First Look: Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47 in Hitman

May 16, 2007


Although a few other websites are heading out fairly soon to do set visits for the upcoming video game adaptation Hitman, and the rest of the movie journalists are in Cannes watching amazing indies at that film fest, I'm stuck here in the US waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean 3. We've never mentioned Hitman here before, but I guess now is as great a time as any to introduce you to the first look at actor Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, with the barcode and all.

Both images come from a fan forum,

Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47

Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47

I don't know that much about the in-depth plot details, but here's the simple synopsis: A gun-for-hire known only as Agent 47 is ensnared in a political conspiracy, which finds him pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military as he treks across Eastern Europe, hired by a group known as "The Agency" to kill targets for cash. Hitman is aiming for an October 12th, 2007 release date.

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Wow! I would NOT have him play Agent 47. So many better choices than him in my opinion. I really can't see him as Agent 47. This is weird.

Nick on May 16, 2007


Definitely a weird casting choice.

Zach on May 17, 2007


I think the bald guy that played the terrorist in 24... abu fayed? would have been the perfect choice for agent 47

abdul on May 19, 2007


Ever since I knew of Jason Statham, I had always thought that Hit Man47 should be made into a movie, with him as agent 47. We'll see how this Flunky adds up. Statham was the correct choice. Fire the casting director. This guy doesn't even look as agent 47 should. BAD CHOICE.

Kevin on Jul 26, 2007


I mean to the disappointment of all the fans,..they Have chosen the wrong guy,.atleast visually,..I agree with the above people either Json or otehrwise 2 an extent Abu fayed,...But jason was the most correct choice,...according 2 me,..I mean i am 1 of the biggest fans of 47 and van diesel has already disappointed me,..I just hope the movie isnot any worse.

Soban khan on Jul 31, 2007


The best choice would have been the original voice actor, he has the voice and looks almost exactly like Agent 47 names David Bateson

Jackduripper on Aug 2, 2007


C'mon he isnt that bad, i dont know why yall are saying he is a wrong choice. He looks like how 47 looked in 'contracts' and 'blood money'.

Ravikant on Aug 3, 2007


i agree. he aint that bad at all, any1 seeing the trailer will agree that he luks lyk him but maybe a little younger but whos complaining? you see a shot of him having his barcode tatooed onto his head, surely he would be young then? either way i think he will surprise fans and impress the people who doubted him..

Gilly on Aug 6, 2007


he looks like a kid bald and 47 is surpose to look mean and not have big ears like that guy. jason would be the only great choice

garret on Aug 9, 2007


I would love to see Neomedia's mobile application, qode, click on the barcode on the poster or the back of Timothy Olyphant's head, or the hitman logo, to see the free trailer, teaser ending, get times of the movie, get a 10% off admissions, get a free pop, play another game, etc. with the mobile device.

Swampthing on Aug 12, 2007


his face is too smooth for playing Hitman. Statham 4 President!

Xero on Aug 18, 2007


He looks like a little kid but no one will pay me to kill him so let's destroy my life in this horror film

Mr.47 on Aug 27, 2007


this man has no any little relation with hitman, jason was best, who the hell he is???

shooter on Aug 30, 2007


Jaon Statham looks seriously buffed up n hitman 2 but dey get sum pussy wannabe 2 play as dat wtf is dis wat world do we live in damnit.

Scarface on Sep 19, 2007


I love the hitman games and i agree that this guy shouldn't have played 47. He looks too happy and nice when the real 47 doesn't give a rats about anyone. In the trailer this guy speaks and has normal converstations (wtf not like 47) and it sounds NOTHING>>>> like 47. For looks I like Jason but i would have gone with David Bateson myself mainly cause it is his character to begin with...

Bob on Sep 22, 2007


I actually like the pick, he's about the same size, (stathman is WAY to short) and if you watch the trailer he doesnt look to sissy, because an assassin needs to blend in, and i know being bald, a suit, and a barcode across your head isn't gonna help your chances. But Vin and Jason just not fit for the job, lets get a unique person in here and make this a good movie.

Crabs on Sep 26, 2007


I think the back of his head looks like the game perfectly, like when your playing it but i,ve never seen the guy act before in anything else so it could turn out either way.

Fatman on Oct 18, 2007


you guys are seriously ridiculous. the reason they picked him is because hes supposed to relate to viewers no one would give a shit about 47 if he looked like a douchebag in a movie. plus hes totally edgy in it and did a good job. STOP COMPLAINING A VIDEOGAME IS NOT A MOVIE. live with it

mello on May 5, 2008


he sort of looks like hitman ....he aint bad at all.!!!if thers hitman 2 i think he is the perfect actor

chester bennington on Jul 30, 2008

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