Final Saw IV Poster - What the Heck?

August 29, 2007
Source: IGN

Saw IV Poster

This already has that Feast feeling - that feeling that it's going to be a terrible film with an even worse script. What the heck happened?! Last year's marketing push for Saw III was great. It was slow like this (and no one knew they were even making a sequel until October hit), but they had a much stronger campaign. Just look at this poster - one of my favorite posters of all time and I even own one of the limited copies of it. This last poster for Saw IV, courtesy of IGN, is just a cleaned up copy of the first look photo - not much to it.

This whole thing is looking like a boring bit of marketing and maybe an even worse movie. Who really knows about the movie, but about 2 months out and I'm already feeling quite bad about this.

Saw IV

What's going on? I fear this film is doomed purely from how Lionsgate is handling it this time. It's almost as if they achieved the utmost perfect success with Saw III last year. How can you top a poster made from Jigsaw's blood? You can't, and instead it's all just being half-assed and they're just "hoping" it will make money like the last three. They'll soon find out that may be a big mistake…

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ITS A TRAP! At least they are letting people know in advance not to go as it will most likely not be up to par with the other three.

Evan on Aug 29, 2007


Dear God I really hope this fails and the series ends.

Zach on Aug 29, 2007


I like the poster.

Heckle on Aug 30, 2007


ITS A TRAP! Our brains can't repel boredom of that magnitude! I agree Admiral Akbar... I agree.

Mark on Aug 30, 2007


Oh My God! what the hell is going on with cinema. first of all, all three saw movies SUCK! I never went to a movie and half way through felt like reading the dictionary for two hours. I never thought they should make a second one, even though people say that its better than the first one which to me means that number 2 is just terrible, not the worst movie ever made. now grant it I've never seen 2 or 3 but I made a promise to myself never to see shitty movies. with that said I nearly committed suicide when I heard they were going to make a 4th one. Can we please just move on with another idea, why are people wasting time writing these sequels. Plus its not even the same people who made the first three. If it sucked when the originators made them can you imagine the kind of crap these douche nozzles pumped out.

J.D on Aug 30, 2007


Hey, I like the Saw films, though they aren't 4-star flicks they keep me entertained and the other $80million worth of people that saw the last one, so stop bitching and move on!

Ryan on Aug 30, 2007


Darren Bousman and Twisted Pictures know what their doing. Saw IV will still be awesome. Do not go solely on one of the films US posters... "Dear God I really hope this fails and the series ends." I really hope your immaturity fades away.

b33 on Aug 31, 2007


"ITS A TRAP! Our brains can't repel boredom of that magnitude! I agree Admiral Akbar… I agree." Hey look, another lame Star Wars joke. Get over the tagline. It all has some sort of meaning to it.

anonymous on Aug 31, 2007

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