First Look: Ray Stevenson in The Punisher: War Zone

December 6, 2007

Ray Stevenson in The Punisher: War Zone

We finally get our first look at one of the most forgettable comic book movies arriving in 2008 - The Punisher: War Zone. This entirely boring photo continues to elicit bland emotions and not a single shred of excitement, for myself at least. "Rome" star Ray Stevenson takes over Thomas Jane's job as Frank Castle / The Punisher and fights against the villain Jigsaw in The Punisher: War Zone. Is it me or does everyone else not even care about this anymore in the shadow of The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Hellboy II, and even Wanted. Until they release a badass trailer, The Punisher isn't even on my line-up for next year.

Ray Stevenson in The Punisher: War Zone

Continuing his crusade to punish violent criminals in America, former FBI agent Frank Castle arrives in New York to take on a underworld boss who plots to take control of the underworld. The Marvel comic book adaptation co-stars Dominic West, Doug Hutchinson, Colin Salmon, Wayne Knight, Dash Mihok and Julie Benz.

The Punisher: War Zone is directed by Lexi Alexander of Green Street Hooligans. The movie arrives in theaters next year on September 12th, 2008.

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Steven Segal?!?!

Richard on Dec 6, 2007


thats exactly what i thought as well!

Vangel on Dec 6, 2007


Christ, i thought Jane was returning for the sequel...he was the only good thing about the first one. how do you go from the first movie's cast of: Thomas Jane John Travolta Ben Foster Rebecca Romain to Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Doug Hutchinson, Colin Salmon, Wayne Knight, Dash Mihok and Julie Benz and expect to turn any interest let alone a profit? i'll be stunned if this turd is still headed for theaters come next year and not re-routed as a straight-to-dvd.

carg0 on Dec 6, 2007


I cant fucking wait. I'm sorry, but you all suck at life. I'm the coolest nerd because I love the punisher.

Kail on Dec 6, 2007


I have to disagree, Alex. The photo is exactly what I want from a punisher movie. HOWEVER, I do agree that this movie isn't on my radar. Did I read the cast list right? Wayne Knight? Isn't that Newman from Seinfeld?

Nathan on Dec 6, 2007


I'm with @Carg0; I could have swore that Jane was back for the sequel. Shows how wrong I was and how forgettable this movie is going to be. I'm adding it to my Netflix list, but that's about it. Also agree that this is a prime candidate for STDVD, depending on how much Marvel's got sunk into it, budget-wise.

William Mize on Dec 7, 2007


Mr Billington what will it take to wake you up to the positive developments in The Punisher film world? Ray Stevenson is a well-trained and hugely talented actor who is, even as you lay bored, breathing new life into a character that THE REST OF US WANT TO SEE! Go back to sleep sir; stop muddying the waters with your apathy.

wingit4me on Dec 7, 2007


what are you people talking about?? - the new film is based on the Garth Ennis Punisher Max comics and is being released by Lionsgate - the film studio that made the SAW movies and is releasing the new Rambo film, which, if any of you had bothered to check out the trailer is VERY VIOLENT which is exactly how the new punisher film will be ... as much as i loved Tom Jane is the last film, it was very sanitized...this film has Ray Stevenson, who is a great actor and a perfect Frank Castle ... honestly, basing an entire review on a film that is almost a YEAR away from completion by a single still image is utterly stupid and reflects exactly how much of an idiot you are. go beat yourself over the head with your keyboard - thats all your good for.

Akay on Dec 14, 2007


I personally love the punisher character, and Tom Jane was AWESOME at playing him, i really wish he would tough it out and do what he had originally signed on to do (3 films) instead of being a wuss and bailing. I love Tom Jane in fact he made the Punisher movie, for he was the only reason why I liked it, but if Marvel was smart enough they would try their best to get him back. Maybe Ray Stevenson will do a good job though, he looks way more like Frank Castle and he did do good in King Arthur, so just maybe it'll me good. But man I really wish Tom Jane would come back!!!! Atleast we have the Batman Begins sequel, Superman Returns sequel, Wolverine movie, and a possible JLA movie coming up!!

JamesBond007 on Dec 26, 2007


Even the first movie looks better than this crap

David on Jan 3, 2008


T. Jane read the script and quit the role it sucked so bad apparently...find his interview on the internet pretty easily...It was debated to go strait to DVD, too, if that's any indication. I'm a huge and long time fan of the Punisher Comic but can't get the nerve up to watch Marvel waist his image in movies anymore...starting way back with Dolph Lungren's portrayal...still having nightmares.

ctuckr68 on Jan 15, 2008


hmmmm as much as i hated the first one...i mean come on they completly screwed up the story line...i suppose ill have to see this just cause im a fan of the punisher......mmm and the change of cast....dear me....not looking forawrd to this..

samantha on Jan 15, 2008


who the hell are those guys

Darrin on Jan 28, 2008


Punisher 2? Am I the only old fart that remembers the first punisher movie? That B rated classic with dolph Lundgren. That would make this punisher 3

eric on Feb 4, 2008


the Punisher is my all time Fav comic character now why would they f^%K it up by putting together such a shit cast. Might as well watch the 1st Punisher movie with Dolgh watch was cheese. Punisher war zone story arc in the comic book is kick ass. I guess heres another movie to add to the shit pile along side Incredible Hulk.

Joe on Feb 7, 2008


im with the other punisher fans! i want to see this movie!

Daniel on Feb 14, 2008


Woah!! All you guys are bad mouthing the cast!!! That is crazy! I thought Thomas Jane was mediocre at best. Ray Stevenson is going to blow his performance out of the water. I can't wait to see him in action. Those who don't know who Ray Stevenson is, or those who've only seen him in "Arthur", should go rent or buy the "ROME" box set, and watch him in action, then see how much your opinion of him changes.

Gina on Mar 19, 2008


I would assume "Newman" is playing MICROCHIP. He's perfect!

Joel Grubbe on May 1, 2008


Thomas Jane was the perfect Punisher. No Jane = Crappy Movie! Ray Stevenson? WTF he doesn't even match the part!!! Checkin this off my list...

Yum on May 15, 2008


looks like steven seagal, might as well watch out for justice before watching this film.

keniwa on Jun 2, 2008


could somebody pliz bring thomas jane back , coz i don't think that there is any hope of this sequel making it big in holywood.and the costume ray is waering does not even look like the punisher's costume just goes to show how unrealistic this movies gonna be. sorry ray but your just too steven seagal like!!!!!

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


Hello..............who has seen ROME???? Ray Stevenson rocks!!!!! I cannot wait to see him in more roles. He is so talented and so handsome. His acting range is better than so many so called stars???......aka Tom Cruise.......Brad Pitt..........Please................. Pretty faces do not mean talent!!! Ray Stevenson is mega talented AND not bad to look at 🙂

Terry L. Bolger on Nov 12, 2008


man, ray stevenson PERFECTLY fits the part. Jane was bad ass, don't get me wrong, but this is set later on, and if you read the comics, the Punisher isn't a baby-faced young stud (much like Jane), but a rough-around-the-edges murdering sociopath. hell, Dolph Lundgren looked more like the Punisher should have than Thomas Jane, even though that version wasn't half of what the new one was. The Punisher/Frank Castle looks older than he is, looks as if he hasn't slept in ages, and has a rough face, and Ray Stevenson captures that. now, if the film will be worth watching, we will see.

Jon on Nov 13, 2008


yeh i personally thom jane suits the role better but thats cuz he wasn't in the first one so ur not use 2 a new actor ive seen the trailers they seem alright, and lionsgate is realesin it so im betting its gonna be quite violent, i mean go watch rome and ull see ray stevenson in action and then see how badly he "sucks" there yeh sure they downsized in cast fame i mean thats probly gonna be funy 2 see newman in there lmao, but dominic west aint a bad actor watch the wire, personally i think we just gotta see the movie and see if its good or not, but i think its gonna be more violent then the first but i guess we will find out when we go see it

colin on Dec 3, 2008


First off Tom Jane sucked as The Punisher and the script was very dumb and no where near what Punisher was in the comics. What made dark knight so great was the seriousness and toughness of the characters. Tom Jane has no business being Punisher; the man should star in a beach boy movie

freddie on Dec 20, 2008

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