Final Web Only Trailer for Stephen King's The Mist

November 7, 2007
Source: IGN

The Mist Trailer

The latest Stephen King movie to arrive, courtesy of director Frank Darabont, is The Mist, starring ex-Punisher Thomas Jane. There's quite a bit of buzz on this recently, and that's likely for numerous reasons. First, is that they've been marketing it well and properly hyping up a good Stephen King thriller. Secondly, because of the people who have seen it already, like myself, have been talking about it quite positively. This final web only trailer comes courtesy of IGN and looks more at the human side of the story and less at the monsters. However, I can guarantee the film has plenty of both, part of what makes it so damn good.

I've already screened The Mist and I can say without a doubt that it is by far better than 1408 and one of the most thrilling movies of the year. Thomas Jane is the key here; although the others give strong performances, it's Jane who really carries the film. I strongly encourage anyone who's even slightly leaning towards The Mist to go see it, as it really delivers. The end is where the biggest discussion will come from but we'll get back to that nearer to its release.

Watch the final trailer for The Mist:

[flv:mist_int_trlr3.flv 504 276]

The Mist is both written and directed by Frank Darabont, who also directed The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Majestic. The Mist hits theaters everywhere this Thanksgiving, November 21st. The poster for the film is featured below as well.

Stephen King's The Mist Poster

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Hey Alex - Just got out of a screening for this and boy, do we disagree about it. Jane is good, and I also liked Toby Jones, but Marcia Gay Harden just steered this one right into the rocks. The dynamic between her character and the others was just wrong. I didn't feel tension, just storytelling conflict. For a while it felt like I was watching Survivor: Grocery Store. The ending is certainly interesting, gives it a real morality tale feel, but I'd take 1408 over The Missed...oops, I mean The Mist anyday.

Colin Boyd on Nov 7, 2007


Thanks for the review, Colin. Sorry to hear that about Harden - she's usually spot on with her characters (Mystic River being one of her best roles). Would you recommend staying out of the theatre for this one and catching it on DVD?

Phil on Nov 7, 2007


NO, see it in theaters!! Contrary to what Colin has said about it, it still warrants being seen in theaters. There's part of the thrilling experience that comes only with sitting in the pitch black theater full of other people are scared out of their mind... This movie just wouldn't be the same being seen the first time on DVD! Despite it's not perfect, as Colin points out, I'd still suggest seeing it in theaters.

Alex Billington on Nov 7, 2007


Yeah, if you're interested in seeing it, I'm not saying "don't go." I just thought it lagged a lot and Harden almost seemed transplanted from another story. I will say, it represents a new kind of filmmaking for Darabont. I'm just not sure audiences will go along with him for the ride. I do think Alex is right that the theater setting is better, though. It has its moments, but the pacing was a problem in my opinion.

Colin Boyd on Nov 7, 2007


I'm a huge King fan and LOVED the story this is based on. Has anyone that has already seen this read the story and, if so, how faithful is it to it?

Flagg79 on Nov 8, 2007


I am positive I saw this movie at least two or three years ago, maybe more. I know that seems strange but does anyone else remember seeing it on TV? I'm not mistaking it for the fog, I remember the actors and everything that happens in the movie, except I don't think I watched the end.

Danny Sowell on Nov 9, 2007


i caught a press screening. i agree w/ other commenters that marcia harden killed it. every moment she was on screen, i was waiting for her death. in fact my favorite moment was her death. i dont think this effect was an intentional accomplishment of the filmmaker, instead, a result of an extremely poorly written and highly annoying character. i would concede that some moments are awe-worthy (when you see creatures that are gi-normous) and i also felt like much of the tension was old school in a good way, trying to achieve the same ilk as say, 12 Angry Men, but not pulled off with any semblance of satisfaction. i wasn't pleased that the film ran like 3 films in one, the supermarket scene being the majority, and short 10 min movies before and after the supermarket. i think the story is strong, but the final product is a let down. i wouldn't recommend this for theaters. any movie runs and plays better in the theater, but the question is, do you wanna spend $9.50 on a seasons-transition (inbetween major fall and winter films) horror/thriller when there's American Gangster, No Country for Old Men, and countless other amazing dramas that thrill AND have quality acting, writing, pacing.

danny h on Nov 11, 2007


Looks kinda depressing...especially since its released the Thanksgiving holiday. And I TOTALLY agree with Colin, I question how Marcia Gay Harden ever won an Oscar because she's gonna be winning a Razzie Award for the Mist. She's so exaggerative and just unintimidating. Why don't they all just throw Ms. Carmody into the mist instead of making so much tension and killing innocent people? Cause Stephen King doesn't think things through. The CGI looks dreadful and dialogue seems choppy. I've heard the new ending...I won't give it away, but damn it sucks!!!

Micah on Nov 12, 2007


Come on ... the ending ... I'm sure Cujo has something to do with, from the junkyard up in Maine ... King hasn't had an original thought since before his accident. Do people actually still buy his books? Pity.

Gunz on Nov 21, 2007

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