Christian Bale Not Happy About Justice League Movie

August 21, 2007

Christian Bale as BatmanBatman himself, Christian Bale, spoke today via at the press junket for the upcoming 3:10 to Yuma and responded rather negatively to the upcoming Justice League of America movie that Warner Brothers has in the works. The JLA movie has been gaining momentum recently, as sources have reported that a script is finally in that WB likes, a director is in talks, and that they're trying to film it in early 2008 all before the impending actor's strike. However, what does this mean for all the big actors who we've come to know recently with DC's big new superhero movies: Brandon Routh and Christian Bale?

When asked if the newest Batman (and the one that everyone really likes) had been approached at all for the role in the JLA movie, he responded simply with "no." The question was then followed up with how he would feel if the studio recast a different Batman for the JLA movie. His answer:

"It'd be better if it doesn't tread on the toes of what we're doing, though I feel that it would be better if it comes out after Batman 3."

Bale's not happy - he wants to finish his and Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Batman films before making the JLA movie. Not only does this mean they're in for some troubles if possibly recasting Batman, but this confirms that Nolan and Bale are only making three new Batman movies. Too bad, I would've liked to see it turn into something like James Bond because they were so damn good!

I'm not sure if the studio would pull such an atrocity as recasting Batman while there is a seperate Batman in his own series of movies. For that matter, I don't think DC would allow that. Either way, this JLA project is turning into a sticky situation. I hope Warner Brothers knows what they're doing or figures out how to fix it. Honestly I think it's that damn strike that's putting everyone on edge and causing them to try and film every movie for the next 3 years by early 2008.

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It would be a mistake to recast the two biggest heroes of the Justice League. That would end up making the JLA film second (and/or third) fiddle to the Batman & Superman solo film properties. However, it sounds as though they are determined to make the film; it'll be a shame if they turn in a lackluster effort just to beat a strike and save a few bucks. In actuality, such a move could end up costing them money.

JS on Aug 21, 2007


As sad as it is that they're probably only making three Batman films, it kind of makes sense. It's better for them to focus on making three really good films, then starting to get into it for the easy money. I much rather have quality Batman movies. And let's face it, Bale can't do them forever.

Zach on Aug 21, 2007


All signs point to this JLA movie being a disaster. I agree with Bale, they most definitely should wait until this Batman trilogy is over. Even then, I'm not sure that the Gotham City and Batman portrayed in Batman Begins fits in a world of superheroes.

CajoleJuice on Aug 22, 2007


Bale has signed a contract to play Batman in three movies. The third one could be "Justice League" if the studio wanted, and Bale would have no choice but to do the movie.

JayDee on Aug 22, 2007


It sounds as though the studio want to make their money with JLA and thats it. Nolens new outlook on Batman wont work by throwing in Wonderwomen and Flash. Even Singers Superman would have trouble working in with the new Gothom. The only reason it could working bringing thoes 2 together is that Bale and Routh are extreamly talented and with a good director...who knows They should let the Batman saga conclude...let superman conclude... then look at the 2 stories perhaps bring the 2 together for one final epic... The fact is the studio doesnt care about keeping the series up to standard...the same thing happened with the first Batman franchise...the first 2 were great and then enter Val Kimer and splat...batman went camp...

Ant on Oct 1, 2007


personally, i wholeheartedly agree with bale. the JL movie is going to suck major ass because they're trying too damn hard to make money, rather than giving people a decent movie. they should not even put batman into a Jl movie anyway, because like he says in the cartoon, "i'm not a people person, but when you need help, and you will, call me" he's only a part-timer on the league, so it doesn't make sense to upgrade him to full-time status when the character makes more sense, and is done better, as a solo series. also, just because nolan and bale are only currently working on 3 movies, doesn't mean that there will only be 3. just look at spider-man, there's going to be a 4th, but tobey might not be in the tights again. so, even after they make 3, they could still make more, but either way, the character will have had such a huge overhaul that we won't have to deal with another "batman and robin".

Koh-Tahl on Dec 4, 2007


I believe that the Batman Trilogy and the Superman Trilogy (if that is what is intended with that franchise) should be allowed to finish. Then they should make one movie with both Batman and Superman in it with Bale and Routh as the lead actors of course and see how audiences react to that movie. If the box office is good, then go ahead with a JLA movie, but only if Bale and Routh star in it also. If the JLA movie goes over well, then you could re-cast the Superman and Batman leads if Bale and Routh don't want to continue with another JLA movie. If Warners rushes into making a JLA movie at this time, I believe the movie will be subpar, will confuse audiences with new actors playing the two lead parts, and could ruin the Batman/Superman franchises before they have a chance to get going again.

AV Physician on Jan 24, 2008


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Bruce Jackson on Feb 1, 2008


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Soory bad link on Feb 1, 2008


I might be the only person on the planet that isn't dancing on tables about Bale's Bruce. You can recast Batman and the world won't end. Saying he's the end all be all of Batman is insulting to every other actor to ever don the cape. I'm not trying to speak ill of Mr.Bale, but I for one would really love to see a JLA movie, and with or without him is just fine. The New "trilogy" is not the last word on Batman is it?

Liesel on Apr 25, 2008


im sure Bale isnt the only actor who could play batman but lets face it, Micheal Keaton was a midget, Val Kilmer is a pussy, and George Clooney has only had one good movie ever From Dusk Till Dawn. but Bale should be in the jla movie as well same as Routhe if not ill probly wait until its out on dvd

brian on May 9, 2008


George Clooney has only been in one good movie? That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard anybody say on the entire internet, and I've been ALL OVER the internet. Take a hike, dude.

Beak Wilder on Jul 21, 2008


Shut up you can't deny the fact that Michael Keaton's the best Batman because he makes a far superior Batman and Bruce Wayne on the big screen to Christian Bale. The worst thing about Christian Bale's Batman is that his voice sounds like he's got throat cancer. I think that in Justice League Leonardo DiCaprio should wear Michael Keaton's batsuit and Josh Hartnett should wear Christopher Reeve's Superman costume.

Peter Glass on Dec 26, 2009


Seriously I really would have loved it if the actual Justice League movie happened in the early 1990s with Michael Keaton Christopher Reeve Lynda Carter and John Wesley Shipp reprising their roles as Batman/Bruce Wayne Superman/Clark Kent Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and The Flash/Barry Allen along with Bruce Willis as Martian Manhunter John Malkovitch as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan Dolph Lundgren as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen and Cybill Shepherd as Hawkgirl/Shayera Hal with the film being produced by Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsesse executive produced by Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler Donner story by Richard Lester and Sidney J Furie screenplay by Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino co-written by Ridley Scott and James Cameron casting by Janet Hirshenson C.S.A and Jane Jenkins C.S.A director of photography Don Burgess A.S.C costumes designed by Bob Wingwood and Lindy Hemming music by John Williams and Danny Elfman co-produced by Tim Burton and directed by Steven Speilberg as well as the film being released and distributed by Warner Bros just like every single DC superhero film has been since 1978's Superman.

Peter Glass on Dec 26, 2009


I agree with Peter glass!!!!!! I would still love to see that actually or the clossest thing to it

Michael Keaton on May 16, 2010

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