First Predalien Close-Up from AVP:Requiem

October 26, 2007
Source: USA Today

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

Although there's already been a trailer, a poster, and plenty of hype for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, there's still one part of it that hasn't been seen until now - the predalien. The predalien is an alien and predator hybrid that somehow makes an appearance in the film (all probably part of the story) and now before the film is even out you can see how gnarly this guy looks. At this point I've got a feeling that this film is going to have great visual effects, thanks to the directors both being visual effects masters, but that's it. It's still going to be an awful film with a terrible plot, but at least it will look good.


The photo above comes courtesy of USA Today, where the Strause Brothers also discuss their inspiration for this latest sequel.

So the brothers plan to bring the new film back to its roots — namely, Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, Alien.

"That movie was dark. That movie used a lot of rain," Colin says. "And that movie was scary. We want it more like the classic early Alien and Predator movies we grew up on."

Indeed, the brothers first saw James Cameron's 1986 Aliens as children, hanging out at a hotel room while their parents attended a convention.

"We kept changing to another movie when it got scary, then switching back," Greg, 32, says. "But we didn't know it charged us for a new movie every time we did. It must have cost them $100."

It will be money well spent if they can pull off the latest AVP, in which an alien that bursts from a predator's body, or a "predalien," leads the war as the creatures descend on a small Colorado town.

I'm still hoping for the best, and the trailers continue to impress me, but for now I'm just expecting it to be terrible. Let's hope I'm wrong and let's hope this predalien above kicks some major ass! Aliens vs Predator: Requiem hits theaters everywhere on Christmas Day, December 25th!

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Hey pretty, pretty...Can't wait for this one, although it won't even touch the original material, but I love these Fox-y monsters...And who is going to win? Definitely not those filthy marines ; )

m4st4 on Oct 26, 2007


To quote the story "The predalien is an alien and predator hybrid that somehow makes an appearance in the film ." At the end of AVP1 a chestburster bursts through the chest of a dead Predator. Presumably, the Predalien in the picture is of the grownup chestburster or is at least decended from it somehow.

Riley on Oct 26, 2007


Nice design, better done than the PC game's of the same name incarnation. I had wondered if we'd get to see it in the sequel after the end note of the first movie.

Spike on Nov 14, 2007


hey has anyone ever realised that the predator has never one mabey a few times in comics but thats it hees been beten by Arnold Schwarzenegger(predator 1) , and then who ever beats him in predator 2 i forgot the name , (alien vs predator 1) the alien beat him , no doubt that he is going to get beat in alien vs predator requiem. the you have it that has pissed on your bonfire hasent it who ever is supporting predator. avit have a nice day 🙂

kyle simpson on Nov 16, 2007


hey Kyle, Why dont you stop wasting time posting your comments on this site and get back into school to finish your English exams. Your spelling is shocking.

leeboy on Nov 22, 2007


Looks cool. Kyle: Spell check yer brain, dude. It's like they told you when we were kids- if you wanna be strong like the incredible hulk, eat your vegetables. If you wanna do something you love for a living (like, say, killing people a' la Aliens), you have to do your grammar homework. Or this monster will come get you, in your sleep. 🙂

Djoser on Nov 26, 2007


hellow im chris i,m a big fan of the predator movies and the alien movies how does the trilogy go

christopher brough on Dec 7, 2007


My first alien movie I saw was Aliens. I must say I liked it alot when I was a kid. I was probably 4 years old when I first saw it. Later on I finally saw the first Alien movie by Ridley Scott I was scared of it because of the suspense and slowness of the movie. When I grow up I started to love Alien and started to see that Aliens was a little too generic. The suspense was good and the design of the movie was good, James Cameron is good director but personily hes a little too generic for me. In my opinion Alien was and still is the best, Aliens was ok just to much action, Alien 3 it brought good memories of the first one and the forth one was directed well but the Alien design was a little to much. I believe the alien design in the first one and third one is still the best. Because of the artist that designed the original from Alien was HR Giger and the artists that designed the aliens in Alien Resurrection and the AVP movies cant compete with the original it just cant. First of all the genious behind the the first AVP should have written a story that takes place in the future where the original story was suppose to take place in the AVP world. Instead they've done it in the present day on earth. A very stupid move on their part. If I could afford to buy the Alien francise from Fox I would. So that way I could produce these movies the way it should have been before. The AVP, I would revamp the entire thing and get rid of the first one and the second one start from the beginning. Also continue the Alien francise and do it the way it should have been done from the third Alien movie. You may think I am crasy but I am an artist myself. I love movies and I think movies can be art. Those that say they can make a good alien movie and are not artists or try to mimic the original design of the first one is insalting.

chris on Dec 9, 2007


How come it just looks like flava flav in an alien/predator suit. its so skinny.

jason on Dec 16, 2007


why is it so skinny and the head looks wierd. is that the alien just growing up after it came out of the predator? or is that the fully grown version?

Shaun d.s on Dec 18, 2007


um by the way is it supposed to be that colour? or is it later in the movie its going to be black coloured? ALIENS AND PREDATORS RULE YERE!!!

Shaun d.s on Dec 18, 2007


Predator is so rad in AVP-R! Yes the acting is pretty bad but they did a nice job on animating. fight scenes are sweet.

Corb on Jan 9, 2008


if I were to direct a movie that had to do with aliens and predators I deffinitly would get better actors for the movie. I believe having teen actors in a triller action film is a bad move. I look at the story and acting on the films not the effects of the film. You got to be retarded to actually focus on the effects more then the actors or story. I am deeply ashamed on todays generations view of movies. Like I always said before, I would get somebody like Ridley scott or like david flincher to direct a movie like this. Someone good, someone that is not a fan of Scifi or likes to have a good script to direct with. Because when you have people to make a movie for a francise that they are fans of, they get carried away with everything else and not think about the script, the story, the cast and the direction of the movie. You need somebody that actually has experience with other films than scfi. Me however I watch other movies besides scfi and to be honest I am getting sick of scfi because of its direction its going towards. And if you asked me wheather they should make another film for Aliens vs Predator well they better get it done and over with before my heart explodes. Because I think the idea should only stick to video games then on the big screen.

chris on Jan 11, 2008


hi im fred also a big fan of all the movies but i still need to see alien 4!!! the predalien doesn't look like much does it but its meant to kill an entire crew of predators! PREDALIEN'S RULE YEAH!!!!

fred on Jan 14, 2008


From what i understand when a alien crawler latches on to a host the resulting alien takes on some traits from the host. on the first A.V.P the predetor was attacked by a crawler resulting in the predalien for this movie. on one of the alien movies a crawler latches onto a dog the result is a four legged alien

riki on Jan 19, 2008


you mean face hugger. What generation you guys come from?

chris on Jan 19, 2008

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