Desert-Filled Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer Now Online

February 21, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

I won't lie - I actually thought this trailer was pretty cool. I was watching it in front of Ghost Rider going "what the heck is this?" then saw the Umbrella Corp logo. Even if you completely hate the series, it's worth watching once. So without further ado, Yahoo has debuted the internet (and high def) version of the new Resident Evil: Extinction trailer - watch it right here!

The film is due out on September 21st and brings back Milla Jovovich for apparently the third and final time. It's directed by Russell Mulcahy, who also directed the first few Highlander movies. Any other thoughts on this trailer - good or bad?

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I really think it's interesting that Alex and I are really hitting different ends of the spectrum lately. When this was shown in front of the Ghost Rider screening I was at, everybody (including myself and the people I was with) groaned. I'm not going to take a giant dump on Paul W.S. Anderson because I have actually somewhat enjoyed a couple of his films (Event Horizon, RE: Apocalypse), but he has a VERY uneven track record with his other films. I'll personally be waiting until I hear an avalanche of good reviews before I check this one out.

FS Dave on Feb 21, 2007


No, see that's the problem. I groaned every time I heard of Resident Evil 2 or 3 (on the net), because I never saw 2 and just have a bad taste after what I "heard" about how terrible it was. But I actually opened my mind, unlike you, and saw that a good, enjoyable, entertainment filled movie could possibly come of this because the trailer was so unique. That or they just made a great trailer, which is pretty much the case because so damn many trailers are fantastic and movies aren't. You should just accept and enjoy the trailer itself and groan when you actually see it, stopped with the pre-conceived notions!

Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2007


Ok, so did you miss the part where I said that I actually somewhat enjoyed RE: Apocalypse? The problem is with the newest RE trailer is that it looked like crap (to me) before Mila ever showed up on the screen. I'm sure this would make for a good game. As always, I will be willing to say I'm wrong if proven so, but this just doesn't look any good. I HATED the first Resident Evil film. It was paced like crap and felt like a video game, not a movie. Anderson produced and wrote the second film, and I liked it as popcorn fun. From what I have SEEN in the trailer, not read online, not heard second hand, I'm saying that this looks like garbage and I think it's prefectly fair for me to say that they have to win me over. I wasn't even aware that this film was being made, so you really can't tag me for pre-judging it before seeing anything. What I am saying is that this trailer sucked. It looked like some cosmic collector grabbed Earth's "wonders" and put them in his cosmic sandbox, then out came Mila. At this point, it totally lost me and any amount of interest that may have carried over from the second film. It seems to me that you're the one with pre-concieved notions. I had no idea that this was a Resident Evil trailer. The way the trailer was put together and the way it was presented moved me to the opinion that I stated in my original post and still stand by. I didn't say "Oh, this is the RE trailer and it's going to be the sux0rs!". I took the trailer for what it is, and that would appear to be a shiny, fresh turd.

FS Dave on Feb 21, 2007


Whoa, whoa, calm down, no need to get are riled up over a damn trailer! I'm just saying I thought it looked cool, I mean a sand-covered Vegas - awesome! And I just thought you were dogging it cause you hate Paul W.S. Anderson and you dislike the RE series - that's why I thought it was pre-conceived. Just relax and enjoy the other good trailers out there - obviously you won't be seeing this movie.

Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2007


neat ^^

Nick on Feb 21, 2007


It's all good. You just tend to make sweeping generalizations (like my pre-concieved notions) and it caught me at a REALLY bad time. Sorry I went off like that, but the trailer still sucks. 😛

FS Dave on Feb 22, 2007


The movie looks ok but I'll wait to see it before making any final judgements. I like RE: Apocalypse but didn't much care the first one. There does seem to be a formula with the RE trailers though. They start off with something that is completely unrelated to the final movie like the Umbrella regeneration commercial in the RE: Apocalypse trailer or the Vegas billboard in this one.

Coder2000 on Feb 24, 2007

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