First Trailer for Awake - Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba

October 26, 2007
Source: Yahoo

Awake Trailer

I'm not going to tell you anything about Awake because I want you to be as shocked at the story as I was. I'm only going to say that it stars Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba and my personal favorite, Terrence Howard, who always delivers great movies. From there it should be enough curiousity to check it out. I had no clue what to expect or what was going on, but DAMN, it's one of those jaw-dropping moments in the middle of the trailer! Fire this trailer up and get ready to be shocked, if not entertained by the gorgeous Jessica Alba.

Watch the first trailer for Awake:

[flv:awake-trailer.flv 602 256]

You can also watch Awake theatrical trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

Awake is both written and directed by Joby Harold as his very first feature film. It's currently set to hit theaters on November 30th, however that date may change.

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Wow! Thanks for not saying anything in advance Alex... I haven't sat there and watched a trailer for a long time where I pretty much didn't blink... If the film actually lives up to that trailer, then its going to be one NOT to miss... Fantastic :o)

Lee on Oct 27, 2007


I can't wait to watch this movie! Perfect, jaw dropping movie! Can you tell me whats the name of the song that is played during the trailer please? I've been looking for it everywhere!

Leila on Oct 27, 2007


"Breathe Me" by Sia...also appeared in Grey's Anatomy

chrisg on Oct 27, 2007


Waiting for this along time. Anyone know why it is so post-poned?

Ryan on Oct 27, 2007


the song during this excellent trailer is "Breathe Me" by Sia

luke on Oct 27, 2007


WHAT are you so jizzed up about?!?! this trailer is as mondane as any other suspence thriller I've seen coming out of the west for the past decade. totally lame guys...stop rewriting other people's scripts...stephen king already wrote this story and it was made for t.v. on "nightmares and dreamscapes" and it was shitty even then....and terrance howard is a good actor, but he didnt save "the brave one" and he will not save this one as well. besides, all I hear about coming out of the states are remakes, remakes, remakes...what is wrong out there with you guys? lost your sense of originallity??! I'm staying home...waiting for "Lost" to least they got me wondering about that... the dissapointed one.

israelidude on Oct 28, 2007


If I'm thinking of the same King story you are, then it was about an autopsy when no-one knew the body was still alive NOT about killing a living patient in the operating room for a million dollars. Oh yeah, and "Lost" is just a high-concept remake of Gilligan's f&*%ing Island.

jason_md2020 on Oct 28, 2007


Great trailer. A little worried with Hayden in it. Perhaps he will not have too many scenes needing decent acting skills.

grendel on Oct 28, 2007


Right,anyone who hasn't seen Lost properly and compares to G island is just plain idiotic.And god,that trailer was bloody awful-pairing up tow of the least talented actors around (though Alba's a few pegs above Christensen,who's just bloody dang bad at acting he should be paid to stop)-and again,after the final ep of 6th feet under,they should've known the song could'nt have been used any better,and worse even for this. I can't wait for the reviews for this one to roll in...everyone's gonna be so pissed.

Daniel on Oct 29, 2007


Maybe I'm just not jaded enough, but it definitely piqued my interest. However, it's not like great trailers have never preceded bad movies before.

Matt on Oct 29, 2007


Wow. I am totally interested. Of course they could put out another trailler and i would hate it. I think studios release too many traillers and then people end up knowing too much. Saw trailler...I knew nothing going in and totally enjoyed it. This looks really good so far. Alba is delicious.

Heckle on Oct 29, 2007


It looks like a great story, but I really am not a fan of Hayden Christensen at all. Can't act, and he and Jessica Alba look horrible together. Oh well.

AT on Oct 29, 2007


i was lucky enough to see a screening of this movie a few months ago, and suffice it to say that it was an incredible movie, blew away my expectations. The plot and acting is great. Probably one of the greatest movies i have ever seen. I know it sounds weird but wait' till you see it...

yitzy on Nov 21, 2007


i don't know what the heck ya'll are so worried about he's not that bad of an actor i mean sure he whines in star wars & life as a house but if you don't think about that then overall he's not that bad

shannon ClaRK on Feb 13, 2008


aargh this just disgusts me. this guy sucks he cries like he stubbed his toes while watering his spice garden. pullleze.....give it a break the only star of this movie is the goddess that is Jessica Alba

jabbawockeybooyah on Feb 13, 2008

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