First Footage AND Photos from The Wachowski's Speed Racer!!

December 5, 2007
Source: USA Today

The Wachowski's Speed Racer

Update! USA Today has released 8 exclusive photos in an exciting first look at Speed Racer! On top of that we're also featuring the Entertainment Tonight clip with a few short clips of actual footage. The trailer is set to debut in glorious high definition tomorrow, which you can now watch! But for all those anxious to get the very first glimpse of how The Wachowski's Speed Racer will look, now is your chance. It's exactly as they described: it looks like a live action cartoon, if that is even possible. You need to see this for yourself!

Watch the Entertainment Tonight clip:

[flv:speedracer-firstlook.flv 400 300]

The photos below come courtesy of USA Today in a special first look. Damn these just so beautiful!!

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer

I'm 100% sold. I'll admit it, I've been sold on this since the start, but now I'm really there. All of you doubters will see when the trailer comes out tomorrow that The Wachowski's will never let us down when it comes to a movie, G-rated or not. These photos and footage have me drooling, I can't help it, this has pretty much shot all the way to the top of my most anticipated list for 2008.

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, of the Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta. The film arrives in theaters next summer on May 9th, 2008. Check out the full length trailer right here!

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I love it! Looks so...cartoony and cool ; ))

m4st4 on Dec 6, 2007


...what? I had doubts about this movie from the very beginning, and this preview seals its fate. It seems like Emile Hirsch's idea of acting is just sitting in front of a green screen and looking constipated for 2 hours. An admirable feat, no doubt (his face must get awfully tired), but nothing I'd ever spend $7 to see. The movie itself looks like one of those god-awful, made-for-and-by-grade-schoolers videos Hot Wheels vomits out every so often and bundles with their overpriced race tracks. Haven't we learned anything? Movies involving fat children = bad Movies involving monkey sidekicks = bad Movies involving monkeys AND fat children = Devolves to "Employee of the Month" levels of badness. Ugh.

IHateChildren on Dec 6, 2007


^You weren't hugged enough as a child were you? Pretty sur ethis movie os going to be hot sex.

CSpuppydog on Dec 6, 2007


This is the best I could see this year, I'm really excited to see this. And we all know the Brothers kick ass.

nirty on Dec 6, 2007


I usually don't go in for movies based on the visual style alone (I still stand by my boycott of 300 for the same reason), yet in this case it really appeals to me! Maybe its because I'm a diehard Speed Racer fan.

Nathan on Dec 6, 2007


This look gay as hell. This would look less gay if.. well, it couldn't possibly.

Marinello2003 on Dec 6, 2007


Jeez, 'Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' much?

Joe H on Dec 6, 2007


Marinello, you Xenophobe!

nirty on Dec 6, 2007


What? This looks horrible. The backgrounds look like something a 11 year old created in Photoshop. And the car looks like it was composited on as a joke. If your going to create a visual world you have to mesh it all together.. 300 is a great example. This looks like it has the production quality of a japanese Godzilla movie.

DK on Dec 6, 2007


When you're up to a movie, you gotta search first for a visual style, thing is, they're doing a live action, and you're supposed to follow the rules of anime. And in that particular case, speed racer is a title in which you can see that backgrounds and characters/objects upon it are quite separated... they have to be faithful to the source.

nirty on Dec 6, 2007


Waitaminnit....Speed's car is the Mach 5. So why is there a "6" on the car in the second pic?

jason_md2020 on Dec 6, 2007


that's NOT speed's car... look at the mach 5... it's a rival

nirty on Dec 6, 2007


wow Wow WOW, in a bad way. This movie is going to suck, man the bros are really gonna bite it hard on this one, hopefully they funding for their next movies that dosent suck.

Richard on Dec 6, 2007


Hi! I'm Dizzy, and I post on a site called MFN. Speed Racer will own all of you. Many of you might not realize this, but Speed Racer is a family movie and as such, must heed to all the demands and aesthetics required for a family movie. Luckily, we have The Wachowski brothers - possibly the most valuable artist of this fin de la whatever siecle - who will transcend this particular trait with their most awesome creativity. Expect super-awesome special effects and loads of other fun stuff you sour cranks are all but impotent when it comes to enjoying. That's right. So shut up. Who dares challenge my opinion? Who?

Dizzy on Dec 6, 2007


the mach 6 car you see will probably be a next gen model of the mach 5. i am sure speed will trash the mach 5 and then go to the mach 6 at the end of the film and win the race.

htofstead on Dec 7, 2007


very bad and ugly thooooooooooooooooooooo !

noname on Dec 7, 2007


The Mach 6 is actually really cool. If you see the back of it, you can see there's a Rocket Bosster of Nitrous (I think). The classic mach 5 is actually really lame, and looks better in the series... but the Mach 6. WAAWAAWEEWAA....

Need for 'Speed: Racer' on Jan 13, 2008


They should produce the DreamScapesAxis movie instead of remaking other material. The graphics look okay but they're not groundbreaking like in the Matrix movies.

tonybewilderment on Mar 14, 2008


Well.... As a car freak I'll probably go just to drool over the car designs(lets face it, the Mach 5 is a sharp, no pun intended, piece of automotive design), but beyond that I'm NOT expecting anything very good. But being from the Wachowskis, I may just be surprised. We shall see.

Formula Fox on Mar 14, 2008


This looks like it will be very annoying to watch. I will be there, with my son. Mach 5 looks very authentic. That's good. Mach 6 looks like they had money to waste.

Robert Paulson on Mar 30, 2008


I was really excited about the trailer... right up to the point where I noticed the "6". I'll bet anyone any amount of money that htofstead's prediction is correct. WHICH IS WHY THIS MOVIE WILL SUCK! Did the studio really need to make another movie where the cool aspect of the original subject matter gets wrecked/ trashed so the hero can win with a "better/ modern" version by the end of the film? If both those cars were at a show, which one would you want to sit in for a picture?

MrCrumley on Apr 3, 2008


I too am very disappointed when I realized a 'new car' will replace Mach 5. This is totally against the spirit of the original Japanese anime, 'Mach Go-Go-Go'. The number '5' holds a special meaning to the original series. Wachowski Bro's blew it here... For guys who painstakingly cribbed the style, mood and settings of 'Ghost In The Shell' to make the original 'Matrix', they could have at least stayed true to the original ethos.

dpshonen on Apr 6, 2008


As some people are saying it's a family movie. And I think it sucks that they have another car but I think it's because he needs a more modern looking car. I mean look at the other cars. I have seen what the new Racer X car looks like, it looks more like a Hot Wheel than most of the cars. The Mach 6 is a cool car though. As I was saying earlier, It's a family movie. Of course looking at what there past movies where it might not be so good. But the Wachowski bros do suprise us. Well one thing is. is that it is bringing back one of the greatest shows ever. They are even making a new show and genaration of fans. They did it in the 90's right. The Wachowski bros have created a better special effect technology, so even if the movie sucks, it means better movies for tommorow. I'm figuring a lot of the audience will be Fans of the 60's, 70's, and 90's shows. If you all want to see the Racer X car he builds after Speed drives the Mach 6, go to

Tigerclaws on Apr 28, 2008


The lack of thought regarding the Mach 5 and Mach 6 around here is REALLY irritating me. Look closely at them... THEY'RE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CARS MEANT FOR TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. Don't EVER assume that simply because there's a new car with a higher number automatically means Speed will dumping the Mach 5 for something better midway through. THINK before you make such comments. Look at the more recent trailers and notice that the Mach 6 is ONLY seen on the rather twisty and loopy circuit, which is quite clearly a purpose-built racetrack. The Crucible(the big race the movie will be mostly focused on, in case you didn't know) is supposedly a cross-country rally(a detail supported by racing shots showing the Mach 5), which would make a circuit car(as the Mach 6 appears to be) completely useless.

Formula Fox on Apr 28, 2008


Formula Fox, watch Speed Racer: The Next Generation animated film: The plans for the Mach 6 are not as badly thought out as you'd hoped.

Crest on Apr 28, 2008


this movie looks very good. although im only 11 ive seen every episode of every speed racer series.the only thing i dont like is the mach 6 always stay with the classics they should have stayed with just the mach5

avengerman24 on May 3, 2008


The trailer looks like a cheesy computer game.. the movie is either going to be a big flop that will bury the watchowskis or it will be a success

yj on May 5, 2008


there was an old episode where pops had the blueprints of a "better" Mach 5 imprinted in invisible ink on Speed's windshield. Me thinks that THAT would be where the Mach 6 comes from, being that the producer is a huge fan of the old show. 🙂

redtoade on May 7, 2008


For those that watched the anime serie, the movie looks just like that, show this amazing races and all the incredible things that speed can do and is imposible to do it in the real life, but that's how the serie was, so if you liked the serie you'll like the movie, except for the stupid mach 6, in the serie never was such thing called the mach 6, that really sucks, the only car and the spirit of the serie was the mach 5, the mach 5 was the car that always beat the others, I'm got so mad when they replace the mach 5 by the mach 6, the mach 6 can be really cool, but it goes against the original serie, blow the mach 6 and keep the only one, the king, the best of the best, the mach 5.

sebas007 on May 11, 2008


Speed DOES DRIVE THE MACH 5. However, later in the movie, Pops Racer builds the mach 6. Snd that is when Speed gets the mach 6 which explains the number in the vehicles in the trailor. But for thoes who are upset about the classics, he does have the mach 5. Also in a way it continues the series. The engine Pops had thought of in the classic series was put into the mach 6!

racer_XX on Jul 13, 2008


OK, I admit it: this movie was great. Although I could have done without the Mach 6 (it's pretty garish), I appreciate that they resisted the temptation to destroy the Mach 5 as a plot device to usher in the new car. Bravo. Also, I was amazed at how considerately the Wachowskis handled the pro-family message - unusual for a big-budget Hollywood picture. It's a shame this picture got so panned in the press. I think it stayed true to the cartoon while developing the family relationships in ways the cartoon only dreamed.

MrCrumley on Mar 26, 2009

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