Comic-Con Live: Paramount Panel - Star Trek, Indiana Jones IV, and More...

July 26, 2007

The first panel of Comic-Con 2007 features films from Paramount Pictures, including looks at Star Trek XI, Indiana Jones IV, Cloverfield / 1-18-08, Sweeney Todd, Drillbit Taylor, Spiderwick Chronicles, Hot Rod, Beowulf, and more.


1:26PM - Waiting for the lights to go down and the first panel to fire up…

1:30 - "Please put your cellphones on vibrate… I just put mine on vibrate."

1:32 - Comic-Con's Program Director introduces the panel and some basic starting notes on this year. Including to make sure that nothing gets on YouTube, like last year.

1:39 - With no further ado, let me introduce the Lonely Island comedy troupe - Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone from Hot Rod.

Hot Rod:

1:40 - Launching the first clip from Hot Rod. Rod goes to his quiet zone after a fight with his step dad and dances to some awesome 80's music and does some gymnastics in the wood. Then trips and rolls down a hill for about 2 minutes straight. Great clip.

1:44 - Asking Akiva about music videos he's directed, including SNL's videos… Was more of a compliment, not a question.

1:46 - "Bob Stencil" wants to know where he got the idea for a Dick in a Box, because he tried it and his girlfriend sent it back. Answer: Talked with JT beforehand, then Lorn was like "no, you're doing one" so we decided we'd do it in the vein of an early 90's RnB song.

1:48 - I heard you on the radio this morning and they didn't seem to know Akiva directed this, so how did this compare to other stuff you've made. Answer: Well it was much longer, and it's not surprising how different it is, but it's how when it got similar to 3 dudes together in an apartment with a video camera. Says it was interesting how similar things are between 3 guys filming with a video camera and making a full movie.

1:51 - That's all from the Hot Rod guys…


1:52 - Neil Gaiman, Comic-Con's Guest of Honor this year, and screenwriter Jane Goldman.

1:54 - First up is a (long) clip from Stardust

1:55 - Michelle Pfeiffer uses her magic to convert goats to people and build a house out of nothing (but magic). It's now an Inn that she's using to trap the fallen star. Claire Danes (the fallen star) shows up and she lets her in and lets her take a room. Pfeiffer wants to give her a massage before she goes to bed. Another guest unexpectantly shows up and thwarts her plan… Per accident and chance they get the chance to escape with the guest's stable boy and just about escape before it ends…

2:03 - Q&A: How much of the book is in the movie? Answer: If you've read the book, you will feel at home. There is stuff that will surprise you, there is stuff that simply couldn't be done. We've translated things from the book to make it more filmic. The film feels like it's 100% of the film and the book is 100% of the book.

2:04 - Was Robert De Niro's part expand before or after his casting? Answer: It was expanded before, but also a little bit more after they knew they had De Niro. Gaiman "it embiggened."

2:05 - "I was wondering Neil, what it's like to be God… Nah I'm just kidding." Question about seeing Sandman anytime soon? Answer: I've been saying since 1991 that I would rather see no Sandman than a bad Sandman. I think the time to see a Sandman movie getting made is closer. It will take someone who had the same passion as Sam Raimi in Spider-Man or Peter Jackson on Lord of the Rings

2:07 - That's all the time for Stardust today… Gaiman: "We're doing it the way we've been told, okay."


2:08 - Neil Gaiman comes BACK out as well as Roger Avary - the same two we saw last night at the Beowulf presentation.

2:09 - World premiere of a trailer… at Comic-Con. Has already appeared online at Apple - watch it here:

2:11 - Same talk last night about working together and how Avary had his ideas, then he'd ask Gaiman and it'd fit together perfectly, it's like it all came together perfectly. So they went down to Mexico for 2 weeks and wrote it.

2:15 - They got their dream cast, not a single person said no. It'll be release in 3 different formats: IMAX 3D, RealD and Dolby Digital.

2:17 - Q&A: How do you make the choice of who'll be your artist? Answer: You read a lot of stuff and look at a lot of pictures. You build a great big world in your head of artists and you suddenly go, this would be the perfect person. At Comic-Con in 1993 or 1994, somebody brought me a drawing and later that person was the person who had drawn that and he met her and a year later she was doing one of the stories. "You just go to places where artists are and make noises like a writer and they'll find you."

2:18 - Asking about timing since there was a recent Beowulf movie in Europe. Answer: We wrote our script in May 1997 and we were making this in early 2005. You can't stop making because someone else is making a movie.

2:20 - Debut of the trailer for Beowulf mentioned above.

2:22 - Sweeney Todd mini posters debut, everyone in attendance will get one.

Cloverfield / 1-18-08:

2:22 - The original trailer in front of Transformers for Cloverfield / 1-18-08 debuts. JJ Abrams heads to the stage. His very quick statement on the film (as he'll be back for Star Trek XI):

"I want a monster movie, I've wanted one for so long. I was in Japan with my son and all he wanted to do is go to toy stores. And we saw all these Godzilla toys, and I thought, we need our own monster, and not King Kong, King Kong's adorable. I wanted something that was just insane and intense. It's almost done shooting and I watch dailies and I'm more excited for them than the trailer, which has had an overwhelming response. We have 6 months before this comes out. We're going to have a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch more." He said a full trailer, more clips, full posters, and much more will be coming out over the next 6 monts, including the name, which he will NOT reveal today.

"You think we'd call it Monstrous? No…"

So, the film is NOT a Godzilla movie, it is an original monster movie, and it is NOT called Monstrous!

Debut of the first teaser poster for the film:

Cloverfield / 1-18-08

Spiderwick Chronicles:

Authors of the Spiderwick Chronicles head to the stage.

2:30 - Talk with all of the Spiderwick Chronicles guys about their ideas and inspiration and seeing it all come to life.

2:31 - Step-by-step Goblin Character Creation slideshow. More concept art and maquettes and design of characters. Pre-vis and all kinds of boring stuff. Sorry for those of you who wanted to hear about this: we're getting ready for Indiana Jones IV and Star Trek XI.

2:44 - The teaser trailer for Spiderwick Chronicles - see it again here:

Drillbit Taylor:

2:47: - Taped video from Judd Apatow and the director with the first world premiere of the trailer. It's about a bunch of kids who hire Owen Wilson to protect them. They think he's a Navy SEAL, he's in fact a homeless bum on the street.

2:48: - Looking for a bodyguard? Some Mexican judo, as in "judo know what you want." Looks like pretty funny, but not as good as Superbad.

Iron Man:

2:51: - Taped greeting from Jon Favreau about Iron Man. Thanks for everyone, so come back on Saturday. Some early tests from visual effects is what is being shown, a very brief taste, is what he said.

2:52: - Preliminary animation from Iron Man. Some old school cartoon movie, very simple, a hoax. Favreau hits the stage with the Iron Man song (by Black Sabbath) playing the background and holding a video camera! He doesn't want to be the only person who doesn't put this on YouTube, so he's filming all of us, too.

2:53: - "We finished filming, and it went great, and as you know we did a lot of stuff with practical effects thanks to Stan Winston. I wasn't scheduled to come out but I was able to get away a little bit early because we're in good shape. Having a big panel on Saturday with Marvel." Asks the audience if we should show the footage now. They cheer - let's roll it.

Showing the Iron Man footage. Robert Downey Jr: "Is it better to be feared or respected? Is it bad to ask for both…" Tony Stark debuting a Stark Industries weapon in the desert with the military. "I prefer a weapon you only have to fire once, that's how dad did it, that's how I do it." Robert Downey outside of the party, getting in his car, being interviewed by a Vanity Fair person. Back out in the desert driving hummers. Gets shot at, tanks blow up in the desert. Wakes up with IVs and pulls away shirt to find his logo on his chest. Guy saves his life by attaching the light/logo to his chest.

Keeping shrapnel from entering his heart and it's a battery in his chest to keep him alive. Montage of him building the first suit of armor - the Mark I (photo here). "What are you building stark?" "I'm working on something big." Iron Man song (from Black Sabbath again) plays while the Mark I suit debuts and kicks some ass throughout underground tunnels. Woohoo! Flame throwers, explosions, bigger than Michael Bay's explosions!

Finally shows the full Mark III suit in action. Flying through the air, dogfighting fighter jets that are chasing after him. The Iron Man title gets slammed into the metal. Iron Man song playing in the background full blast again. Last clip at the end after the title, he's flying through the air and breaks the speed of sound. Jets all around his armor and his feet.

Indiana Jones IV:

2:59 - The theme song plays in the background and the audience cheers, then the screens go live to Steven Spielberg on the Indiana Jones IV set!!!!

"I'm pleased to tell you after 18 years we've finished 25 days of filming." Sitting next to him is Harrison Ford, but not on camera yet, Spielberg still talking about passionately making movies for himself, but this picture, he is promising he is making for you guys and for fans.

Harrison Ford: "It's great to be back with Steven and back in the sweaty and dirty clothes." "Glad to be making a dynamite movie." Introduces his sidekick, Ray Winstone, who is also in Beowulf.

Shia LaBeouf: "I don't know what I'm doing in this movie…" Spielberg says he has a lot of talent, really praising him. We're all here (the full cast). Reveals the old Marion Ravenwood back again to work in this movie (she was in the first two Indy movies, too).

In shooting every single shot, Spielberg is asking how is everyone going to respond, what will the audience think? Making it for the fans more than anyone. Great to here!

Star Trek XI:

3:04PM - The old Star Trek theme plays and the new poster debuts (see below).

Star Trek XI

3:05 - Introducing producers, screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and JJ Abrams.

3:05 - JJ Abrams: Always was a Star Wars kid rather than a Star Trek but still excited. Starting production in November. Wanted to share a little bit of casting with all of us. "How do you possibly top and even match the cast that was in the original series?" We're desperately trying to figure out how to fit Shatner, and it needs to be worthy of him and the movie. "So we're on that." And we're looking for a Kirk. As in - no official Kirk casting yet…

3:07 - One announcement they have today is Spock: Zachary Quinto will play Spock, officially.

3:08 - Q&A with Quinto: First off, loved you on Heroes, how much will your performance be from Leonard Nimoy, how much will be your own. Answer: As much as he wants to be, I guess is the answer. I intend to bring my own spin and working with those guys I'm sure we'll find it.

3:09 - Wondering if George Takei has said anything about being Spock yet and who would you choose as Kirk? Answer: I haven't talked to Takei yet, and I put the decision in their hands and intend to work with what they choose.

3:10 - Teasing with "more casting stuff". He's going to play Spock again: Leonard Nimoy takes the stage and the audience goes wild. More photo flashes than anything and much applause.

3:11 - Q&A with Nimoy: Thanks for years of entertainment, and I've never seen a man wear a suit like you did in the video for Bilbo Baggins.

3:12 - What do you think of the casting choice that they chose to replace you in the new film? People have asked me why I've been doing this movie: because we have a great director and a wonderful actor, and the answer is: "it was logical." By the way, I should mention, a fabulous script, this is really going to be a great movie, and I mean that.

3:13 - Abrams: We look forward to seeing you next year with much more to reveal. Nimoy "Live long and prosper."

3:13 - Paramount Panel has wrapped up and all is done and finished with this one. Stay tuned for Lionsgate starting in just a few minutes.

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First Comment, woot. I'm hoping for a bunch of good cloverfield leads. God I hope the movies going to be as good as the preview.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Hell yeah, refresh....refresh....refresh...

SuicideUnit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


Michelle Pfeiffer?? Didn't know she was still around...Thought she faded away after the second batman movie....

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


Gotta love the "RefreshEvery" extension for Firefox haha. Autorefresh every 10 seconds =D

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


I'll be vey disappointed if we don't get crap when it comes to Cloverfied.

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Yeah, its great 🙂

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


where is that "refresh every" option in firefox?????

zerocool on Jul 26, 2007


Can you imagine how PACKED that room has got to be??

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


I hope Abrams at least clarifies whether or not the Ethan Haas stuff has anything to do with Cloverfield. I'm sure there'll be quite a bit more though. 10 bucks says we get an official title and either another clip or some nice pictures. I heard rumors of a "Monstrous" poster going around. I'd say thats a safe bet.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Ahh I should've gone, I'm only 20 minutes away 🙁

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


wow chick that does milhouse's voice in The Simpsons is smoking hott!!! hmmm image may ruin the fantasy .....nah !!!!!!!!!!!!

abit2zen on Jul 26, 2007


Apparently the title "Monsrous" on the poster thats floating around is a fake. Not the poster, but the title. Someone may have photoshopped it on. Either way, the poster looks really cool. We shall see though...

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


its the blue arro buttom next to the X

rebels on Jul 26, 2007


Gotta go download the autorefresh extension dude.

SuicideUnit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


@AnnaBanana On forums somebody posted a link to a more official looking poster. Same poster of the statue of liberty, but there is no title "Monstrous" and it only says 1-18-08 at the bottom. That seems more believable.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Ahh Beowulf, I remember reading that in high school.

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Txs Gskellig, got it 🙂

zerocool on Jul 26, 2007


Naw, the monstrous thing aint fake. There are many different types of posters for one movie...The one thats being displayed everywhere is the "Artwork Promotional" Poster.

suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


I heard somewhere i cant remember where that the poster has already been confirmed and its without the word "Monstrous" on it.

Phantomson9 on Jul 26, 2007


What I mean is that the monstrous one was the one hijacked from the printing press, the one that was released is only the "Art Promotional"

SuicideUnit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


I don't think Abrams would let the title of his movie out before he got to announce it to the world. I can see a poster though, considering he's already let the trailer out. But not the title if he's kept it hush hush for so long. Thanks for clearing that poser thing up Phantomson9.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


No prob! im trying to find the link for you guys. Give me a minute.

Phantomson9 on Jul 26, 2007


Gskellig: Yeah, I've seen the one without the title, it definitely looks more believable. Besides, why would they let the poster get out with a title they haven't even released yet??

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


come oooooon cloverfield

sally on Jul 26, 2007

25 there you go i got that from the ARG forum in the topic Abrams at Comic Con.

Phantomson9 on Jul 26, 2007


ewww, boring... like I guess absolutely nothing went wrong when making beowulf... it was just sunshine and lollipops.

Ben on Jul 26, 2007


Even if "Monstrous" was the title, there's no way they would've even MADE a poster with that on it yet. He's way too careful.

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Pshhh..Cloverfield will probably be last, none of these other movies have as much hype for em....They are secretly cursing Abrams for stealing their thunder 😉

SuicideUnit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


Ben: haha, seems that way, doesn't it?

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


AnnaBanana: Haha exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if Abrams hasn't even told half the cast what the name of the movie is yet. SuicideUnit3351: I dunno, Indiana Jones IV has a lot of hype too. And I wouldn't put it past the Trekkie fans to be overexcited over another Star Trek film. (Psst I think this blog is being updated live... When the 2:18 comment came in my clock said 2:20. That's good enough for me.)

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


"Oh and I would like to add one more thing. With Beowulf being based on a classi....You know what, that's it! There is no movie. Fuck you Abrams! You attention seeking git! There is no Beowulf movie, what started in 97 ends no!" (other producers/directors ect grumble and walk out) "Go to hell Abrams!" "Screw you JJ!" "The first season of Lost sucked!"

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


I hope all of us Cloverfield dorks don't crash this site with the amount of bandwidth we're sucking up. LMAO

Laughing Man on Jul 26, 2007


Boooooring, come on, where's the juice??

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Yay for cloverfield and sweeny todd mini-posters!

Ben on Jul 26, 2007


Thats it. Name IS Monstrous. "We're going to have a bunch of things. A whole bunch more" More... secrets? Hidden trails for fans to follow? Sounds awesome.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


OMG! That's it? *sigh*

Laughing Man on Jul 26, 2007


That's all we get?!

Janni on Jul 26, 2007


That's it???? REALLY????

blue on Jul 26, 2007


WTF!? That was it... JJ Abrams-- you sir, are a tease!

Ben on Jul 26, 2007


Ok, Abrams, that doesn't help

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Is that really going to be IT!!!!!!!????

Phantomson9 on Jul 26, 2007


WTF......That is such bullshit, now I'm just getting tired of this crap.

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


you know what....GO TO HELL ABRAMS! SCREW YOU JJ!!!!

SuicideUnit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


Alright. I feel like I was just stood up.

JP on Jul 26, 2007


Well, we now know the title is NOT "Monstrous".

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Well I doubt EthanHaaswasright stuff is going to pull through. I don't think it's related. We'll find out on Aug 01. There was a lot of information given there. I think now would be a good time to start checking the slusho website and other stuff.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


How the hell do we get a clue out of this BS.....

SuicideUnit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


Unless he comes out with some really kick ass shit, people are going to get sick and tired of this reeeeally quickly. Not that we have a RIGHT to know or anything, but if he wants people to stay psyched about this movie until January then he better start doing some cool shit.

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


Go re-read the stuff up top guys, I added a few more things and details from what Abrams said... We're recouping to prepare for Star Trek XI and Indy 4 - stay tuned!!

Alex Billington on Jul 26, 2007


I'm glad he's not remaking another monster movie. I don't think the style of shooting an apocalyptic thriller from the "Blair Witch Project" style of home video has been done yet. I'm sure pumped.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


That is really it, after all it is only a movie, but the pre-movie games these days can be a lot of fun and those players like a little info now and then. I wonder if they really didnt expect this to be as popular as it has become?

jp on Jul 26, 2007


If that's it for 'cloverfield' I'm off the game.. was exciting for a while though

Anti on Jul 26, 2007


the budget is 30 mil .............the only thing he has is a clever trailer gimick ...........hes neverous because now he has to back up the hype and he cant .................this movie is going to suck .................

abit2zen on Jul 26, 2007


Negative much, abit2zen? He sure sounds excited for it. He doesn't sound nervous at all. The more people get excited about it now, the more money he'll put into it. Besides he said he's almost done shooting, so it sounds like he has enough money. Okay so I don't see any famous actors in it. You don't need famous people to make a movie good.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Hell the new stuff added just pisses me off more..

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007



STEVE KIDD on Jul 26, 2007


Steve: He said it's not Voltron or any other mechanical thing. It's organic. IMO, Voltron would be too hard to work with anyway. Too childish. A big robot? Come on. (PS: Typo on the Cloverfield entry- "over the next 6 monts" missing an H.)

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Now I'm really glad I didn't waste money just to go see him say THAT.

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


It was "supposed" to be called Monstrous, but the poster dealer who leaked the images a few days back and bragged about it... stole all the Paramount thunder so they will be retitling the film.

Sam Holt on Jul 26, 2007


name one monster movie shot on a sub-par budget in first person with no star actors that was a hit .......maybe alien ???? trust me when i say ive heard him be nervous.... get ready for the current cometive super-budget movie in production right now to counter this move and hype .....

abit2zen on Jul 26, 2007



STEVE on Jul 26, 2007


STEVE KIDD: He said "we need our own monster", don't you think that means something original??

AnnaBanana on Jul 26, 2007


They usually don't rename a film just because it got leaked. I'm almost positive at this point that was a photoshop. Notice at the bottom of the post your link goes to... "*Note* - This is information that cloverfieldparasite gathered and as they also stated, it may or may not be true."

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Right now, at the Comic Con - go to vendor booth #515 "MVP" the white lady there is selling the teaser posters with the title "Monstrous" behind the counter (you have to ask for them) since they aren't on display anymore. She said that Paramount told her that she wasn't allowed to sell them, but I just got one. She had a HUGE roll of them for sale.

Connie on Jul 26, 2007


Ehh, I kind of feel like Paramount has dug themselves into a hole here. IMO, they probably didn't expect this much excitement and buzz so early just from the teaser (most execs claim to not have known about it) and now with the mysterious slusho websites and whatnot everyone seems to be looking for clues in everything Abrams does, when let's face it-- it just isn't there. Unfortunately it seems die hard fans aren't gonna be satisfied till they find out exactly what the monster looks like months before the film's released. Their only hope is to try and let the film's hype die down a little bit and maybe resurrect it back sometime during November/December. I think that's what Abrams was doing here. He was saying "Look it's original and you're not gonna find out anything about till you see the movie." I think it's time to let the 1-18-08 stuff die.

Ben on Jul 26, 2007


Connie: Is this true? Can you take a pic of it? That would be REALLY weird for Abrams to change the name of his movie at the last minute. Especially telling the audience "You think we'd call it Monstrous? No..." When clearly he had produced tons of posters...

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Could also be a line of posters... Like for Armageddon or 300. One could say 'Monstrous', the nest 'It's Alive', culminating in the actual poster w/title.

JP on Jul 26, 2007


when does this end? i mean paramounts panel at comicon? jw incase JJs gonna leave us with 1 clue a the very end...

Monstrous - What A Joke on Jul 26, 2007


Iron Man clips were AMAZING! This movie may be the best next year out of any comic book movie... at least that's debuted at Comic-Con so far.

Alex Billington on Jul 26, 2007


Iron Man better outdue this movie...I'm pissed...

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


Alex.... that's easy The Dark Knight will be the best Comic Book Movieof 2008... come on.

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jul 26, 2007


is this only day we can get info about cloverfield? man im so pissed. every1s been psyched for 2day, and we get nothing. cheers JJ

Ben Calloway on Jul 26, 2007


Abrams! You suck!

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


I spent so much time on this...I frigging decompiled the entire slusho and 1-18-08 website, looked at every frigging tag located in there for the actionscript! I found the tags for the friggin cheese and oven mitt "Donkey thought" "Fish thought"....Hell I didn't just decompile it...I tore it to pieces, one object or instance at a time through every frigging frame and found nothing....except some links that go no where yet.....I photoshopped the pictures to prove to people if something was there or not...Hell I even made some photoshopped joke pictures...'Space Invaders" with my conclusion that ACE stood for Atari Computer Entertainment......Grah! THis just kills me! Not one bit of useful info...nothing...even the known sites haven't been updated....GRaH!

Suicideunit3351 on Jul 26, 2007


nothing on sweeney todd?

Phantomson9 on Jul 26, 2007


I feel like I have justed been fucked by a telephone pole

Fucked!!!! on Jul 26, 2007



JJ ABRAM = TWAT on Jul 26, 2007


#75 - Unfortunately The Dark Knight won't have anything but a teaser trailer, and I've heard it's not that much... or at least it is not the awesome footage we saw for Iron Man. The Dark Knight may be the best comic book movie of next year, but in terms of footage AT Comic-Con, it'll probably be Iron Man. The Dark Knight will not have any debuts until Wizard World Chicago in August.

Alex Billington on Jul 26, 2007


Alex- Check your e-mail... You are right about which film will have the better footage for Cannes.

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jul 26, 2007


Or you can just follow this link posted by other site. --The Dark Kinght teaser (bootleg)

TheGuyTheInThePJ"S on Jul 26, 2007


Oops... I meant "ComicCon" in post #84 NOT "Cannes". Oh well.

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jul 26, 2007


Wow, to be honest I'm more psyched for Indiana Jones IV now that Abrams has left us in the dark. A disappointing day indeed for cloverfield fans.

Gskellig on Jul 26, 2007


Dudes wtf ?? I know Cloverfield is cool and I'm hyped to but chill out! The info will be given to us through out the 6 months untill the movie + btw Their will be a new picture updated soon...

Stef on Jul 26, 2007


Fanboys are so dramatic. :p It's like a bad sitcom before the kid screams, "I hate you, Dad!" and then runs upstairs to his room.

Kelly on Jul 26, 2007


Wow, found this site by an external link. Great transcript. Hope you can do it for the rest of the panels as well 🙂

Elyse on Jul 26, 2007


FUCK JJ Abrams FUCK Paramount FUCK 01-18-08 FUCK Cloverfield FUCK Slush-o! FUCK Monstrous FUCK all this bullshit... In the immortal and paraphrased words of Cartman.... "FUCK you guys!!! I'M going home."

Anteros on Jul 26, 2007


You guys complaining about the lack of info regarding cloverfield are pissing me off. Why are you so up in arms about not knowing what the movie is about? Sorry the trailer isn't spoiling the whole thing for you like 95% of this other crap that's coming out or if it's not a perfectly cut and dry adaption of a comic book (Iron Man? Did we REALLY need that?...). Calm down, already.

Flagg79 on Jul 27, 2007

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