Early Hostel 2 Reviews: Better Than The First!

May 31, 2007

Hostel: Part II

The sequel to Eli Roth's Hostel, Part II, from early in 2005 will be debuting in theaters the following weekend, on June 8th, and is poised to be quite a shocker, both at the box office and on screen. The first one, although not highly regarded by many, was a fresh new look at gore and torture in the horror genre. This latest sequel is supposed to be a step above and beyond that, and writer-director Eli Roth has pulled out all the stops to deliver.

The first ever screening occurred last night in San Francisco and a couple of other websites were there in attendance. Normally I don't make an effort to point out early reviews and feedback like this, but given that this film needs a bit of encouragement (and Eli Roth told everyone at the screening to mention it), I thought I'd point out these two very positive first reviews.

The first is from our good friend Peter Sciretta over at SlashFilm, where he gives the film a 7/10 and states, "This film shows Roth’s growth as a cinematic horror director. There were some shots and sequences that impressed me immensely." Eli Roth was also at the screening and encouraged him to break all rules and post the review early to get the good word out. I also heard directly from Peter myself over the phone after he got out of the screening that he "loved it" and possibly would even say it was better than the first.

The second review comes from Michael Guillen at TwitchFilm, who also praises the film. Here's a brief excerpt from his review: "Hostel 2 takes everything I found offensive about Hostel and ups the ante, becoming even more outrageous and, in the process, somehow funnier and—dare I say it?—more enjoyable. Perfectly pitched to the extreme, Hostel 2 emerges unabashedly camp and this is why it's a better movie than its predecessor." Another great bit of early feedback from a fairly anticipated big summer horror movie.

If these two very positive reviews don't happen to excite you at all, than you're probably not a horror genre fan or even remotely interested. However after hearing all of this good news, I'm looking forward to Hostel 2 quite a bit. There's not that much blood and gore to look forward to this summer (just big explosions and laughs), but this one may put a dark damper on the summer nights.

Keep watch for more Hostel 2 updates and to let us know what you think next Friday, June 8th, once it hits theaters.

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I hated the first Hostel and really didn't like the sneek peak in front of Bug. However, I have been hearing things that this one is better, so I might check this out. I will need to see more good reviews to actually get me there though.

Jeff Warner on May 31, 2007


First off, Let me start by saying, I'm a Eli Roth fan... I loved Cabin Fever, and I thought Hostel was one of the most enjoyable new/old Horror films of the decade. Now that being said, Hostel II was a huge let-down.. In fact, I'm very surprised the film is getting good reviews. Eli seemed to be eager to please critics, because the film is so tight , there is no room for any fun. Remember Eli... make films for yourself... not the critics.

TheGuyInThePJ's on May 31, 2007


I was at the screening last and I absolutely despised this movie. Poorly paced, the first 50 minutes are all about the build up. This is actually the part I enjoyed while the avid fans seemed to be squirming from boredom. Then we are doused with 40 minutes of ugliness from unlikable characters. It's easy to shock. Just ask director El Roth, who has written a scene where a little kid gets shot in the head. Torture is also easy. Creating true suspense with depth requires skill. Eli Roth certainly has enthusiasm, as evidenced at last night's screeniung, but I suspect his good looks have gotten him alot further than his talent. You may say this is real life, or it's only a movie, or don't go see it if you know what it is. From a true horror fan, I find this insulting to the genre. This is the type of film that gives horror a bad name.

chuck on May 31, 2007


Chuck - hold that thought, as I'm sure I'll have something to respond with once I see it, which won't be until next Friday. I won't know if I'll agree or disagree with you until then, but I'm interested in responding given how polarized the opinions on this movie and Eli Roth are. So stay tuned!

Alex Billington on May 31, 2007


ya i saw this movie already actually i saw it on the 24th of may i am 15 years old and of course not allowed to get into advanced screenings but anyways i have to say this film is everything i expected gore blood gore wow my favorite part is when that annoying weird girl gets hung upside down and and back and neck slashed so that chick can bath in her blood i felt so satisfied cuz the whole movie i was waiting to see the scene where this annoying retard gets it (i know its mean but come on u go see it and youll know what im talking about) but anyways dispite what some may say it was good i give it 8/10

ckilla on Jun 2, 2007


Hey! I'll give a 500,000 US dollar to watch a film with Eli Roth being drawn and quartered, I think that would be great! He make a great meat puppet! I bet it would win several awards, too. ROFL. Hell, the sequal could be Eli raping his mom while beating his father to death with a wrench. Now that would be a great film. I bet it would win an Academy Award! Eli Roth is a fucking sadistic daddy's boy. Fuck him.

Jason on Jun 2, 2007


if i may say, i agree with most of the author comments and reviews. i think hostel 2 is much much much better than the first one, especially due the focus on the content and the chain of events contrary to the its predecessor. one of the best films i ever seen and one of the films that will make you think all around (long after you finished watching it). the best element in this sequal is the in depth look into the organization logistic. watching these detalis make you wonder about money, about people, about life. more over, it will make you want to do something to change the ego side of humanity cause it shows you how low can we get when we are all occupied on our own goals and ego instead of fulfilling humanity destiny by learning to give not to get. the realistic picture which drawn in this movie can make you feel the bad nature of humanity, and the need to change it asap, because otherwise, the outcome is a total disaster. it can show you the darkest side of money persuit and the darkest side of the 'excitment' fulfilling, which common to all of us in diffrent levels (and the levels issue is also shown in hiddn clues. i.e.: when the american guy cant finish the work and presented as 'sensitive' pervert who just realized he made a terrible mistake which will cost him in his own life, for all the meaning). the highlight of this reflects in the epus top of the film story, the last part, when the victim buy his way to freedom and life with the support of money (of course), and when the appropriate price can even change the balacnes when the pervert criminal becomes the victim of its own deeds (and this is common to stuart and to the seductive lady as well. they both suffer the same ironic goring ending, which make you release a breath as the poetic justice finds itself in the best way, as always). i think that this film is brilliant, a must for all of you out there who really like thinking and not merely watching blood and gore. by the way, the blood scenes are not that good as those we all remember from the first film, but they still better and overcome the last merely to the fact that the overall content is more overwhelming, so the combination together seem to make the influence very hard, and even more than that. the key word in this movie can be found in one of the last sentences, when beth take stuart's dick as pow (prisoner of war) and the factory manager arrives with his body guards employees. after a short negotiation (about money of course) stuart cant believe he is turning from customer to a victim, but then the manager says: "its a business". this sentence reflect the whole idea of the movie which make us see that for money people will do the lowest thing you can imagine, as you can see throughout the entire movie, how this 'business' creates living for the entire city and maybe country. thats it...i give this movie 9.99 out of 10, and cant wait to see the third part (i have plenty of ideas for the third part, great ideas how to make it more interseting and overwhelming). go and watch it. try to find the hidden clues spread throughout the entire movie, rather than merely focusing on the horror scenes themselves. yuval chen, israel.

yuval chen on Jun 3, 2007


Very disappointing. Useless movie. Totally lost all the atmosphere of Hostel I.

TiMBO on Jun 26, 2007


First let me say I found this movie to be very dissapointing. I never did see the so called nailing to the cross scene either. Roth makes alot of mistakes with this movie. They never point out how this organization came to be or why?? they also never state it is a chain. Also a movie goof and spoiler here..but in the end she Beth wants to buy her way out. Stuart offers to out bid her.. Sasha the head of the oraganiztion tells him he cannot afford to buy his way out considering his friend Todd paid for him.. So if Todd paid for him and he was broke then why is it he could afford to kill her friend when the door to door bidding offer was given to him. Also in the first killing if you look closely you will see the slash mark already on her neck before she is even cut there. I found the movie to be not even scary. Just the work of a very sick mind who's goal in life I believe is to make a snuff film. I did not find it enertaining to torture people for money. I feel the money it made at the Box office says it all. You cannot blame this on bad timing or boot legging. I think the point is simple people have made a point they are done with this toture porn crap. I give this movie an F. I myself did not pay to see this movie either. I would not have piad to see this nor do I reccomend lining his pockets with the DVD. This movie just glorifies killing and gives people ideas. I am sorry but this just went to far for me. I love horror movies but this is beyond that.

Patricia Trout on Jul 3, 2007

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