Endless Updates on Stephen King's The Dark Tower

February 26, 2007

If you're interested in Marvel's "Dark Tower" comic book series from legendary novelist Stephen King, or just interested in the possibility of having J.J. Abrams (who was just confirmed as the director on Star Trek XI) work on a film adaptation of it, then it's your best bet to read either of these reports from the New York Comic-Con where King spoke at Cinematical (full transcript) or Ain't It Cool News. Apparently King has spoken with J.J. Abrams about the project, and is confident in and trusts Abrams, which is very rare for Stephen King. He said that when Abrams first approached him, his response was, "I'll tell you what… you can option the books and see what you can do with it." There's also an update from Ain't It Cool News coming in just a few days on The Dark Tower, so stay tuned for those details and much more, including what this movie and comic book is even be about.

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Darabont really should be the one to do The Darktower first if not the whole series. My opinion really. But after watching The Mist i was amazed. Firstly This is the first Stephen King movie ever that tied itself to The Dark Tower. In the movies made that have direct connections to the Dark Tower they have been changed as not to have the series mentioned in the movie. Hearts in Atlantis anyone? The Mist has no ties to midworld that im aware of but yet the painting at the beginning of the movie is a painting of the gunslinger with the dark tower in the background. We know that in the movie he is a movie poster painter so maybe this is a sneaky way of a glimpse of yet to come. But if the lord of the rings and the harry potter movies can make multiple films and long ones to boot. then why can't they do so with the tower books? Totaly off subject here but why has todd mcfarlane made a bunch of a certain crappy horror writer toy line but yet hasn't done any of the King universe figures? Come on a Pennywise figurine or even a Cujo. But back to the topic on hand JJ abrams needs to take the helm away from wolfgang peterson on Enders Game and let Darabont take the Towers.

Jonathan Cooper on Mar 23, 2008


you have a point. To further inform anyone who is curious, the monsters in the Mist did have a reference to Mid-World, but not in the way you're thinking of. they ae from the Todash darkness which the Crimson king sends the most ruthless and vile of his own personal monsers. Roland speaks of this in the books. remember the scene in the Mist when the soldier says: "The scientists thought they opened a portal, to look into other worlds."? Also, Cloverfield is another glimpse into mid-world, whereas the monster that destroys the city is from the same todash darkness. recall the line the cameraman Hud used: "The soldiers were acting kinda wierd; like they know who did it-like they were responsible." this is another reference to mid-world; and hopefully the series of movies jj abrams is set to direct.

Yusef Taylor on Apr 8, 2008


just make the first film already!they cry out to be made-as do many clive barker ideas-why tinker with old ideas when you have these wonderful stories staring you in the face??? whats the matter with Hollywood????

zero on Jun 13, 2008


To be honest, I don't really care who directs the movies, so long as the following things are done: 1) Nothing gets changed from the book. I was so disappointed when I finally read The Running Man a few years ago after years of enjoying the movie, and don't get me started on how crappy I thought The Green Mile was in comparison to the books. 2) Each book is done as an individual movie. There's more than enough story for it. 3) Don't pull a Harry Potter and cut stuff out. LOTR proves that the majority of a story can stay in the movie, keep it at about 3 hours, and people will sit for it. 4) Whoever gets picked, try and talk them into agreeing to direct all 7 movies.

Mike N on Jul 18, 2008


viggio would be great as Roland...

FuzzyPukeChain3 on Sep 28, 2008


i could see viggo as roland. I like the guy that played larry underwood in the tv miniseries the stand. i have always pictured him as eddie dean. A handsome guy with a hint of a struggle with demons.

Jonathan Cooper on Apr 17, 2009


viggo as roland came to my mind too! ryan reynolds as eddie jada pinkett smith as odetta gary oldman as the crtimson king the rock as tic-toc man de niro as gasher

jojoe on Jan 5, 2010


Don't rip my head off or anything...... But the guy that plays the doctor in "House" would cast well for Roland. (Think about it.)

JM on Feb 8, 2010

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