First R-Rated Aliens vs Predator: Requiem Trailer

August 24, 2007
Source: IGN

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem Trailer

Dare I mention this atrocity's name? Aliens vs Predator: Requiem is a sequel to that wretched movie from 2003, Alien vs Predator. The peculiar part though, is that this very first trailer is an R-rated red band trailer, meaning we've already got an excess of gorey R-rated footage. Part of what made the first one so bad was the PG-13 rating it got slapped with and the skimpy violence. And you know what, HOT DAMN this doesn't look half bad! The violence even in this trailer is just enough to get me excited, what about you?

Be warned - this trailer is VERY gruesome! I've got to say, that violence/killing montage of scenes at the end got me jumping in my chair! And thanks to IGN for serving us this fine trailer.

Watch the full trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem:

[flv:avp2-trailer.flv 504 214]

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem is directed by brothers Colin Strause and Greg Strause, two highly experienced visual effects guys and first time directors. The film hits theaters everywhere on Christmas Day, December 25th.

You can also watch the first five minutes of the trailer here on as well! Just click the link and enjoy the first five minutes of the very R-rated Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

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Awesome voilence!!! Me Like

Rico on Aug 25, 2007


This is the kind of show you need on Blu-ray =)

Benjamin Koe on Aug 25, 2007


As I was watching, I had to remind myself that this is--indeed--a "restricted" trailer. Good stuff. The producers clearly wanted the fanboys to know ASAP that this is a return to old-school blood-and-guts Alien and Predator goodness. Alex, glad to have you stop by my blog and check out the "Five Most Pathetic Upcoming Geek Movie Sequels" list. For the very briefest moment, I considered including this AVP sequel, but now I'm glad I didn't. Nothing pathetic about what I just saw!

Great White Snark on Aug 25, 2007


How's it going over there at GWS! I'm glad you didn't put AVP2 on that list, too! I'm seriously amazed at how good this looks... I can say I'm honestly impressed. The only thing I'm worried about is that we just saw every last good "money shot" violence scene and the only thing left to see in the full movie will be boring filler... Let's hope that's not the case!

Alex Billington on Aug 25, 2007


I'm impressed, too. A pretty big departure from the look of AVP1. About the concern of all the good parts having been ruined by the trailer... you just never know! Isn't it the case that if a movie does turn out to be bad, then the trailer pretty much DID show you everything you needed to see? Bad action movies and comedies are the worst offenders. (I bet Rush Hour 3 qualifies.) Either way, I'll be giving this one a chance.

Great White Snark on Aug 25, 2007


Take any horror movie from the 90's, replace the villain with Alien, and you have AVP2, IMHO. Looks like crap. Vic on Aug 25, 2007


Looks better but that's not much of a compliment. AND CHRISTMAS RELEASE?!?!?!?! WOW! Can you say: Black Christmas boxoffice all over again????

Ryan on Aug 25, 2007


looks cool n violence, just violence. Cant say anything than that. More nice picturing than first one. Its probably bloody explosive night on christmas!!! cool visual effects. dying to see soon

Gana on Aug 25, 2007


Why or Why are they makign fun Sci Fi movies about teenage, horror? Gad damn this looks pretty fucking gay.

Richard on Aug 25, 2007


just kill the franchise please!

jack sodbury on Aug 25, 2007


Holey Kamolie! That was incredible. I see a lot from the ALIENS installment. Army involvement looks similar, soaked-tank-top wearing heroine, acid-for-blood splattering, etc etc. And seeing as ALIENS is one of the best movies ever, we have a winner!

Everman on Aug 25, 2007



jasonmd2020 on Aug 25, 2007


looks like just a bunch of violence strewn together with a thin plot. the avp series just ruins the originals. please, leve them with some dignity.

sara on Aug 25, 2007


A few exploding heads isn't enough to get me excited about what's almost certainly going to be one massive crapfest.

Ricky Roma on Aug 26, 2007


finally the feel of the classic alien movies is evident in this one unlike the first movie this one might actually pull of the chills and thrills of the original alien films-with the soundtrack,acting and alien madness this looks like the movie i have waited for and seems like the people who made it felt the same:) the preditor looked as kick ass as ever with many kills shots like in the original- im thrilled! hell yeah!

maximus on Aug 26, 2007


i love aliens and predators but when they combined them in the 1st one it blew. 1st i dunno what they were even thinking making it pg 13. At least they hopefully learned from there mistakes and fixed this movie up to repair the damage the 1st movie fingers are crossed on this 1 as the trailer did look kick ass

veins on Aug 26, 2007


Agreed. The violence has been ramped up but the story will probably suck.

Heckle on Aug 27, 2007


Just out of curiosity ... I see a lot of people predicting that "the plot will suck." What exactly was complex / original / thrilling about the plot of Alien, Aliens, Predator, and Predator 2? All in all it was the same sort of "bug hunt" thriller with a very simple storyline. I'm not in any way ragging on them ... Aliens is my favorite movie of all time, but I think you guys are a bit off the mark by making "plot quality" predictions about AVP2. The biggest problem I've got with these AVP movies is the fact that they seem obsessed with setting the story in modern times. This works okay for Predator being that the other films are set in a normal, mundane world ... but I've always found it heartbreaking when it comes to the Aliens. Screw the backwater yokels with hunting rifles. I want some god damned Colonial Marines again! Either way, this does look much better than the craptastic PG13 prequel did. -Mike

Mike on Aug 27, 2007


Mike, You actually make a good point regarding plot, but Alien, Aliens and Predator all had great atmosphere and and characters that the movies actually made you care about. Here it looks like they plucked the cast out of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and tossed some Aliens and Predators into the mix. I also REALLY hate that they're bringing Aliens to present-day Earth. Absolutely HATE it. As incredibly resilient as those creatures were shown to be in the first couple of movies, how the hell are we expected to believe that in the original films they'd never been heard of or seen on Earth!! Totally flies in the face of established continuity and as someone commented on my site this absolutely REEKS of putting the two franchises together just for the bucks. Vic on Aug 27, 2007


Vic, I'll grant you that one ... I'm not terribly optimistic about the acting quality based on what we have seen of the trailer. Though again, for the sake of fariness ... how many here remember the original Alien trailer? The one that was just a freight train of visceral, terrifying images / music? Again, I fully understand the hesitance about it ... I just feel it may be a bit too early to judge. Though playing my own Devil's Advocate, heh ... after AVP1 and Alien Resurrection, I can't blame anyone for skepticism! As far as putting the two races together, it doesn't ... necessarily ... bother me, but that's only because of the trend of the Aliens and Predator franchises over the past decade. I'm sure a lot of fans remember the placement of the Xenomorph skull on the trophy wall at the end of Predator 2. Based on what I have heard through community insiders, this is actually something that the fan base has wanted for a while in the wake of the very-popular Aliens Vs. Predator comic book / novel series and video games that have been coming out for the past 15-20 years. Allegedly Fox was actually hesitant to do so until recently. Again, I just wish they were putting it in a future setting rather than "modern American backwoods yokels versus monsters." Would be nice to see them actually do something redeeming of the genre this time, so here's hoping! -Mike

Mike on Aug 27, 2007


Thank Christ! No fat Predators!! Ofcourse it's gonna take more than a couple of minutes of promising footage to make me forget about "that other movie"

Nathan on Aug 27, 2007


To those of you who say this doesn't look much better than the first, you're just being negative and pessimistic to sound smart. The trailer is 50x what that last one was, so whatever. It's being directed by some special effects supervisors, which means they'll probably do a lot of cool gore just because. To me, that's getting back to what USED to be a horror film. If I remember correctly most classics were done just because they could with little reason. As for plot... c'mon... neither title is known for strong plots and if you're expecting something intellectual from this franchise you're honestly not a very intellectual person yourself. A smarter person would know better =] Kill lots of people, scare me while you do it. I cross my fingers for this one.

MrDan on Aug 27, 2007


At least we can pull some good fighting out of this movie. It's not gonna be the best movie ever, but It will still be a box office hit even if it sucks(like the first one). I don't think we're ever going to get the gorey/heart-touching/awesome fight scean/dramatic movie that "Saving Privet Ryan" was. but I still have some hope that this movie will be pretty good. I just hope that we get to see that mix between the two from the first movie!

Zack on Aug 27, 2007


i thought the predators turned good at the end of alien vs predator 1. why would they kill humans unless this is a prequal and not a sequal????????

haha on Aug 27, 2007


In response to #25 ... I'm not terribly interested in casting myself in a "fanboy" light, but unfortunately that's the only way your question can be answered. lol Predators (who in the fiction call themselves Yautja) operate on a simple caste system. They are semi-spiritual hunters and warriors who earn their ranks, titles, and privileges through combat. In the hunters' caste, that means hunting big game and taking trophies from dangerous species. Humans are one such "dangerous species" to the Predators ... the other is the Xenomorphs. In order to become a fully "blooded" hunter/warrior in their society, one must kill a Xenomorph using ritual weapons. After doing so, a single finger is cracked off of the Xenomorph and used on the Yautja's forehead to "brand" him as a member of his tribe to inscribing the tribal glyph with acid blood. You see this, sort of, in the end of AVP1 when the Yautja "bloods" the lead female protagonist on the cheek. Anyway ... honorable though the Yautja may be, they are still fiercely protective of their identity and technology. Predators are equipped with personal nuclear weapons for the soul purpose of denying an enemy their hunting technology ... which you saw in the end of the original Predator. It appears that in this movie, the Predator ship crash lands on Earth (presumably due to the predator-alien hybrid that was born at the end of AVP1), meaning you now have a stranded Yautja ship crawling with human "rescuers" and Xenomorphs that broke out of their stasis cells and such ... not a very good situation. Normally, if one adheres to the fiction, this would put a hunting party of Predators into "War Mode." That's not actually what it's called, but basically it's the point at which they lay their code of honor aside and do anything and everything necessary to prevent their technology from falling into the hands of others. This is (I assume) why they are doing things in this movie such as killing indiscriminately ... killing while cloaked, etc. Hope that helps. Predators are never quite "good guys," nor will they ever be. Even after blooding a human, they would still have no problem hunting humans ... -Mike

Mike on Aug 27, 2007


What is your (the critic's) problem! Are you idiots' such failors with your careers that you have to destroy every aspect of sci-fi genre. Have you people not recognised that these stories or fiction......NOT REALLITY!!! This means that they are not real. As a result, there are certain "logic" errors that exist.....and the sci-fi fan (being more intelligent than the average movie fan and certainly more so than the average movie critic!!!!!!, what ever that means) recognises and accepts this fact. Movie critics are all idiots. You idiots have chips on your shoulders and mediocre lives. You will all die alone.

Erik on Aug 28, 2007


Erik, Wow, dude... being the more intelligent than average sci-fi fan, you've won me over with your incredibly well articulated argument! You're so right.. why SHOULD logic apply to this kind of movie??? I mean you know what would be REALLY cool? Maybe they should mix in the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and Freddy Krueger from the "Nightmare" series! They wouldn't need to explain how all these characters could be in the movie because it's science fiction, and I could ask my smarter sci fi fan friends to explain it to me. Man, I'm so glad you cleared things up. Vic on Aug 28, 2007


The "Alien" homages in the trailer for AVP2 are truly compelling. For those alone I will watch this movie

bajanrenegade on Aug 28, 2007


dude looks freaking sweet! awesome i cant wait till it comes out!!!

mathew on Aug 29, 2007


Looks amazing, the trailer itself is 1000x more entertaining than the first AVP. I have high hopes for this one, it looks to be much better, starting with the accurate sound effects and visual effects. Also notice Paul S Asserson is not directing it, thank the gods. Annnnnnnnnd I'm sure its been noticed before but look at 1:39 and just try and tell me that is your good ol, normal homo-sapien-spawned xenomorph!!!

Aliens is the best movie ever on Aug 29, 2007


I liked the homage to ET with the people in the forest with the flashlights... this movie might be crappy but it's pop culture now not high art like the first alien movie... i will go to see it with my wife as she loves this stuff.

hotnik on Aug 29, 2007


Have IQs suddenly dropped while I was away? The Wayland company knew about the aliens in the first movie. They purposly sent the Nostromo to find the aliens. They knew what they were looking for! My big question from the very beginning was "How did they know about the aliens in the first place" even though the species "has never before been seen in 300 surveyed worlds!" I was satisfied that AVP answered that question. I was hoping for action more like the Predator movies and I hope I won't be disapointed this time around. BTW I still enjoy APV.

Ripley on Aug 29, 2007


To put everything all of you just said into a small paragraph, the first avp sucked balls, this one looks pretty dam good (with all the blood, guts, and action)

Trevor on Aug 29, 2007



A55ASSIN on Aug 29, 2007


When the hell are they going to do AvP right? The first one would have been great if they would have even loosely stuck with the formula from the damn Jaguar & PC games. I want to see Colonial Marines dammit and pulse rifles. This movie will probably have great special effects. The preview was impressive from that aspect. The plot/storyline, is more likely to suck given Hollywoods rewrite/remake/ruin trend.

Alex on Aug 30, 2007


I dig on this trailer. When I heard the first AvP movie was coming out I was stoked because I'm a long-time fan of both of the species. However, after months of waiting I was disappointed with the final outcome, the link to Bishop, the lack of gore, the gay Hollywood over-done bullshit "we want the young teenager audience to come but bring their folks" attitude which takes away the intense edge linked to the main draw of these characters. I'm convinced they've got it right this time because so much can be made from this matching and the fans that grew up with the Aliens and the Predator need to get that bitter taste out of their mouths. I reckon the release of this R-rated trailer is the producers' way of apologising to the fanbase and to show they've made amends so everyone can kick back and eagerly await the deadline. It's a bit lame that movie still sticks with the here and now rather than being in the far flung future on some distant planet linking it closer to the comics but it could tie in nicely with the Alien: Earth Hive book trilogy. I don't know if anyone else noticed (or would care to know) but it does tie in with the cycle of the Predators coming to earth to hunt Humans - 1987: Arnie - 1997 (setting): Danny Glover (I'm too old for this shit!) and now 2007. There's also a Predalien in it so that will be the Uber-Badguy, Predaliens are mean as shit too!!! Soz for writing so much but I'm passionate about Sci-Fi and especially the potential for the connection between these creatures.

Tom on Aug 30, 2007


This one should have been the original... it be better if it wasn't even attached to the first as a "sequel".. how is this gonna be a sequel anyway? is that alien/predator mutant thing gonna be in it?

Ian on Aug 30, 2007


Tom, I'm with ya. This whole concept should have been set in the future on some other planet. Vic on Aug 30, 2007


Cheers Vic. I think everyone wanted Pulse rifles, Colonial Marines and Corperate scum. Here's one for the plot-line moaners; how about this for a plausable explanation for this movie. It's the 10 year cycle thing of the Predators' Human hunt (in the comics the Predators only seem to go after one species at a time, it depends on the skill level of their tribe members, humans being the hardest). So, they're coming in to land in full stealth mode, witht the thought of this being all about them and harvesting some humans, but something fucks up. Maybe there's a ruck between Preds or they link this one to the first using the Predalien or when a Predator is about to get launched in a pod the pod-shoot goes askew (Alien acid or something hideously convienient) causes a hull breech and the ship is forced to ditch. Alien preservers rupture, face-huggers get loose and Aliens are thrown into the mix by accident but the humans would've been the first prey setting so that's why the Preds are so dead set human carnage and skull collecting. There'll probably be some government dudes with Predator knowledge and fancy gizmos to try and "collect" specimens of their own. How's that for a plot starter? Pretty obvious and I'll crack up if I'm right but you can imagine a board room full of producers and dweebs spending hours coming up with that kind of initial story hook. Any takers?

Tom on Aug 30, 2007


Fucking critics!!! Lets just dis the movie before it even comes out!!! Don't wanna know how many fans dissed the transformers movie and when it came out they all just shut the fuck up!! WATCH IT FIRST HIPPIES!!!!! I'm Tom Tucker Goodnight

Nullabong Noogah on Aug 31, 2007


I can't wait to see this movie the more blood and guts a movie has the more I love it!!

Bundybear on Aug 31, 2007


Finally I got to see the trailer!! I noticed the movie is released December 25th... Here in Norway it is released January 25th. Damn anoying (-.-)

Thyrariel on Aug 31, 2007


Yeah yeah this trailer was the bomb when the chick got stuckk to the wall that was mad.

Nemesis on Sep 1, 2007


# 34 SAID IT BEST!!! Have IQs suddenly dropped while I was away? The Wayland company knew about the aliens in the first movie. They purposly sent the Nostromo to find the aliens. They knew what they were looking for! My big question from the very beginning was “How did they know about the aliens in the first place" even though the species “has never before been seen in 300 surveyed worlds!" Dont get me wrong, Aliens is my fav movie of all time. and this looks 500 times better that the first AVP but whats gonna kill this movie is the fact that its in 2007 and totally go with the Aliens guideline!!!!!

REAL6 on Sep 4, 2007


u people shouldnt be sayn all this bad shit about the movie. like the plot and how its linked to the first movie, for starters u dont even know the plot. So dont judge movies on the trailer. i thought alien had a shity trailer but look how it turned out. but i do think that it could be set on like planet lv426 where the pred ship was the one from alien and aliens. and it just be a aliens vs pred movie, no humes. leafs rock

Trevoe on Sep 4, 2007


I wonder if this AVP movie will have any ties to previous Aliens or Predator movies. If not oh well it still looks damn good. In the words of Vaquez(Aliens 2) LETS ROCK!!!

Stephen Runnels on Sep 7, 2007


I saw this trailer a while ago and loved what I saw. Im a huge fan of gore and more gore. By the way, I know the Aliens movie's up to number 3 had a good plot and story but, all the predator movies are just about death and destruction. So, why are a bunch of you bitching about how this looks. I am all for the violence and even if it is a shitty plot all i care about is predator fucking shit up. The plot looks like predator shoots down to earth with capsules of face huggers so he can have a better hunt on earth. He thinks its going to be fun and games but then that shit escalates to a whole new level. I think this movie is going to surpass AVP1 no doubt about it and hopefully it will make some fans (like me) finally happy.

Zach on Sep 8, 2007


well said zach

curtis on Sep 10, 2007


Fuck all of you there wasn't anything wrong about AVP except the lack of gore but it's still not as bad as you all say it is. And you all say it is PG 13 but i'm from Australia and over here it was rated M 15 + so quit your fucking bitching and if you want to see a gorier version see the uncut version or the Blu-Ray disc version.

lloyd barrington on Sep 10, 2007


guys if you think about it it's all fucked up right the story line everything it's completely mad i'd most of the films based on games are a faulire right so i imagine this is another failure from hollywood

jason on Sep 10, 2007


You a failure.

Crimsonite on Sep 10, 2007


Dear god can i get a heeeelllls yeh 4 this movie. I'm a huuge fan of the predator/alien series (apart from the first avp movie... BLASPHEMY i tells ya!!) and this trailer looks kraayzie. Blood, gore honestly who needs a plot. Sure the story from the games woud have been nice but it aint gonna happen (any time soon that is) so meh enjoy what u can ppl. BTW predalien AHOY cnt wait 4 that

KeNPaChI88 on Sep 10, 2007


Would it be R 18 + in Australia because lots of movies in America that are R 18 + are only M 15 + over here.

lloyd barrington on Sep 11, 2007


I forgot to say this in my last comment that i want to see the predalien kick the predators ass!!!!!!!

lloyd barrington on Sep 11, 2007


The first Alien movie is more of a suspense film than a horror film, as were the first two predator films, to a degree. Sadly, I think suspense would be lost on today's cineplex audiences. Suspense is a genre w/ one foot in art house & the abstract qualities of culluloid, exploiting lighting and mood in a way owing more to Hitchcock that Roger Corman or Rob Zombie. Alien3 came close, with its gritty, paranoid atmospherics and power struggles between conflicted characters, and still sticking with the mother/daughter metaphor for Ripley, instead twisting it in the direction of her 'brood', the dog-alien. Alien resurrection was done by a fantastic director who, for some reason, ended up making a pretty poop-infested movie. What cgi and 'rubber/plastic' monster effects have distracted us from is the art of subtlety. It's possible, as shown in Alien and Predator, to place the puppetry of special effects as a tasteful treat in the background (with occasional spotlights) of a character driven film. My belief of the aliens v predator stories was always that they should do it SANS humans for the majority of the time. THAT would be a REAL challenge- more like the "Tribes" book than anything. Still, I can't imagine what else I'll be doing this Christmas. Would've been nice around halloween, though. Really, you children should catch up on your History. Both Alien and Predator are landmarks in a tradition of Alien movies as metaphors for very real current events; 'Alien' being a commentary on post-Feminism (I mean, the design is based on Giger's Biomechanic Penis-head for Christ's sake), and 'Predator' being a metaphor for the unpredictable, animal-like guerrilla tactics we were facing as our country intervened in Latin America, (among others). The Aliens & Predator's best assets are that they are a representation of US. The Alien, propagating insect-like, driven only by an instinct to breed, nest and hive; and the Predator is the part of all of us that comes out only climates of great conflict: War-zones. This movie will be a very entertaining video game, but nothing you'd want to take a date to- that is, if you want to Breed like the rest of us.

Djoser on Sep 11, 2007


Having seen all of the Alien films, Predator films and studied them extensively for media studies, i agree with most people, AVP was completely crap. There are several points made by people on this thread that are more than valid. As for some people on this thread, what are you even doing commenting?? VIC makes the comment that its the cast of "I know what you did last summer" from the trailer and looking at the cast, it looks like it is pretty much a load of unknowns, i for one think that it will make the film better as there will be no preconceived ideas about who is playing the characters (eg Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, totally panned, turned out alright). Also not forgetting that in the original Alien, Ripley wasn't even meant to be the heroine (And Weaver was also a relative unknown), Dan O'Bannen rewrote it to make her the heroine which would upset the standard action genre "Man prevails". AVP tries this and it back fires horrendously as you know that the women is a sub standard Ripley from the beginning. HAHA's comments in #24 "why would they kill humans if they are good" to answer this you need to look at the essence of Predator. Predator's only kill armed humans "Arnie realises this fact" (i know the trailer for AVP 2 shows otherwise, women speared with flying death frisbee, before people start mentioning it). In Predator 2 (in my opinion is void of plot and pretty crap compared to the original, Danny Glover kills a Predator and is not killed, the reason for this is that he has proven himselfas a hunter, this is why the women in AVP is marked, not because they have turned good. Lots of people are mouthing off saying that its killing the franchise, utter bollocks. Alien was a seat of your pants suspense horror, Aliens was all out action, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection killed the Alien franchise. Alien 3 tried toget too spiritual and ended up tagging in Bishop at the end just to link things together. Alien 4 was cashing in on new technology in the real world (around this time cloning was coming into the public domain). Predator had zero plot and crap acting, it was Mr Universes and Mr Worlds flexing their muscles on celluloid. Even a total purist cannot forget the fact that the great things about both franchises is shocking, graphic, bloody, violent deaths. Judging by the trailer it will be just that, as long as the bits in between the violence have the suspense of Alien or Predator (where you don't actually see much of either creature for most of the film) it will be more than good enough. In short, it cannot be any worse than AVP, it should be good and failing that it will be a good Popcorn movie with everything that modern day films are lacking....BLOODY, VIOLENT, AND A TRUE 18 CERTIFICATE.

ON THE FENCE on Sep 13, 2007


Does anyone know if this will release in Columbia? I am out of town for vacation and am wondering if anyone knows where I can find this out? Thanks much

Chris Hendog on Sep 13, 2007


After watching this trailer again, I've decided this could be a pretty awesome movie. I'm done complaining. This will be sort of like the first alien & predator comics dark horse put out, in the late 80's, which were bloody awesome. The aliens look very much better- much more stan winston-like, i.e. Aliens, and the predators look like they're taking no prisoners. The female heroine looks like--- uh, can I say the only person with Melanin in her skin in the entire cast? I sure hope that alone isn't what will sets her apart. Let's hope she at least gets traumatized into becoming a survival-oriented killing machine or something. On second thought, I'm done complaining. This and the Iron Man preview, not to mention the idea of Ed Norton writing and starring in the new Incredible Hulk, are looking to make my inner child a very, very happy man in the upcoming year.

Djoser on Sep 13, 2007


this film looks alot better than the first and i pray to god that it doesnt suck

Darrin on Sep 13, 2007


What an excellent Christmas present. What an excellent, excellent Christmas present. Thank you for posting this.

Djoser on Sep 14, 2007


In my mind there really was only one crap Aliens film and that was ressurection a complete blow me fest. This looks pretty cool and thank god Christmas is going to be scary again (especially after last years santa cause 15) you know what I mean. No jolly family blockbusters hurrah.

djcalzar on Sep 17, 2007


This movie is going to SUCK period. Its utterly mind boggling that they continue to detroy this franchise. You wanna know what made Predator 1 so great and what made the first Aliens so great? Its the fact that you rarely saw the monsters and never knew exactly where they were. Its the age old methology that what you cant see is far more scarier than what you can and its why Jaws was such a huge hit and why it scraed people to death. Its also one of the biggest problems with AvP 1 & its going to be the same thing with AvP2 They keep making the same mistakes again and again. I am sorry but todays horror movies have replaced scaring people with gore period and there is a big difference between legitimately being scared or on the edge of your seat and being shocked with more and more gore all the time. In all of the good aliens films there were only a few scenes that showed the acid for blood stuff and in this trailor alone there is acid flying around like its fing water on a rainy day. Then throw in the actors and actress and the setting. Modern day earth doesnt make any sense and only winds up making the human element a buch of moron goldfish swimming around the tank with piranha. They arent gonna have any pulse blasters or any hi tech weapons like in Alien or Aliens. I mean a hunting rifle? Give me a friggen break, thats really exciting. As for the actors and actresses what did the cancel the OC and hire everyone from that show? Hire some legitimate actors and quit trying to make it look like a Veronica MARS episode with aliens and predators. Yeah I am sure there will be a couple of great effects scenes that show some predators getting killed, people getting owned and predators getting smacked around but that is not what made Alien great , its not what made Aliens great and its not gonna make this movie great either. This is just gonna be another lame sci fi film that concentrates on GORE and ignores all of the major elements that made the originals so great. Might as well of hired Uwe Bole to film this piece of crap. Sure ill watch it, when I can download it for free and not waste a penny of my own on it and if I end up being wrong and it winds up being amazing, ill celebrate by goig out and buying the DVD.

mike on Sep 17, 2007


Yeah I agree with you mike,Horror films today are all about the gore, I watched Hatchet yesterday and didn't scare one bit just grossed me out instead. Decent special effects of people being butchered do not make a scary movie.

djcalzar on Sep 18, 2007


Sweet, The last AVP™ SUCKED. To Be Honest, Its the new directors, The last one was a girl and probly got scared of jaws so he wont be able to show himself in movie directing, i also love the fact that they have brought Predalien™ into the fray, and more Blood and Guts, Oh Yeah i also liked the fact that they made it an on earth scrap no shit allieing with predators or aliens Because that what really made the 1st one suck BAD. to end this I consider that AVP™ next [Or not who knows] Should Not hirer little wimpy Directors that are scared of the fact that its ment to be an 18 not a PG, And should hirer the more directors that made Freddy Vs. Jason So Terrifyingly Funny, And The people who made gore the word its ment to be. =] Tommy

Tom on Sep 18, 2007


I also love the part on the trailer wen the pred shoots them guys heads off FUKIN SICK AND I LOVE IT I reckon they made a gruesome Trailer to show how much they want to show up the last film To it oooohhhh how the last director is shitting his pants yh yh =] Predator - Pwns Aliens - Own AVP 1 - Well No1 Can describe how bad it is =/ =] Tommy

Tom on Sep 18, 2007


In responce to #66 (djcalzar) Absolutly its about Gore and nothing else. Just look at the evolution of horror over the last 10-15 years and then look at where we are at now. Films like Saw, Hostel, Hatchet and even the rmakes like Holloween. Its the same thing over and over and it about how can we gross out the audience and how many sick and twisted ways can we come up with to disassemble a human body because we are not legitimate enough story writers or dircetors to legitimately make a film that scares people without using massive amounts of gore. Think back to Predator, when was the first time you actually saw the Predator? It was in the final 20 minutes of the film when Arnold screwed up his cloaking device. In the first Alien how many times did you actually see the Alien? Almost never as that was what made it so scary as you never knew where it was. Now Aliens took a different approach but it worked because they had amazing actors, a great script and some just bad ass action scenes. These Alien Predator films are terrible period. Sure there are gonna be a bunch of 18 year old kids who love them for the killing and gore but they still suck and compred to the originals that spawned them, they are downright insulting.

Mike on Sep 18, 2007


Suppose ya gotta point, but, Cmon AVP 1 sucked and alien one sucked the alien was like a scary puppet ffs also mike to be honest with ya Predator didn't reveal his mask till the last 20 mins but u still saw what he was capable of Predator 2 was good aswell but less impacting then 1st its fucking stupid as well How does a regular cop kill it when a full trained mercenary has trouble to do so, Predator 2 just shows the fact that humans always win.. and, another thing Predator 2 fucks up on is; HOW THE FUCKING HELL DO YOU MANAGE TO PULL OUT A DISK INSERTED IN CONCRETE AND A 600 POUND MR. UNIVERSE HANGING ONTO YOU ITS DANG IMPOSSIBLE... AND THIS PREDATOR GETS KILLED BY AN AVERAGE HUMAN YET HE HAS AN ALIEN SKULL, AND EVEN ANOTHER PREDATOR SKULL IN HIS TROPHIES CABINATE Its a fucking conspiracy....

Tom on Sep 19, 2007


I outright refuse to let any of you say ALIEN sucked. You might as well be saying that any story driven by dialogue, character, suspense, and atmosphere sucks. If that's true, then Shakespeare sucked, 2001 Super Sucked, and basically every Novel and Award winning movie should have instead been a First-Person-Shooter. Well you know what? I think it's the Video Games that SUCK. And the Gore-fest movies, while certainly guaranteeing that you'll have a tolerance for lack of substance, yeah, those kinda SUCK. That ALIENS had more aliens, more advanced weapons, a queen, a hive, and more gore & action does NOT make it an improvement upon ALIEN. Nor does it make TITANIC a better movie, simply because more people died (both in the movie an at the box office, waiting in line to see it). No, it was a good sequel because it expanded on what was left in the dark, to imagination of the audience in the first film. Oh. I'm sorry, I forgot. You obviously don't have an imagination of your own to draw upon (or much command of the english language, for that matter). What this preview shows us is, at the very least, the directors are actively seeking to remove themselves from the memory of the Video-game movie that was 'Aliens vs. Predator'. From the looks of it, they will mostly return to the roots of Cameron's 'ALIENS' with a little 'Predator' thrown in for good measure. That's a good thing. But to say that ALIEN sucked- man. If that's really what today's audiences are thinking, then it's time to put this to bed, and have some film maker to create a new monster to embody our culture's deepest fears. If so, then indeed, let this movie be the final Requiem, to both of these sprawling franchises. ***(Incidentally, the directors themselves have claimed to pay more attention to suspense/horror classics like 'Jaws' , 'Alien', and the first 'Predator', citing the way their mosters remained mainly unseen, until perhaps an hour or so into the film(s). We'll see if these guys can deliver. If they're reading this, btw, I remind you that there's always room for all the extra gory shots you want to include for the fanboys in the DVD-extras. You don't HAVE to have every single scene you film in the theatrical release. You've got till X-mas to make a decision.) WTF. I'll see it. Just to see how they pull it off.

djoser on Sep 19, 2007


WTF...... this movie definatly ownz by far i have always been a great fan of alien movies and that trailer i just saw was freaking awsome its just gets get and better...oh yea i like to give a shoutout to all ma peeps,baby mamas,dj eazy nutz for holding me down and last but not least ma boo loridana love u baby ...yea an to all yo haters dont hate the players hate the game baby peace im out......

Noobeater_goe$_hollyhood on Sep 20, 2007


Only Ressurection sucked, sorry there I said it, come on admit it. It should have got a Golden Turkey award (do they still exist by the way).

djcalzar on Sep 20, 2007


Resurrection was done by the director of 'City of Lost Children' and 'Delicatessen', Jean-Pierre Jeunet., whose other films are absolutely fantastic and he was a great choice to direct. I just think he just got way too CGI-crazy and started flinging it around like monkey feces all over the the franchise. Maybe he was hanging out w/ the Raelians or something. (see for a taste of some REAL aliens, sort of...) Those french- gotta love 'em.

Djoser on Sep 20, 2007


Yeah but the story sucked. alien human hybrid after ripley who was the mummy gimme a fricking break.

djcalzar on Sep 20, 2007


I'm not saying the movie didn't suck. Watching someone fling poo all over the walls is not my idea of a good time. Let's just hope these guys do what they have to do to make this movie awesome, and in the spirit of the earlier films.

djoser on Sep 20, 2007


Yeah personally I reckon it'll be spot on but I bet ya someone will still say it sucked. It's the old adage of you can't please everyone.

djcalzar on Sep 20, 2007


Hmm. Yeah. The Alien looks a bit too "guy in a suit" for this to be good.

Jamey on Sep 21, 2007


lol original alien was a guy in a suit no CGI

djcalzar on Sep 21, 2007


Does anyone know if this is a worldwide release? I will be in Colombia from Dec.22 - Jan 12th or so. Thanks

Hendog on Sep 21, 2007


Guys cmon, alien 1 wasn't exactly 1st class scary! maybe for its time, and all people that hate predator need to know that i think ya full of crap, Predator pwns! if it wasn't for predator this film and the predalien wouldn't exist.

Tom on Sep 22, 2007


They would have done Aliens VS Freddy instead lol Joke

djcalzar on Sep 22, 2007


Maybe the whole thing's just a metaphor for the US & Al Qaeda battling it out in Iraq. Naw, that'd be giving them WAY too much credit... This would be such a bigger movie if they released it on Halloween. It looks done enough to me.

djoser on Sep 22, 2007


why does the tough chick resemble ripley? the movie does look entertaining. i'll pay night-time movie prices to see it.

Jay D on Sep 22, 2007


Well it's on my One To Watch list

djcalzar on Sep 24, 2007


i just pissed my pants

duttits on Sep 24, 2007


was that peeing your pants as in lol peeing your pants

djcalzar on Sep 24, 2007


what a bloodshed !

Alien vs. Predator Requiem on Sep 26, 2007


the first one was a failure,we all know that but from what iv heard the plot in AVP2 is about a predator cleaning up another predators mess when it crashed landed on earth with aliens inside the ship but dont quote me on this i could be wrong.and is just me or is it about time we seen a close-up melting of a person through the aliens acid god,i think they have come to their sences

hayes on Sep 27, 2007


I admit i am a alien and predator fanatic and i couldnt wait for the first one. i expected a full out war against the aliens and predators but that movie was a one time see and after that it failed in my mind...miserably. No disrespect to anyone. But at first i thought this was a full out invasion of predators and and aliens are activated and something goes wrong or whatever/ then maybe the predalien from the first one crash lands the ship and breeds aliens which i think is the right plot. But this loooks awesome and im am going to see it the weekend it comes out or atleast the next.

GeneralRamm910 on Sep 27, 2007


Alien vs Predator 1 was gawful. The reason they went for a pg-13 rating was to attract a broader audience. I hope they know what they are doing -_-

rewrewr on Sep 27, 2007


I WAITED FOR SEVERAL YEARS for the first AVP movie to come out... literally. But when I finally saw it, ...I was so heart broken and so disappointed. I think FOX realized they "screwed up" a really good thing they had and now they are trying to "REVIVE" it back to it's original roots. This new trailer has given me NEW HOPE into an interest that I've become overly obsessed with. I HONESTLY JUST WISH THEY WOULD BASE THE MOVIE OFF THE COMIC. NOW THAT,.. I CAN SEE BEING A GREAT MOVIE! There would be no bullshit "present-day" earth crap, it would take place in a distant planet in the future, etc. etc.. This NEW trailor sounds x3 better than the first. But I will never be completely satisfied until they make one that takes place in an appropriate environment, like in outer space at the Alien's Hive or something... Either way, I will keep my fingers cross for this new one.

MersyOne on Sep 28, 2007


Yeah Agree with you mersey the Graphic novels were brilliant, let's hope this one is good.

djcalzar on Sep 28, 2007


Someone mentioned that the predator crash lands, letting loose the facehuggers, and that another predator comes here to clean up his mess. I kind of like that idea. Chris Warner's predator comics were off the hook. Since I realize that this was never done, and it was just in my imagination (maybe a dream I had as a kid), I'm thinking of doing a graphic novel of Alien vs. Predator- National Geographic style, with no humans whatsoever. (That's so weird, I totally thought there was an all painted graphic novel like that, but I seriously think I just dreampt it.) I know I could paint it- just gotta hammer out a proper script... Peace, (oh, sorry- WAR!!!) Djo

Djoser3 on Sep 28, 2007


Awesome!!!! Only hope that predators win finally!

Jason on Sep 28, 2007


After looking forward to and eventually hating the first AVP, I'm going into this very skeptically. Yeah, the gore and violence look good (hopefully every shot we saw isn't all there is to it), but the setting is still on Earth. Which pisses me off. Get it in space, mix in some colonial marines in there and you've got a sick movie. And stop trying to remake Ripley for Christ sake! (I think I saw a Newt poser in there somewhere too). And the look of it reminds me of Freddy vs. Jason or some sort of slasher movie. But at least in this new one its raining instead of snowing, because that twisted my nuts about the first one. One theme the first two Predator movies gave us was that the Predator hunts in heat and humidity. HEAT AND HUMIDITY. So hey, let's do the exact opposite and have it underneath THE ANTARCTIC in a pyramid. ABUUUH??? As for the release date of Xmas, why not? People get so sick of seeing happy, dappy xmas bullshit that by the time the day arrives, they'd like to see a few faces melt and heads explode. I hate to think that I'm a glutton for punishment, but something inside me wants to go see it. So maybe I will.

Mario on Sep 30, 2007


This movie is going to be a damned bloodshed! I love it! :))

Alien vs Predator Requiem on Oct 2, 2007


Totally agree on the christmas release date. Xmas is overrated only in it for the kids and the family, at last grown-ups get catered for.

djcalzar on Oct 2, 2007


It good that they have at least tried to match the violence that we saw in Aliens and Predator 1 but whats with the kids and a small town in the middle of no seems that this time they got the characters right but stuffed up the setting...AVP should be set in the future..with mariens and army guys fighting for are a bunch of kids guna match it with predator... i hope that predator gets to be a bit more of a bad ass in this...not like in AVP1 where 2 of them get hammered in the first 2 minutes and the third one starts getting chummy with the hero...I thought they were guna start high fiving each other at one point...lets see skulls, spinal cords, and a load of aliens get smashed

ant on Oct 2, 2007


Ahh. I just love watching fanboys whine and complain. It's so entertaining. Actually, no, wait. That was a total lie. I'm seriously tired of hearing all the whining from people who take these things too seriously. I'm one of the absolute biggest fans of Alien and Predator you can find. I grab up the comics, can throw out facts about both species and regularly watch the films sans number three, which I only watch if I feel like torturing myself. However, I don't have a stick up my ass when it comes to a new film from these franchises. I'm sorry guys, but you're impossible to please. NOTORIOUSLY impossible to please. This is the big thing that bothers the hell out of me about Alien and Predator fans. You get up on your high horse proclaiming the first couple movies are the greatest things since sliced bread and DAMN everything else. I've got news for you. Alien is not scary. Not anymore. It was back in the day, but that's because it shocked people at the time. They had never seen anything like it. These days, anyone who's even seen a PG-13 film could probably watch it without blinking. Same goes for Predator and even The Thing, one of the finest horror movies ever crafted. Fright is relative to the generation and time period. What is scary today will not be scary tomorrow. Horror is a relative genre. And it's a dying art. The reason shocking and disgusting things are played up is because that's what has to be done to frighten people anymore. But unfortunately, that's failing too. I don't even blink at a Saw movie now. What made the first movies special was the creatures it established. Not the acting, not the atmosphere and not the scares. The acting, aisde from Sigourney and Michael Biehn, was forgettable in both franchises. If it were not for the creatures they established, no one would remember them. We remember the sense of awe and badassedry we attained from these creatures. To see what they will do next. Aliens that have acid for blood, another with advanced technology. Finding one had a set code of honor instead of being a bland killing machine and the other having a decent amount of intelligence. This whole "the creatures shouldn't show up until near the end!!!!" crap is bullshit. Guys, what are you expecting out of these people? Doing that would be a waste of time. They aren't introducing these creatures for the first time. These two are outright STAPLES of movies. What you are asking is they pretend we don't know these creatures and waste time with the humans for three quarters of the goddamn movie as though we don't know what lies in the wings, ready to strike. They're NOT going to scare you with these fucking movies. They CAN'T. We KNOW who these creatures are. It's time for some fun with the concepts and adding new things, not trying to stick to what you people think should dominate the films. Because what you want of them is the impossible. If you want to be frightened, go somewhere else, or even better, go watch one of the originals and try and tell me it still scares you. If you do, I'll call you a liar straight to your face, unless you're one of those squemish types, in which case I could understand. The funny thing is that for all the complaining and sometimes even pointing to the comics, some fail to realize that many of those same comics ended up being more about the humans then it was the creatures. Hell, two of the best stories from the Alien comics, Salvation and Sacrifice, had little to do with the title creature. You can't frighten with an old concept. Merely have fun with it and deliver an entertaining time, perhaps adding something to the mythos. I swear fanboys of franchises or shows ruin everything about them. On the first Alien vs Predator, give me a break. It wasn't "terrible". It was mediocre. It was hampered greatly by it's rating, showed little new, had a very bland setting in the pyramid and utterly shafted the Predators, yet still had redeeming qualities. That's why it was mediocre. Terrible is something you just simply cannot watch because it's god awful. You want terrible, I point to Alien 3. That is the worst movie in either franchise. It's downright awful. It has numerous inconsistancies with the cannon of the previous two films established, had our titular heroine acting wildly out of character, killed off several beloved characters and basically pinched a steaming loaf on the previous two films. The only reason I don't pretend it was never made is that it brought to us the idea that the Xenomorphs gestating in different animals can affect their form, giving credence to how they adapt. It opened fascinating possibilities. Otherwise, it was garbage. Now, I can understand the gripe about it taking place on earth. Honestly, that's my biggest problem with this. I'd much rather we were back out on some different planet with the two title species and some colonial marines for good measure. I agree that's the next place the franchise should go. But I can't believe you're going to bash this film before it's even out based on this one fact. Come on guys. You know they're not going to stop at this movie. There are several more to revisit this concept down the line. As long as they deliver an entertaining time, who cares? Oh, that's right, I forgot who I'm talking to... I basically look at this trailer as what it is. Assuring the fans that this is not going to be a repeat of last time. We don't know what the final product is going to be, but at least we know it's not going to skimp this time. We'll see what the plot itself is when the movie finally hits. But, alas, I feel as though I'm wasting my time. Though I can rest easy knowing I'm less anally retentive. Maybe you guys can join me someday and just enjoy the movies despite a few faults. Maybe that's just asking too much.

dl316bh on Oct 3, 2007


Your bark is vicious, and so's your bite. But dude. AvP One set a new standard for bad movies. Accept it. The Directors of this movie CLEARLY already have. All we can agree on, is that we're ALL gonna see this movie and like it WAY more than AvP, & more than likely Alien Resurrection. And the setup for this one- while imperfect- doesn't particularly compel any of us to want to wait for the DvD. It'll be one well worth seeing in theatres, from the looks of it. And I'm sure you'll be hauling your bombastic, dismissive comments against your fellow fans into the theatres with you. Which is perfectly fine. Just keep your feet off my seat, and your popcorn outta my hair. Dude.

Djoser on Oct 3, 2007


Did 100 just call us all arseholes? lol Being anally retentive NOT I agree with him but I'm still going to see the film as it's going to be way better than the rest of the syrupy Christmas Shite that'll come out in the season to be merry. Unless of course there's going to be a Black Christmas 2 and that movie stank as well. The original on the other hand was superb, I wish film makers would stop remaking films, I guess they can't get original scripts anymore.

djcalzar on Oct 4, 2007


You've got to be kidding. Are we talking about the same trailer? The one that plays a choir-version of "Silent Night" while crappy 90's-era CG and stupid gore fly across the screen in yet ANOTHER abomination of the franchise? How tacky and tasteless can you possibly get? Ah well. I guess 12 year olds need something to watch, too.

Derek on Oct 4, 2007


Yea I think he did call us all arseholes...hmmm...the fact is were not just in his words whining and complaining for the sake of it...I just want them to do a kickass movie and keep the franchise alive that he or she seems to love maybe just a bit to much...cas if they don’t that will be the end of the franchise. It looks like its guna be better than the last one so that will certainly mean a third one to be made. That means that maybe they can look at doing something more in line with the comics and games. Just calm down Mr 100 🙂

ant on Oct 4, 2007


First of all its seems to me that you people are forgeting that this all started in comic books. I love the concept of alien vs predator and what the forgot in the first movie is that predators don't show emotion. They're hunters. Kill or be killed and this sorta love hate thing they had in the first one has to be gone in the second. I'm not looking for some love story or human predator freak baby, I just want some heads tp get smashed and people to die.

Bryon on Oct 4, 2007


Yeah djcalzar, i think he did call us arses... which is funny because it makes him a complete hypocrite. He bitches about 'fan boys' complaining, then goes ahead and writes the longest complaint on this page. And don't point at Alien 3 as a bad movie if you know all the shit that happened behind the camera. The fact that 20th Century Fox set the release date before a script was written, and the script was written ON SET DURING FILMING, with a director was was completely new to feature films and was given very little room for creative freedom by the studio (but Fincher has proven himself with generation defining films like Fight Club). And the Special Edition of Alien 3 is way better than the original because they were able to show some of the directors creativity. Now I know all of this doesn't change the outcome of the film, which was sub-par to the first two, but Jesus Christ at least it wasn't as bad as the French guy trying to make an American action movie. I'll point to Resurrection as the bad apple. And AVP was never meant to be 'Scary', did anyone actually go to that thinking they'd be scared? Of course not. We were given these action driven trailers and expected a good action movie. The action was decent, but the movie blew. And when I watched it in theaters the first time, i swear i wanted to take a pencil and stab my eye. And by my eye, i mean Paul W.S. Anderson. Holy shit dl316bh, 'joining you someday to enjoy a movie despite a few faults'... blow it straight out of your smug ass you fucking douche. No one is losing sleep over this trailer you fucking idiot. I hope you snap your neck falling off your high horse.

Mario on Oct 4, 2007


Mario calm down dude it's only a film 🙂 Actually did I say the 3rd one blew? only the 4th one was the bad apple like you say, and it would have been great to base the new film on the comic books as their so well done. I guess we'll have to wait and see. And the comment made by Byron, dude your a bloodthirsty little critter ain't ya 🙂

djcalzar on Oct 5, 2007


djoser those raelians are an apple short in the old picnic basket 🙂 And lloyd comment 52 will have to check out the longer version of AVP Honestly it wasn't that bad.

djcalzar on Oct 5, 2007


Sorry djcalzar 😛 ... it just pisses me off when people look down their noses at other peoples opinions, then go ahead and give their own as if its better than EVERYONES. So I apologize to anyone offended, except the tool bag that left comment 100.

Mario on Oct 5, 2007


Oh and I wasn't saying that you said Alien 3 sucked... it was the other guy... sorry bout that

Mario on Oct 5, 2007


no worries mario

djcalzar on Oct 5, 2007


Want Feckin colonial marines!!!!! grrrr!!

Ben on Oct 5, 2007


avp wasnt that bad, but alien 3 and alien rez sucked. predator 2 wasnt very good either , all it had was some new weapons for the predator, but still that didnt help. avp2 looks very promising, but nearly looks like too much blood and guts, i just hope they dont go crazy like in the Saw movies. predators and aliens were never as much about horror as they were about good original action

john on Oct 5, 2007


This movie seems close to Aliens and Predator 1 + Jurassic park 2 so what do we have in it...the heroine is military/some action sequence in the woods/ may be a pathetic love story(teenagers) with good looking chick in a remote community. What I would have prefer....where are those damn fucking pulse rifle/some lean mean space marine or a story close to "Prey"/action taking place on the Aliens planet(Cameron where are you man) But in the end we all know that Fox will fuck up the movie in the cutting room and may be we can have a Directors cut on dvd

Nuke em from orbit on Oct 7, 2007


How bloody is this trailer!

Alien vs Predator Requiem on Oct 10, 2007


Having read every single one of the hundred or so comments about this trailer, I have got to say some pretty darned valid points have been raised. I agree with most of them which makes me a bit of a contradiction, but I can find something to agree on with most of y'all. Predator Rocks. All out, does exactly what it says on the tin. Big guns(of the mechanical and human variety) Tobacco chewing Ex-Wrestlers..... Arnie in a tight red T-Shirt...... What more could you ask for....* Predator 2....... Hmmmm I plead the fifth on that one, I am trying not to get shouted at!!! AVP was pretty dire**. And I love a good rubbish movie. (I own Torque!!) (It's in my 'so bad that it's good' section) (Along with Waterworld & Showgirls!!) The idea sounded fabulous. Genius in fact, and I think they wasted it by lowering the cert. to make it open to a newer, younger audience. Which IMHO was a total mistake but hey, I still bought it!! Alien 3 is indeed "a steaming pile of cow dung (figuratively speaking)" however, Alien Resurrection is actually the film I find most enjoyable of the quadrilogy. (I know... I know... I am satan incarnate....) But purely because I was unable to watch either of the first two without cowering behind the sofa and my views on Alien 3 can be seen above. I have three hard and fast rules. 1: Never go into space. 2: Never go in a submarine 3: Never go underground. Reason being there are films I have seen which make me want to adhere to these rules as though my life depended on it. The Alien movies for number 1. Those Tom Clancy-esque movies like Hunt for Red October etc, for number 2. And The Descent for number 3. Which leads me onto my next point... Having watched Alien a few days ago, I am beginning to waiver on my number one***. Somebody very carefully pointed out that what was scary then, is not so scary now. And I am inclined to agree. I watched it. All of it. Not a single moment of peeking through my fingers, or burying my face in a pillow. Nothing.... Nada. I just watched the film. So I am thinking all these despots who slate the new AVP or the past AVP or any film made in this day and age which uses gore and bloody violence and eye candy teen victims need to have a real think about why movies are made..... The answer pure and simple is Enjoyment. There are different kinds of enjoyment obviously. Hence different genres of film, but we like to be scared. Or we like to see people in love. Or we like to see people figure stuff out. Or we like to have a good old laugh at something. It is all about liking it and enjoying it. And I have got to say, I think I am going to ENJOY the next AVP movie. I think that is why it is being made. So I reckon we should just all hush with the moaning, and watch the movie, and see "Are we not entertained.....? ARE WE NOT ENTERTAINED.......??" * The immortal line "This stuff'll turn you into a goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like me" CLASSIC!!! I even use it myself every now and then. **Except the bit where the Predator was swinging the Alien round by it's legs bashing its head off the walls. I think I might have had a bit of a spiritual moment right there!! *** Who am I kidding - Still never going into space!!

Frantastic on Oct 11, 2007


Oops. My bad. Didn't delete my original draft!!!

Frantastic on Oct 11, 2007


DjCalzar- the mere presense of the Raelians as a mainstay in France (their 'Leader', Rael, is a former racecar driver) sheds light on some of the cloning insanity inserted in "Resurrection". (the Raelians believe that by legalizing cloning we can become immortal, transferring our consciousness into newer, younger host bodies, or sump'n like that. I am in no way apologizing for Resurrection, but if these guys were a mainstay in your nightly news, too, and you were given liberty to direct the next 'Alien' movie- which had to somehow create a solution for having killed off Ripley in the 3rd movie - you might end up w/ a movie like Alien:Resurrection. Frantastic- I think you're spot on. Resurrection is very entertaining in a so bad it's good way. Doesn't change my comparison to it being 'like watching monkeys fling feces all over the walls', but I'll be the first to admit, in the YouTube era- actually watching monkey feces being thrown- especially at people- would probably have its own quick-thrill appeal. Nonetheless- as I've said from my first post - I cannot imagine what else I'll be doing at Christmas time. Still stand by my guns that Alien is a remarkable achievement- Giger built those fucking sets (almost) in FULL- and they shock of the chest-burster's (admittedly lo-fi) gore was dropped on the actors w/out their knowledge - so you're seeing their actual reactions to the thing. After re-reading these posts, my conclusion is this: Alien was a film, not a franchise. Everything else that came after it cannot really be seen in the same light- but Alien 3 was a good Trilogy tie-off. Predator was a genre-defining Action/Monster movie, and slowly combining the two franchises was a brilliant move by Dark Horse. AvP1 was appropriate for fans of the Video Game- its' resemblance to Mortal Kombat production, plot & acting can't be ignored- * But I'll be the first to admit that I got nicely zooted and laid down my cash for that one, for the sheer surreal thrill of watching a theatre-full of guys who were re-enacting each of the signature moves in the aisles. Classic! This movie looks like a good move, in the evolution of the franchise. And bloody hell, this looks like one of the most entertaining movie trailers to come out in a LONG time. I love the night-time alien/predator battles taking place in the rain, etc. Very cool. They should change the trailer to simply say: "Some dope shit is landing on Earth. This Christmas."

Djoser on Oct 11, 2007


Read through all the comments and from what I've seen people like it, don’t like it, or are standing on the fence. Me? I’m trying to stay optimistic. It looked good up until I saw the bomb falling and then instantly thought Resident Evil: Apocalypse. And really that’s all it is. Aliens = Zombies, Predator = Alice, and the helpless towns people = idiot towns people. It’s a run of the mill horror film that has all the baddies we've loved from the original (original meaning the alien/predator movies before AVP). Now I could care less if you guys say "Wow, comparing it with RE: A, that piece of shit can’t compare to this." But I don’t care, that’s what it looks like, and that’s what it’s most likely going to be. Baddie vs. baddie vs. those caught in-between.

Loki on Oct 12, 2007


I have read all the comments (all 119 of them) and i agree that everyone has there own view point of the movie. i myself am a huge fan, though i admit probably not a "fan boy" of the films. I did read several series of books on them (Earthhive, genocide, the female war, alien harvest, nightmare asylum, and a few others), mostly because i used to ride the bus to work and i wanted something to read. In all the story books though, i don't know about the comics, I haven't read any of them though i want to, they had a common thread that i think AVP 1 was trying to hit on even though i do agree it could have been better, as was mentioned here, that the Predators do in fact breed and use the aliens as rights of passage for there young warriors. I would like to belive that Fox used the first movie to set up a basis for future movies so that they can further build upon some of the off shooting story lines down the road. Maybe this movie is there first go at it hence it is named requim and not simply AVP 2. One story line i liked that fox partially used, wrongly i think, in the first AVP was that a human became blooded by a predator. In the books, AVP: Prey, Hunters planet, and war, the female was a kickass heroine and she was blooded by a predator whos name was broken tusk. Now if you watch the end of AVP 1 you see a predator with a Broken tusk, however in the book he was the one that blooded her right before he died, after he and the heroine killed a queen, and in fact he was one of the most respected hunter "Teachers" if you will and so because of his actions she actually lived with them for something like two years i think and then she ended up having to turn on them because they were in fact hunting us, the "soft meat" as we were called in this book versus the "hard meat" as the aliens are called. THey touched on the wrong parts of this story line for the movie, and it is the closest i can come up with that they were trying to go with, but again it could have been better. But in any every i thought i would chime in my two sense, i would not mind seeing some of the story lines used, just not as mixed up as it seemed to be in AVP1. I mean no disrespect to any one by my commenst and if i do i am sorry.

The Dark Jedi on Oct 13, 2007



lou on Oct 14, 2007


AVP 1 Came out in 2004

Kyle on Oct 16, 2007


i take it back after watching it for the 50th time i think its gonna be crap...but heres hoping it wont be...

steve uk on Oct 17, 2007


Can't wait for the Movie!!! O Lord pls make it a Gruesome War between them!!!

Eve on Oct 17, 2007



JOE on Oct 19, 2007


I'm incredibly disappointed with this trailer. It looks like any other 'slice 'n' dice' teen horror movie only with better designed monsters. All the CG exploding and melting heads look incredibly cartoonish. Any sense of style has obviously been dispensed with in order to satisfy the low IQ gore mongers. This is one film I won't be watching. FOX really sc##wed the pooch this time. Talk about going back to the well to drink too many times. Lay the franchise to rest.

Bruce on Oct 20, 2007


Well, trailers always look cool. They want you to go see the film, of course. As a fan, I'll probably go see it, but I've got my doubts. What I want to know is why hasn't anyone done anything about the original alien ship in the first film. Where did the space jockey come from? And why was his ship carrying all those eggs? Now that there is a second avp film, I'd say that pretty much torpedoes any chance of an alien 5. Darn it.

Andy on Oct 20, 2007


Can't wait for this movie to be released!

roger on Oct 20, 2007


Andy, let's be optimist: Alien 5 will come sooner or later! But for now enjoy this great sequel to AVP. 🙂

Alien vs Predator Requiem on Oct 22, 2007


this movie looks dope as shit!!

$yaboiZo$ on Oct 23, 2007


Maybe I'm just too easily pleased. After reading all the negative comments I watched AVP 1 wasn't that bad I decided. Sure Alien3 wasn't great either and Resurrection was a bit dire in places but I'm a big fan of both Alien and Predator and I'd rather they kept coming out with movies than just let the franchises die away as others have commented. I liked the AVP PC games when they came out but I'm not some young kid that just plays shoot 'em ups, I'm 40 and looking forward to AVP 2 movie coming out. Again I like all the comics too, but big screen action is better. I'm not sure if an Aliens and Predator only film would work, think you need some characters to identify with, (but let's face it, in the latter Alien films and AVP 1 you really didn't care about the characters because you didn't identify with them). Maybe it will be a naff film but I'll wait and see.

easilypleased? on Oct 24, 2007


Problem with first AVP was it started far to quickly, no time get to know the characters, no suspense, bang straight into the action. Pred 1, Alien and Aliens are absolutely classics such a build up to the gore. 'what we gonna do, use harsh language'

Dutch on Oct 26, 2007


Violence has its place, but Alien and Aliens both were never based on it... the first was about the suspense, the second was about the action, flash scenes of gore were used solely to punctuate the deadly danger the characters were in. Alien 3 abandoned this for gore and was by far the lowest of the trilogy, then Alien 4 came along and made 3 look good! It wasn't a lack of violence that made AvP a bad film... it was just all around a bad film! Felt like a video-game waiting to happen. 🙂 I hope the filmmakers don't forget that and just do a gore-fest... big deal. Make it suspenseful, make it terrifying, USE the gore, don't ONLY USE the gore!

Nother Guy on Oct 27, 2007


looks good i guess the mite need 2 up the special f x though

vegas_boi_101 on Oct 31, 2007


“In space, no one can hear you scream. On Earth, it won’t matter.” well ... i know of at least one turkey that will be heard pwuuuck, pwuuck, pwuuuck, pwuuuuuuuuuuuck

jan on Nov 2, 2007


The Movie Trailer Looks Great And They Should Make A Prequel After This One With A Great Scrip Of Course...

Ceasar on Nov 3, 2007


Has anyone mentioned the E.T skeleton from Predator 2????Maybe there will be a A v E.T on the cards....

Bangoliers on Nov 8, 2007


For all you STUPID people out there, if you have nothing good to say..... SHUT THE HELL UP!! It's a freakin' movie. How is it that you have not been hit by a car crossing the streets when you have the time to just complain about the movie. The movie WILL be a box office hit if you like it or not.... DEAL WITH IT!!! Do you actually watch a predator or Alien movie for the acting? NO. You watch it for the ENTERTAINMENT.... which movies are suppose to do. The purpose for a Alien or Predator is for the action which the movie will bring to us all!! THe movie WILL be the best movie of the year!! I'm so grateful for this movie and can't wait to watch it! See all you fanboys at the movies opening day! Tracer 9

Tracer 9 on Nov 9, 2007


This looks lame. Get a better set, the original AvP was awesome. TEMPLE BITCH!!!!

Will on Nov 10, 2007

137's "darkness falls" with a predator ship landing during the middle of the local police department's investigation.....oh wait, there are aliens there too. "predator" and "aliens" were good because of the characters actually having a chance because they were soldiers. i'm not too excited to see a predator cut a seventeen year old girl in half. pretty lame. i garantee there is same lame techno music when the predator and alien fight at the end of the movie. mark my words. i was disapointed with the first avp.....and this doesn't help.

troy on Nov 10, 2007


First, Aliens was the best damn movie. Ever. IMO ^^ It's like (Starcraft + Ender's Game) multiplied by Badass... kinda. Honestly though this movie does look uniquely different from the other films, ie - new technology, I would really love to see a sequel more like Aliens. To me the first two made great sense. All right, we're looking around for stuff, stuff starts killing us, we run away....(part 1) THEN, we go and tell our friends, get some rocks and sharp sticks, and go back to kill the stuff (part 2) Um, though I'm gonna watch this.... Big robots - space marines - giant nonsensical weapons. But mainly more space marines, please, and a lot of them dying in horrendously unnatural ways. Well, is this movie doesn't do it, then at least starcraft 2's coming out soon

FaceHugger on Nov 11, 2007


Hey Tracer 9...WTF is your problem? You call the fanboys stupid because you believe they want to have Academy award winning acting in this movie, when its not the acting that they are speaking about. It’s the story and characters you knuckle head and that is what makes the action in a story like this even better. The only thing you said that made any sense was that it would make money and is one of the big flicks for 2007. Don’t get on here and act like your opinion is the grand and mighty one because at least they said something about the movie rather then spout off a load of nothing. I’m looking forward to it but there are going to be obvious problems with this movie that the trailer pointed out. So just chill out and go have a Twinkie you self-righteous twit.

ant on Nov 11, 2007


I think this movie will be amazing. Especially the guys face melting off after the alien is shot in the head by the predator. By the way the heroine is a military girl. That's why she knew that the military thinks of containment first. One thing I think that will sort of let me down is the fact that in the computer game the predalien does not have an inner jaw yet in the movie it does. Still it's going to me awesome. Second of all I know the story will have flaws but what doesn't. The kid that says what the fuck in the beginning when he sees the invisible predator turn uninvisible is going out with the girl that gets sliced into the wall with the shuriken. The child is also the heroines daughter so of course the lady is going to sort of be like a "Ripley, Newt" relationship. What really will be cool is the kid that has a unfortunate accident as the facehugger attaches to him and we get to see the aftermath in full Harry Dean Stanton memorabilia (if you know what I mean). Another thing I didn't think that the thermal vision was screwed up. If anything it's as good as the second predator movie. The predators would still have had that mostly red vision when it took off it's mask. Anytime you see a new version of the thermal vision it's just the predators have more advanced technology this time around. Which is quite understandable. That whip looks absolutely awesome. But I wonder if they replaced it with the netgun. I hope they didn't. Because the second Predator movie looked sweet with that guy stuck to the wall. I do wish they would have it on a different planet though. And just because there are no colonial marines the official marines weapons look just as badass. We all know a minigun though it can't aim like the smartgun has so much more range and firepower and would tear aliens and predators to pieces just like they did leveling a forest for some paper. I mean most of the weapons they had in the Alien movies they had in the original Predator. The pulse rifle reminds me a lot of what Arnie when he was killing all those rebels in south america. A machine gun with underslung grenade launcher. The AVP 2 movie has a high powered machine gun and it looks awesome. I think I remember reading though that the predator and predalien will fight. The predalien will die getting stabbed through the head with the wristblades and the heroine will probably grab a weapon blow the predator to pieces and say "Die you ugly motherfucker."

Cory on Nov 11, 2007


this movie looks like its going to keep some of its alien two got a handful of Marines stranded dunno what the hell is going on doing anything they can to survive.. I do agree the first one wasn't that great but it was at least a fair enough try to tie the to movies together keeping some kind of plot. Even though the drama was a bit unnecessary they had to do something with that PG 13 rating. Other then that this looks like a classic example of combing the two while keeping the suspense and deaths they have installed. With that said Fantastic trailer can not wait for the movie and crossing my fingers for no more senseless drama

Killer840 on Nov 12, 2007


Man there's been some mixed comment on this! I'm not a purist, therefore I do think this movie looks excellent and I am looking forward to it. I know some of those who read the comics and play the games are dissapointed its set on earth in modern day, and that the colonial marines are sadly missing, but if you had them then ultimitely you would have a remake of Aliens with a predator thrown in (i'm not saying thats a bad thing, but change is good). From the looks of it the film kicks directly off from where AVP finished. You have the Predator ship leaving earth orbit after their adventure holiday at the pole. The predalien has just burst out of the striken hero pred on board from the AVP film and I can safely assume all hell breaks loose on board, causing the predator ship to crash land in the forest of some relatively isolated town in America. One, or possibly more of the preds survive the crash (probably one, or the title would be aliens v predatorS requiem, but its not), but the predalien and the facehuggers that were in containment onboard (for whatever reason) also survive. Survivng Predator(s) try to contain the situation whilst awaiting rescue possibly? Humans investigate crash, providing facehuggers with hosts? Predator decides everyones gotta die, otherwise he finds himself up against more aliens than he can deal with, and the carnage ensues. This would explain why the army ends up trying to annihalate the town (containment, just like predator is doing), why the predators are indescriminate in their killing of both aliens and humans (getting rid of hosts, protecting their technology) etc. I could be way off, but thats how I'm interpretating it just now. If this is the case then clearly the directors are drawing from several aspects of the stories from both film franchises and the comic books, which is notoriously hard to do, but when (and ultimately, if) they pull it off, could be genius. Happy that it's violent as hell and you see lots of both aliens and predators, because ultimately as time has gone on, the whole cloak and dagger stuff of the first alien and predator films just doesn't scare people anymore because we know what behind the victim, lurking in the shadows, it only works one time, and thats first time. Might as well show them up close a violently personal for excitment if nothing else. It should be good, therefore we should all go see it when it comes out, before we judge it and dissect it to oblivion. Give it a chance and you may end up pleasantly surprised!

Albert80 on Nov 13, 2007


This movie is going be a real winner. You have cast from excellent tv series such as "24", and "CSI", also movies such as "Accepted", "Lions for Lambs", and "No Country for Old Men" which i have to say was a great movie. This plot i can already tell you is the humans try to rid the planet of aliens, stop the spreading of aliens and force the predators to leave. There will be no peace between predator and human like the prequel which i believe ruined the last movie. All in all i cant wait to see this movie it will def be one of my favs. The modernized idea of the movie i wish was present such as the old time marines with the big bad ass guns but the way they set up the movie makes the present time of technology seem to work. P.S. Aliens 2 is better than the original aliens

pete on Nov 14, 2007


I think this movie is going 2 rock the box office this Christmas, and I can't wait 2 see da Pred-Alien.

Gen. Donuts on Nov 14, 2007


This is how it SHOULD have been in the first one. The Unrated version of AvP was cool but it was still pretty merf... but this is really how it should be. Back to the proper action and violence of Aliens and Predator. Not to mention...good to see the awesome ridged skulls of the aliens back...and those new Predator weapons look sweet... AvP 3 computer game anyone =D? How could James Cameron ever say this was going to dilute both franchises, hell it's going to revive both massively judging by how good it looks so far. The only problems I see are... 1 - Close minded people condemning it just because the first was average at best 2 - State-side Xmas release...that's a no no...Halloween yes, Xmas no way. Good to see they kept it in modern day times too rather than try and advanced it to like 2173 or some such date that the original alien movies were based around. As a fan of both franchises...I was going to see it even if it was poor but probably just the once...this one? Hell I think I'll be seeing it a lot more. Perhaps this may convince Cameron to go back to his original plan of Alien 5 in a joint effort with Ridley Scott? One can only hope Fox un-shelf that project if this is successful.

Spike on Nov 14, 2007


this looks much better than the previous

rubix 10 on Nov 15, 2007


I liked the adventure idea with the first AvP movie, sort of like a mix between Indiana Jones with the whole temple idea and like the Lost World:Jurassic Park with all the scientists and adventurers facing out-of-this-world creatures. Still, i expected it to be better, and after watching this preview, i'd say that we really got ourselves something to watch...i espically liked how the the Predator flashed his eyes like they did in the first one! Can't wait 2 see it!

Scar on Nov 17, 2007


AVP Requiem has several things that appear going for it. One is a competent predator. Two lots of aliens. Three the US military. We have a .50 cal, US soldiers which are almost as well armored and equipped as their colonial marine counterparts in Aliens. They have all the pieces that made Predator and Aliens enjoyable to watch. If you want to be a cynic then ask rather how will they screw this up rather than it sucks. The only other question is will we care about the characters enough to not want them to die one by one or will it just be a body count? If we care it will be a hit. If it is a body count then it probably won't be worse than some of the other crap coming out this year.

Omenowl on Nov 18, 2007


Loved Predator. Loved Alien and Aliens. The others I would prefer to forget. This will in no way be close to the ones I mentioned that I loved (the true classics) but as mentioned this does look like it is heading in the right direction. People liked Alien was an absolute travesty IMO, Alien 3 could have been awesome continuing the story of Ripley and Co. The survivors from "Aliens" should have lived, the actors said themselves they would have loved to have been in it (Hicks and Newt), fair play the actor that played Newt would have aged but you could explain that with a fault in her cryo chamber, she was in hibernation but the fault caused her to age; think of the interactions with Ripley, the character moments that could have been with Ripley trying to help Newt adjust to her now young adult self whilst still mentally being a child. There could still have been an egg on board the Sulaco but only hatched once they got back to Gateway station and once again you would have been back to the suspense of the single Alien running around like the original movie but with characters you already know and care about.................what a waste of a damn good opportunity Alien 3 was. Had to get that off of my chest - sorry.

Shifter on Nov 18, 2007


Anybody that says anything bad about this movie is a f&#king idiot!!! Yeah its cheesy, but all of them were kinda cheesy. Its the point of the story of two aliens kicking ass and taking names man. Just take it in and enjoy the graphics!!! Thank GOD its not the same director as the first AVP!! He can suck my balls cuz he wasted my time seriously!!! Peace out homies!!

The Dude on Nov 19, 2007


Dude the Predator/s are gonna kick ass once again and the Hybrid looks mad. The Dude is right it may be cheesey but it still looks F***ing cool

SyN1zt3Ru on Nov 20, 2007


I would really like to have seen this set in the future, similar to the books. They were done well and seem like they would mesh better with the continuity of the original films and grant access to better human technology that could allow them to actually "have a dog in the hunt," so to speak. In this movie they are going to be fodder for both the aliens and the predators. A futuristic spin on an alien planet would make more sense, give the humans a chance, and be prettier to look at. We all know if aliens land on earth, its OVER. And, to me, the only important plot note is - Do the victims deserve to die and how much do we know them? When they don't deserve to die (ie an innocent, a hero, or someone running away smartly, as opposed to doing something stupid -"don't go in there!") and its got good character developement it doesn't matter how many people die, each one is HORRIBLE and painful to watch. But if we don't know them and they are stupid... oh well. And it doesn't matter if you kill a hundred nameless guards who run blindly into a bullet, or in this case claw, it has no effect but a yawn. How many people died in Alien? 6 Ahh, but it were a tasty bunch.

CitizenPrime on Nov 20, 2007


i have always been a fan of aliens and predator movies, so you who are not dont even make a comment, the alaska movie blows AVP, i didnt like it pg-13 right......., Now this movie looks more like a alien or even predator movie blood and guts nice this is going to be an awesome thriller HELLS TO THE YEA

gettosmurf on Nov 21, 2007


Now thats what im talking about. I grew up and Alien and Predator movies and i use to read the novels as well and i have to say the only way for them to do a movie and get it right is to make it R-Rated. I cant wait untill this one hits the big screen!

Genesis on Nov 21, 2007


My son Taylor and I watched every single Alien Movie and AVP was a different twist but we loved them all. We are definetly Sci Fi fans and we have them all.This one looks awsome, my son called me last night from College and said Mom you gotta see these previews. Looks like we have another winner. Can't wait till Xmas.

Judy on Nov 22, 2007


AVP - 1 was probably the greatest sci-fi horror movie of all time, even greater than the original Alien and Predator. I only hope AVP Requiem can come close to the AVP classic.

French Predator on Nov 26, 2007


Ok, first, let me just point out that we dont NEED pulse rifles and all that kind of happy horseshit when modern day weapons are more than capable of taking either type of beasty....provided the guy shooting the gun knows something about SHOT PLACEMENT! Neither species is bulletproof so lets just dispense with the bullshit. I for one wouldnt mind seeing a large, heavily built, heavily armed, heavily armored human holding his own in this melee. Just pick a Tyler Mane size dude, wrap him in Kevlar and give him a Mossberg pump, an AK, a couple of .50 AE Desert Eagles or .500 Smith & Wessons and a fuckin Cold Steel naval cutlass! That would fuckin rock. And another thing...the preds are probably alot like us, in that there is a great range in sizes among individuals, in other words, if the preds we've seen in these movies are of a "normal" size, how big do ya reckon their pro athletes are, the basketball/football stars of the predator race?

Security Guard Sam on Nov 29, 2007


The question remains: Requiem for Whom? Aliens? Predator? Humanity?? I agree a present day movie realistically depicting the Ultimate soldier against some kind of alien invasion would be dope as Hell. But part of the allure of Predator was the idea of Arnie deprived of all weaponry against an ultra modern enemy, who he defeats even while left to nothing but his wits and animal instinct. (In the end, even killed, the Predator's self-destruct mechanism threatens all hope of survival for Arnie, but again, using his wits & self preservation instinct, Arnie prevails to the Taps-sounding trumpets of victory, still standing tall amid the ashes...) It's really a near perfect movie. But you can't just repeat the same thing over & over. The 2nd one w/ Danny Glover is the same kind of thing, but w/ the wits of a less-roided up L.A. cop- who proves equally unkillable. I only bring this up b/c the theme of the Predator series seems to be- "What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?" It's at that point, when we're outgunned, in checkmate- that we must rely on our own inner predatory instincts for survival. Big guns are awesome. An unkillable Will to Live is awesomer.

Djoser3 on Nov 29, 2007


Looks shite tbh,just like the first can any of u morons actually think this looks good?. it's funny u get people whining about alien 3,resurection and even predator 2 but these films are actually a million times better than the avp films.They have just totally f8cked everything up having it on earth,and having it in some hick place in america. I hope it bombs like the first one. Insult to the alien and predator series.And which dickhead said the predator's on predator and predator 2 are "slim"? funny they look pretty big to me,anything but slim. Spot the stupid gun nut american "security guard sam" well mr sam why dont go stick ur "nightstick" up ur arse and maybe a desert eagle while ur at it. IT'S A SCI FI FILM U NOB U DONT HAVE FRIGGING REAL NAME GUNS. anyway f8ck this crap and all the arseholes who cant wait to see it.retards. you're all mentally challenged people.

M.W on Nov 29, 2007


Dilute the franchises? more like bury them. it's stupid dickheads like you "spike" that keep these avp films going. predator 3 please!

M.W on Nov 29, 2007


To the moderators of the site, can we please have people like comment 166 removed from the thread. Supposed to be a discussion on a film not some bitch slapping contest. I'm sick of seeing this on an otherwise excellent site. It really lowers the tone.

djcalzar on Nov 30, 2007


M.W. Resurrection was shite

dj calzar on Nov 30, 2007


Yeah, that was smart. Best thing to do w/ a guy who obviously has an obsession for guns & weapons is to dish out a low blow, only pissing him off MORE. Great job. (because sarcasm doesn't translate in text, I will say that I'm am being fececiously sarcastic) FYI- I re-watched the entire quadrology and Resurrection- while pretty disgusting, over the top, and having some really ridiculous dialogue- was actually highly entertaining. I think basically, if you came in to Aliens from one movie or another, you'd have a completely different appreciation for what makes the franchise so appealing. Of all of them, surprisingly I thought Resurrection had some of the more re-watchable qualities I didn't hink it did the first time around. The alternate opening w/ the alien bug splotch sets a completely different pace for it, so you know you're not supposed to take what you're about to see seriously. I think I just hated the Aliens swimming underwater scene. It looked so computer generated. Needed more atmosphere- which Alien 3 had just a wee bit too much of. You guys with your cocks. Cut it out, will you? You're jizzing all over the franchise and that's just bad table manners. These movies are about blood & guts, and aliens. Not your cocks.

Djoser on Nov 30, 2007


Lmao Djoser. jizzing all over the franchise lol. Alien quadrilogy is just the be(a)st!! Hey at least on the special edition of alien resurrection u get to see earth and the eifel(spelling?),tower at the end! Bu actually the first alien film i saw was in fact ALIEN! when i was about 4,or 5.then aliens then alien 3 etc. I remember renting alien resurrection when it first came out also,and just thinking "wow this is gory!" but cool!

M.W on Nov 30, 2007


"jizzing all over the franchise" thats what happened the day security guard sam got his alien quadrilogy box set lol.

M.W on Nov 30, 2007


Okay Sam, I've had enough of you. If your cock's so wonderful go back to sucking it. We'll even reserve a corner of the theatre where you can pleasure yourself. It'll be sectioned off by velvet rope, and you can broadcast to your bondage-clad friends if you want. But this section is just for you. And you have to clean up after yourself. And NO WEAPONS IN THE THEATRE. We won't spank you. But we will kick you out if you act out, disrupting our theatre-going experience. On second thought I'm kicking you out right now. You've already disturbed me more than "Two Girls One Cup" and that's saying a LOT. OUT. I MEAN IT. STAY HOME. WATCH THE DVD AND DO NOT COME TO THE THEATRES TO SEE THIS MOVIE. CLEAN YOUR ACT UP, TELL YOUR MOMMY YOU LOVE HER AND GO GET SOME FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE. IT'LL BE GOOD FOR YA. THAT'S RIGHT.... SEE OUT THE WINDOW? There's a whole world out there, and you've been inside too long. No, they're not going to hurt you. Just stay calm... Put the weapons down... look up... it's a sunny day... breathe in the air... OKAY BOYS. BOOK HIM. *I'm just preparing you for what's to come, my friend, unless you clean up your act NOW.

Djoser on Nov 30, 2007


to DJoser 172 I think you'll find the swimming underwater scene was actually shot in a water tank.

djcalzar on Nov 30, 2007


Lol you're quite funny djoser,not like the normal twats on here.But yeah i think sam is just having burger withdrawal and cant handle it,and is lashing out at people.Dont worry he'll probably be watching avp requiem on dvd,in his padded cell in a straight jacket. 😛 Yeah the underwater scene was shot in a tank,but the aliens were c.g.

M.W on Dec 1, 2007


Aliens just seem to work better in a high tech situation for me. Drop a few on a future Earth in the middle of a huge city, have everyone act reasonably intelligent and I'd be a happy camper...

SJ on Dec 1, 2007


Cool stuff!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it advertised, get hard the rest of you people, if you aren't a predator v aliens fan then don't watch it. Can't wait for it to arrive, only wish santa was bringing me a copy of xmas day. The last avp movie left it wide open for a sequel, good on you colin and greg for giving this movie a go, can't have been easy to produce a violent and evil story, hope it is as good as the last one.

Sootmyster on Dec 2, 2007


Deloser, From what I can see, Mr. MW started the pissing contest, and the security guard dude was just taking the bait, so maybe you should've directed your cute little rant at MW. Not sure why you didnt...heck, maybe your vagina hurts too much and you ran out of Midol? I dont know. Maybe you and MW are in cahoots and like to sniff pickels together in secret? Who knows? I tell you what, Dloser...why dont you and MW go someplace nice and private so you can rub ointment into each other's sore vaginas...that way you can both relax.

Activision DVD on Dec 3, 2007


The two franchises should never have been combined. However, I will view this newest offering in the hopes that it can correct the shortcomings of the first AVP. Also, if MW and Dloser meet up somewhere to engage in some mutual vagina rubbing I would love to see that.

Bama on Dec 3, 2007


I used to have a graphic novel of the Aliens series, where they explored the Alien homeworld, showing some sort of creature that was a natural enemy of the Aliens. It'd be great if they could explore that in a feature film. Oh, and I too would love to be there when MW and Dloser pamper each other's vaginas with tender loving care. 🙂

Delancy on Dec 4, 2007


It looks as if someone was looking to make up for how horrible the first AVP. As per the previews, this movie looks just the way I hoped the first one would have. I was so psyched for the first AVP and was horribly let down. When I heard of this movie I had low expectations. I've seen two trailers and the "store showdown" scene and I am even more psyched than when I saw the hordes of Aliens charging the 3 Predators on the top of the Peruvian Temple in the preview for the first movie. A movie with these types of creatures needs to be total chaos, no "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" BS, and this movie looks as if it will deliver.

John on Dec 5, 2007


Someone mentioned a ways back that an innocent looking female ( one killed by the throwing star thingy in trailer), as well as a kid, get ripped apart by predators ( namely one predator I think ) ... Here is my guess ( and also makes for a fuckin nice story thread ) ... A ship was carrying the hybrid alien, which chest burst from the predator from the first film. Long story short, there was a malfunction ( ofcourse ) And it hurled back to earth. That large predator dude with the long whip was sent to "clean up" any evidence of that creature on earth. If the humans who went to the crash site came in contact with the xenomorph, then the pred has good reason to erase the witnesses, men , women, or child. Another idea... it looks like that kid got a facehugger on his noggin. So, assuming this clean up predator was good with timing, maybe he killed any symbiotic relationship between human/alien. people are also griping about continuity...i think this is were the continuity really works. Somewhere along the line, lance Hendrickson will appear ( maybe surviving the first AVP) And now has a thirst for finding the xenophorph, and making it a priority of Weyland industries to retrieve any evidence of it....which is also why the predators don't want the humans to have it. If this alien multiplies on earth, it'll fuck up the " hunting grounds" for the '10 cycle' predators, and be a deadly distraction to them. Think of the aliens being competition for the predators. If the aliens wipe out earth, there will be no hunting stock for the predators. just some ideas...

Deadsurfkiss on Dec 6, 2007


I like AVP 1 but the only problem was it was a little slow at the beginning and it didnt really get to the kicker until the Queen got out but then it ended slowly afterwards. That was my only complaint with the first one. Hopefully this wont take half as long, have atleast a decent plot and some damn god violence and gore that the first one lacked. LOOKS GOOOD! Ill be catching this. Besides even if this one sucks major ass, if they make another ill see it too because ive seen all the alien and all the predators its just like yea once u start you cant finish. Like the first spiderman, wasnt my thing. . second was eh slightly better still wasnt into it much and the 3rd was acually good. So ill hope for the best cant wait!

Greg on Dec 9, 2007


Fuckin Baddassss whooo 😛

J-???? on Dec 9, 2007


Sooky babies. You all need jobs. The movie will be good and you damn well better accept it. speaking of jobs i need to get back to mine.

Jack on Dec 12, 2007


The last AvP movie was an insult to the original Predator and Alien movies, and it looks like this one will follow suit pretty well. All the best special effects in the world, violence, and gore cannot make a good movie-- fear is a psychological thing and if the movie is not convincing, contradicts all the previous installments, and has a story that can be described as labrynthine at best, it WILL BE STUPID and not scary, just like AvP, Alien Ressurection, and the SAW movies. The special effects slow motion shots are not condusive to a good action flick either. Part of what made the alien so scary at first is the speed at which they move. So much of that retarded AvP movie was done in slow motion action shots, that if you played the whole movie back at regular speed, it would only be about twenty minutes long. When they first encountered the Alien, it was supposed to be a "species that has never been recorded in over three hundred surveyed worlds" (as per Aliens). Now, we find out that the alien has in fact not only been catalogued, but has been a frequent visitor to earth during the 20th/21st century (not to mention all those pictures on that silly looking temple in Antarctica that suggested that the aline has been on earth for centuries). Also, in AvP, we found out that all the other Alien movies were wrong before too-- the alien only takes five minutes of gestation time, from Facehugger to Hatchling, not several hours. Also, in the last AvP, we found out that we misjudged the Predator-- they are actually nice and just want to find friends with humans. Pathetic. I will simply continue to pretend that AvP was never made, that Alien Resuurection was never made, Terminator 3 was never made, and the last two Matrix movies were never made. It makes all of those series end on a logical closure point, instead of the plot being stretched out to the breaking point to be able to make more sequels. Let the series die in dignity, PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!!

Mystery_of_Steel on Dec 16, 2007


Also, if MW and Dloser meet up somewhere to engage in some mutual vagina rubbing I would love to see that. Great, just what an already stupid movie needed-- a totally unnecessary sex scene to appease the masses of lonely movie viewers out there who wouldn't know a good sci-fi if it slapped them in the face. Since when has the focal point of any good sci-fi thriller been a sex scene? What else can they do to delute the purity of both of the original series? Lets put Arnold Schwarzenneger or Will Smith in there so they can deliver some stupid one-liners to really give the movie some mass appeal. Or, they should just go all the way and just go ahead and put Jar-Jar Binks in to really ruin the movie. I think Lil'Kim or Justin Timberlake could really help this movie to appeal to everybody. Here's a hint to those who don't know-- with any art form, cinema, music, etc., when you shoot for mass appeal, you lose quality. Stick to your guns, don't change your style just to try and draw a few more kids into buying your shit.

Mystery_of_Steel on Dec 16, 2007


wow.... that trailer was kickass, everyones a dumbass for assuming this will suck... anyway i agree with part of post 18. They are obsessed, and infact they have already ruined the alien storyline. Want to know how? Havent you noticed that aliens were introduced and discovered in the way far future? you know aliens 1 2 and res? all way futuristic star trek stuff? you know with the cool marines and machine guns? they kind of ruined the aliens plot by setting these in modern times, not in the future like it was suppose to be... humans didnt have there huge space stations back then... if they did, they would most likely hunt them down, but then wouldnt you think people in aliens 1-4 would have none what they were due to past events? predator storyline wasnt hurt in any way, the only ruined the aliens one. Im also guessing they used modern times because its more simpler and cheaper... because they wont have to redesign these high tech guns.... thats the only thing they actually ruined about the serious, is putting AVP in the wrong timeline. Yea first AVP was all that great, including there was no gore, except the alien gore, and it being PG-13. But if you dont go real deep into the story. or more worried about the story then simply dont watch, its entertainment. Just because they messed up on the story doesnt mean the film will suck. On most movies, thats not what the movie is about.

punwisp on Dec 16, 2007


Oh also, i would like to add how the predators changed how they kill... they used to kill those would are able to fight and would be a threat, and ignored/spare, people who arnt healthy and would have no honor in killing. Like the predator not killing the little boy with a fake gun on pred 2, or pred ignoring(at first) bishop when he had probloms... Also when the hell he become human? was it just a big damn coincidence he was born, name was bishop, oh yea i forgot, this is set in modern times, maybe he survived first avp and later on in the future started those bot things... and one was eventually created in bishops image, having what was it 2 bishop bots? both dying a rather sad death? im gonna laugh if he pops up in this movie as a clown of some sort then gets ripped in half.... Anyway back to what i was saying. Seeing girls, little boys being ripped to shreds really just fucks up the point in having honor kills... unless they are killing everyone to stop the spread, which makes sense. Though i hope the blood and gore isnt like fredd vs jason... gorey slashes, and slices, were so cheesy. Cutting someones throat and blood just squirts out like if you poked a whole in a bag of a lot of liquidy ketchup and just squeezed it... and doing digital kills is just even worse.... MOST and i mean there are a shit load of sci-fi movies most of you havent seen before, have all digital creatures... heres a horrible example of one about raptors... and rapter jumps in front of a guy(all digital) he takes out his heavy assualy rifle(rambos big gun) goes thru like 2 damn long clips, and this creature is 2 feet in front of him... you know how many bullets hit him out of around 500 bullets? 3... species 3 wasnt much to speak of, thats why it didnt get popular or hit theaters... Sci-fi makes stupid, cheesy effect movies... thats why they are shown on sci-fi... anyway there are those that are pretty good! like the aliens, and pred movies. AVP was ok... AVP R will be real good, but it seems there adding cheesy gorey effects because its easier and cheaper then making it look real. i type a LOT so i spaced this so its easier to read...

punwisp on Dec 16, 2007


But if you dont go real deep into the story. or more worried about the story then simply dont watch, its entertainment. Just because they messed up on the story doesnt mean the film will suck. On most movies, thats not what the movie is about. And that is why most of the movies today (unless they are based on something aged or a book) really do suck. Aliens was a SCIENCE-FICTION; ergo, it isn't true, but knowing the laws of science, it COULD BE true. But if we are true sci-fi fans, we should expect good movies to make sense, follow the plot lines already laid out by previous installments, and to provide entertainment that doesn't insult the average intelligence of the average fan. When you take an already fictional story and began stretching the plot like elastic to make your prequels "work" with the already established story-- you get a movie like the first AvP: one that should not have been made or one that creates a whole pile of obvious contradictions. I am glad everyone thinks this will be such a great movie because they kill a few people in it....definitely the criteria we should use to grade movies. How about a coherent story that fits the other movies? How about a plot that makes sense? How about a movie that creates a psychological fear before the producers take the low-road and start killing people off for shock value? How about a movie with some people who can actually act? How about a movie THAT IS ACTUALLY RESPECTABLE by fans of other types of movies other than "mindless kill 'em alls"!!??

Mystery_of_Steel on Dec 16, 2007


Okay, I am done bashing this movie (that I haven't even seen) now. Sorry to be a rain on everyone's parade. I just get disappointed by the slop that movie producers have put out for the last decade or so and had the nerve to call it science fiction. Are there any "old-school" Aliens fans out there? The original movies had so much more class, substance, and mood to them... It seemed that in AvP, the producers had no interest in creating a plot that made sense, they didn't take the time to develop their characters at all, and the movie just felt...cheesy and kinda rushed. Why is it that we cannot make movies that are as good as the ones in past decades when we have all the advantages of special effects technology, less censorship, and more interest in science-fiction? Hollywood needs to remember that the plot must come first, the rest is just fillers. A scary movie is not scary if the story is not scary or is completely farfetched-- no matter how many people you dice up or no matter how many million dollar special effects shots you force into the movie, it won't help the audience suspend disbelief. So to put my money where my mouth is, an example of a good sci-fi that was made recently (in my humble opinion): WAR OF THE WORLDS. While I personally cannot stand Tom Cruise or his wacky bunch of Scientology brethren, he played his part well. The acting was great, the effects were great (but not overused), and the film delt with the way humans behave in disaster situations (which is scary in itself) when they have been stripped down to their basic survival instincts. The film developed the characters well and they didn't try to dilute the substance or seriousness of the fillm with comedy, stupid one-liners, or an unnecessary sex scene. It was an accurate depiction of what might happen if an advanced race decided they wanted the earth for themselves and considered humans to be nothing more than an annoying pestulance, like cochroaches or something. NOW THAT IS SCARY.

Mystery_of_Steel on Dec 16, 2007


i can agree with that. The older movies and (some) action movies in the past decade were almost perfect in ways i would see it, they wouldnt really do cheesy stuff, and only use cheesy things inc ertain things, like showing spacehip flying or something.... Now they dont really give a rats ass and are just being lazy....They dont care as long as they make a few bucks. Now days little money is spent towards making a great film... not many scary movies have came out lately(besides a few, pulse was awsome) that came out were really any good... Send digital technology is so cheap nowadays, hell you can make a entire 3 hour long movie using just digital effects besides one scene with a guy taking a shit or someone having sex with someone... or something, action movies they have been improving on, ill list some spiderman 3(eh) live free die hard(great movie) some guy from highlander series(the show) playing in a kick ass movie ive never seen and forgot the name transformers rambo will be good some other good scary movies have been pulse saw halloween and there are more i cant remember.... though if more time was spent in story, gore, action etc... and more evenly balanced then people can make kick ass movies, but there are others that spend more time on gore(and ruins story) or vise-versa or just keep making sequals or prequals that contrdict each other. Most directors hired and such, think it will be a good movie either way if they use cheap stuff like squirting blood, all digital effects... it would be better if they used very detailed suits and such like they did with some aliens and all preds. they seriously did mess up aliens though, aliens 1-4 took place in the future, avp 1 and 2 take place around our timeline.... which isnt futurlistic.... but yet agian its cheaper and easier, and makes it more realistic

punwisp on Dec 16, 2007


haha finally the predators have some kills. the 1st movie was stupid. 2 predators got wasted too fast. one alien killed 2/3 was that all about. but as i saw on the trailers for avpr , i saw predators killing aliens with ease lol. thats how it should be xD . aliens r bugs lol and predators are warriors from a warrior race. so it makes sense predators should be the ones having more kills than the aliens. anyways cant wait for htis movie. us predator fans get our sweet revenge haha suckas . yea u know it alien fanatics. u know u saw predators whupping some alien ass haha. payback is a b****

Johnny on Dec 17, 2007


Mystery of Steel: As a musician I have to agree w/ your assessment on Mass Appeal. As a man I have to also agree w/ your assessment of girl-on-girl action. (but have to point out that I am a man, and not a girl- so: no vaginers in my pajamas) Also, as one of the few voices on here defending the 1st Alien & Predator movies, I'd like to welcome you to the MADNESS of trying to defend well-made movies to the Xbox generation. You are only the 2nd person on here to express a dignified end to both franchises. Let this be the Requiem: because these gamers don't know their Scorsese from their Rob Zombie, their Giger from their McFarlane, or their 300 from either Gladiator or Spartacus. They'll learn, in time. They'll learn. But for now, let these franchises die in bloody, violent peace. (the precedent was really set with Aliens. James Cameron upped the gore & action in that one, but it's still a fucking fantastic roller coaster ride of a movie) I suggest you re-watch all the movies before seeing this one, and see if they really are as flawless as our memories claim. My assessment: -Aliens was still no Alien- they hand carved those sets on the alien ship and the acting was fresh, w/ John Hurt's chestburster scene only rivaled by his re-interpretation of it in "SpaceBalls". -Predator may not have gotten Arnie elected, but it PROBABLY got Jessie Ventura elected. -There would have been no "Action Jackson" (80's blaxsploitation flick) without Carl Weathers' role in Predator. -There would have been no "Galaxy Quest" without Sigourney Weaver's role in the Alien trilogy. -There would have been no "Hellboy" without Ron Perelman's role in "Alien: Resurrection" (in which he's given some truly horrible lines- but Hellboy was good. You have to see this as a series of actors proving themselves in a fairly ridiculous setting, then later on given the opportunity to lampoon the boost those roles gave to their careers.) Anyway, the list goes on and on. I love the first movies- I don't take them seriously anymore. They're movies. AvP was a "Mortal Kombat" interpretation of the very successful AvP videogame (as opposed to the also very successful AvP graphic novels, for the most part). AvP: Requiem, if we're lucky, will be the final, respectable nail in the coffin of these sprawling, convoluted franchises. Franchises, mind you: *That made HR GIGER rich enough to build the Giger Museum & Bar. *That made Ridley Scott respected enough to make Blade Runner, and later, Gladiator & American Gangster. (the pattern there being that he's just a damn good film-maker, no matter what genre he's working in) *That made James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver household names (sorry, Lance Henrikson). *That gave Arnold Schwarzenegger one last roided-out showcase, before he started withering into the Politician he is today. (Even by Terminator 2, he was visibly cutting down on the juice-usage.) *That puts Alien & Predator in the same hall-of-fame as Frankenstein and the Wolfman, and Edward Scissor-Hands *which I note has still curiously not recognized the GENIUS of MARS ATTACKS. So we'll see the movie. And we'll like it. And we'll marvel at all the strange human beings these franchises will attract to the theatres, and we will say: These guys need jobs. And girlfriends. (and friends who are girls don't count, guys) I'm so glad I'm one of them, and yet, not one of them. And then you'll look at yourself, seated in the theatre, and you'll say: Holy Shit. I AM one of them. Yes. Welcome to the Madness. Enjoy it's fitting END. ~Requeim to a Post~

Djoser (Egyptian God/King- look it up) on Dec 17, 2007


Lest we forget: these are the franchises that cemented the Stan Winston-era of creature effects in movie history. (Mind you, his previous offering, before Aliens, was a little flick called: "Monster Squad".) After seeing this movie, I do suggest that all of you order the previous movies on your netflix, and make the call for yourselves. Then go get some girlfriends, and never mention having viewed any of these movies w/ the enthusiasm displayed, unless your profession is concept design, film-making, screen writing, or otherwise- (I have done some concept & toy design- so there's a world of difference between bringing it up casually if you do it for a living, and showing her your "precious" collections of action figures) At least, not if you wanna keep 'em around. Then watch "Alien loves Predator" on youtube, for a laugh.

Djo on Dec 17, 2007


you deleted my comments, why me, waaa!!!

shaun d.s on Dec 21, 2007


the first time i watched aliens and the others i thought they were wierd because they seemed that they coming out of the walls when i knew they were just stuck to the walls. But over the years when i got older they got cooler.

shaun d.s on Dec 21, 2007


I just like seeing how so many people are all uppity about this having a good plot. Hey its a sequel to a let down. The Aliens franchise is about Alien creatures running amok and killing people in an R rated style. The Predator franchise is about Alien hunters, hunting and killing people in an R rated style. Yes I enjoy both franchises because its entertaining, and thats why we have movies. The AVP movie franchise seems like they tried too hard to get a solid plot line as to why these two races are fighting and how we're involved. Sadly it didn't work out, sad truth there can't be much of a plot line. Thats why I think this sequel will be much better than the first. It just looks like Humans, Aliens, and Predators all in the same room killing each other in an R rated style. All in all, why not give it a chance? It can't be worse than the first movie.

Tyler on Dec 21, 2007


damnn yoooo this movie is crazy of course better than the first 1. A must see!!!!=)

El gorilla... on Dec 22, 2007


Well, I can honestly say I have no idea what this movie will be like. It depends on which group of fans it will try to appeal to. Judging from the comments above, we fall into two camps: 1) People who appreciate plot, suspense and internal logic, seasoned with gripping action scenes - like Alien, Aliens, and (albeit with endearing junkiness) Predator, and... 2) People who say things like "Krayzee!!!" and "Off da hook!" and "I hope da Predator iz fukin shit up, yo!" I am not hopeful, as the moviegoing demographic trends to the latter. And yes, that's a chicken/egg thing. This forty-year-old would go to the movies a lot more often if they weren't aimed at video-game-retarded imbeciles.

Dave S. on Dec 25, 2007


This looks great. For the people who say "Kill the Franchise", AVP is a franchise unto itself (and a cool one at that) This one looks like it's going to stay pretty true to the comics. I'd love to see a Batman v.s Predator movie. Watch the Predator kick the shit out of Christian Bale for 2 hours.

Shushack on Dec 25, 2007


I've seen this movie and i can say one thing..... WHY CAN"T THEY MAKE A MOVIE WERE THESE SUPER MONSTERS DON'T LOSE?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

AJ on Dec 27, 2007


# 100 I agree, well said. # 200 seriously, why cant the monsters win 😀 I know what I'm getting with this film, nothing deep or brilliant but entertaining. That's all. I'll get my deeper meanings from novels, travel and discourse. Some of you are purists, which never seem satisfied. Not all movies have to be amazingly deep and gilded with a plot that would make Shakespeare green with envy. Sometimes entertainment can just be simple and you dont have to be an idiot to enjoy it. Tomato tomata

sindiva on Dec 29, 2007


Just watched this movie...kinda very very disappointed. Would give it a hefty 2/10.

WRACK on Dec 29, 2007


Dear 201, you are a moron. Why should people who like movies have to dumb themselves down to a fourteen year old gamer's mindset to enjoy a movie? Who said Aliens was Shakespeare? But at least it had quality direction, plot, action, and cast. It isn't wrong to demand that Hollywood be held to a certain standard. What is your job? If you suck for an extended period of time you would get fired right? So why isn't the same requested of entertainment industry execs? Now, for big budget movies, we are getting first time directors who may have passion but no talent. Why? Bottom line. Cameron wants to direct Aliens 5, even writes a script but then two moron brothers show up and say we want to direct AVP2 and we'll do it cheap. Cameron = big budget, 100mil or more; two unknown hacks? 40 mil? No prob. And what we end up with is a laughably bad movie that only the most ignorant people could enjoy. The action of AVPr was awful. The scenes were dark, barely visible in most cases. They were quick, the Pred ultimate killer and the Alien just a big version of an easily squashable bug. The acting wasn't as good as a third grade Christmas pageant. The humans were dumb, no more than breeding fodder for facehuggers. The predalien was stupid in concept and even worse on screen, when you could even see it. Deus ex machina to put us out of our misery and end the 'threat' ha ha! But no, we get to meet Yutani, who the military takes their alien find to? Yeah right, that's plausible. Oh yeah, Weyland was already killed off in AVP so how does Weyland-Yutani come about? Dumb. The whole movie is dumb. And if all you care about is the barely passable f/x, non-existent plot, dumb unsympathetic characters, and the occasional sight of blood then hey, you are in fact Dumb. In my opinion AVP was never more than a decent comic, a decent video game. It never should have been made into a movie. First off a predator is a hunter with sophisticated technology. As a race that can travel between worlds they obviously have the intelligence to know better than to keep a species such as the Alien as prey for private safari (AVP). Then they aren't smart enough not to shoot their laser cannons inside a pressurized ship, and send 1 warrior to deal with an outbreak of aliens including a mutant predalien? Dumb ideas all around. What made Alien and Predator great? They required imagination to make. Sure there are stories out there that provided the basis for the characters, Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, and whoever wrote Beowulf provided the basis for Predator. But to make the characters new and fearsome took imagination. The Alien people creating a monster out of an insect. How to make it scary? Acid for blood. Dagger tipped whip-like tail. Mouth within a mouth. Gooey drool. Silver teeth. All black. They think. They hide. They lay traps. We never have to see the beasts to feel the tension. Ridley Scott and JC deserve props. Predator? It was great because we have an alien who is big, strong, looks similar and moves similar to us but has cloaking shield, cool technology like auto targeting shoulder cannons, low tech weapons like the wrist blades. They are scary because they skin their kills and keep the skulls as trophies. When you cross the series how can the alien possibly measure up unless it is the same scenario as Aliens? When the Preds know they are going up against this enemy they would have every advantage, sending enough troops with enough firepower to deal with it. Acid for blood or not an Alien is just a big bug and they die from human weaponry so how could they stand up against pred tech? Not too mention it was established on the ship in Pred 2 that they killed Aliens. Wouldn't a race this advanced have learned new a better ways to deal with an imminent threat from the Aliens over the years? Poisons? Radiation? Aliens v humans in a confined space? Horror possibilities. Aliens v Preds in a confined space. Horror possible but Preds should win pretty easily. In AVP and AVPr the way they try and establish that the aliens have a chance is by multiplying their numbers at an impossible rate. In AVP there are what four or five original facehuggers? They kill the humans in the sacrifice room then they face hug the Pred. So where do the numerous other full grown aliens suddenly spring from? In AVPr the aliens are full grown minutes after they emerge from their human or Pred host. Once again this is basically a two day deal. The ship crashes. The father and boy are killed. Two Aliens plus a predalien. Then the few hobos. Predalien plus 5 or six aliens. The waitress. Predalien plus 6 or 7 aliens. The Pred kills at least three or four in the sewer near the hobos. So were back to Predalien plus 3 or 4 aliens. The National Guard shows up. The predalien and pred are in the "nuke" plant in Gunnison freaking CO. So a couple of aliens take out the entire national guard in seconds, literally seconds, but no facehuggers so no more aliens. The pred kills a couple aliens and humans in the sporting good store. Only a couple aliens left max plus the Predalien. The hospital. The aliens, not showing much subtlety in this movie, somehow infiltrate the hospital without being seen even though the hospital is dealing with casualties from the alien attacks and there are people every where. The Predalien, stupid idea already, has the power to insert larvae into victims without facehuggers. Dumb. Pregnant women are implanted and within minutes the humans are rushing to the hospital to get a helicopter. By the time they get there the aliens have already burst from the pregnant woman and become full grown meaning that the humans are going to have to fight their way to the roof. With only a couple of assault rifles the humans enter the hospital and start easily killing any alien they see. The pred is mowing them down just as easily, even manages a double kill when his shuriken goes through an alien then through the blond girl impaling her on a wall. Then the girls boytoy charges through alien territory to shoot at the pred only to get impaled bishop style by an alien. But the humans somehow have time to stop and stare at the impaled kid before charging down and opening fire. Somehow the tail through his spine doesn't kill or even paralyze him. Multiple kills later everyone is on the roof. The humans and pred kill with impugnity and are miraculously all immune to the acidic blood that is sprayed everywhere after a kill. Finally the scene of scenes, the predalien v pred. Dumb! 1 min. a hit, a throw. Pred loses his gun, human picks it up. Pred strips off his armor. they stab each other after exchanging stupid battle cries. Humans all that are left. miniRipley and lilNewt climb aboard with gut wounded kid, start the choppa. More aliens coming along with a nuke. stupid human shoots alien, climbs aboard. Stupider miniRipley finishes the kill stupid human was too stupid to finish himself. They outrun the nuke blast in a helo. They all live. "Mommy, are the monsters gone now?" "No honey the directors want to keep this shit going a few more minutes." "You killed the whole town!" "We were just followin orders." "oh, ok then. Here take this gun to Yutani then, ok?" "Ok, we'll tell the general to do just that." "Cool brotha." I just broke a 90 min movie down in a 2 min. read. But yeah, I should forgive its inadequacy and mindlessness because it wasn't meant to be Shakespeare. I know, lets have Pred v Conan. No lets have Aliens Versus the Orkin man. God, so many dumb ideas, so little time. Dear Fox if you want to give me 40 million dollars to make AVP3 sign me up. Have the same screenwriter write it and use the same actors I'll bet I could make it for like 1 mil which means I make 39 mil. Woohoo.

AVP-RIP on Dec 30, 2007


I really didn't like the first AVP movie, so lets hope this sequel is good because i enjoy the game.

Sci fi fan on Dec 31, 2007


I checked the movie out the day after it came out, I thought it was far better than the last one. I thought for sure it would be a let down and went into the theatre figureing I would be killing an hour and a half but I found myself actually engrossed in the movie. Hey what the hell its worth at least seing once however the only thing I did'nt like was the new cross matched alien thought that was kinda of pushing the envelope a little.

Med the Dead on Jan 1, 2008


Watched it at movies tonight.I am not sure I can run this crapfest down enough.Cheesy acting and a pathetic storyline.The pc game was 100 times scarier than this!What a HUGE letdown to fans.Get back to original premise of hard ass colonial marines V aliens V predators V predalien? Not teenboy V short skirted girl V army mum in singlet V wrong side of the track local boy makes good as sheriff V tinpot town.

Skinflute on Jan 2, 2008


i gotta admit, colonial marines with hi tech pulse rifles and auto cannons vs preds and aliens would make MUCH more of a pull for me. but i've always wondered how such a ferocious creature as an alien would fare in our world and i guess that's what the strause bros were thinking of with this idea. now, having not seen it yet [in UK], i'm guessing we'll be bombarded with wincing, screaming teens wearing wet t shirts and wondering 'why her/him?' before they get sliced'n'diced themselves. the first AvP was bloody awful [hmm..well, disappointing] so i'm hoping they get it right this time but i just can't see how. we've seen how the aliens fared vs humans on present day earth so the story should've been set on some distant colony or even the moon... IN THE FUTURE! i really think they've made a mistake rehashing present day society vs aliens. it didn't work then... but the trailer looks good [how many times have i seen a good trailer to a crud film? FAR too many times]. i live in hope. the 2 predator movies were so cool. anything with preds in has gotta be cool, right? fingers x'd.

synchro on Jan 6, 2008


To any old school Predator or Alien fans: Having sat through this, I have a suggestion. Go see it, but 15 minutes before it ends, do yourself a favor and walk the Hell out of the theatre. Then, go see the movie "Idiocracy" to realize just what has happened the audience that would produce a movie like this, as opposed to the films you grew to know and love. This film is exactly what audiences wanted. And if they know what's good for them, this will be the REQUIEM to this increasingly stupidified franchise. Yes. I used the word stupidified. Because I'm stupefied. I honestly liked the portrayal of the predator in this film- the homeworld looked cool and the single predator is way more effective and badass as a hunter, cleaning up the mess of the novices-or whatever they were. Pre-alien looked cool but should have been introduced better & more slowly, and done less stupid shit. Overall, it looked way, way better than the first, but I think anyone who enjoyed these creatures in their individual movies will be disappointed by the way this movie plays out. Walk out 15 mins. before the end, and imagine something more fitting. And you won't feel like you wasted your precious dough on this one. Then see Idiocracy, for a "scien-spific" explanation for why a movie like this would be made in the first place. "ASS." huh-huh, huh-huh.... (Oh, and the cute blonde's ass shot is pretty much the most compelling piece of human interest this film has to offer. And not a bad piece, at that--- still. "ASS." ... hyuh, hyuh, hyuh...) SEE. IDIOCRACY. It's the only thing that can legitimize having wasted your time on this claptrap. I saw it for free online, and paid money to see AVP-splooge. It balanced out so I didn't really feel like I was wasting my money. "And ah likes muh-knee." -Djo

Djoser on Jan 8, 2008


I havent seen this film yet,but i could tell it was just gonna be another cheap and shitty avp money-flick ages ago. I'll probably just rent this sh*te when it come's out on dvd.

M.W on Jan 9, 2008


I love people p*ssing and whining about a film they haven't seen - I think it looks great, like the previous films which were criticised by hordes of people who have never achieved anything in their sad lives.

John Number 3 on Jan 11, 2008


One thing I have to say after seeing this trailer for the first time is thank god I saw the movie first, this trailer practically gives every plot, right to the end with majoriy of best shots and unexpected outcomes thats in the film. e.g. two men getting their heads blown off by predator. Seeing those moments first is absolutely owesome and I loved it. But this traier goes way too far giving off most good parts away. shame. Another thing I would point about this film prior to the previous AvP is this films background themes and sounds are pretty much brought back form the first predator movie which I liked very much. A good watch in my opinion. 😀

furious owe on Jan 22, 2008


I've seen the film-twice!! 100% better than original AVP. Accept it for what it is - a gore fest! If you want a stunning story-line and great acting go to live theatre or watch Robert De Niro movies. Of course it could have been done better - maybe by Ridley Scott (original Aliens producer ) but what can you do? I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out for sure and I won't lay awake at night worrying about technical faults with this piece of escapism. Cheers.

Mark Formston on Feb 1, 2008


Fuck You All

Andrew on Feb 25, 2008


This second confrontation between Alien and Predators looks much better than the first movie. It won't be just a movie full of alien blood: it's a real scientific film !

nintendo on Jul 22, 2009


I remember in 1979 seeing Alien for the first time. One of the scariest films of all time. Since then, the sequels just turned into a bunch of super-macho movies. Get back to making movies that don't depict humans as bullet dodging, super humans. It's more scary when we know we are up a creek. Might I suggest, "Alien - Origins" as a sequel based on the original.

dildo on Jan 14, 2010


I remember in 1979 seeing Alien for the first time. One of the scariest films of all time. Since then, the sequels just turned into a bunch of super-macho movies. Get back to making movies that don't depict humans as bullet dodging, super humans. It's more scary when we know we are up a creek. Might I suggest, "Alien - Origins" as a sequel based on the original....

dildo on Jan 14, 2010

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