger in seed of chucky so they can carry on from there in a sort of chucky vrs tiff supah battle with a kid on each side, course they would have to be turned into dolls again but that would be awsome

jess on Aug 13, 2008


a remake? a remake! A REMAKE!!!!!!! what the hell? they should make a sequel not a remake! i bet it will be crap compared to the original.

Jemma on Aug 15, 2008


Is there any updated information regarding the remake? Was hoping it would be released by Halloween this year. This Halloween....Chucky gets Lucky!

Doug on Oct 23, 2008


ROB ZOMBIE! If he directs the movie then you have an AWESOME remake

Sarah on Oct 27, 2008


What does it matter if it's a remake or a sequal? Everyone on here can bitch all they want to. The fact is... When this movie comes out, you're still gonna pay money to go and see it. The Question should be, Why not make a remake. Come on. The last Chucky movie was terrible. "The Seed of Chucky?" There's only so many story lines you can go through before it just totally sucks. I myself would like to see what they can come up with. You take the original movie, throw in some new scenes. It'll be great. The remake of Halloween was awesome. You got to know Michael Myers better than you ever have in that movie. Now let's give 'em a chance and see what they can do with Chucky.

Judd on Oct 31, 2008


I think a 6 child's play movie would be good to do then make the remake of the 1st one, and one that i read of seeing what chucky was like before being a doll would be a good movie to watch too. I'll watch what ever they come out with since i really like that doll. 🙂

Justin on Nov 7, 2008


" And if you think of putting Child's Play in the hands of one of the new generation's up-and-coming horror directors, we could have a great film in the works." I am so tired of you 12 year olds remaking hit films because you are talentless without any orioginality. Your "up and coming horror directors", first need to finish PUBERTY before doing big boy things. Please.............

Joe on Nov 9, 2008


wel i recon a remake would be a fun idea but would wreck the original i recon they shoud go bk an do a follow up from 3 of chucky tryin to get bk at andy i recon they shoud of used the oginial andy in number 3 too n followd it up like they use the same voice for chucky him sel it would be good for a followup of what happens not jst jump straight to sumit complelety different an gettin him a bloody bride.. n i duno go into the story a bit more dnt get me wrong they r all gud but bride of chuky n the seed of chuky r more like comedies now not horros

Emma on Nov 14, 2008


The idea of a remake sounds good! I like that...But trash the idea of Tiffany and Glen/Glenda. They were the kind of characters which wasnt needed at all! I have read rumours that if this remake is successful it will have a completely new story for a sequel? If this is true, please can we just forget about the whole family thing and get back with the real Chucky, the REAL Charles Lee Ray! I just pretend to myself that the "Bride" of Chucky and "Seed" of Chucky dont even excist since they were that terrible! Andy Barclay was completely forgotten about since the fourth film came and adding new annoying characters?...No thanks! Keep it original, not clean...We want BLOOD. It is supposed to be a horror movie after all. So indeed I expect Mancini to keep to his word when he says this WILL be scary. I also wasnt pleased with the fact that he would be directing it after his last attempt with Seed. If you got yourself a classic HORROR icon, you should be proud of your creation and keep it the way it is! That's why Don is remaking this...he is aware and knew that people werent impressed with the last film of the funny clown who just pretended to be Chucky. I can only hope that this will be something I'd love to watch over and over again (like with the original three). Real horror fans such as myself expect more from an excellent horror icon. CHUCKY.

Sherry Ray on Nov 23, 2008


Well i think it would be very good i just hope they don't try to make a comedy out of it like the others i hope its more like the 1st few child plays they were pretty tense. p.s Rob zombie is a good director but he isn't more of a shock person hes more of a gory person. hope its good (yn)

Rouget on Dec 17, 2008


The Only Problem will be the original actor who played Alex Vincent , Andy be like Grown up now he's like 27 now so if they remake the first one they will have to remake the 2nd one since Alex is in the 2nd one

Andrew on Jan 9, 2009


I think that it shoud just have a new movie but a remake of the frist

lee on Jan 20, 2009


It would be cool if they made this a full out action/killer doll flick... So actioned packed and freaky it will be nominated for awards. Chucky Goes Die Hard in the remake... Just full of sick shit and killer action!!!

Kyle on Jan 22, 2009



AMANDA on Feb 4, 2009


why remake child's play. halloween. friday the 13th.. a nightmare on elm street.. what is the point horror films these days are comedys you no what is gonna happen evan before it hapens... it is the same story line in every film why don't there make films that arnt so obvious... make child's play 6 seed of chucky isnt finish make number 6 do't remake child's play.... and friday the 13th story line is wrong jason voorhees is not the killer is the first one his mother is jason comes in on part 2 spoiling the films there is no point don't remake any more films i heard there is gonna be a halloween 2 remake no point

geordie on Feb 6, 2009


ooooooo i for got i agree with becky this is what she said Dont remake it finsh what was started I want to know what happend to his kids and tilly and then go back and make one about before chucky about charles lee ray before he was chucky then end it at the begining of childs play I really think that would be alot better.. i agree charles lee ray kills people is the first one but it never showed you.. make number 6 finish it then remake number 1 make it on charles on his killing spree at the end he gose in the doll a good guy doll then number 2 is chucky good story line

geordie on Feb 6, 2009


yeah i think that they sh0uld make an0ther sequal but if they make a remake itz alright becuz i l0ve chucky im a big fan of chucky!!!!

[Da Bay Area] on Feb 16, 2009


yay im s0 excited a remake of child's play i bet its g0ing 2 be g0od especaily when rob zombie iz directing a remake of childs play iz a very go0d idea itz g0ing 2 kick ass!!!!

[Da Bay Area] on Feb 16, 2009


k well i think the idea is brilliant and the new technology we have and movie directors like mr rob zombie would make a great remake

ryan schenkeveld on Mar 17, 2009


why a remake come on i thought it was a other sequel revenge of chucky and i wan't to know how it end with glen on the end of seed of chucky this is so stupid a remake is revenge of chucky now gone there will be no revenge of chucky and i have a question how old is brad dourif??

..... on Apr 2, 2009


Ok if they are using a totally diffrent doll it wont be chucky at all i mean if i has blonde hair? omg im watching the Child's Play right now and i still get tingles when i see it i mean its a classic so is 2 and 3 but 4 and 5 soprtof made chucky a joke but they could carry on from 3 i dont know maybe bring Andy back or summit like that. Also the rules of voodoo kind of changes since by 4 and 5 they can transfer there souls into anyone e.g Redman & Tilly. So it would be good to start from 3 and keep the same kind of story Chucky trying to get back to a human agian but olny through the first person he told. Over all i think a Child's Play remake would be cool only if they use the same doll oh and music like the main theme juses freaks me out plus its cool 😉 but it would also be good to carry on from 3...

Sam Brookes on May 12, 2009


Although it's a remake,but I'm really fond of it!

ashley nicky on Jun 29, 2009


I have read alot of comments, I think Chris has a very good understanding and he has good ideas. Chucky does deserve another chance and therefor they should make a 'Re-make' and start from scratch.

Sam Brookes on Jun 30, 2009


the new look aint scary to me,plus i'm only 9 (3/4)

mariofan on Jul 26, 2009


Note to Mariofan: The Chucky image above isnt the new Chucky, it hasnt been released yet. They havent started on production yet from what I've heard on

Sherry Ray on Jul 27, 2009


I agree with some of these people.Like I love Chucky and every movie but I do think you all should just make another sequal instead of remake becuase the movie isn't that old.

lovelybird17 on Aug 10, 2009


definitly make another sequel, no one cares about a remake where you know whats going to happen, and whether or not its a remake or sequel, it must have brad dourif or its a complete waste. The first 4 of the series were amazing, last one not so much, kind of corny. Make a sequel to make up for the last crappy one.

Chris on Aug 13, 2009


It's already been confirmed for a remake and I know I'm happy about it. Brad Dourif also apparently gone an interview, he confirms he wants to do the part for Chucky (check out imdb, go to Child's Play 2010). This remake has come because Seed of Chucky was terrible, the fact that many people hated the humour, they hated the change of Chucky's personality and the whole stupid family thing. It would be harder to find a story sequel from Seed of Chucky because Chucky said in the film that was he was happy being a doll. The whole plot of a killer doll wanting to transfer his soul into a human has gone already. The only way for Don to go back to horror again is to reboot and as said above, he wants to make it scary. It's the best thing for all fans.

Sherry Ray on Aug 13, 2009


People are stupid who want another sequel, the sequels suck 2 was ace 3 was ok then bride and seed? dont get me started, sarting again is great but u cant forget the orginals even with remakes.

TheDarkDeity on Aug 31, 2009


i think that they should get timburton to direct the film that would be awsome he make so many brilliant films

danny on Aug 31, 2009


plz rob zombie he owuld probley make it trailer trash and andys mom was a hooker and andys father left because he was a buisness man that did not want to raise a kid or osmething and chucky would probley look like a trashy crappy homemade doll.

jason on Oct 3, 2009


Hey i love chucky the 6th movie is comin out in oct 2010 remake it's call chlid's play something missing look it up on youtube that should be good they should put it out on blu ray only on blu ray frist then at the movie's it well be a idea for the blu ray the blu ray child's play something missing they should put it out on blu ray frist then at the movie's chucky is the best killer doll on the movie the 6th chucky movie

anthony on Oct 18, 2009


Are you effing kidding me?! I'm getting so tired of these lame remakes. The same people who made the original will make the new version also? What sense does that make? They already put their heart & soul into the original, at least get someone else s take on it. That's like J.K. Rowling rewriting Harry Potter. Effing lame. Hollywood seems to try and take an easy way out on making movies, thinking there's enough history to these older horror films to entice movie goers to spend money on a ticket. Hollywood needs to take a chance on some new material, just like they took a chance making the original Child's Play. I know there's some great stuff being passed up. Give us some new original horror and stop remaking classic horror films!

jason on Oct 26, 2009


zomg!!i am sooo happy for this remake!!.i don't care what the story plot is or if the movie is gonna suck i just wanna see my fav bloodthirsty,flesh slicin' killer now i hear its coming out this year in october!!!!!i got to start textin' the celly and warn my bro.cuz he be lovin' him too!! hhhhheeeeelllllllll yyyaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thnx Don Mancini!! 🙂

Evelynn Rivera on Jan 23, 2010


actually im lookin foward to the long as Brad D. is Chucky again... look at the scary movies for this generation of kids n elderz, the movies are gettin more scary and realistic n people trip out on that... now if chuckys being remade and much scarier then he'll be back on top

Chris on Feb 12, 2010


It actually isn't like J.K. Rowling rewriting harry Potter, because Harry Potter did it's job right. I also don't think it matter how old the series is either! It's best to start over sooner, than later. If they keep making Chucky a joke, no one will be looking forward to a remake, because sooo many ignorant people will be expecting the same crap, like soooo many are doing now. But... critics are gonna critique, even if they have no idea what they're talking about. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. I personally look forward to this movie. Why would they even remake it if they didn't believe something was wrong with it in the first place? These are the people tat made the original, not someone trying to pick it up and do something new with it, only to make it worse. Sheesh, people who think like some of these posters are apart of the reason why the creator of Mega Man QUIT (Capcom actually had a bigger part in it, but he didn't go without mentioning the consumer's hand in it.). I can't wait to see more about this movie.

TeeSwaga on Nov 4, 2010


Okay when? My personal concern is what about the voice of chucky? I understand they have the technology to make an old voice say new things but are they gonna use it? I'm a huge fan and I would like to know.....

Montana on May 16, 2011


this better be good. bride of chucky was ok but not as good as the first 3, and well seed of chucky...hmmm that was just stupid.

Luke on Jun 22, 2011

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