First Look: Saw IV's Gruesome International Poster

July 25, 2007

In continuing the series of great posters for the Saw franchise of films, Lionsgate has released the first international Saw IV poster and it may be the most gruesome of them all. Jump ahead to check them out and stay tuned for our coverage tomorrow from Comic-Con including live coverage from Lionsgate's panel on Saw IV.

Saw IV

For those who are interested, take a closer look - the head in the bucket is Jigsaw's (aka Tobin Bell's) head.

The film is set to hit theaters on October 26th yet again, meaning they've put out a new Saw film every year for four years in a row (and are planning for at least two more after this). The full series of posters can be found below.

Saw IV

Thoughts? Best of the franchise or not?

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Saw it this morning, I love this poster. His head ways just over 8 pounds.

Stephen on Jul 25, 2007



Adam on Jul 25, 2007


Now that... is fucking awesome. The decapitation one on a scale is beautiful. I am going to get my hands on all of them and put them in my dungeon. Rep the brand, -materialBITCH

materialBITCH on Jul 25, 2007


Obviously they removed his brain, DUH...

Mike on Jul 25, 2007


Well considering a head weighs 8lbs, I doubt they removed his brain.. it weighs slightly over 8lbs because of the bandages/tape that were applied in the 3rd film.. Could also be that he has a large brain..

Ken on Jul 25, 2007


Davii on Jul 25, 2007


Awesome, just a freaking awesome poster.

Hurmoth on Jul 25, 2007


stop reading it like a clock. it weighs slightly UNDER 8 lbs.

mike on Jul 25, 2007


Poster is probably way cooler than the actual movie. They are really pushing it releasing one every year. Saw 1 was the best of the pack and that is not sayin a whole lot. I'll rent it

Phil on Jul 25, 2007


IT'S A TRAP! (40 million hours in MS Paint)

Sapphire on Jul 25, 2007


@Sapphire Real nice, that wasn't really MSPaint, was it? :p

sqrage on Jul 25, 2007


This poster ROCKS! The other posters all kinda sucked. they were plain and shitty. can't wait for the movie!

brandon on Jul 25, 2007


Sapphire, you are my hero. I might actually see Saw IV if that was the poster. Thank you for making my night!

FS Dave on Jul 25, 2007


Hey Mike, shut the fuck up and enjoy the poster you lame jack ass.

Ali on Jul 25, 2007


IT'S A TRAP!!!!!111 OUR CRUISERS CAN'T REPEL BANDAGES OF THAT MAGNITUDE!!!! Seriously, wtf? The first film was OK, because you were focused on a story of a doctor trapped in his room, worried about his family. Sure the whole Danny Glover sideline was a bit weak. But then Saw 2 & 3 came along and just blew. Who kills someone by slitting their throat with a circular saw???

Ron on Jul 26, 2007


Wow. The new Saw IV poster looks pretty darn good to me - wouldn't be surprised if it was banned and forced to be replaces soon, though. 😉 Steve

Fable on Jul 26, 2007


I like the subtle way they got the figure 4 on the poster. The chain and head looks like a 4.

Relephant on Jul 26, 2007


That would be a nine not a four, the head and the chain makes a nine.

Ripper on Jul 26, 2007


8lb = 4kg ..... there is your 4!

Igor on Jul 26, 2007


Ali, shut your face. Mike is right and the exact weight is IMPORTANT to the meaning of the poster. And yes the poster has meaning. It's so sad it's funny, how some people can misread a simple scale.

HB on Jul 26, 2007


What does your 5yr old think when they see something like this? This is bullshit ie: not for public consumption. I am all for free speech and freedom of expression but this pushes the boundaries. Disgusting.

Magica on Jul 26, 2007


Ok poster, not so great I crapped my pants. If the head weights anything at all why didn't it pull the chain out of the scale? No one else noticed that, the scale reads weight but there doesn't appear to be any tension on the scale. The cord/chain is still recoiled up in the scale.

Binston on Jul 26, 2007


ITS A TARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sup slash b.

Bob on Jul 26, 2007


Binston, seriously, get out of the produce isle and go home. Or do what the majority of the people on this page did, and enjoy it.

Gary on Jul 26, 2007


at 37 cents per pound it's just way too expensive. they should put the script in the scale because I bet there's no weight to it- ohh!

marty mcfly on Jul 26, 2007


I'm still waiting for him to blink.

Sorry on Jul 26, 2007


I haven't seen the third, but I'm thinking this next one is going to be crap. The first two were good, I actually liked the second one more then the first.

Horror Movies on Jul 26, 2007


This poster is sweet! I think it's the best Saw one yet. The head in the scale is just a striking and creepy image. Looking forward to this movie.

Sam on Jul 26, 2007


is it just me ... or did he move just now ... awesome poster ... first time i am seeing all four in the same page ... hehe ...

subcorpus on Jul 26, 2007


Sorry I don't just get all excited over a simple poster. The first movie was pretty good, second one not so great, but the third was the best. It had the most story. I do however think that some people need to be a little less serious I mean, my life doesnt revolve around B movies, like it obviously does for some people. I think movies are great, I am a "movie buff", watch almost ANYTHING, and enjoy more than most. Its takes a terrible travesty of a movie to make me say "thumbs down". This series is a decent offering, and definitely way better than another Gozilla movie or some other lame remake. Just be forewarned, any posters of comments to this thumbnail of a poster for a movie that doesnt even have a trailer yet. It has fanatical fans who disapprove of you pointing out NOT how mediocre the movies are, but simple design flaws in a poster. I am sure someone somewhere was paid $5000 to make a poster for this movie and they weren't even thorough! I should make a pic showcasing the new Apple Macbook. My design would be a Dell Inspiron with the Apple logo photoshoped over the Dell logo on the lid. NO ONE had better say anything bad or point that out though.

Binston on Jul 26, 2007


I rank, SAW I is the best. Better they stop this SAW series.

Basha on Jul 30, 2007


I'm giving Saw Movie Franchise "ONE LAST CHANCE"..... Saw1 Was thee-utmost best in slyness, creepyness, and down right Chillyness not since Mulholland Drive With Naomi Watts(Which I highly Recommend!). Saw2 turned me off with the barrage of F-Words and Saw3 was too much with the gore although it sent my skin crawling when they went back in time and showed Jigsaw setting up the scene with Adam And Dr. Gordon in the beginning of the movie of Saw1... That was cool. But CMON.... How much more before this turns into a Friday The 13Th Free for all where it turns into 7-9 movies? TOO MUCH! End this at NUMBER 4! Dr. G!!!!! Where are you!!! Danny Monterey Park, CA

Danny on Aug 12, 2007


just saw1then2then3

mahyar on Aug 21, 2007


yes i cann't wait for it to come out sooo i can just download it and watch it yesssssssssss hep hep heyaaaa for pirates movies yesssssssssssss

jo no on Sep 14, 2007


I cant wait until I can see the saw 4 movie I have watched the saw 4 trailers so many times now.

Saw 4 on Oct 27, 2007


It is crazy. So I cannot see this movie. this movie is very wonderful!!!!!!

sho on Nov 12, 2007


ummm... guys i think the weight is a clue, i think it means that there are gonna be 8 saw films

Casey DeSain on Oct 25, 2008

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