Complete Frank Miller Movie Adaptation Round Up

February 19, 2007

Frank Miller

The legendary comic book writer Frank Miller has got a lot going on in Hollywood at the moment. In addition to the feature film based on his Spartan epic graphic novel 300 opening in just a few weeks, he's previously had the immensely successful Sin City and a possible Sin City 2 in the works, and most recently announced is an adaptation of his graphic novel Ronin. Beyond being one of the most successful comic book writers, he's become a well known celebrity in Hollywood as well. now presents the current complete Frank Miller movie adaptation round up with the latest details on all of his graphic novels currently in production and coming soon. It will be updated with any news and announcements as they arrive. Please to keep track of updates.


300The comic loosely depicts the Battle of Thermopylae at the Hot Gates and the events leading up to it from the perspective of King Leonidas of Sparta. The graphic novel was published by Dark Horse Comics in 1999 and is available for purchase on for $17.99. screened 300 last weekend in Los Angeles and I will say that I was blown away. I was so amazed and in awe I had to go see the movie twice. Not only was everything that director Zack Snyder put into it incredible, but all of the actors: Gerard Butler, David Wenham, Dominic West, Lena Headey, and Rodrigo Santoro gave amazing performances.

» Although Frank Miller himself wasn't at the press events for 300, he did provide a written response regarding his absence and praised Zack Snyder's work:

"I can't wait to join the party that is 300. I've seen every inch of it. It's amazing. You've never seen anything like it."

To support Zack Snyder (and to help him with his Watchmen adaptation), go out and see 300! And to support the comic book genre and show Hollywood how much audiences do enjoy stylistic and outstanding comic book adaptations - go see it on March 9th!

300 Sequel

We reported that we overheard a conversation at a screening of 300 in Los Angeles that Frank Miller is interested in writing a sequel to 300. Unfortunately Frank had broken his hip and was not in attendance at the press events for 300, so no confirmation could be obtained.

» However, 300 producer Mark Canton did provide this response when questioned about the possibility of a sequel:

"If it all works out I'm sure we'll all be scrambling Zack Snyder and Frank Miller and everyone to figure out exactly '301'. Where there's a will there's a way, honestly. And the thing about Frank, you just don't know - he has a lot of stories he may want to tell that may be associated or not, but we just want this one to satisfy first."

A sequel will likely be announced upon the success of its opening weekend on March 9th. Stay tuned here on for details as they're announced coming up to that opening weekend.


RoninThe story is about a dishonored 13th-century samurai who is reborn in a corrupt and computerized 21st century New York with one last chance for redemption. Frank Miller has described "Ronin" as, "a superhero, science fiction, samurai drama, urban nightmare, [and] gothic romance." The graphic novel was published by DC Comics in 1995 and is available for purchase on for $13.95.

» At the press events for 300, producer Gianni Nunnari revealed that they are in a first look negotiation to adapt the Frank Miller graphic novel "Ronin".

» It was then revealed by that Stomp The Yard director Sylvain White would be directing Ronin.

» Following that announcement, got an exclusive interview with Sylvain White who discussed more on the project. Here are a few quotes from Sylvain:

"I haven't spoken to [Frank Miller] in person yet, but we have had some preliminary exchanges and so far so good. The 'Ronin' comic book has less of a strong identifiable status than '300'. It's a different visual approach which is more based on the production design, more than the way it is shot. The world is so dense and so different and dark and intricate. It's going to be a lot of work but I'm really looking forward to it."

"The idea will be to stay close to the graphic novel. 'Ronin' is very dense and very long so of course we are going to have to streamline the story to fit it within a movie time frame."

Although Sylvain said this is probably his next project, Ronin will likely be a few years out until we see it in theaters, given that it is only in very early pre-production.

Sin City 2

Sin City"Sin City" is a collection of stories with a film-noir like style set in Basin City with frequent recurring characters and intertwining stories. The comics are published by Dark Horse Comics and the first story originally ran in 1991. The entire "Sin City" series is collected within 7 volumes, which can be purchased as a set on for $70.00.

In the first Sin City movie, four of the stories were used: "The Customer is Always Right", "The Hard Goodbye", "The Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard". Not too much has developed recently on Sin City 2, and if I remember correctly, the latest news was that it was even on hold.

» According to initial details via last October, Sin City 2 would be based off of the story called "A Dame to Kill For" (pictured to the left) as well as a new story written by Frank Miller himself.

» The latest speculation posted on January 17th, 2007 on Cinema Blend is that Angelina Jolie, who was rumored to be in Sin City 2 for a while, is being replaced with Rachel Weisz, but that is not officially confirmed.

» From an interview in December at, Angelina Jolie said that she was very interested in still playing the role of Ava Lord from the "A Dame to Kill For" story. Also revealed then was that the film wasn't even going start pre-production until 2008 because director Robert Rodriguez's involvement with Grindhouse.

"We talked about it and I read the comic… I don't think the film is being made at this moment. When it's actually going to be made I'm sure we'll talk about it."

"It was a funny thing, because the idea came to me when I was pregnant… So it was this idea… I've been Clover (in 'The Good Shepherd'), depressed and quiet, and then I was feeling very maternal, pregnant. It was this idea of this sexy, violent and loud [character]… I thought maybe after I'm pregnant it would be nice to do."

With the current updates and rumors it seems that we won't see Sin City 2 until late 2008 or even 2009.

» There is also speculation that Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez will film both Sin City 2 and a Sin City 3 back-to-back. The 3rd sequel would be based on the story "Hell and Back". It's not at all confirmed but is rumored to at least star Michael Clarke Duncan and maybe even Johnny Depp.

The Spirit

Sin City"The Spirit" is one of the most well-known classic comic series in history. The comic was first created by the legendary Will Eisner in 1940 in a Sunday newspaper comic book insert. It chronicled the adventures of a masked vigilante who fought crime with the blessing of the city's police commissioner, an old friend. You can buy the original Volume 1 collection of "The Spirit" on for $33.99 or "The Best of the Spirit" for $10.64.

You're wondering why this is mentioned on a Frank Miller page? Ever since Frank Miller directed some segments of the original Sin City, he's been referred to as an actual good filmmaker and director. Although "The Spirit" is not a comic written or drawn by him, the poster above was created during last year's San Diego Comic-Con where it was announced by Frank Miller that he is writing and directing a movie adaptation of the film. Here are some of the quotes from a panel last year with Frank:

The full title of the movie is actually "Will Eisner's The Spirit." The movie, unlike the black-and-white comic book, will have color. How much has yet to be decided or is not revealed. Frank Miller will probably shoot the movie "Sin City"-style, using color as needed.

The movie will be a period piece with its fashion modeling "The Untouchables." It will be a serious, not tongue-in-cheek like the source. Nothing has been revealed about the plot, since Miller is still working on the script. He did say he will try to fit as many femme fatales as possible in the movie. However, the controversial (some would say racist) character Ebony White will be gone in the movie.

No other official word has come out about it and when it might appear on the big screen, but the project is still in the works.

The Future

Can we see Frank Miller becoming a staple in Hollywood, or heck, even his own genre? We're not sure yet, but he is making a powerful impact. I'm not too familiar with the remainder of his works, but is there anything by Miller that would also be incredible to see adapted? Leave a comment below with you thoughts, ideas, criticism, or dreams.

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A sequel to '300' would make about as much sense as a sequel to 'Titanic'.

no name on Feb 19, 2007


Warner Brothers (by extension to DC Comics, as publishers of RONIN) would probably have quite a bit more to say about the film, but haven't.

comment on Feb 19, 2007


Hey the sequel could be about the Battle of Salamis or would be cool 🙂

Mateja on Feb 22, 2007


Hello Dear Frank Miller I'm an Iranian girl,I don't have seen your film (300) but I heard that it is about Iranian people and you have described Iranian people as wild and wicked people,but it is not true. I know all about our culture and our anciet history and I want to tell you we were/are so peaceful people in the past and even now.I want to know if you are sure about the script that you wrote. Yours sincerely Maryam

MARYAM on Mar 17, 2007


Are any copies of the original 300 script available online for fre and/or purchase? I am interested in parodying the movie at my high school speech-and-debate tournament, and the original published script is required to be shown at the said tournament.

raduthehandsome on Apr 4, 2007


this moive was the best movie. I think it a good one

yo daddy on Apr 15, 2007


Came across this as I was doing my research project 🙁 Any way I haven't seen it yet and I didn't know that it was based off a comic.. thats cool.

Sephiroth_VII on Apr 15, 2007


What happened to 'Holy Terror, Batman?'

Wolfman Al on Aug 3, 2007


maybe if he does a 300 pt 2 he'll include some historical accuracy...or gloss it all over with the usual bigotry ( fighting evil darkies unfortunately, with the help of our homosexual greek neighbors). Frank Miller makes good stuff, but why is he so hell bent on ALWAYS portraying other races as evil? I wish someone would pick up a book or at least watch the history channel.

G on Aug 22, 2007


plis help me to get the 300 script because i need it so much to my thesis. tq

angga on Sep 30, 2007


I guess that this is the time to start thinking about a Dark Knight Returns adaptation... It is the best and most complex story by Miller so far.

TheOne on Oct 6, 2007


dude wolverine , what else , noboby has given such a gritty take on logan the wolverine as frank miller , if wolverine is going to be done and done right its miller who should be in charge of the script

matt on Jan 12, 2008


DARK KNIGHT RETURNS!!!!! It must be done for the love of God!

mark johnson on Apr 10, 2008

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