First Cloverfield / 1-18-08 Poster?!

July 23, 2007
Source: SlashFilm

Cloverfield / 1-18-08 Poster?

This blurry photo first came up on a forum via SlashFilm, and it is supposedly the very first Cloverfield / 1-18-08 poster! Everyone's guess is that it will be officially unveiled at Comic-Con in a few days, upon which we will update this with a full resolution clean version. The poster features a beheaded Statue of Liberty (think of the trailer) and a burning New York featuring a title of Monstrous and the 1-18-08 date in the bottom right. Although the date isn't visible, it was confirmed by those who took the photo. However, we'll be here to update you if this is just a fake creation or a rumor, so stay tuned!

Update: I've uploaded a newer, somewhat cleaner version below. Stay tuned for the official release and scans.

Cloverfield / 1-18-08 / Monstrous Poster?

This photo apparently comes from a store in Hollywood that's selling the poster. It could be a fake 3rd party knock off or something real. For more information on the project, check out the articles listed below in the "Related Posts."

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If the store was selling them, why diddn't they buy it and take a less blury picture? It seems fake so far. But we'll know for sure at comic-con (maby). If it says "Monstorus" at the top is that the name of the movie? Hope not.

robofish on Jul 23, 2007



Steve on Jul 23, 2007


Oh well, 2nd ain't too bad

Steve on Jul 23, 2007


I don't know if I buy this. Monstrous? I don't know, seems almost as simple as naming a show about people who don't know where they are "Lost".

Ox on Jul 23, 2007


This is in fact the true poster. It is pretty bad ass when seen not blurry....

Bri on Jul 24, 2007


My 2 year old nephew could take a better picture than this.

Tard Radar on Jul 24, 2007


Well Bri, how's about showing us a picture of it not blurry?

KDAWG on Jul 25, 2007


Nevermind......they put up a bigger pic.

KDAWG on Jul 25, 2007


Looks like the rumors of this actually being the rampage video game movie that J J was attached to might be true after all....

Christian on Jul 26, 2007


Not the title, but one in a series of posters with one word adjectives describing the film.

Snappster on Jul 26, 2007


Its real.... I have a copy of EW magazine, and it is also on there, but alot clearer and without the words monstorous on top, I believe thats photoshopped in by the store in hollywood.. I will scan it and post it soon...

Karloz25 on Jul 26, 2007

12 Real Poster, courtesy of EW Magazine Newstand Edition Aug 3rd 2007

karloz25 on Jul 26, 2007


i have a feeling its going to be a crazy awesome American version of Godzilla

stealth on Jul 26, 2007

14 Apple's site has the poster, its definatly real, it was revealed at ComicCon around 3:00 this afternoon.

Manusha on Jul 26, 2007


As well, during ComicCon a news feed went through the entire program on G4. During this they mentioned numerous time that JJ Abrams had been revealing a new poster, trailer (it what it said, but I bet that was mistaken), and more/less information (As in the information is a tease, as always). When it noted it, it explained that project "Cloverfield" (1-18-08) was something that JJ Abrams wanted to do because he wanted Americans to cherish a monster [movie] like Japanese cherish Godzilla, or something at least on those terms. The program will be repeated through the night/morning on G4, check their if you think my information is false.

Manusha on Jul 26, 2007


Called it. It's NOT called "monstorous". They gave out a series of FOUR posters at ComicCon.

Snappster on Jul 26, 2007


I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty excited still. I really hope it's not some alien invasion film though, just a good city-trashing monster flick.

Bo on Jul 27, 2007

18 i crazy or am i the first one to discover that the pics on 1-18-08 can be flipped over? If you grab the edge and wiggle it around they flip over and have writing on the backs!!! BTW...there is a new pic up. I'm gonna go look at the rest and see fi there are any clues.

heckle0 on Jul 27, 2007


no man you aint the first. a lot of people have been figuered that out

tae on Jul 29, 2007


the title was photoshoped in, but the rest of the poster is real

george on Jul 30, 2007


yeah i noticed the pictures flipped over to and dam i was surprised but they dont say a whole lot and if any 1 knows please comment back

Cody on Jul 31, 2007


too bad they can't spell right It's MONSTRUOUS, not MONSTROUS awesome trailer though

Hector on Jul 31, 2007


ok idk how many peeps have figured this out, but if you look at one of the guy's shirts on the site it has a "Slusho!!!" logo. You can go on the site & read it's history (its kinda hard to figure out which link is History since it's all in Japanese.) Hope I've helped! 😉

KG on Jul 31, 2007


Ok. Ive seen a few versions of this poster. One says monstrous, the other says furious, then one just blank. And to #22, monstrous can be spelled different ways between UK, Canada, and USA. So it might still be right. Anyway, yeah, slusho and stuff. This isnt related to ethanhaas, just for anyone who is new and still thinks that ethanhaas is related, it was all just an add for an RPG called Alpha Omega. Downer tho.

CrackV on Aug 3, 2007


Ok, um, i hate to say this as it sounds sort of stupid, if you have read the other forum that first went on about this movie, but it may just be something godzilla related. If its traditional godzilla shape. I mean, he's got some pretty wide hips and thighs, and look at where the dammage is on the buildings. Hip and leg level, with claw marks and arms level. I hope it isnt godzilla tho, and it most likely isnt. Just had to put in that observation.

CrackV on Aug 3, 2007


#25 i hate to break it to you but the rights to godzilla is suspended till 2012. he can't be remade if JJ played with godzilla he would end up having sony and taho(*correct me if im wrong on the last company) he would have a really big lawsuit against him. i know godzilla is cool but he will not be remade, anyone that says its vultron is wrong to because someone else is already makin that one to, the rampage theroy is stuck with me but im also stuck with it being a WHOLE new monster and if thats the case im all for it. oh yea...its not power rangers either...lot of people are think its power rangers only thing i suggest is keep the mind open i think were ready for a whole new monster

tifa on Aug 5, 2007


i think the movie is about the loch ness monster. its a stretch but... if u search ganu on google.. theres some website that comes up about a ganu festival that celebrates "Wales" heritage. On the slusho website, theres alot of talk about whales. Well i dont know about you but when i think about sea monsters and scottish wales, the loch ness monster is the only thing that comes to my mind. just a thought!

Aaron on Aug 7, 2007


i dont think it is godzilla. that was somewhat my first impression. but i dont think they would make a godzilla movie so secret. plus godzilla has a specific roar, so i dont think they could hide that. but thats my 2 cents. it needs to be something ridiculous. i cant wait

jimbo on Aug 31, 2007


#26 i just have a question... why are the rights to godzilla suspended till 2012?? [just asking]

kikster on Sep 1, 2007


Aaron, I was thinking it was about the Lock ness Monster, too. In the trailer we see before Transformers, the guy says, "I saw it, It's a huge lion!" or something like that... what could it be?

John on Sep 7, 2007


I think the best place to look at the poster is at under the Movie Trailer Section...

stevenash on Sep 12, 2007


John i watched some Japanese movie a few weeks ago that came out in 2006, its called the host. its based on a monster attack in one of their cities. The sea monster came from some mutation of some fish due to pollution in the ocean. Maybe 1-18-08 is a remake?

Aaron on Sep 12, 2007


John - This is somewhat trivial, but the line of dialogue you quote is more likely: "It's alive!" not "It's a lion!" That would be dumb. This trailer has all the earmarks of the promotional campaign for Godzilla: short with an abrupt transition to a surprise ending, and minimal information. Regardless of the legal restrictions, I think a resurrection of Godzilla would be unwise (and disappointing too.) I'd like to see a "monster" with some kind of imaginative edge that would distinquish it from all the giant creatures that have preceded it. I considered buying "The Host" on DVD, but didn't. It sounded too conventional. Besides, if it didn't go direct to video, it certainly didn't tarry long in theaters, which seemed discouraging. If I'm wrong about the film, somebody please correct me. Transformers reeked beyond all description. I'd have waliked out after half an hour, if I'd been alone. We're due for something cool. Maybe JJ Abrams will provide it.

ajhil on Sep 24, 2007


Okay okay, how's this for a plot? Yes, it's a monster movie, and a cool one at that. Lots of kick-awesome destruction, people running, all caught from the point of view of a few college people on a video camera. But what if THAT wasn't even the cool part? What happens is this (spoiler alert): We all know about the whole water/ocean relationship thing with the movie. Something infests or poisons the water mains that go through NYC and infect everyone who drinks the water, or in particular, the Slusho drink. That information isn't given until the near end. The whole movie there's this monster attacking NYC. Of course, it's J.J. Abrams, so he's gotta give some homage to 'Lost', and he NEVER SHOWS THE MONSTER THROUGH THE WHOLE MOVIE. There's a reason though- the monster is NOT real. As it turns out, the twist is that everyone who drinks the infected water hallucinates horribly and goes insane. But to themselves, they are perfectly normal, and the cameras show their side. In reality, there is no monster attacking them. It's really the US military quarantining off NYC and destroying everyone inside so the sickness won't spread. The victims just THINK it's a monster. There you go. Take it from me.

DavidMan on Oct 2, 2007


Yeah, like in Dallas, when JR getting shot turned out to be nothing but a year long dream! That went over big, didn't it? (Or maybe you're too young to remember.) As for the military quaranteening a city and killing all the inhabitants to contain a plague, that's one of the oldest cliches in the book. "Lots of kick awesome destruction" doesn't make a movie frightening. That's for kids, just like that godawful Transformers. It's how the destruction is portrayed, making members of the audience feel the threat. Spielberg did it right in War of the Worlds, especially in the initial sequence and the river attack. Big creatures knocking over buildings and people running and screaming has been done to death, beginning with those stupid Japanese rubber-suit Godzilla movies. To be effective a creature movie will require a lot more imagination. Ridley Scott and James Cameron came close with their "aliens" (if only the sequels had been burned before release.) Sorry to be candid, but your plot isn't new or different. It's just a rehash of old ideas and not very good ones at that. Can I do better? Nope! If I had the answer myself, I'd write the screenplay and move to Hollywood. I can't do that, but I can sure as hell recognize ideas that don't work.

ajhil on Oct 2, 2007


John i watched some Japanese movie a few weeks ago that came out in 2006, its called the host. its based on a monster attack in one of their cities. The sea monster came from some mutation of some fish due to pollution in the ocean. Maybe 1-18-08 is a remake? Aaron on Sep 12, 2007 I watched that movie a couple of months ago and when I read the plot for this movie it seemed uncanningly similar! Just my two cents 😉

holly on Jan 17, 2008

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