Escape from New York Remake Coming with Gerard Butler

March 13, 2007

Escape from New York PosterWow, this came out of left field. Apparently a remake of John Carpenter's 1981 awesome movie Escape from New York is already in pre-production. It already has a producer, Neal Moritz, as well as a screenwriter, Ken Nolan (who's only written Black Hawk Down previously). In addition to those names, another one that's at the top of all the buzz this week is Gerard Butler, who is going to take on the coveted role of Snake Plissken, which was Kurt Russell's job back in '81. Although he's not confirmed, Butler is interested, as Variety states. Incase you've forgotten the plot over the 26 years, Snake is a one-eyed convict who must head into the "inescapable maximum security prison formerly known as Manhattan" to find and liberate the US president.

It'll be interesting to hear Kurt Russell's feedback on this, and if he thinks Butler is fit for the role, or if the movie is even fit for a remake at all. That question will definitely come up in a few week's at the Grindhouse (Russell's next movie) junket in Los Angeles, so stay tuned here on for more developments!

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What a coincidence.. I'm currently reading Robert Rodriguez's book 'Rebel Without a Crew' and just today I read this, Rodriguez talking about (the original, obviously) Escape from New York: "We went to Del Rio for dinner, and rented Escape from New York, the movie that got us into filmmaking. When Carlos and I met in high school we talked about making movies like Escape from New York. Now we're making this movie and the gun that Carlos ended up with is the same kind they used in Escape-a Mac-10." 🙂

Nick on Mar 13, 2007


Pointless. Why bother? Why can't they find writers to come up with original stories instead of rehashing films that do not need remaking?

Elliot on Mar 14, 2007


Who cares if it's a remake? Gerry Butler is the hottest actor around these days -- and not just in the physical sense. Gerry was awesome in Dear Frankie even if the part was a small one. He rocks in 300. Escape From NY is dated and crying out for a remake. I hope they do it justice. Why can't they find writers indeed -- so much of what is produced on TV and in the movies today is written by people who must be 14 year old boys! I'll take this remake over some half-ass script any day.

Erica Nastasi on Mar 15, 2007


Jesus christ. Erica, if Gerry is "the hottest actor around these days," why not give him something of his own, a character he make his own? Escape From New York was an amazing movie, in large part, because of the chracter Kurt Rusell invented and inhabitied. I mean, would you have Gerry play the Pacino role in a remake of the Godfather? Hollywood, meanwhile, can kiss my ass. Again they drop a fat turd on a classic simply because they can be assured of a certain profit (from people like Erica who apparantly would rather see a mediocre remake than take a risk on something new). Let me guess: 50 cent is the duke of new york? Linsay Lohan stands in for Adrienne Barbou? Topher Grace is Brain?!? And, wait for it: Tom Arnold is cabbie? This is exactly like the shit remakes of Rollerball, Planet of the Apes, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho and on down the line. Suck out the intelligent content that made it good in the first place, add lots of flashy editing and *viola* PURE MEDIOCRITY!! And what's next? Jaws? Alien? Close Encounters? Apocalypse Now? Disgusting.

Todd on Mar 15, 2007


Todd...I have only one word for you.. THANKS

Logan on Mar 27, 2007


Don't get your panties in a twist Todd. I wish Butler would do more roles like Dear Frankie -- small, independent flicks that are original and interesting. But if EFNY is inevitable, why not put someone in it who is NOT like Kurt Russell. Let Gerry give it a shot. Russell was okay in his day but welcome to the 21st century! And no, Gerry should not play the Pacino role in the Godfather. Btw, do you have a list of the movies I've seen? Do you know me? I don't think so, so stop making assumptions. I won't write again you small-minded, insecure zealot. You don't want to engage in a dialog, you want to be right whether you are or not. Do you feel better now? Escape From New York was a good movie. I do not think it was "amazing" and I definitely feel that it's pretty campy when I view it now; almost funny. Kurt Russell must be the most mediocre actor ever, right up there with Stallone and others. So go about your day in your little world and be well. Zoloft is calling you.

Erica on Mar 27, 2007


If EFNY's remake is inevitable is because Hollywood keeps doing remakes in an endemic lack of original ideas, but since they still want to make money they produce terrible remakes so people like Erica, who loves watching 'the hottest actor around these days" and anything trendy, could be satisfied. So why bother? Everybody is happy...or not? I wonder when we will watch the remake of the first trilogy of Star Wars with Brad Pitt as Luke Skywalker, Angelina Jolie as princess Leia, Colin Farrell as Han Solo, John Goodman as Jabba and Danny De Vito as Yoda.. I don't know about you guys (and I don't care) but I'll stick with the original, indipendent, roled by "the most mediocre actor ever", John Carpenter's movie. You trendy people go watch the remake, I don't. Fair enough. P.S. : I like Gerard Butler, it was perfect as Leonidas but he is no Snake Plissken..Kurt Russel is. me Snake

Logan on Mar 27, 2007


Since Todd, Erica and Logan all agree that nothing original is coming out of Hollywood these days, why don't they get together and come up with a script themselves? From what I read in their comments, it would be wildly entertaining!! Plus you could have both Gerry Butler and Kurt Russell in it! What a concept!

Jerrie on Apr 1, 2007


Todd, Logan... I have finally found proof of intelligence on the web! Or is it just plain common sense? Or both even. Its not the lack of ideas that has Hollywood making remakes. Its the lack of balls. That, coupled with plain old laziness. Its way easier to tackle a product that already comes with a built-in-fan-base. No creativity required. Characters are already established. Just cast and start rolling film. Trouble is, once in a while they roll over a land-mine. Like they did with this EfromNY remake. They didn't calculate the number of fans that would hate their guts for touching this masterpiece. For Erica, (obviously not a big FILM buff) I'll say this.. Its like remaking Indiana Jones with todays hot leading man. Its just doesn't matter who you cast. Indiana is a character created by Harrison Ford just as much as George Lucas (who wrote the screenplay). Kurt Russell made Snake, Snake. Same as John Wayne made John Wayne charactes. No one else will/could do.

ART on Apr 12, 2007


I hear the shuddering in the audience. But... Leonidas is good... But... I don't understand the concept of re-drawing the Mona Lisa and putting it up to show to compare. It just doesnt make sense to me, but who am I? Last I heard He was Dead, anyway. (at least after ghost of mars) Want an idea*? * do a pre-... The only way to show a 'once great picture' is By showing how it came to be. Now I'm off to see die hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) and if McClane stopped drinking, I'm gonna shoot myself!

Kris Cannes(aka ToiLeTBuG) on Apr 13, 2007


Tell this to the workers when they ask where thier hero went. We the soldiers of the National Liberation Front of America, in the name of the workers and all those outraged by the money grubbing scum of hollywood. SNAKE PLISSKEN LIVES!!!!!! but gerry ain't him. 22:59:57

MJ on Apr 14, 2007


My days of paying $10 a movie ticket for pointless remakes are over. If you have a family, it can run $50 to go to the movies. That's insane.

Elliot on Apr 15, 2007


"It'll be interesting to hear Kurt Russell's feedback on this.." Well let's hear it! ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Over the past couple of months, Variety has reported that Hollywood is remaking The Thing and now Escape From New York. What's your take on that? KURT RUSSELL: [Laughs] They're remaking everything I've ever done. EW - Some people are really attached to those movies. KR - Yeah, I think that's what happens to people as they get older, they get territorial and proprietary about these things. However, I will say that when I was told who was going to play Snake Plissken, my initial reaction was ''Oh, man!'' [Russell winces]. I do think that character was quintessentially one thing. And that is, American. EW - What other films of yours have been remade? KR - They remade a couple of Disney films that I made - Kirk Cameron did The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. They made Backdraft into two television series, Rescue Me and Third Watch, both of which I never saw. They did Stargate. EW - But messing with Snake Plissken is a whole different level of heresy... KR - People come up to me and say, ''You played Snake Plissken.'' I didn't play Snake Plissken, I created him! Goldie [Hawn] and I were talking the other day about this, and I said, ''Man, this is weird, isn't it?'' And she said, ''When they were going to do a remake of Private Benjamin, I thought, 'I didn't play Private Benjamin, I created that role!''' I did Wyatt Earp - there's only been 50 of those. But I'll tell you what, I'll put my Wyatt Earp up against anybody's. I'll put my MacCready [his character in The Thing] up against anybody's. EW - What if they asked you to do a cameo in the new Escape from New York, or play the Ernest Borgnine role? KR - F**k that! I am Snake Plissken! It's like Sean Connery always watching someone else do their version of Bond. I think one of the things, for instance, about Escape From New York that appealed to me was that it wasn't a special effects extravaganza. It's a quiet, dark world and it revolved around watching the behavior of this one guy. He's a fascinating character. In fact, he's the most complex character I've ever played. Period.

Logan on Apr 26, 2007


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myspace on Jul 23, 2007


Time passing by No respect for milar stones Ok you wanna remake,please at least keep the same visual entrateinment! Ass holes...they forget the rules of cinematography as the new tool improvment(HD) I want Michael Mann and Colin Farrell for the New Escape And not remake The THing but get budget to JC for a decent sequel(with half hour of prequel and middle events)

Fabio on Jul 31, 2007


There is only one Snake Plissken, and thats Kurt Russell, all the other Snake Plisskens please sit down, and seeing that he made snake, he should be the only one who get to play him in the remake,

Rodders on Dec 6, 2007


I love kurt russell,I grew up watching all of his films.When I found out that Russell was upset that butler was to play snake plissken.I was a little upset.All because the guy wasnt american.I was so bewildered.BUT just maybe russell seen something in butler that no one else seen.Butlers movie P.S. I Love You came out on dec 21.Butler has all of these female web sites ,and yes I am a female over 30.And these women are crazy over this man even if one of his movies are not so good.It,s still good because it,s butler.And god forbid if you really say what you feel.I loved butler in 300.and for awhile I really was thinking that he would play a great snake plissken.I was a fan of butlers.He only listens to the die hard fans that are kissing his ass .P.S. I love You really didnt do it for me.Im a butler fan(was a butler).He Thinks this movie was great.I think just maybe MR Russell was right concerning butler, And maybe he,s to much of a ladys man.It,s going to his head.Colin Ferrell would make a great snake plissken He,s a natural badass,on and off films.And He,s like my top ten favorite actor,s.And a ture badass takes the good with the bad,and I dont think butler can do that.follow me and everything I do is great,sounds like some jim jones cult.In respect to mr russell Maybe people should listen mr russell he is the original.I know I am.This movie is going to be a leading up to an wwe westleing match.Russell VS. Butler.And This Is coming from an X butler fan.Let,s rumble.I stand behind russell.It has nothing to with butler not being american,Russell seen something that no one else seen and he,s right.Escape from new york is not a ladys man movie.It,s a badass movie.And on the butler fan sites the women didnt want him to do the movie.When he backed out they were happy.They said that they couldnt see him playing the part of snake plissken.And just maybe russell knew this,(butler being a ladies man.Not right for the part.This movie can make you or not.The battle is on.I can see the butler sites having a cat frenzy over these comments.get ready fro the claws.

reason unknown on Dec 24, 2007


Well...bring it on! I'm kinda familiar with..claws 😉

Logan on Dec 25, 2007


good idea for a sequel to escape from LA (escape from america) it takes place right after snake shuts down the world. he is being chased by what left of the us goverment after LA. he has to escape from where he left off in la. shot wounded and running from the goverment. he has to make it to mexico or canada or something. now thats a movie worth doing. its really very simple and im sure kurt russell would love to do this one sicne he said there is no way in hell he is makin even a cameo in this remake piece of crap. i think he even took it as an insult. hell i may even write a new script for it i mean hell it would be better than remaking a movie that was perfect the first time. and also i dont give a crap who this gerad guy is he is no snake plisskin at all. some role's im sorry to say belong to certain people who got them prefect the first time. the the only person who can play snake to any degree is kurt russell.

soulesseye on Mar 4, 2008


Soulesseyes- right on, man! Kurt IS Snake Plisskin... and he's still young enough to play him!! Heck, if Stallone can put on the headband and start blowing away bad guys at age 60, then Snake is young enough to tackle the world!!!!

Art on Mar 5, 2008


I got an answer for the question about this film. If they do remake ESNY The first dialouge I wanna hear Just after Jamie lee's voice as the recording of the Prison terms is this. "Snake Plissken. We've been looking for you for 28 years" "Your looking old, and slow." Snake lights a match off the table and kicks his feet up. "Running for 28 years will do that to a man." "You know snake-" "The names Plissken, and so far I could have killed you 4 different times, since I've been in this chair." Snake blows smoke from the shadows into the officers face. He coughs Snake "How's that for old and f***ing slow." "Now how about ditchin these cuffs?" enjoy, I got more.... The BuG...

ToiLeTBuG on Mar 6, 2008


well i think Gerald Butler is the rite choice for snake plissen in escape from new york remake cause i can picture him with the long hair, the eyepatch, and the attitude so i think it would be cool to see him play snake plissken

Adrianestrada64 on Feb 28, 2011

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