Cloverfield / 1-18-08 Updates: Coney Island Flashback and Set Photos

July 16, 2007
Source: SlashFilm

Coney Island

Although the discussion about the J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield / 1-18-08 project has been going crazy over at the first post (with 963 comments right now), some updates have hit that just need to be shared with everyone who may be the slightest bit interested. Thanks to Peter over at SlashFilm who has been following this closely, there are a few new set photos, story updates including details on a Coney Island flashback scene that was shot on location, and more!

The most interesting news is that the film will work in a flashback style, where some kids are found at Coney Island after the monster has destroyed New York City and they find a camera and pick it up and watch it from the start. This quote comes from an article at New York Post that's digging further into the film.

"It's about an alien that wipes out all of New York City. The footage is taken the day before everyone dies. A bunch of kids come to Coney Island with a video camera. The movie is a flashback to that day."

The scenes were apparently filmed at the now-defunct and chained-up B&B Carousell, the famous boardwalk and at a hot buttered corn booth. That puts to rest any consideration that it might be Godzilla or Cthulhu or anything else. As has been said before, this is pretty much an original project from J.J. Abrams and his team, and isn't an adaptation of something we might already know.

Here's more confirmation from a different source over at AICN that the film indeed does work this way. Sounds even more exciting? It most certainly does!

"The film starts with a rescue crew cleaning up after the entire incident, and one of them finds a camera. They rewind the tape, press play… and the playback is the movie that unfolds."

For those who are still curious at to the name of the film and are trying to figure out what to call it, whether it be Cloverfield, 1-18-08, or something else, that will all be resolved soon. J.J. Abrams will be at Comic-Con in the panel from Paramount on Thursday afternoon and a source at SlashFilm has confirmed that the official title will be revealed at that time (or so we really hope). We will be at the panel on-hand to be the first to report all of what J.J. Abrams has to say, and possibly even a new clip from the film.

Lastly, a scooper for SlashFilm sent them two set photos that are (unconfirmed) from the actual set of Cloverfield, which has mostly been shooting in Los Angeles.

Photos removed per request of Paramount.

Some details are starting to come together on Cloverfield, but the film still remains a big mystery, and that's what continues to fuel the buzz. It's great to see a project like this really get so much buzz, because in Hollywood nowadays all-too-often a film is drowned with spy set photos, set reports, and too much coverage. This one just took off in a matter of minutes and has quickly turned into something huge.

Make sure you stay tuned, we will be the first to reveal the news from the Comic-Con panel in our live coverage next Thursday, July 26th.

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I think that would be really cool idea if it is the finding the camera story, looking forward to more details.

Stephen on Jul 16, 2007


After all this searching, I almost wish I didn't know what it was about now... Still, it sounds good.

Andrew on Jul 17, 2007


How the Hell does that debunk the Cthulhu theory? Cthulhu was an Elder God that fell from...hmm, let me think, SPACE! In lament's terms Cthulhu is, in fact, an alien. How about you read a F*^#ing book and get an education before you start making assumptions! Chump

TwistedFilms on Jul 17, 2007


Hey TwistedFilms, Aren't you in the fourms at Well i highly doubt it's Cthulhu, becasue someone with the film said it's not a remake of any kind. Which rules out all these dumb theroies. I think a Cthulhu would be cool, and there comming out with one. So just see that instead of this if you want a Cthulhu movie. I like the begging, but what is it a rescue crew or some kids? How did these two come about?

robofish on Jul 17, 2007


It does not have to be a "remake" to use the Cthulhu monster, as it's appeared in various stories. The octopus swims up, at the Slusho site. The most important thing in the trailer is the sound.

Cogitosam on Jul 18, 2007


It is has to be the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man, it has to be. Why would they say, it is alive. It seems Ray Stantz could not clear his mind and now the Marshmallow man is back!

Keith on Jul 18, 2007


Good article, It all makes sense. And i love that paramount asked you to drop those photos, that kinda set in stone what you said :).

qua on Jul 18, 2007


First i thougth it was about evangelion but there is no way i think this movie looks like another one but iam sure it has to do with some comic story why would jj also tell us the name of the movie on that big comic event tomorrow its a new story with a new monster and has no relation to any sequels or series like lost, but for me the evangelion theory is the best who matches to this movie and all other clues if you want read the story about that anime its amazing and it would matches to jj's style of making a movie ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 18, 2007


Great job getting attention, but not even close. The entire movie is filmed with a video camera, and it's not about aliens, it's about somthing from the atlantic.

poop on Jul 18, 2007


And we should take the word of some one named poop... Grow up.

robofish on Jul 19, 2007


If you go to you will see a 6 on the bottom of the page and under you just can't drink 6 and you have 6 click on opions on the page to click. =666 If you go to you will see three pic's with the number 6 in them when upside down. 12:31A pic, the devil looking girl has a 6 on her shirt 12:36A pic, the girl on the right, when upside down has a eyeliner 6 under her right eye! Devil between their heads! 12:48A pic, the lady in the middle when turned upside down has a 6 on her face! The 3 pic's =666 1-18-08 =Romans 1:18 God's Wrath Against Mankind The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness If you watch the video on this page On the end of time mark 1:24 to 1:25 you can see a angel down the street on the right side of the road. It looks like the second street light but, you can see it glowing. It looks like it's standing up with it's head down as if it was praying. You can see what looks like a wing behind it, it's gone after the head hits the building and cars.

BigTone on Jul 19, 2007


BigTone, I think the last part of your disertation is a little stretched, but I agree with the other asumptions. Maybe it's some sort of an Apocalypse scenario or something... If there are angels and demons fighting in New York, I'll definitely be on the first line of the ticket line! PD. Try to post a pic showing where's the angel.

AntaresMHD on Jul 19, 2007


Is it possible that this has nothing to do with Ethan Haas? We are trying to sort this out. Come and help us so we can figure it out together....

Unlived on Jul 19, 2007


You just posted the Blogger website. Of course it doesn't have any relationship with Ethan Haas.

AntaresMHD on Jul 19, 2007


Reading some of the other posts it looks like it does have something to do with Ethan Haas even though JJ says it does not. Looks like it is all coming from the same server....... Come leave your thoughts and help us sort this out: BTW-thanks AntaresMHD

Unlived on Jul 20, 2007


Hey... Look at u all...What a laugh... First of all the movie wont be released before time even if you know what it is..So watch the trailer (thinking: "what a f*cking great spot!! Its a must see!!!" and WAIT FOR THE MOVIE TO BE RELEASED!!! And second, i dont think it's a monster-remake, like stated in past posts, it a huge risk for a director. If he made Lost, and then f*cks up his rep and name with a monster/remake b-movie..And defently not a LION-Movie!!???!?! WFT?!?!..I wouldn't do that...!!!

Denmark on Jul 21, 2007


By the way.. according to TOHO (The owner of the Godzilla, and all related) they retired Godzilla until 2013. And it's Sony that own the movie rights... So no Godzilla... And Cthullu, or whats-its-name... Dont think so.. another to great risk....

Denmark on Jul 21, 2007


okay bigtone, that one gave me chills lol.

jtFan on Jul 22, 2007


yeah ^^

Cifty Fent on Jul 22, 2007


Sorry but, I'm trying not to go to far off subject. To many people are not looking at whats in front of them. That new pic on is full of photo shop like shadows, I'm still trying to find more clues.

BigTone on Jul 22, 2007


I don't know too much about it, but I am going to throw out an idea. I've watched the trailer over and over and me and all my friends are pretty positive the boy is saying Lion and not Alive. ignoring all the other things I've learned all I could see in my mind was the poem "The Second Coming" by Yeats. I really think the numbers on the pictures and the website are biblical references and this would support that theory. TY

Ariel on Jul 22, 2007


This is a undercover vid of the movie being filmed!

BigTone on Jul 24, 2007


HD Movieposter 01-18-08.... Give it a look

Denmark on Jul 24, 2007


could this movie be that 'monstreaus' movie i saw a poster of it and it seems to be that movie ?

Cifty Fent on Jul 24, 2007


Hey Denmark, it says that the account was suspended. Which one are you talking about, Cifty Fent?

AntaresMHD on Jul 24, 2007


Hey AntaresMHD Appearently somebody had it removed, but i have it... And after viewing the other sites that show the alleged movie poster, this one cant be fake coz its high def..

Denmark on Jul 24, 2007


Maybe it is Den, but we must check it out anyway, because it could be a helluva fake. Remember the Lost Experience, thousands of fake websites that seemed real, but weren't. Why don't you upload it to Imageshack?

AntaresMHD on Jul 24, 2007


Its there... check it out and comment on fake or not !!

Denmark on Jul 24, 2007


Ummm... I'm not so sure about this poster being real... It's hard to say. I thought we agreed that the head of the Statue of Liberty in the trailer wasn't from the one in Rhode Island, because it was a lot smaller.

AntaresMHD on Jul 24, 2007


You could be right .. But thats some of the flaws with CGI, not allways 100 pct.. And it is exactly the same image you see on the youtube/google analysis of the poster... Their just say ....Monstrous....

Denmark on Jul 24, 2007


that poster looks pretty fake to me. maybe they will show one at comic con since thats also when there announcing the name maybe they will have a poster to go along with it i hope :D:D

nick on Jul 25, 2007


Here's the real poster. The Apocalpse one is a fake. Here is the real one:

robofish on Jul 25, 2007


to # 35 That one could be fake to... U dont know if the one i've posted is fake or real. And you don't know if yours is fake or real... And how the hell can a poster shop have it already for sale, and it dosent even show that it is the "cloverfield project"..... It dosent ad up... My could be even more real than yours....

Denmark on Jul 25, 2007


Real Poster From EW Magazine:

karloz25 on Jul 26, 2007


well, i haf no clue wat this movie is about, but when i saw the trailer, it realli seems like it was a monster film, cuz of the sound of the roar, itz just a guess tho. lmao plus, letz see all the movies that JJ has directed or wrote, that might just show some clues. * Star Trek (2008), director/producer (announced) * Cloverfield [working title] (2008), producer * Mission: Impossible III (2006), director and co-writer (screenplay) * Joyride (2001), co-writer (screenplay) and producer * Armageddon (1998), writer (screenplay) * Gone Fishin' (1997), co-writer (screenplay) * Forever Young (1992), writer (screenplay) * Regarding Henry (1991), writer (screenplay) * Taking Care of Business (1990), writer (screenplay)

weirdo.lee on Jul 26, 2007


but the only thing this video wont have super good special features and the best quality because the budget only 30 million

afdbnhasd on Jul 27, 2007


Yeah afdbnhasd but over half of the budget was spent on special effects

Jenius on Jul 27, 2007


Hey BigTone on, Those pictures flip over. On the back of 12:04A there is a comment about "gonna miss the Hell out of ya" Not sure if that helps support your theory. I have no idea what this movie is about and kinda prefer it that way until I see it. Its still fun to speculate.

Lake on Jul 29, 2007


Yeah, I found that out last week about flipping the pic's.

BigTone on Jul 29, 2007


hey how the fuck are aliens monstrous? lol for the monstrous poster of the movie

Dave on Aug 2, 2007


AAAAND theres a trail THROUGH the ocean so its a sea monster if all thsi was said im not readin all your comments

Dave on Aug 2, 2007


oh AAAAAAAAAND tentacles like cthulu's face?!

Dave on Aug 2, 2007


None of you guys have been right yet. If you want I can ruin all your fun and tell you right now or you can be curious about it and still have fun with it. JJB

Jefrey J. A. on Aug 2, 2007


Well alot is said on this site.....every one seems to be speculating on all aspects.....of sci fi..... I want to believe that this could be a evangelion movie cause everytime I hear the roar in the movie's just like the roar or yelling that the Angels do in some it all up what an Angel is in that Anime , are aliens from else where comeing to destroy earth....we the people on earth have an organization that made a prototype defend against alien destruction. the prototype is called Eva / Evangelion......only Children power these prototypes.....cause Children have the most powerful mind so it is in the Anime......which would be so cool if they made that live action .......just like when they decided to make transformers live action.....and I have to say that movie kicked know what I mean......

Lordnikon on Aug 3, 2007


Although speculating is alot more I could only imagin the money these people are probably making of the speculating alone.......This movie! everyone right now does'ent know squat about it......But I garanteeeee! that when the movie comes out it will be SOLD OUT.....hands down.....the preview was priceless.......we need more previews like that these days.......just a taste......a that all this comes about......and everybody is already set to see a great movie......

Lordnikon on Aug 3, 2007


Check out my blog. I have figured out the title to this UNTITLED JJ ABRAMS film…..please read….

nightowl on Aug 4, 2007


Interesting comments all. Did you know you can FLIP the photos over. Hard to replicate sometimes.

sdv on Aug 6, 2007


to Jefrey J.A aka JB, im tired, its no tfun anymore, tell us!!

Brian B on Aug 7, 2007


After looking at the website I think the film might have something to do with a genetically mutated creature like a whale and that maybe if this Slusho beverage is consumed to much it harms people as well. In the Happy section theres also the phrase "Slusho is people" which reminds me of the movie Soylent Green. All very intriguing I might say. Anyone else come to similar thoughts?

mikey on Aug 8, 2007


How about a live-action movie of the game Black&White...

Denmark on Aug 8, 2007


The 6-6-6 theory is complete bullshit. You people are taking EVERY LITTLE DETAIL and comparing them to shit EVEN if it matches up A LITTLE BIT to fucking decipher the plot. If it WAS a bibilical movie do you think Paramount would throw out clues that easily? NO. And it was already stated that it is NOT a monster movie remake/prelude/sequel, ect. So my point is, you guys don't know the plot or movie title until it IS FUCKING RELEASED. In other words, enough with the theories - ESPECIALLY the ones that don't even make sense - and just wait for the fucking movie. Chances are there are A LOT of red herrings, or you're just trying to find something that doesn't exist. If the plot isn't released, it doesn't exist. if the title isn't released, it doesn't exist. End of story.

Matt on Aug 9, 2007


ok ok folks this is getting out of hand, it wasn't even meant to be a movie, it was just an attempt to see how many ppl would comment on a trailer, and since it's created quited a buzz we have now decided to make it, none of your theories are correct and has nothing to do with our project. jja

Bad Robot on Aug 10, 2007


Oh im sorry ... Im a fake... I know nothing what so ever!

Bad Robot on Aug 10, 2007


I just claim to know alot bout this movie... But infact i only read this place... If it was true what i said 'bout the "trailer buzz" .. Why haven't i, jja, stated it on Paramounts, slusho, or 01-18-08 webpages, and only here, at a second rate forum...

Bad Robot on Aug 10, 2007


JJ Abrams in fact said "1-18-08 is the only website they've found so far". Inferring that in fact there are more websites. They've not even acknowledged that is a "Cloverfield" website. I've been looking for references to 666 and monsters in websites. In my opinion JJ Abrams should release one more thing about the movie, in about 3 months. That thing is the title. That is all. Look at Snakes on a Plane, had the same net buzz as Cloverfield...probably cuz the movie sucked. Showed too much in the trailers and the formula is also to easy to predict. Any corellation to this one? Think the world will end?

TheScourge on Aug 10, 2007


The plot has nothing to do with the whole "666" thing. Its a MONSTER movie. - In the picture with the 2 girls and the "devil" in between them...well yeah, thats hair and a lamp post. Nothing else. - The references to 6 on the Slusho page....the 6 followed by the japanese at the bottom is like that because thats how an english number would be put into a japanese sentence....I dont know exactly what it means, but im assuming it has something to do with the "bet you can't drink just 6" phrase. The 6 buttons are just there because there are 6 thing to choose from...doesnt mean anything. And the other phrase in english "bet you cant drink just 6" is just there because thats there little catch phrase. OMG 6 letters in SLUSHO!!! -Refering to BigTones angel in the video thing....what?! The lamp post is glowing because, well i dont know....its supposed to? -The 6s' your finding in the pictures are WAY to desperate attempts to try and find some meaning....i looked carefully at them and found 5 6s' myself. Its all a matter of how loosely your willing to consider something as a 6. That aside, JJ himself said this is a totally ORIGINAL will not be based off anything at all, end of story. It might share some similar features with other things, but it will not be based on any other story. Personally, I really do believe this is going to have something to do with awakening a monster (from the ocean) which has something to do with the arrival of Slusho in the US. This is because it will be totally original and it would fit well with the whole Slusho theme of it. Thats just what i think...might be wrong because no one knows for sure what it is. Alls thats known is its original and has nothing to do with anything thats currently in existence right now.

Zild on Aug 14, 2007


If y ou stay on the official site long enough, you can hear a roar of a monster. Pretty cool but still gives no insite to plot of the movie.

pimpjuice on Aug 29, 2007


Hmm. Just watched the trailer again. No angel. Great concept, but no angel.

Kelly on Sep 7, 2007

59 ok I just fig something out about this THE PICS FLIP OVER!!!! & some have words on the back LIKE 1. Dont forget who takes care of you!! Love J 2. Here, use this photo to send a message of my hotness far and wide!!! Im gonna miss the hell out of ya!! Love Jamie BUT!!! wait a moment if the pics where taken the same night this went down how did they wirte on the backs of them...and if the the city was under attack how are you still going to write TAKE CARE & IM GONNA MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU... and for the people that are slow the pic that Jamie signed dosen't have Jamie in the pic it has LASCANO,PLATT And ROBBIE...soo??? and both are signed with a J..... well Jamie & J and if J is Jamie the handwriteing is not the same SOOO who is J? hell for that matter who is Jamie?? ok ok so to get the pics to flip make sure the one you want to flip is on top and no other pic is on top of and hold the left mouse button and shake the pic just little.. P.S. not all the pics have words on the back BUT this is as of 10:00am Sep. 13th we all know the site keeps getting updates THAT IS ALL

Crazyboy on Sep 13, 2007


Just measured the time it takes to hear the monster sound on the 'official' site : Dare I say it - 6 minutes, from the time the site first loads. No specific action seems required to trigger it. Personally, I think the sound is a kind of whale call. This links to the Slushi site, which talks about a 'deep sea ingredient' which makes you Zoom. In a dream, the 'deep sea ingredient' makes a small fish become a whale. We are told that the sound this thing makes is an important clue. Also, there is writing on the back of the undated picture showing a happy chef with something on a tray - my Japanese friend tells me it is a recipe for a cold dish with chicken and noodles. Perhaps with whale meat?

mayfield20 on Oct 9, 2007


Yeah....JJB i think you need to tell us (if you even really know?) its gonna drive us all crazy and i'm gonna commit suicide,so why don't you do us all a favor and end this big mystery right here right now!

Joe L. on Oct 15, 2007


Matt: Change your tampon. If you're going to have a case of the ass over this movie... DON'T FUKIN BROWSE THE FORUMS... (DERRR!) nightowl: MAJOR PROPS for all your research! I think you're dead-on, and I'd put my money on your prediction of the title! (it's got a good ring to it, too)

FyrDawg on Oct 24, 2007


BTW: on the home page of, click on the last button on the right, and read what the thought bubble says... creepy! Also: a couple of the "happy talk" bubbles are a tad disturbing too (if you keep the mindset of the trailer)

FyrDawg on Oct 24, 2007


I Googled Voltron and found this : Its the fifth link on the search. it seams to fit eventhough the dates are wrong, but it does say: Marks' take is described as a post-apocalyptic tale set in New York City and Mexico. Five ragtag survivors of an alien attack band together and end up piloting the five lion-shaped robots that combine and form the massive sword-wielding Voltron that helps battle Earth's invaders. Check it out.

Rory L on Dec 15, 2007


i've been following the hype around this movie and found a site called modern tonic that has clips and even clues...if u are interested

Rachael on Jan 18, 2008


Its fake! This whole thing is fake! Cmon! You realy believe this shit? Alright some of this is true, but the quotes are fake, the examinations are fake, all that crap is fake. I saw the movie! There were a bunch of kids and coney island but it wasnt an alien, the crew wasnt in the beginning. Just ignore this article, its not true anymore.

Idiots. on Jan 19, 2008


Okay. The movie's out now... No need to post forums. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

Fyrdawg on Jan 19, 2008


Listen, cloverfied is a american monster. The director wnted to make a godzilla but he didnt want to copy japan. Godzilla is week against water. So he made three water creatures. A mutated male, a mutated sea turtel, and a mutated crab.The sequal Monsterous is a fight between godzilla and the three american monsters.

Nate Johnson on Jan 19, 2008


HEY! I got an idea... STOP SPECULATING, AND WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE! There's NO godzilla, NO monstrous sequel, and NO turtles!!! One monster... ONE!!!

Fyrdawg on Jan 19, 2008


um idiots all of it is true the alien n they had 2 cut out the clean up scene.First the alien ... um at end the coney island scene did u see the egg drop down into the water?

cloverfield analist on Jan 19, 2008


hello, i just watched the movie at the theaters, and it ddnt have the flashback thingie or whatever, but some kind of military looking database or watever...

T.C. on Jan 20, 2008


Just watch the film.....Awesome!!!! Still confused on some things though.... First....what was that monster and what were those little spider things? Did the bitten friend die (I'm assuming so), and if so why? Why did they name it cloverfield...was that the name of the district or something? Did they kill the thing? Finally...I'm a pilot in the Air Force...and when a bombing run is underway....helos with civilians don't fly parallel to the action. I guess they had to do that as part of the story..... ***I loved the movie, but there were a ton of unanswered questions*****

Dave on Jan 26, 2008


This is to the thing about the ending scene in coney island, where you see a splash in the ocean. This is what happened. The Japanese oil company TAGRUATO drops a satellite (Chimpanz III) into the ocean as part of viral marketing (shown at the end of the movie when Rob and Beth were on the ferris wheel). TAGRUATO works with SLUSHO (a slush company), as the main ingredient for SLUSHO is found at the satellite dropzone (deep ocean). While searching for satellite and ingredients, they woke Cloverfield (the monster). The main ingredient of Slusho apparently turns a tiny fish into a HUGE whale, which explains the size of Cloverfield. Rob apparently was going to be the Vice President of TAGRUATO in Japan.

txheat34 on Jan 30, 2008


By the way i saw this comment above ^^^^^^ on another website

txheat34 on Jan 30, 2008


i think pokemon is great...

shaaaawoooopp on Feb 7, 2008


he doesn't say it's a lion ffs. LOL

ok on Apr 15, 2008

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