Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Rated PG?!

June 5, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Do you remember last year when there was a big announcement that Fox's huge Christmas tentpole Eragon was only going to be rated PG? Then everyone went and saw it and realized it was one of the worst movies of last year. Be ready for that all over again, this time with Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Confirmed by Fox, the film is now officially rated only PG, even lower than the upcoming Harry Potter film, and only has a running time of 92 minutes.

Originally spawned from CanMag, this story has spread quickly and been confirmed by Fox. I can only wonder how much wrath and destruction the Silver Surfer is going to bring upon earth when he can't even physically hurt… anyone?! And how did they go from being rated PG-13 for "sequences of intense action" in the first Fantastic Four to PG in the second one?

Honestly, I would really suggest you skip Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in theaters. I rarely say this, but you already know it's going to be bad, this just puts the final cap on that suspicion. Don't waste your time or money, go see Knocked Up, one of the best comedies of the year, Ocean's Thirteen, Surf's Up, or Fido instead, all much, much better choices certainly worth your money.

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Unbelieveable, You know, there was a brief moment where I thought this movie could actually be good. Remember the first teaser? With Johnny chasing around the Surfer? I actually allowed myself to think "well, with all the origin stories out of the way, maybe this one will work." And then with every released bit of news, trailers, tv spots and pictures, this movie slowly pulled off its mask to reveal what it sadly was: a sequel to Fantastic Four.

Mark on Jun 5, 2007


my god, are all the excutives at fox drunk? I bet they are all 40 year old moms, becuase between this and die hard 4, they seem terrified to release anything that anybody over 17 would enjoy…this is just ridiculous…

Andrew Tsoules on Jun 5, 2007


A truncated running time on a storyline that needs space to breathe? The potential destruction of the planet Earth. PG???? PG?? What is the Surfer gonna tickle people? Will Galactus be a giant plush toy? WHAT THE SMEG IS THIS?? Man do I feel bad for hardcore FF fans. No one has gotten screwed over like this since Steel!

Billy Flynn on Jun 5, 2007


I believe Silver Surfer will simply attempt to terrorize the populance by blinding them with his gleaming body until everyone suffers from migranes and and gives up all hope. Then Ben will shout his new PG catch-phrase, "It's Arm-Wrestlin' Time!" as he challenges the Surfer to a competition to save Earth. The rest of the cast will praise him for his non-violent conflict resolution skills and strike heroic poses in the background. Yeah, it'll be horrible.

Chris Schoenherr on Jun 5, 2007


O my god, I though this movie was going to be great... at least mostly action... supposebly there is tons of natural disasters all over.. and no one is going to die... I just saw an ad on TV that said it was PG.. I have no clue what the heck happened to the MPAA... all Marvel movies are PG-13.. what the heck happened to this one?

Michael on Jun 5, 2007


Not that it looks like that FF: Rise of Silver Surfer is going to be any good, in fact we can all guarantee that it won't be. But I don't see what the rating has to do with the quality of movie, many great movies are G or PG, and Eragon sucked not because it was PG but because it was a HORRIBLE MOVIE. FF was more of a "family" film than any other Marvel pic, so I can see the PG rating. It is disappointing, but I would be more disappointed if I was looking forward to it.

Devon on Jun 6, 2007


I'll still see it opening week, but the bar has definitely been lowered. I think it should be clear to the studio that movies based on comic books should almost always be rated PG-13 or higher.

Flutie on Jun 6, 2007


i'm very sad that a movie that i was looking forward to see was tone down to a PG rating... now i won't even bother.

enrique estrada on Jun 6, 2007


Has anyone actually read a FF comic? Many of them are PG at best. I'd be more upset at the running time. But why people have to run away screaming, claiming it's not "dark enough" like some retarded emo kid, I have no idea.

Nordling on Jun 6, 2007


Is Magneato still in in this???

Errol Cobgobbler on Jun 7, 2007


Why is everyone being so stupid? The film is rated PG. So what? It will make absolutely no difference to the quality of the film whatsoever. It's about time everyone stopped being so childish by whining about it. The PG rating does not mean this film won't be any good. It is completely irrelevant. So, why don't you all grow up and stop acting so stupidly!

robert_bond75 on Jun 7, 2007


Honestly, i was suprised at the PG rating. But thats more than what the comic has. What we saw in the trailer WILL happen, just stop whining. I'm not excited with this movie, seeing as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was an awesome movie. Screw the running time. Little disappointed, but This one will still be action-packed. Many PG movies have murders in them. 5 of the STAR WARS films were PG. Remember? This movie might be better than the first one, despite the PG rating!

Nathan on Jun 7, 2007


People, people, people! Why are you sooooo concerned about a rating. In order for a movie to be good you need to hear bad language and see blood and guts and gore. I'm glad the movie is PG. All movie in my opinion should be Pg or G. Why? Because I don't believe people need to have a bad mouth. As kids we were taught that is was wrong to say bad words. Guess what! It is still wrong to say bad words. Just because you have a certain number of years behind you doesn't give you a right to have a foul mouth. OH you say everybody does. I beg to differ. My family doesn't and I'm training my kids not to have one. It's good to go to a movie and not have to hear foul language. As for the bloody gore. I don't believe you have to SEE all that to say WOW what a awsome movie. If you judge a movie good or bad based on gore than you might want to get help. This is a family movie.

JEFF on Jun 9, 2007


I just think you all are embarrassed to see a PG movie. I myself am sort of disappointed but, the rating doesn't make the movie good or bad. Star wars for example, all except the third one were PG and were all awesome! It's not like little kids will be screaming in the theater. I'm half and half with this deal. Just go see it!

Jack on Jun 10, 2007


In regards to Jeff's comments, it's not about bad words. But to have a PG-rating for an action sci-fi film all but implies death. There have been a couple good PG movies that aren't aimed toward children, but a PG rating almost guarantees that the action is going to be subdued, the movie is going to lack much sex appeal, and that Jessica Alba is going to be wearing a winter jacket the entire time. And considering how bad the first Fantastic Four movie was, the sequel really needed all the help it could get.

Erik on Jun 10, 2007


You dumb Fu##s wouldn't know a good movie if it bit you in the ass.......... This movie will ROCK just like the first one did........ Long live the FF............ you buch of friggin deadbeats........ give the movie a chance.........

fantastic 4 fan on Jun 14, 2007


this movie was awesome!

Jack on Jun 16, 2007

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