First Look: Quentin Tarantino Presents Hell Ride

December 13, 2007

Quentin Tarantino Presents Hell Ride

Hell Ride was recently announced as one of the midnight premieres at Sundance in January, and now we have a first look at a couple of photos from this gnarly biker flick. Larry Bishop stars as badass biker Pistolero, who along with his brother The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour), hit the road to avenge the death of Pistolero’s old lady Cherokee Kisum, by the 666ers, a rival motorcycle gang. Dennis Hopper and Vinnie Jones also star. I'll be damned if this doesn't look like one hell of an awesome throwback to biker cinema. Could this be a bit of Machete, that hilarious trailer with Danny Trejo from Grindhouse, lived out in full?

There's just so many great elements to Hell Ride. Quentin Tarantino as producer is a huge plus, and I don't even need to explain why. Larry Bishop wrote and directed this himself, so it's a biker movie made entirely by a biker. And lastly, I've gained immense respect for Michael Madsen since his performance Kill Bill Vol. 2 (as Budd) and Sin City (as Bob) and now this is one of those times where I can't wait to see how badass he'll be. Larry Bishop is the guy standing to the right of Michael Madsen in the first photo below.

Hell Ride

Hell Ride

Hell Ride

Bishop plays a biker who watches his woman die at the hands of a Satanic biker gang known as the 666ers and sets out to seek revenge. Bishop penned and directed the film with Quentin Tarantino riding along as producer.

Hell Ride doesn't have a release date set by The Weinstein Company yet, but will arrive at some point in 2008.

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For me, Quentin Tarantino has used up all his aces (Jackie Brown probably his best film). How many awful "Quentin Tarantino Presents" movies have there been? I'm still waiting for Michael Madsen to reprise his "Glen Greenwood" role in Free Willy 4: Son of Keiko's Revenge 😛

avoidz on Dec 13, 2007


this crew has definately captured the look of real bikers that you find out on the street...these guys look like most of the crowd I see every time I go out for a Sunday putt...although Madsen's wardrobe is questionable... he might be able to pull it off if the script doesnt get too cheesy...but the BIKES...absolutely right on the 30K OCC crap here...those are REAL motorcycles...garage built bikes with a minimum of chrome and no essential BS....they look like they are right out of an issue of The Horse magazine...cant wait to see this....

Cornholio_By_The_Sea on Dec 14, 2007


BTW Alex...just FYI, the real club bikers out there get pissed over being reffered to as a "gang" when the club colors distinctly proclaim that they are a "club"...LEO and the media think it makes for better press to call them a gang...there are a couple other points of protocol that I can see wrong in the pictures but the general public would never pick up on them so I dont think it will matter when trelease time comes...all in all, it has quite a realistic look to everything so far...

Cornholio_By_The_Sea on Dec 14, 2007


QT presents....YAWN YAWN YAWN QT name stands for homage turds these days, originality is waaaay waaay gone down the gutter. and Michael Madsen looks fat and sad.

bill gibron on Jan 2, 2008


First of all, even though QTP is the moniker, Larry Bishop knows what he's doing. Second, MC clubs get referred to as gangs all the time, they live with it and are used to it. I hang with a non 1%er club here in IL, and even with them they are referred to as a gang. This movie looks amazing the bikes are authentic, the premise is authentic and it looks like it might be great. Perhaps most of the people going to see this are wanting to see a Wild Hogs remake. What you wont see in this film are OCC non-functioning billet barges that you cant even ride, chopper "celebrities" (yes, no Mikey the asswipe). What you will see are hard riding, hard charging bikers out to kick some ass, just like it is in the real world of Motorcycle clubs. As for Madsens "wardrobe" check out The Bike Riders, an old fine art photo book of Outlaws and Angels from the 60's & 70's. People in MC wear whatever the hell they want and look good in. Thats the fun of MC's. NO RULES! (OK, there are some rules, but what you wear, other than your colors, aint one of em')

Billy T. on Jan 9, 2008


this is gonna be some badass kicking

Raj on Jan 14, 2008


I am with Billy T, I know many 1%ers and non patch holders and they wear what ever they please. As far as the movie it looks like a modern day version of Hells Angels 69 with a litttle twist. Wild hogs was a stupid movie. This movie will be for people that dont follow the biker trend and are in it for life.EDR08 is where its at cant wait.

somewhere from CO. on Jan 21, 2008


I know Austin, the young boy who plays ( young camanche ) im so excited for this to come out! 🙂

Sarah on Mar 9, 2008


Let me tell you the only time Madsen looks sad is when they put this mega badass in some dumbass movie about wanting to buy a bar. Don't even remember the name of that one. Tarantino is cool like a spring breeze baby and he loves the same things I do. Cool music no one else would even remember and guys like Madsen. Love ya Q. Thanks for the music from Deathproof. Hold Tight, Good Love, Bad Love and Down in Mexico. Just made you want to be 18 again in the back seat of a car with a soft lipped guy. Thank you. Keep thinking of stuff no one else is cool enough to think of. How many movies can they do about Queen Elizabeth?

telya on Mar 10, 2008


Excuse me for one more comment, please. I have not seen anyone put out anything that ranks anywhere near the cool scale Tarantino approaches. Can you please post more about Hell Ride? Give us a clue on some of the music also. He appears to be one of the few other than Michael Mann who comprehends that music makes a movie so much better, not sappy romantic comedy music, full out drum bangin' music. He makes me remember how important it is.

telya on Mar 10, 2008


QT your the fuckin best at makin movies. I think Pulp Fiction was ya best. loved that movie, an love how you put dialoge in movies that no other director would think of doin which is fuckin smart if ya ask me. And i think thats what makes u a great direction and screen writer. Love your movies an cant wait until this one comes out and many others. Love ya work QT

Ryan on Apr 6, 2008


hello family ever movie hes in is the greast dame thing ever and if you people dont like that than kiss my ass

keith on May 25, 2008


im glad that michael made this movie it should be the greast thing better than any other thing which this should hit number 1

keith on May 25, 2008


Just love the movie, just watched it and QT did it again. Larry Bishop is just the man! The music, the scenery evrything is just right! Great dialogue, super cast... Come on and stop bullshitting about Michael Madsen, the guy just has it! Little guys are so cool as he is... The scene in the tree is marvelous: Ï'm an owl" (blowing a tune on a beerbottle) Quentin keep up the good work and that you may present shitloads of movies like this!

Pierre on Sep 24, 2008


I think most of the traditional biker community is still waiting for something like "Easy Rider" to take them back to that magic time when being a biker was about the you, your bike and the road. This production doesn't really sound like that but, sounds entertaining none the less. The last flick with Travolta, (I can't even remember the name), didn't do it for me and the guys I ride with. I haven't seen your movie yet, actually, I haven't even seen it listed anywhere. Was it a limited release??? How can I get a hold of it.......?

steve bauer on Jan 25, 2009


The only cool thing here is Jones's and Maddsens bikes. Pretty lame movie

DAVE on Feb 9, 2009


all quentins movies are great , is a music cd coming out

dava a on Jun 12, 2009


wow michael madsen looks so bad aahahahah but its the looks where he looks cool the badass guy ahahahahah more power madsen oh i got a news that his making a movie with judy ann santos of philippines im looking forward to that ^_^

melisa on Oct 18, 2010


oh is it true that his going to make a movie with philippine's finest actress judy ann santos whmmm interesting im looking forward to that good luck michael more movies

anarita on Oct 18, 2010

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