Darren Lynn Bousman Hypes Up Saw IV!

June 13, 2007

Saw IV

If you hadn't already heard late last year after Saw III came out, Saw IV is definitely on the way. As a matter of fact, it's already done being filmed! Director Darren Lynn Bousman reprised his role as director again (for the third time, also directing Saw II and Saw III) and just finished filming - all to follow the same year-after-year release pattern. Although everything is tight lipped regarding the plot or the story, including even the basic idea, Bousman did speak recently to, hyping up the fourth installment. If you're not yet interested, then you might want to read this and get ready to be grinning with excitement.

Bousman starts off by saying no one knows even anything about the story.

"Nobody knows what this is about," Bousman said. "Every plot synopsis you've read online is false and untrue. The thing with Macfadyen looking for his daughter? Believe it if you want. But no one knows what this story is."

He continues about the MPAA's reaction and just how gory it will be.

"I'm going to be very curious about what the MPAA says about the first 20 minutes of this film. There's something there that is incredibly violent."

"Will it offend a lot of people? One-hundred percent," Bousman boasts. "Is it the goriest film ever made? We do some f**ked up shit. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the MPAA sees this. The opening scene is completely different than anything we've ever done in a 'Saw' film before. I'm blown away by what the prosthetic guys did in this. Sitting on the set, usually I can detach myself from what I see, but I was having a gag-reflex occurring. It was pretty horrific."

And finally, our favorite villain Jigsaw, aka Tobin Bell, spoke a bit more about the film and gave the juiciest quote.

Tobin Bell also talked to us about the return of Jigsaw. "You find out why I'm back in the very first scene. Why I'm back and why I'm around." And why should audiences come back for another movie? Because of "a tremendous ending," added Bell.

After having met Tobin during press coverage for Saw III last year, I truly have respect for him and I know he'll only take on a project that he believes in. And this time I think he saw the script and the story were still as good as the last three and took it on. And I leave you with the newest teaser poster for the Saw IV.

Saw IV

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Technically that isn't a poster, it is promotional art for an event. Regardless, I'm extremely excited to see what the Feast guys have in store for us. I really enjoyed Feast and of course I'm a huge Saw fan, so I can only imagine how good this film is going to be. I have a feel that it might be the best of the four, I certainly hope so anyway.

Hurmoth on Jun 13, 2007


OMG! The Saw series is one of my favourites and this article makes me very excited, especially that "tremendous ending" part. I love Halloween only for the Saw movies. I also love gore, so hopefully they aren't lying when they say this is gory, because when they hyped up Hostel as being very gory, I was very dissapointed.

Jeff Warner on Jun 13, 2007


I'm surprised this first image has nothing to do with the Roman numeral four which can also be used IV or intravenous therapy. There can be some nice dark humor to that image of an IV pumping something terrible into the body. Just throwing out the thought.

Charlie on Jun 13, 2007


I do love the very sly 'thumbs up' in the promotion pic. Very sly indeedy!

Marcus Leeming on Jun 13, 2007


Good Lord, this series will never end. People will always flock to go see some mindless, violent horror film. They're cheap to make and end up making money. Thus, we have to endure year after year of these lame movies.

Zach on Jun 14, 2007

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