First Trailer for Michael Moore's Sicko Documentary!

May 23, 2007

Sicko trailer

Whether you're curious, supportive, or just trying to figure out what the heck Sicko will be about, now's your first opportunity. The trailer for Michael Moore's latest documentary titled Sicko about the bad American health care system has debuted and you can watch it right here. I suggest you watch it, even just for curiosity's sake, to get a glimpse of what controversial issues Moore will be tackling next, and who knows, you may even agree with him! So without further ado, check out the new trailer for Sicko.

Sicko will be hitting theaters this summer on June 29th! You can see both of the new posters for the film that I just posted yesterday here.

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Gotta see this one.

Lacrymosa on May 23, 2007


Personally I won't see this movie. I do not wish to donate anything to Moore's cause. And what is his cause.. his cause seems to be: to be obnoxious, to twist the truth as often as possible, to use people, and pad his wallet. He does not care about the health care system, he does not care about the 9/11 victims or those who came to the rescue. What has he done to help those who were involved in 9/11? He only uses them to promote himself, and to make jabs at the USA & our president. This man is an idiot, a selfish, self-riteous idiot.. who cares only for himself. Why people beleive him is beyond me! Why people go and pay to see the train wrecks he puts out in theatres is beyond me. You are only fueling this man to make more hatefilled films that contain twisted information and are completely fantasy.. yet he promotes as being documentaries. Remember he has been quoted saying he Hate's America & Americans, this man is simply a jerk with a camera, alot of money and a talent for spinning lies and fooling the masses to believe and to follow him! Don't watch Moore's films!

gypsytda on May 24, 2007


I think that gypsytda's comment is going to be representitive of most of the movie-going public. Granted, this film is going to make money from the far political left, but it's not going to change anybody's mind. Here's the thing, I'm a conservative (and more importantly a VERY disillusioned one), so I should be the target of this film. The problem comes in that Moore has pretty much established him self as a self-important, pompous ass. I have no doubt that the healthcare system is completely screwed up, but if he's the one selling, I'm not buying. To offer a bit of a contrast, take a look at An Inconveniant Truth (which won an Oscar for best powerpoint presentation). I was actually shocked at how Al Gore presented himself. He presented his facts and really didn't talk down to the crowd at all. That was the biggest difference from his percieved personality and how he presented himself was that he actually showed passion and genuine concern, as opposed to shouting down people. The way he presented himself is that even if I don't agree with everything he says, the simple steps he lays out sure couldn't HURT anything and might help some, so why not? That's a heck of a step for me, and one that I wouldn't take with Moore. Ok, enough political talk because this is a movie site, but that's what Moore brings to the table, so I'm sure this will end up being a political discussion/argument.

FS Dave on May 24, 2007


It seems to me you cant take the truth about your country...

Chris on May 24, 2007


I don't see how Moore's films can be called documentary's. They're so one sided that it's basically propaganda.

Zach on May 24, 2007


I like what Dave had to say. Politics aside, I will give Michael Moore credit as a filmmaker. He knows how to probe for a story and bring it to the screen in a way that is interesting and well made. However, I find him irresponsible as a documentary filmmaker, relying to heavily on numbers and polls (eg the ranking of America's health care in the film's trailer) to support his claims. I also thing he is a manipulative filmmaker, cleverly editing scenes, clips, and audio to illicit certain feelings from his audience. He does it well so I have to admire him in that regard, even though I think it will give people the wrong idea of a documentary, not playing like a 20/20 special and more as an honest take on real life.

Charlie on May 24, 2007


Roger and Me is still one of my favorite movies, so I'll check it out.

marty mcfly on May 25, 2007


Thank God for Michael Moore! Are his films one-sided and lacking in journalistic integrity? Sure. And so what? I think you have to give him credit for keeping the spotlight on important issues and I personally appreciate the humor he brings to the cause. Ultimately people make up their own minds. I mean, Fahrenheit 911 didn't keep Bush from being re-elected (unfortunately). But it got people talking, and asking questions, and searching for the truth. And that's his films do. They facilitate conversation. So I don't know why right-wing conservatives get so bent out of shape. Relax. Be entertained. And then sharpen your knives and prepare your rebuttal.

Dan on May 25, 2007


Thank you for illustrating my point for me, Dan. He says something you agree with so who cares if he's messing with the facts to distort them? If it "furthers the cause", it's ok. Do you know why Fahrenheit 911 didn't change people's minds? Because he didn't make an honest film. I'm firmly willing to change my mind, but nobody wants to talk. They just want to shout their views like Dodgers and Giants fans at a baseball game yell at each other. It seems to me that the time of actually discussing ideas has long since passed, and that's why everybody on both sides hate each other. And don't think that I'm just picking on the left. Most of the reason I've become so politically disillusioned is because the right is just as guilty of the same dirty tactics they blame the left for. Both sides pander to their extreme so much that there is no room for anyone to come together in the middle and actually have an honest discussion. And Marty, I've heard Roger and Me is really good. I need to rent that and see it. From what I heard, it's a good movie in general and apparently is a change from the last few docs he's made. Is that right?

FS Dave on May 25, 2007


it's a flawless doc and it's what got him on the map, but I think you might have a hard time with it just because of Michael Moore- you're gonna have to deal with listening to him through the whole movie and I know that can be a hard thing to do at this point. I will say that his target in the film is a true villain- Roger Smith was responsible for thousands of workers being laid off at General Motors and the fact that Moore grew up in Flint, Michigan makes the movie more affective because it's personal. Hilarious too- leaps and bounds over his other work, which I agree- has become more and more manipulative and ego-driven. I wish more people could've seen this film before Moore took a turn for the worse. I don't mind cheap shots at his targets, but it's bending the truth to support his stance- that bothers me. Then parading in front of the camera like a saint- that bothers me. I feel the same way about paparazzis that think they're photographers. They're just assholes trying to make a buck by hurting people. blah blah blah, I''ll shut up before someone finds a reason to ridicule me on this board.

marty mcfly on May 25, 2007


Facts are one thing, but documentaries are not all journalism. Secondly, health care and it's industry NEED to be targeted. The amount of people in the US without health care is beyond disgusting. I'm Liberal by the way. I believe this is a subject which all people can get some discussion out of, however, you don't need a Michael Moore film to have a discussion. I have seen many of what Moore has said twisted. Some have merit in their criticism and many don't. He has his own point of view and that's an entirely different thing entirely. It's subjective. His films contain both and it seems as if people sometimes have a hard time understanding and accepting that. Moore is no Fox News though.

Al on Jun 3, 2007


Dave, Michael Moore's film did change people's minds, but what changed them even more was reality. His film had nothing to do with it. You're giving far too much weight to a movie.

Al on Jun 3, 2007


I'm excited to see this film!!! We need to revamp our health care system! Take it away from the greedy insurance companies and from the politicians who are getting richer by supporting the insurance companies.

JV on Jun 17, 2007


I think this film will be great, Moore is on point and what he says is the truth and it does hurt at times its only human. As for the ranking of health care,I think we as Americans and tax payers we will want to see where or money goes.

jblaze on Jun 28, 2007


Sure Michael Moore can be a pain in the ass, but it is very narrow minded to dismiss his films just because of that. Europeans in general cannot believe the health system you guys just beggars belief to be honest.....

Tony G, Dublin, Ireland on Jul 4, 2007



marie on Jan 3, 2008


thankyou marie! ITS SO TRUE Dan and dave your points are all great, thankyou. i think its brilliant moore has put these important issues on the agenda, despite the government diregarding them. its still a big step. his films succeed, call them propagander or documentaries its the basic truth! im ashamed to be human at times

lucie on Jun 3, 2008

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