Entertainment Weekly's 50 Smartest People in Hollywood

December 3, 2007
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly's 50 Smartest People in Hollywood

The reason I love this article is because it nails the list spot on. I hate when these Hollywood mags write up lists or make statements that are just full of pure sh*t. This time around they know exactly what they're talking about and hit dead on who the smartest people in Hollywood are. In their latest issue, Entertainment Weekly has named the 50 Smartest People in Hollywood and it's quite a list to behold. They've decided to serve up a twist on the "power list" and go with the smartest in Hollywood, as they're the ones who are now deciding the fates of studios. Who is #1?

Apparently the buzz in Hollywood is that everyone is quite pissed off at the list. The word is that they're upset at who is left off. You know what, I don't give a sh*t, because I'm fully impressed by the list that's here. This is one of the best Hollywood lists ever and has some of the best mentions that truly deserve it. As EW points out, it's no longer the ones with power or money who deserve to be on a top list, it's the the smartest ones. And there's even a guy from Comic-Con (at #46)!

If you want to read the little blurb about each and every person, just head over to Otherwise, here's a quick list to glance over with some brief info for those who you may not recognize.

#1 - Judd Apatow
Director/Writer of Knocked Up & 40 Year-Old Virgin; Producer of Superbad & Walk Hard

#2 - Steven Spielberg
Producer of Transformers & Disturbia

#3 - James Cameron
Working on Avatar

#4 - Ari Emanuel
Partner at Endeavor Agency (Talent Agency)

#5 - Will Smith
Actor in I Am Legend; Producer of The Pursuit of Happyness

#6 - Meryl Streep
Actor in Evening & Rendition & Lions for Lambs

#7 - Tyler Perry
Director/Writer/Producer of Daddy's Little Girls & Why Did I Get Married?

#8 - Peter Rice
President of Fox Searchlight

#9 - David Heyman
Producer of the Harry Potter Franchise

#10 - John Knoll
Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic

#11 - Brian Grazer
Producer of American Gangster & The Da Vinci Code

#12 - Dick Cook
Chairman of Walt Disney Studios

#13 - George Clooney
Actor in Ocean's Thirteen & Michael Clayton; Producer of Ocean's Thirteen & Michael Clayton

#14 - Jerry Bruckheimer
Producer of Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

#15 - Amy Pascal
Co-Chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment

#16 - Peter Jackson
Director/Producer of The Lovely Bones

#17 - Will Ferrell
Actor in Blades of Glory; Producer of Hot Rod

#18 - Robert Zemeckis
Director of The Polar Express & Beowulf

#19 - Tom Rothman
Co-Chair at Fox Filmed Entertainment (Production Company)

#20 - Ben Stiller
Actor in The Heartbreak Kid; Producer of Blades of Glory

#21 - Johnny Depp
Actor in Pirates of the Caribbean & Sweeney Todd

#22 - Jeffrey Katzenberg
CEO of DreamWorks Animation

#23 - Brad Bird
Director/Writer of Ratatouille

#24 - Emmanuel Lubezki
Cinematographer of Children of Men

#25 - Zack Snyder
Director/Writer of 300

#26 - Stacey Snider
CEO of DreamWorks SKG

#27 - Michael Moore
Director of Sicko

#28 - Paul Greengrass
Director of The Bourne Ultimatum

#29 - J.J. Abrams
Director of Mission: Impossible III & Star Trek XI; Producer of "Lost" & Cloverfield

#30 - Jodie Foster
Actor in The Brave One & Nim's Island

#31 - Kathleen Kennedy
Producer of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly & Persepolis

#32 - Thelma Schoonmaker
Editor of The Departed & Silence

#33 - Angelina Jolie
Actor in A Mighty Heart & Beowulf

#34 - Sacha Baron Cohen
Actor in Borat & Sweeney Todd

#35 - Tim Palen
Co-President of Marketing at Lionsgate

#36 - Modi Wiczyk
Co-CEO of Media Rights Capital (Lawyer)

#37 - Guillermo del Toro
Director/Writer of Pan's Labyrinth; Producer of The Orphanage

#38 - Diablo Cody
Screenwriter of Juno

#39 - Mary Zophres
Costume Designer of No Country for Old Men & Lions for Lambs & Indiana Jones IV

#40 - Jeff Skoll
Founder of Participant Productions (Production Company)

#41 - Stefan Sonnenfeld
President of Company 3 (Digital Colorist)

#42 - Daniel Battsek
President of Miramax Films

#43 - Beth Swofford
Agent at CAA (Talent Agency)

#44 - Roderick Jaynes
Editor of No Country for Old Men; Also Known As Joel & Ethan Coen

#45 - Cate Blanchett
Actor in Elizabeth: The Golden Age & I'm Not There

#46 - Jeff Walker
Comic-Con Impresario & Entertainment Programmer

#47 - Amy Powell
Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing (Internet) at Paramount

#48 - Gustavo Santaolalla
Composer of Babel

#49 - Sarah Polley
Director/Writer of Away from Her

#50 - Ben Affleck
Director/Writer of Gone Baby Gone

Thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Anyone they left out that should be on there or anyone who should be removed?

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I'm so glad Angelina's on that list!

Jessica on Dec 3, 2007


OMG...I have one problem with the list Tyler Perry. Why is this guy smart? Hell...why is he funny? Cause he dresses up in womens clothing? Well then Martin Lawrence should be on the list for Big Mammas House.

Heckle on Dec 3, 2007


I agree, I couldn't have imagined a better list....except, perhaps, remove angelina.... way to go J.J.!

Renee on Dec 3, 2007


great list but where is matt damon, he was huge this year

kevin on Dec 3, 2007


WILL SMITH! HELL YES MAN'S A GENIUS. Toro should be higher methinks, mans got vision like a god.

Ramez on Dec 3, 2007


A few omissions come to mind...David Fincher, Kevin Smith, Christian Bale, Ridley Scott, George Lucas, Darren Aronofsky...on & on... By the way George Lucas isn't in my list because of Star Wars, He's in because he created ILM which gave a HUGE push to what film can do visually.

jason_md2020 on Dec 3, 2007


If you get the magazine they did have a paragraph with people that almost made the cut: I don't have the mag. anymore but I think Damon, Ridley Scott and Lucas were on the list.

Ryan on Dec 3, 2007


You might want to note that this isn't a list of intelligence. Some people think that's what it is.

Nick O. on Dec 3, 2007


Meryl Streep, Diablo Cody...definitely...

Not My Bowl Of Rice on Dec 3, 2007


Ben Affleck???

Not My Bowl Of Rice on Dec 3, 2007


I am against this list and it is not real and you can understand that by the first name you see and who is coming after him ... No matter what but Steven Spielberg must be the number one in that list ..he did a lot for Hollywood and no one can forget his works . and sorry but having Ben Stiller and Angelina Jolie in that list is a big mistake

shero on Dec 4, 2007


Emmanuel Lubezki at 24 is a real shocker... finally hollywood recognizes the work of one of the best damn cinematographers in the industry. Now if only the Academy could agree. Score one for the DPs.

sebastian on Dec 6, 2007


GEORGE CLOONEY IS NOT CLEVER!!!! He's currently a UN ambasador for something politically correct whilst at the same time advertising Nestle's 'Nespresso' coffee (in Spain at least). I don't know if you are aware but Nestle have about the worst track record for treatment of vulnerable people in developing countries THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD!

Clare White on May 14, 2008


THE HELL?!?! Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius! And while not everyone may enjoy his pranks, there's no denying he's WAY smarter than half the people on that crummy list!

Jenny on Sep 4, 2008


The glaring omission is Chuck Lorre. The man is pure comedic genius.

chuck on Dec 6, 2008


Fuck Ben Affleck!

Snake Anthony on Apr 15, 2009


And Tim Burton?!?! Lars Von Trier?!?!

Si on Mar 21, 2010

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