First Trailer for Jackie Chan and Jet Li's Forbidden Kingdom

November 15, 2007

Forbidden Kingdom Trailer

Fan of kung fu and martial arts much? After 101 days of shooting in China, The Forbidden Kingdom has completed principal photography and is now in post-production. Here's the skinny: it stars Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano and Collin Chou; it's directed by Rob Minkoff; and the fight choreography was done by Yuen Wo Ping, who also choreographed the complete Matrix trilogy and both Kill Bill movies. Excited yet? This brand new trailer, currently in low res quality, is pretty much absolute bad ass all contained within one 2-minute video that you've got to see for yourself.

Watch the trailer for The Forbidden Kingdom from YouTube:

In Forbidden Kingdom, American teenager Jason (Michael Angarano), who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kungfu classics, finds an antique Chinese staff in a pawn shop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King (Jet Li). With the lost relic in hand, Jason unexpectedly finds himself transported back to ancient China.

There, he meets the drunken kungfu master, Lu Yan (Jackie Chan); an enigmatic and skillful Silent Monk (Jet Li); and a vengeance-bent kungfu beauty, Golden Sparrow (Crystal Liu Yi Fei), who lead him on his quest to return the staff to its rightful owner, the Monkey King - imprisoned in stone by the evil Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) for five hundred years. Along the way, while attempting to outmaneuver scores of Jade Warriors, Cult Killers and the deadly White Hair Demoness, Ni Chang (Li Bing Bing), Jason learns about honor, loyalty and friendship, and the true meaning of kungfu, and thus frees himself.

The Forbidden Kingdom was written by John Fusco (Young Guns, Hidalgo) and directed by Rob Minkoff, of Disney's The Lion King, Stuart Little, and The Haunted Mansion. Wait, what, a Disney director doing a kung fu epic?! The film arrives in theaters from Lionsgate next April 18th, 2008.

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Thanks for posting this. I love kung fu films and remember watching Kung Fu Theater on USA every weekend. The fight scenes and imagery looks great and I look forward to seeing this.

Napier's News on Nov 15, 2007


Ok, I think I'm missing something... Is this an official trailer because they're using music from the Hero soundtrack. Other than that, im glad Jackie Chan is playing a serious role other than the redundant american action/comedies.

Ramez on Nov 15, 2007


Plot sounds a bit like Last Action Hero (1993) 😛

avoidz on Nov 15, 2007


It looks like Kung Fu Panda 😉

Forbidden Kingdom on Nov 16, 2007


Is it just me or does Michael Angarano kinda look like Shia Lebouf... Movie looks good 🙂

Enola on Nov 17, 2007


"Is this an official trailer because they're using music from the Hero soundtrack." Studios recycle music for trailers all the time. The Requiem for a Dream music was used for the Sunshine trailer, and I've lost count of how many films in the 80's & 90's used the music from Aliens. Other than that: Jet Li + Jackie Chan = FUCKING KUNG FU EPIC!!!

jason_md2020 on Nov 19, 2007


Of course there were brothers doing Kung Fu flicks before Jim Kelly. The Shaolin Brothers! Even if it were true black people would either die first or Run! That's true! Having Jackie Chan and Jet Li kick ass in the same flick sounds like an instant classic. But of course, I'm no Sherlock..but I do have my moments!! I'm there!

Watson on Nov 22, 2007


That white guy looks like an idiot in a movie like this. It just doesn't look right.

Peter on Dec 18, 2007


You know I aree with the fact that why the HELL is the White guy the main character and the Hero?!!!!!!!!!!! You know how long FANS have been waithing for JACKIE CHAN and JET LI to make a film together! and when they finally do A FUCKEN WHITE GUY ( NO OFFENCE ) Teenager is the main character! Its Tempting to still wanna watch it cause Jet and Jack is in there but GUARANTEE Fans are going to be dissapointed about the main character. I think they should've made another movie together if this is the only one THIS IS A FUCKEN DISSAPOINTMENT. DECADES AND DECADES PASS for everyone to finally see a Jet and Jackie film together and A White Boy has to be the main character and on top of that he is the only white boy in the film!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Brian on Dec 21, 2007


i would be pist off if they made a italian mob movie and a black guy was the main character. they should have a asain main character for this movie.

michael on Dec 21, 2007


Jet Li vs Jackie Chan vs White Boy. Who are they targeting? Idiots or Americans?

Forbidden Kingdom Trailer on Jan 4, 2008


Name the other kung fu movies where the white guy is the hero? Crouching Tiger, perhaps? Or, oooo...Enter the Dragon. That's one, right? And I mean real kung fu fighting movies, not just one that feature a bit of fighting. And this one looks like a semi-real one. I'm not saying it's time for one with a white guy hero, I agree that he looks very out of place, but come on. Be real. It's not like they're making them left and right.

Melissa on Jan 26, 2008


I totally agree kung fu flick fans been waiting for this for jet and Jackie to be either teaming up in a true kung fu flim or at least against each other. leave to a American studio to put a lame (no offence) white boy to be the main character and not just that but the hero role. I beat majority of the American population don't even know the story of the monkey king. i guess they say its authentic enough if we film in china...

David on Jan 26, 2008


man, I agree with you all. wth is this Hollywood bullshit with the white guy coming in to save the day? this is really offensive. first of all, it's an insult to kung fu fans having a non-kung fu practitioner be the main character. I'd be more open to seeing this movie if the white guy was a real martial artist, like that French guy Leito from Banlieue 13 (District 13B). In fact, he would've been perfect if they really did need to throw a white guy in ancient China, for whatever anachronistically ludicrous reason. That guy really kicks ass! If you haven't seen his moves, you need to rent this movie. secondly, from a larger historical perspective, this is more of the same cultural imperialist crap that's been happening for centuries. so Chinese people can't take care of their own problems? they have to wait for a white savior to come along? look up paternalism and "white man's burden" and how white Europeans/Americans justified slavery, colonialism, and subjugation of non-European peoples in the New World as a sort of noble enterprise and just duty. bringing enlightenment and reason to savages, and all that. Third, I have extremely low expectations for this movie, as anything (with a few exceptions) involving Asian stars directed by Hollywood gets mangled into a steaming pile of shit. you gotta operate in your milieu and do what you know. Jet Li has been making garbage since he got into Hollywood, selling out for a taste of that American dollar. Name 1 good movie he's done in America (ok.. I'll admit I liked Danny the Dog/Unleashed). Jackie Chan has long been Hollywood's clown, pairing up with wise-asss like Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson. other HK/Chinese cinema figures like John Woo and Chow Yun Fat both learned from their mistakes and went back to HK/China after a string of Hollywood failures and soul-less films. Chow then went back and did Crouching Tiger with Ang Lee, a Taiwanese-American, filming in China, speaking Chinese, and the thing was a big hit. Chinese actors acting well in Chinese?? Who knew? Fourth: THIS IS DIRECTED BY ROB MINKOFF! WTF?? Director of Stuart Little and Lion King. I don't like passing judgment before seeing a film, but ROB EFFING MINKOFF??? Are you serious? Back to the "stick with what you know" bit I said earlier. Sorry, this movie looks like this movie'll suck more than a $10 whore at a Bissell convention. You can bet the white guy gets the girl at the end, and the Asian guys get blue balls. (See Shanghai Knights, Balls of Fury ... oh, and virtually every damn movie with a white guy and hot Asian chick).

pogo on Feb 10, 2008


eh movies a movies .... but in real life white guy cant do jack shit. .... they only do this in movies to remind ppl in north america that white men are still supreme. i'd like to see the dude who played in this movie to last with kung fu masters in real life. ??? and asian girl in the end? they'll have a language barrier. asian girls like asian men. period

mugen6 on Feb 14, 2008


oh might i remind you. dragonball movie is coming up. played by a white guy named goku and ends up with a girl named chi chi whom they had to make asian. go figure

mugen6 on Feb 14, 2008


Anyone remember the hash that was made of the streetfighter 2 movie?

Superskunk x on Feb 17, 2008


Sad, sad, sad... just like most of the posters here, am very disappointed with the whole set up. What an insult to "Journey to the West" ... note the irony ".. to the West". While Jackie Chan has sold his dignity and respect to the US ages ago (remembered him saying in Shanghai noon "... this is not China" or something like that when he was asked to perform some Chinese tradition), I'm surprised Jet Li, supposedly a "Chinese-philosopher" and Buddhist, followed suit. Furthermore, although Journey to the West is considered a fiction by some... many Chinese folks actually pray to the Monkey God. Imagine making a film about an Asian dude saving Jesus or some crap like that.. I would like to see the reaction from the public then... I mean come'n, at least show some frigging respect to the majority of your country men's traditions and beliefs. Oh well, money rules I suppose... Well done Jackie and Jet...

enigma on Feb 18, 2008


Can't wait to see Colin Chou in this movie!!!!!!

Percy on Feb 21, 2008


Seen the film. It was shite! White boy looks and acts gay. What a disapontment. All of us asians were disapointed big time!

Wan Kin Hud on Mar 14, 2008



Kiyzo on Mar 14, 2008


ok it sounds great and all but all that stuff about the monkey king being trapped in the stone by the evil jade emperor is stupid because in the actual story monkey king was trapped there because he caused a lot of chaos in heaven so he was punished there.. so to have this movie is kind of messed up but if it was written differently it would have been better.. and not to mentioned that it has to be a white boy in there.. come on give us asians credit its our stuff so screw the white kid.

Lau Yu Ming on Mar 29, 2008


holy crap you put two major legends in a film making this what get ...a piece of garbage. I was really digging the trailer until I saw the plot and the white dude... not being racist but seriously this is ridiculous. Bad enough when I watch American movies they always have to make the asian people play roles that makes them mock themselves... and now this. Wow! Is this America's response from being scared of Asian governments who are slowly taking power in money and technology? GO FIGURE!!!

Jin on Mar 29, 2008


Wow... Amazing... I knew there was bigotry in America still, but I have never figured it would be this blatant- although you certainly try to be subtle about it- "A FUCKEN WHITE GUY ( NO OFFENCE )" -Brian post number 11 ... and before you come out with how you are all justified and SO obviously not racist, you are judging this movie to be complete shit for the sole reason that a white guy is the main character, never mind the plot or writing or even the action in the movie- it has to suck because instead of having a complete Asian cast, they slipped in the white guy. God forbid the movie be about a white person who respects Asian cinematography who then learns more about Chinese culture and their way of honor (although if you guys are any example I seriously doubt there is much honor left in the world). You judge entirely based on how this movie looks and a minimal knowledge of what it is about and your main complaint is the ethnicity of the actors so I ask you, how are you not racists and bigots. this is the first and probably the only movie Jackie and Jet will do together and even though I have never gone out of my way to see a movie because Jackie Chan was in it, I can't say that I hate any of his movies... why, because I don't hold them to some ridiculously high standard of being completely devoid of American influence. May I remind you that Jackie Chan is American. Of course his films have American influence... I am sure he will always pride his Asian roots, but America isn’t the crap shoot all of you people make it out to be, its major problem happens to be people like you who constantly demean it and its values by casting such unfair judgments, of course America is bad, because it isn’t anything like the country my ancestors fled from. Sure it had its spotty moments in which it was depraved and inhuman, but no more or less than the history of other countries. But getting back to the movie- it has Jet f'n Li in it... even if you hate Jackie Chan; you know it will be an epic movie with Jet Li in a Chinese environment with a sense of Chinese culture. Chan is just icing on the cake, and what a delicious cake it will be from what I have seen so far. So enough of this "not being racist"- Jin post number 25 (who had written how he thought the movie would be awesome until he saw the white guy) and give the movie a fair chance. Stop Whining!

Prophet of 5 on Apr 4, 2008


Here a idea, why not use a ASIAN american teen in the leading role, instead of some typical white dude. Hollywood is blatantly racist against asians, emasculating them and de-masculinizing their image whenever possible. Lets see them this type of casting on Blacks or Hispanics, they would't dare! We asians need to start acting out like the rest of the minorities (who population wise we are a minority to), as this country only respects you when you complain or give them something talk about, even maybe a little fear.

J on Apr 13, 2008


They should have filmed this in China and in Chinese like they did with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's just that much more insulting when a movie delegates the two most famous asian martial arts actors in the world as supporting actors to a no-name white kid. He (apparently according to the synopsis/trailer) saves the world and gets the girl. Typical. It's a transparent attempt to reach a target audience of young white males and the not so subtle racist undertone is that an asian male lead wouldn't do as well in the box office even though it would make a hell of a lot more sense. China isn't some fantasy land like in Narnia or Lord of the Rings. Film makers are treating it as such. This isn't an exploration of Chinese culture. It's an exploitation of its elements to make a cliche film that caters to fantasy viewers. Few cultural elements are accurate and who the hell is going to honestly remember anything beyond the awesome action sequences and the hot chick? The same elements are present in Star Trek when Captain Kirk gets some blue alien chick or in LoTR where Aragorn gets this elven princess or in any number of films where the main white male character gets the foreign girl. Harold & Kumar is absolutely the only movie where asian male leads aren't typecast as villains or martial artists. I dare anyone to find another example. Here's a thought. How about using an asian hero and a white kid as comic relief? Too out-of-the box? Or would it offend too many white movie goers sensibilities? Is Hollywood racist or is Hollywood just right and the majority of their audiences are racist?

zyphen on Apr 17, 2008


why is the white guy always the hero? it is because it's made in hollywood! period! read the book 'journey to the west' then you may have something to understand why they created this story. ...i dont like the story, but at least we understand why hehe

dragonrower on Apr 22, 2008


This film is very very nice.

RDM on May 1, 2008


I hate this movie. I always see the same thing. If ya noticed that they always have the white people save the day and show foreigners the right way of doing things adn taking their women. This movie would offend me as much if they didn't do so many times. Its these films like this that cause people to stereotype. Now if they would of changed the story it would be ok. I would love to see white as villains, Asian, Black and Spanish are the heroes for once

Javem on May 1, 2008


First off, a target audience is key in any marketing strategy. So who were they targeting Americans or idiots? Obviously one in the same. That's the reason that a fairly unknown white kid was cast as the lead, to tap into that market. As for the white kid being the hero, after I watched the movie I believed that all the main characters in this movie were the heroes. Yes they could have cast an asian in the role of the main character and I would have been happier with the movie, but would it have made as much money in the box office? Rememeber we're marketing to American idiots here. And Jackie Chan being comedy relief strikes people as paculiar? I find that hard to swallow when Jackie is legitamately a funny guy. Even his movies filmed in China before he ever came to America were full of Jackie doing hilarious things. Should this be some sort of reflection on all Chinese people? I think that is in itself a very stereotypical (which leads to racism) way of thinking. Jackie is funny period and expecting him to be something else goes against one of his greatest charactor attributes. As for making a white guy the comic relief does anyone here who has seen Shanghai Noon or Shanghai Knights really think that wasn't Owen Wilsons role? Even though Shanhai Knights was fairly crappy the former was a good movie. It may be even funnier if they cast Owen Wilson as the monkey king hahahaha, bet that comment will piss ya guys off.

American Idiot on May 27, 2008


hi jet li and jackie chan is the best bettar than van dam and arnold and selvestar stlon i don't like any one only jet li and jackie chan and jackie chan must stob an singing his must i want from jackie chan and jet li do film next year and jet li and jackie chan and jet li brothers?

mahmoud on Jun 23, 2008


White guy aside, this movie just wasn't very good. I mean really, first time Jackie Chan and Jet Li have appeared in a film together and this is the product? We (the fans) deserve more. We deserve a real film, not some PG family crap with a punk ass american white kid as the main protagonist. Really..someone earlier made the comment that all of us are racist for saying that but who is really racist here? This film did $100 mil worldwide, which isn't bad by any means, but we're talking about a film with the two biggest martial arts film stars of all time (jackie chan alone being arguably the biggest ACTION star of all time) and that's all the film made? There is supposedly another J & J Project in the works and i am seriously praying that they do it for real this time

COOLant on Aug 24, 2008


it's simply rabble-rousing without speaking a word. two of the best came together and made it happen. i can watch it over again and again.

michael d game of business on Jul 2, 2010


I watched this move, and I loved it! It's really funny, sure, the white guy might  not really fit in the setting and surrounding, but the movie is still fairly good! I highly recommend this for you to watch! Give it a try! 😀

CloudPuff on Dec 10, 2011

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