Crank 2: High Voltage is a Go!

October 30, 2007
Source: Hollywood Reporter


Although we knew this already, official confirmation arrives regarding the sequel to 2006's adrenaline-injected action extravaganza Crank. Officially titled Crank 2: High Voltage, Jason Statham is signed on again and the same writer-director duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor will be back as well. In Crank, Chev Chelios needed adrenaline to keep his heart pumping to stay alive, in Crank 2 it's jolts of electricity for a fake heart.

In this story, Chev faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered artificial ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working. A chase begins through Los Angeles.

If that doesn't make you giggle with excitement as to the entertainment we'll be seeing in Crank 2, then I don't know what kind of over-the-top plot involving Jason Statham would! Crank 2 will start up production after writer and directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor finish work on their film Game. The report does state that Crank 2 will hit earlier than Game, but I guess that's something Lionsgate will coordinate in terms of release dates, as Game is already filming.

I've already expressed my complete excitement for Crank 2 and it continues to increase. I loved Crank and this sounds like it will actually be taking it up a notch like a great sequel should! I really can't wait to see what they do with electricity and Chev!

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The original Crank is a gulity pleasure 😛 So I'll be in line - at the video store - to see the sequel 🙂

avoidz on Nov 1, 2007



Joanna on Nov 14, 2007



mjp on Mar 7, 2008


I loved crank and Jason Statham is my favorite actor, but the only thing that I don't get is. Didn't he die at the end of the first one. I know it showed is eyes move at the end, but I'm just a little confused by it. Either way I can't wait to see it.

Alex on Apr 15, 2008


Do you know if the topless shots on are real?

Anthony on Jul 3, 2008


Yea I thot he died at the end of the 1st one.. How the hell did they pull this out of their ass?? I hope they have a good explanation for how he comes back cuz I just can't see how.. Otherwise, do wat u do & I'll see it on video for sure

warnpeace21 on Jul 3, 2008


Chev (Statham) did Die in the 1st Crank. He fell from a Helicopter that was Extremely High above the City and landed on the Street (or a Car). Regardless of How they write it in for him (or Anyone for that matter) to have actually Lived will be very hard to swallow. If he actually lived at the End I would be psyched to see the Sequel, but now I'm not sure. I really did like the action and pace of the film. Myself and the Wife (who thought the film was "Stupid") at the end of the Movie were strangly pretty Hyper & Antsy (for at least an hour after it) just from the frantic pace of the film as a whole. Funny in Parts, worth a watch (maybe even a 2nd watch). I mean when will anyone ever see another Frantic Sex Scene take place in Broad Daylight in a pretty Crowded area, just to Stay Alive. Can't help but Laugh at that.

Scully on Jul 14, 2008


well he hit a car in first one and bounced car roof can act like an absorber and sky divers have been known to live after falling from much further hights. he might have needed to be in body cast and if so that might set up how they take his heart. who knows .

fuzzy on Jul 30, 2008


dude FUCKIN SWEET! STATHAM should be the next 007! seriously i havent seen the last 3 movies cuz the guys who play 007 look llike duchers

Zach on Dec 13, 2008


Zach, Rent Layer Cake. Then watch Casino Royale.

david on Dec 29, 2008


This is a complete joke. I just finished watching crank for first time it was on tv, i missed it before. It was at times a little like watching a low budget student film, but i admit it was different and i like the girl in it as well. But i cannot 'get' into a movie i go into not being able to suspend belief...and that is what it would require to see crank 2. I realized the moment they had his eye move in the final scene it was mean to indicate he was still alive and a sequel could happen. But we all are smart and know that falling from a helicopter thousands of feet in the air would have killed him(which also was a joke by the way, he fell i counted for over one minute, at that alititude he would have had a maximum of 25-35 seconds of free fall, he fell for one minute, a joke. Back to my comment on falling. He would not have 'bounced' in real life he would have splatted into a mess that would look like a plate of spaghetti, not lie there completely intact with his head in one piece. Some guy posted above that skydivers fall and live, yes a few have survived a fall but with two differences. All that have lived, not some or most, but all that have lived had a partially deployed parachute slowing their fall. Even a defective parachute still slows the fall and secondly the people involved fell into ponds, ground that was a muddy sink hole, an australian mangrove of bushes, all things that cushioned their impact. Not thousands of feet onto a car, that my friends is spaghetti on a plate. Stuipd and sill idea for a sequel.

Shark on Apr 1, 2009

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