Director Matthew Vaughn on Marvel's Thor

September 18, 2007
Source: Empire Online

Thor and Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn, who launched his directing career with Layer Cake in 2004 and followed it up with Neil Gaiman's Stardust this year, is already hard at work on his next film - Marvel's Thor. We've mentioned the project as one of the many in the works from Marvel, but this is one of the first times Vaughn has spoken out about it and the style he's going for with the superhero.

The interview comes from Empire Online, who gives a good overview of the comic book film and discusses some details with Vaughn.

"When I went into Marvel for my first X-Men meeting, I saw a figure on the desk and said 'are you guys are going to make Thor?' They said, 'We're just going to commission a script. We want to do it like Gladiator with Norse mythology and the birth of a superhero.' That really stuck in my mind. And when Marvel saw Stardust, they asked me to do it. So here I am, back again and prepping Thor."

The biggest issue surrounding a film about Thor is considering who exactly this superhero is and his placement in the world. Typically Hollywood has set comic book films in the modern day and in our modern world - Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are all like this. With Thor, the mythological version is set back in ancient times in Asgard, whereas the comic version is set in modern times. Vaughn's interest is in setting the film primarily back in Asgard - essentially meaning Gladiator with Norse mythology as stated above.

"My only concern initially was that it's another fantasy film [after Stardust], but it's different in the sense that it's a superhero film set in the world of fantasy. You've got Thor and Odin and it's set in Asgard - it's not going to be like Lord of the Rings or even Narnia. I think it's important to keep it comic book. We're not doing the Thor of Norse mythology. We're doing the Marvel Thor."

As for Thor being the immensely powerful superhero that everyone who reads the Marvel comic book knows him to be, that will definitely be the case. Marvel actually asked Vaughn, "You are going to make Thor more macho? Right?" His response was plain and simple, "Don't worry – Thor's not going to be wearing a dress." I would like to use the cliché of "that says it all", but really it almost says nothing. The most that statement says is that at least Vaughn has a grasp on Thor and in general that's a good start.

I've got to admit, Thor doesn't top my list of comic book movies I'm looking forward to. Honestly I didn't even like Stardust that much. I really hope Marvel put this project in the right hands, and given some of these statements from Vaughn, I'm a little more confident that they did.

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Or, he bolts at the last minute and they bring in Brett Ratner to direct. Thor becomes a bouncer at the Playboy Mansion, there are Norse Bunnies galore and hilarity ensues! On my super hero radar, nothing tops Iron Man and the Dark Knight.

William Mize on Sep 18, 2007


I nominate Jack Black as Thor, and have Tenacious D write a rock opera for it.

Andy Pickard on Sep 18, 2007


The best marvel movies happen when directors take the opportunity to make something that the comic books never even achieved, while paying homage to their best incarnations. Jack Kirby's Asgard is a pretty noble vision to aspire to- but please, let Thor kick some ass. WHy NOT throw just a little bit of LOTR in there, make him more Norse than before? This director's problem is that he doesn't know where the SPINE of the storyline is, in a film. Who should I have cared about in Stardust? What in particular did he contribute to Layer Cake? The introduction to Thor will have to have a heavy presense of Loki- and have HIM cast by an exceptionally talented actor, who can bring more life to Loki than any of the comics EVER did. Then, Thor himself will have to be portrayed as growing into the Ass-Kicking God of Thunder we all know him to be now. The Steve Rude 'Mighty Thor' stories, where it's an Asgardian Elder sharing stories with the young Thor & Loki would be a fantastic launching point: a Vividly imagined, slightly celtic/more Germanic Asgard, that still pays due tribute to Kirby's vision. Then, have Loki land on present day Earth, and begin his mischief-making, to try to rule things here instead of sticking around where his dashing brother gets all the Glory & the Chicks. That will force Thor's hand to come to Earth, at the Orders of Odin, and create the conflict in his character that sets his Earth-bound incarnation into motion. Have Donald Blake teach Thor a lesson or two about duty and responsibility. He is a Doctor, after all... (and why not make Dr. Blake's life a bit like 'ER', or better yet, 'HOUSE'?) That might be the balance right there: An actor who could flesh out Donald Blake/Thor, balancing 'House' with 'Aragorn/Boromir' (and the young Thor kind of like Legolas); put up against a very strong, charismatic Villain, portraying Loki (someone with a range, classically trained- like Hugh Laurie!); and then jeez, how on Earth do you Cast ODIN??? John Rhys Davies would make a good Odin. At least he's got the VOICE, (although he's what, Scottish?), and you could make him even taller than he already IS! Plus, he's already displayed affinity for Marvel- as he played the KINGPIN in the ultra low budget- "Trial of the Incredible Hulk" made for tv-movie. Hell, have Jonathan Rhys Myers- another English actor, coincidentally named- cast as the young LOKI. It'd make for an interesting casting decision, and he'd probably do exactly the job you're looking for! (That dude was E.V.I.L. in 'Match Point') Then- Thor, Thor, Thor... I dunno. Heath Ledger as the young Thor? (he's probably booked) That guy from 3rd Rock- he's a serious actor these days. Then have Heath Ledger as the grown up Thor. He's trying to score actor points these days, and he's pretty good, to boot. Just please, please, please, pLEASE, don't have Dinero do any more tap-dancing. Dinero: Yes. Tap-dancing: no, no, no.... GOD LUCK!

Djomigod on Sep 19, 2007


i nominate Triple H to play as a God of Thunder Thor, his the best person to portrait thor

Nhadz on Jul 27, 2008


Only Alexander Scarsgard could do this role justice!

K T on Dec 19, 2008


I agree with KT, Alexander Scarsgard would be perfect!

Tab on Jan 5, 2009

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