Debut of Bryan Singer's Valkyrie Trailer

November 9, 2007
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Bryan Singer's Valkyrie Trailer

I first saw this in front of a Lions for Lambs screening just the other night and damn am I excited for it! What isn't to like about X-Men 2 director Bryan Singer taking on a WWII action thriller starring Tom Cruise?! Although Valkyrie looks quite awesome to the fullest extent, I'm not sold on its style yet. Apparently the story is split into two parts, the first introducing the characters and letting you understand how they could assassinate Hitler, and the second is the actual plan in action. Despite how much the trailer didn't get me foaming at the mouth with excitement, I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a summer blockbuster anyway. See for yourself!

Watch the trailer for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie:

[flv:valkyrie.flv 600 338]

You can also watch the Valkyrie trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

Valkyrie is directed by Bryan Singer, who previously directed The Usual Suspects, X-Men 1 & 2, and Superman Returns. The film's screenplay was written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun) and Nathan Alexander. Valkyrie arrives in theaters next summer on June 27th, 2008.

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pretty intense. looks very good.

aritt on Nov 9, 2007


The fading in and out trailer was a bit annoying, otherwise it looks good. Not sure about Cruise in the role, but I'll reserve my opinions till 2008 and the complete movie.

avoidz on Nov 9, 2007


I agree with that. I think the idea is pretty unique, the cinematography looks good, and i hope it will be good despite Tom Cruise. (not a big fan) I'm very hopeful, though.

derek on Nov 9, 2007


was it me or did I just see the whole movie. Looks a little lame

l.21 on Nov 9, 2007


The von Stauffenberg story is fairly well known (like going to see Titanic), so it's more about the actual "journey" through the film that we're going to see.

avoidz on Nov 10, 2007


Looks good, but hopefully an updated trailer will sell it to me definitley.

Ryan on Nov 10, 2007


Um, isn't tom cruise's character supposed to have a german accent! he looks ok in the role but damn it, the fact that he is speaking without a german accent is just plain ridiculous and has turned me off the movie entirely what was bryan singer thinking, did he just tell tom to just go for it!! I hope he doesn't make mistakes like that for the next superman sequel.

pradeep on Nov 12, 2007


God Tom Cruise's accent is horrible. I agree with pradeep it's a real turn off for me as well. As usual they have Americanised the movie for the American audience. Who will probably find it exciting because they don't know anything about Operation Valkyrie or the war, save the references they have learned up from lame movies like this one. bleh.

J on Nov 12, 2007


I should probably add... Two good, really excellent war movies are Die Letzten Tage which is about Sophie Scholl, and Untergang,Der (or in English known as Downfall) Superb acting, brilliant performances. Valkyrie will sweep the box office because of Tom....... but it will pale in comparison quality wise to these two movies, rated 8.5 and 8 stars respectively on IMDB. Trust the guy who handled X men to handle a stiff topic like this one. bleh.

J on Nov 12, 2007


Well J, Bryan Singer is much more than a superhero movie director. Remember Apt Pupil and The Usual Suspects? He did a pretty good job on both of those movies. And also, he's back with Chris McQuarrie, so Valkyrie is like a The Usual Suspects reunion. I can't wait to see this movie, though Tom is a turnoff, Bryan Singer does an amazing job with thrillers.

domino on Nov 18, 2007


Actors using foreign accents sound ridiculous when not done well - I prefer that they not use accents which they aren't capable of pulling off.

Winchester on Nov 21, 2007


It's interesting the British actors accents don't raise any eyebrows, only Tom's. Well, it does stand out from the rest with it's "Maverick" tones... We've had Kev Costner as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (which did cause a stink); Sean Connery's Scottish Russian Captain in Hunt for Red October (didn't think about his accent after a while). I'm sure there are many other instances. Let's see how the movie plays before passing too harsh a judgment 🙂

avoidz on Nov 22, 2007


My problem with this film is not Tom Cruise's accent (or any of the others for that matter). It's just Tom Cruise. Why does an American have to have the lead role. There are many fine European actors that could do the job so much better. I suppose in the end, it's not about art, it's about money.

Barbara Jackson on Dec 22, 2007


Well, this movie is already hitting nerves, including mine. At least some of the fools in this blog are. Who thought Tom Cruise was a great actor 2 or 3 years ago?; and don't lie. Everybody did, that's who. Everybody can take the easy route & judge him for his personal life. I've been guilty of that. I don't agree with Scientologists. There, I said it. But you know what, he's still one of the greatest actors of our time. By the way, to the Dumbasses that had comments about the missing German accent in the film. Nazi's did not have German accents. They spoke German. I'll guess that many of us do not want to read subtitles for 2 & a half hours. Do you want to know why an American landed the lead role Barbara? Because this is an American made film genius.

Sinner on Dec 29, 2007


Gee, sorry sinner. I wasn't sent the memo that said an American film had to star an American. I'll keep that in mind, next time I see a movie starring an Australian, Brit, Canadian, etc., etc. I'll just take it at your word the movie is made in the lead actors home country. Good enough for ya, 'genius'.

Barbara on Dec 29, 2007


Now you're gettin' it.

Sinner on Dec 29, 2007


Sadly, you don't seem to be.

Barbara on Dec 29, 2007


You are 100% correct about the many talented European actors in the business. Unfortunately that statement is more than a little vague when discussing accents. Europe has more diverse accents than any other continent by far which causes a problem with your "logic" Pitch me just one, well known, "German" actor that studies & prepares for a role more thoroughly than Cruise. To the point of building a characters back-story, pre-script, in order to immediately deliver a reaction or emotion specifically from his character & not himself. Can other actors do this just as well? Yes, very few. Can other actors do this better? I say no. Then again, that's just me. Who cares what I think, right Barbara? I'm just trying to kill some time @ work.

Sinner on Jan 2, 2008


Looks really good apart from Tom Cruise being in it (He cant act) there's always a big fucking grin on his bake. They should of got Bale or even hugh jackman for the part. I only ever liked 1 film of Tom cruise and that was War Of The Worlds Still going to see it tho.

David on Jan 4, 2008


Believe it or not, I'm not a huge Cruise fan either but you guys are full of shit. He's one of the best actors of our time. A few years ago everyone would agree with this but too many let the tabloids and his personal life cloud their judgement. The reality is that this has not changed. Top Gun, Born On the Fourth of July, Interview w' the Vampire, Jerry Maguire, The Last Samurai, all great movies & my personal favorites. He's also worked w' some of the best. (Jack Nicholson, Robert Duvall, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris etc.) You're right, he can't act. Bullshit! These are the elite. Do you actually think they would work with Cruise if he wasn't a great actor? The answer is "hell no". Give me a break!

Sinner on Jan 4, 2008


look he's shite and i bet u do like him. Watch War of the Worlds and u will see what i mean. Aliens is killing people all around him and he's standing there watching it happen while grining like a Cat. Good film - Bad Acting Tom Cruise................... more like Tom Hanks, now thats someone who can act

David on Jan 5, 2008


Actually, War of the Worlds was OK. I just don't like David.

Sinner on Jan 5, 2008


The funniest thing about this; there is no way I'm seeing this movie. It might be good but it's not the type of movie I'd spend money to see. Tom Cruise should get on First Showing and defend himself so I don't have to. Blog wars are fun though, aren't they? FIN.

Sinner on Jan 10, 2008


At first when I saw the name of this video. I thought the band Angels And Airwaves made a video.

AVA on Mar 9, 2008


Hey Sinner, JAN 4: "Believe it or not, I'm not a huge Cruise fan either but you guys are full of shit. He's one of the best actors of our time." I dont care whether you think he is a good actor or not, but at least construct your sentences properly. You say you are not a huge cruise fan, and then in the same breath you think he is one of the best actors of our time? You obviously dont watch anything outside of Hollywood films do you. This is also made apparent because of your distaste for subtitles - go and watch something on SBS! This movie will get ratings and viewings because of the content, not because of Cruise. I personally think that the movie could be really good, and I agree with you that there shouldnt need to be an accent - the actors should have learnt their lines in german......there's a challenge for your scientologist nutcase.

Ginny on Aug 26, 2008


Since any form of art is subjective I thought I'd give my subjective point of view. Tom Cruise for me is just alright as an actor. He was never nor is he now (can't say will ever since I can't foretell the future) one of the greatest actors of our time. I'm sorry, but Tom Cruise has always played well...basically Tom Cruise, just with different looks and hairstyles. He's a personality actor, not a character actor. One of the tools that an actor must use is the ability to transform themselves not just on the outside (though this should really be commended on the make up artists and the wardrobe department) but they should transform themselves internally. He has never done an accent apart from his own, at least not to my recollection. If you study his films, you'll find that it's Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise as an angry lawyer in "The Firm" or "A Few Good Men". And It's Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise as an angry guy in "Born on the Fourth of July" or "Jerry Maguire". It's Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise as the adventurer/action guy in the 3 Mission Impossible Films, "Top Gun", "Collateral", "Minority Report", "War of the Worlds", etc. And the rest of his movies, well, it's just same old same old Tom Cruise. There is no range in his acting. I don't get lost in his characters when I watch him on screen. He is exactly how he is in person and I should know I've met the guy in person. The really good actors are the ones that you can see that they've really thought their character through. The little tiny nuances has been well-placed and well-thought out, their accents impeccable, their movements and actions reveal the character's personality, their subtexts voiced out and each line not haphazardly said. These are the marks of a great actor. With that said, to Barbara, I understand how you feel. There are way better actors than Tom Cruise who hail from other parts of the world. But, an actor should not be defined by his race/nationality and that he/she are only allowed to play characters within their nationality. How stifling would our world be if we were boxed in like that. I think the best actor for the part should get the part regardless of race or nationality. And oh my goodness, the movie would have been way better if they just did the friggin accents! At least if it's not in its original language somebody put some accent in those voices, this makes the film a bit more authentic and we wouldn't have to be thrown off by the wrong accents.

Me on Sep 26, 2008



vicky on Jan 21, 2009

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