Comic-Con Live: Lionsgate Panel - Saw IV, 3:10 to Yuma, and More...

July 26, 2007

The second panel of Comic-Con 2007 features films from Lionsgate, including looks at 3:10 to Yuma, The Eye, Good Luck Chuck, Midnight Meat Train, Saw IV, and more.


3:44PM - Just about to start up. The dark red Lionsgate logo (see above) is up on the screen…

3:45 - An awesome intro with clips and footage from all of their films above, pumping up the energy and getting excited.

Good Luck Chuck:

3:48 - Introducing Dane Cook from Good Luck Chuck! Makes some jokes about it being his first Comic-Con and dressing up as Mumra. Asking about his "sex montage" and if they used any CGI. Dane is saying "yea, my penis was CGI".

3:54 - Rolling a clip before anyone else comes out on stage. "This takes place on the moon of Endor…" They're in a bath tub, that's the setup. Talking over the phone to keep them apart.

3:56 - Introduces Jessica Alba to the stage as well.

3:57 - Talk about working with Dane Cook and the best thing about working with Dane Cook. "Well there's nothing bad, everything's the best thing." He actually has a very good heart, and when I was insecure and not sure if I could do the physical comedy, he had faith in me.

3:58 - Jessica answering questions from the host while thousands of people swarm the front of the stage to take photos. Almost as if no one is listening, but nothing amazing being answered or said. Stay tuned…

4:01 - Montage of physical comedy clips, basically an extend trailer with a bunch of physical comedy clips. Lots of crazy hurting and good scenes.

4:02 - Director Mark Helfrich heads to the stage and talks about how exciting it was knowing that Jessica Alba is hilarious at physical comedy.

Q&A: "Bob Stencil" asks another question, as well as Optimus Prime from Transformers asks Dane what superhero he would play in a Fantastic Four movie. He jokes about he's playing Marmaduke in a live action Marmaduke movie - just a joke.

4:08 - That's all for Good Luck Chuck. A few boring questions and nothing incredible. Dane gets Jessica to show her shoes because they're gold tip.

3:10 to Yuma:

4:10 - Clip from 3:10 to Yuma featuring Ben Foster, looks pretty good.

4:12 - Ben Foster makes it to the stage and is being asked by the host about making this and why it was something that he said it's something he wanted to be involved in. The host says it's one of the best westerns ever and it will make a lot of people's top 10 lists.

4:13 - How different was it working on this stunt wise? "I'm pretty good with a gun, and I've played with it in the past, so that wasn't new." You're celebrating and honoring genres. In a western, you have to be an incredible horseman or gunslinger.

4:18 - Clip before Peter Fonda makes it to the stage. They don't make westerns anymore, why's that? There's an old saying in Hollywood that westerns make no money…

Midnight Meat Train:

4:33 - Brief intro clip for Midnight Meat Train and cast/crew: Vinnie Jones, Leslie Bibb, Bradley Cooper and Clive Barker and director Ryuhei Kitamura.

What scares Clive Barker? "I am a huge animal lover… I signed on with PETA and all those organizations."

4:36 - Clive Barker: "This is the real thing, this is the best adaptation… This is the best adaptation of any of my short fiction that has been made."

4:37 - Director Ryuhei says "there are only two good Clive Barker movies: Hellraiser and Candyman, and my mission was to make a better movie than Hellraiser and Candyman."

4:38 - How did he come up with the title? Barker: "I'm not very good with titles and I'm not very good with marijuana either… So I had a bunch of short stories and a bunch of titles missing, and a friend of mine…" He ate some "special cookies" his friend had and eventually he ended up with 11 titles…

4:41 - Asks Leslie Bibb how she got into this. She doesn't like horror movies and her fear was if she could do a horror movie. They saved all the scary stuff until the last 2 weeks.

4:44 - Vinnie Jones: Works in a meat factory doing the day, and a subway at night. An expert at skinning humans and an expert at cutting things off. Has a bag tools he brings around, his favorite being a spiked hammer.

4:47 - World premiere of the trailer - looks absolutely awesome. Great combination of the mind of Clive Barker and director Ryuhei Kitamura.

4:51 - Q&A: Are you going to be doing any other Books of Blood? Starting in October shooting the Books of Blood wrap around story. Story is about a man who has cheated the ghosts of their chance to tell their stories. Pig Blood Blues (I think?) - story about a huge cow that eats adolescent miscreants. Went off rambling about a big pig.

4:55 - For Clive, how faithful is the adaptation to the short story? Answer: It's very, very close in tone. Saw it for the first time yesterday afternoon and was blown away. It is a dark, dark movie… It'll be interesting what the MPAA has to say to us. Their keyword is "intensity" at the MPAA. This is a very, very intense movie, there are no jokes in this movie.

Saw IV:

5:00 - Producer Mark Burg and Darren Lynn Bousman take the stage first before a clip. Mark says, they just got an NC-17 rating by the MPAA. "We're not exactly what to do about it today." "One day we'd love to have the guys to leave it as is and tell them to…"

5:02 - Did you imagine when the first one came out that you'd get to 4? Mark Burg: "We watched the first one and said this is really good and it keeps on going…"

Repo! The Genetic Opera set to hit April 25th, 2008. There's as much violence and sex in Repo than the Saw films. "There's a lot of sex in Repo."

Burg when asked about Jigsaw dying in Saw III: "In our world, legends never die."

5:06 - Tobin Bell takes the stage after a brief intro recapping the first 3 movies and a "Hello Comic-Con, do you want to play a game?" audio clip.

5:08 - The clip they originally wanted to show and bring got rejected, it was the opening trap, so this is instead another clip. They wanted to show the first 5 minutes but were rejected because it was "too much." This is "clearly a step above the other 3."

5:10 - Q&A quickly: what are the difficulties of the quick turn around? Answer: The writers changed on this, was it different working with different "voices" than Leigh Whannell? The fast turn arounds, they are insane. It's like 5 and a half or 6 months. We haven't stopped making them since Saw II. From Saw II to Saw IV there was no one ever shutting down. It was a family atmosphere, there was no learning curve to get to know you. In regards to the writers, they're amazing. The script blew me away.

5:12 - Where do you get your ideas for torture? Answer: I've always loved disgusting stuff and the first movie he saw as a kid was Cannibal Holocaust, I love movies that do that. I can tell you when I saw these movies that disgusted me.

5:15 - Saw IV Clip: A guy wakes up in a funeral chamber (with the pull out tombs up the wall) with both of his eyes sewn closed. There is a chain tied around his neck and he wakes up trying to figure out what's going on. The camera pans across and there is another guy chained up to the same chain on the other end around his neck with his mouth sewn closed. The trap is one thinks the other is the cause but he can't say anything to make him stop going crazy. The guy with his mouth shout notices a key on the back of the neck of the guy with his eyes shut and therefore goes after him to try and get it.

They start going crazy and there is a machine in the middle that once they pull the chains enough it pops a lock and the machine in the middle starts winding so the chain starts shortening on both ends. The guy with his eyelids sewn closed starts going crazy and finds some tools on the ground like a hammer and a big hook. Eventually he starts swatting with them and they fight each other until one kills the other after being impaled with the hook. After the last guy gets killed while laying over the machine by having his face bashed with a hammer, the last guy rips open his mouth and gushes blood from his mouth. End!

That's all from Lionsgate this year! Not that impressive.

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