Four Justice League of America Casting Confirmations Arrive Early

November 17, 2007
Source: IESB, AICN

Justice League of America

Warner Brothers is expected to officially announce the cast of George Miller's Justice League of America in the coming week, most likely at Wizard World in Texas. However, multiple websites including IESB and AICN are reporting a few names so far, most of which have been confirmed by numerous sources, although it would be wise to still take all of this as a rumor. It looks like Justice League is finally really getting underway and things are on the move, which may be a bad thing. I almost don't want this to get started, but why not get it over with quicker. So who are the youngsters that have been cast?

Not all of them are young, but it's obvious that the story within this Justice League is focusing on younger heroes with a very young cast. Without further ado, here are the casting announcements that should have official confirmation arriving very soon.

Adam Brody (In the Land of Women, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, "The O.C.") will play The Flash / Wally West.
Rapper Common (Smokin' Aces, American Gangster, Wanted) will play Green Lantern / John Stewart.
Scott Porter (Music & Lyrics, Speed Racer, TV's "Friday Night Lights") will play Superman / Clark Kent.
Teresa Palmer (The Grudge 2, December Boys) will play Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.

Justice League of America

Justice League of America

We're all familiar with Superman, so no need for extra explanation on him. Talia Al Ghul is the the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, who you may remember from Batman Begins. Ra's was played by Liam Neeson and was the one who tried to destroy Gotham City. In the Justice League world, Ra's was introcued in the "Tower of Babel" storyline and is one of the major villains of the DC comics universe. Talia is described as "not quite heroine nor villainess but more of an anti-hero" and is also a love interest of Batman.

Wally West is the human identity of The Flash, a superhero with incredible super-speed abilities, including breaking certain laws of physics and time travel. The Flash was originally introduced in 1940 and has had four different character versions, the original being Jay Garrick. Wedding Crashers' David Dobkin is directing a spin-off movie (it's not confirmed that it's a direct spin-off) following Justice League, and he's already made it known that he's choosing the Wally West version.

The Green Lantern, one of the most popular superheroes amongst comic book fans, possesses a power ring that gives the user great control over the physical world. The character was originally introduced in 1940 and like The Flash, also has a spin-off movie in the works under director Greg Berlanti. The Green Lantern's power is only limited by the bearer's imagination and willpower.

We'll bring you the news the moment it drops on the remainder of the cast and whatever other details are released. With that, I think it's time to go revisit that Justice League vs Avengers article. What do you think now, is Justice League looking any better?

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That Superman looks more like Tom Sawyer. That better not be him.

Jeff on Nov 17, 2007


My gut instincts told me to avoid this film, and now that I have a glimmer of what the cast is comprised of, I most certainly WILL. Over the tears I've grown to hate Warner Bros. and it's mis-handling of films done in the Superhero genre. Batman Begins offered hope perhaps the studio had learned something. But with this over all thumb sucking, barely out of their diapers cast (with the exception of Common), Warner has proved once again it is run by nit wits. Nolan, protect your franchise as best you can, if Warner has their way, Batman will get the screw over treatment too. I'm not like most idiot fanboys that will go see this garbage for the sake of seeing what it will be like. I've learned to trust my instincts, they haven't failed me yet. Warner won't get a dime out of me for this trash film. Scott Porter as Superman, what a joke.

David on Nov 17, 2007


Call me ignorant of cinema and television outside of my restricted little world, but I have one question...WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!!! On second thoughts, don't answer...I don't care.

Nathan on Nov 17, 2007


this sucks i hope this is not true .its Superman not superboy and the flash should have been ryan reynolds, where did it all go wrong as for green lanten wheres hal jordan

rob on Nov 17, 2007


They should cast this actress SOPHIA M. MARTINEZ. She is HOT and she looks the part plus she can act. Check Sophia M. Martinez websites for your self: GEORGE MILLER you need to go to Houston, Texas and scoop up Sophia for the Wonder Woman role in JLA.

Joey on Nov 17, 2007


Below is a paste and copy of what I sent in a personal email to a friend concerning this news.. Well, the hand writing is pretty much on the wall for the Justice League film. Too many sites reporting from different sources the same 4 cast members thats been leaked. If they were all attributed to IESB, I wouldn't give the information any credence. This film is going to hardly be more than a kiddie movie, made to appeal to the Smallville fans (sans Tom Welling if you can fathom that) who love the show, and have never had an intelligent thought concerning it's lousy scripting and continuity issues. (With all apologies to Welling, who has been the only redeeming factor to the show.) Scott Porter as Superman is ludicrous. With the exception of Common as John Stewart (Green Lantern), the cast appears to still be using baby powder and pampers. It strikes me as funny actually. I've been reading the reactions of fans, and they're up in arms to say the least. What I find humorous is this. Warner is doing to THEM (the 25-30 year old comic book fans) what DC did to you and I. Warner is tossing them aside without the slightest consideration, and taking their beloved characters and putting them in diapers for the CW kids. I identify with their reactions, I don't want to see a thumb sucking Justice League any more than they do, but at the same time, I think its poetic justice. This same age group, and DC comics, viewed what you and I considered hallmark qualities of these superheroes as out dated, and not for the times. We were viewed as not relevant. NOW Warner is giving them the same treatment by appealing to the lowest common denominator it can, that won't be demanding, and easy to please. Young Idiots with money to spend. It almost makes me laugh. The sad thing is, Warner Bros. is one of the lousiest studios in Hollywood to look toward for decent superhero films. Batman Begins was an exception. For the most part, Warner screws the pooch, and all signs say its going to with the Justice League. Thank God for Marvel Entertainment, Ironman is on the way as is the re-worked Incredible Hulk.. Universal and del TORO 's Hellboy sequel is well on the way. There ARE quality alternative's to Warner's "Justice League 90210"

Jerry on Nov 17, 2007


I was so excited by this film 'cause I thought both Christian Bale & Brandon Routh were both going to be in it. I would be such a disaster for them to cast others because to treat them separately because it would hurt both franchises in the box office. I mean come on who the hell is this Scott Porter moron their casting wtf, and Adam Brody that's so stupid, he sucks, Ryan Reynolds is such a better fit for the role. Common and Teresa Palmer I have no problem with though. But even if this sucks, which it looks like it will, there are much better MARVEL films on the way like WOLVERINE, IRON MAN, HELLBOY 2, but not THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

Nathan on Nov 18, 2007


Common as GL? Take a look at Com's perfectly shaped skull, color him green and give him a blue cape. Martian Manhunter all the way. Brody as Wally West I got no problem with. But WTF is up with Superboy...that's right not man, BOY!

jason_md2020 on Nov 18, 2007


Superman and Batman shouldn't change. They should stay with the men cast as them already. I like Common as Green Latern though. The Flash guy is aiight, they could do better. The girl, whoever she is doesn't matter. and that Superman the worst! So far this looks like it's gonna suck %$#!

Tirrell on Nov 18, 2007


....This comment is the calm before the storm... I feel like i will literally explode with rage! Where the F-CK!!!!!!!!!! is HAL JORDAN! Why the hell are the putting john stewart in this film... no no wait... trash, this is trash, not film... This whole idea is the worst mistake ever possibly concieved by these morons at warners!!!

LOGAN on Nov 19, 2007


I agree with #5. I looked up Sophia Martinez on the web. She is perfect for Wonder Woman. She looks just like her. Plus, I bought the movie Color of Blood and she is a great actress too. I think we have a winner

Sheri on Nov 19, 2007


Ok so apparently I am the only watches the show Friday Night Lights on here. Scott Porter is a great actor on the show and shows a wide range of depth to his character who is dealing with the horrible football injury that he suffered. Porter, while he may look young in that picture is a very mature looking actor for his age and I think will provide a good Superman to many peoples surprise

James on Nov 19, 2007


Are you guys personal friends of Sophia's or something? This kind of support for an ordinary looking person to play wonder woman smacks of planted commenters. Common is the only one who seems to be case correctly. His casting leaves me to believe that this is based more on the WB's JLA than the Kingdom Come Comics version of the JLA.

Ed on Nov 19, 2007


Oh no! It looks like Warner Bros. is about to screw a legion of DC superheroes royally! Thank goodness I'm a Marvel fan! If any Warner suits read this, please re-think the casting and bring in Brandon Routh and Christian Bale. That Sophia Martinez looks like Wonder Woman! There is still time to fix this!

Spider on Nov 20, 2007

15 the way. Wasn't The Green Lantern originally white? Not playing the race card. But even the group picture shows a white GL. Just wondering!!

Spider on Nov 20, 2007


Oddly enough, I don't have a problem with Warner Bros. making a "Junior" Justice League movie as long as they keep the concept totally seperate from their regular franchises. Honestly, when one puts aside the inconsistencies in the plots of "Smallville", and recognizes it for the bubblegum teen soap opera that it is, it can be fun to watch at times. Any true comic book fan should be able to see the need to shake things up a bit to get new fans involved, after all, Marvel did it with their Ultimate line, and we all recognized that as seperate from the normal Marvel Universe. Warner is just shaking things up in a bigger, higher profile medium. The only real problems I have with this movie are the lack of Tom Welling as Supes (wouldn't that make sense if they were deliberatly trying to pull in a WB kind of audience?) and the inclusion of the rapper as GL. How does he possibly fit in with the rest of this crew? Better ideas - Welling as Superman, Green Arrow from Smallville as well, a different, re-vamped Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Flash (no problem with Adam Brody) and a slightly older Batman to be group mentor (read babysitter). Believe me when I say that I am a looong time Comic book fan, and as much as I wish everything could be done the way older fans think it should, we need to recognize that newer (not necessarily better) concepts just may be what is needed to keep our beloved characters in existence. If this movie brings new fans into the fold, and their money continues to allow the publication of stories featuring the characters I grew up with, then I say that's a good thing.

Thrawn on Nov 21, 2007


this is ridiculous for gods sake they are going to ruin the franchise.

tosh on Nov 21, 2007


Spider on post #15... "… the way. Wasn't The Green Lantern originally white? Not playing the race card. But even the group picture shows a white GL. Just wondering!!" The original, Hal Jordan, was white but he left for a while and the black guy, named John Stewart, stepped in. There's been more than one GL over the years, and as fans of the comix know there's a whole Green Lantern Corps spread across the galaxy, usually one for each major planet. The Hal Jordan character was killed off a few years back, and the animated Justice League series used John Stewart from the beginning. Hope that explains some things...hmmm...Maybe they should just kill off the JLA project & just do a GL flick.

jason_md2020 on Nov 22, 2007


If anyone with a hint of intelligence wants to know WHY Warner Bros. is so lousy with Super hero film franchises, here's some honest insight into the workings of their minds..Follow the link, watch, and be educated. For those of you who see no problem with the casting, well, there's no accounting for taste. It does show a vast ignorance of the source material and subject matter however. Warner Bros. sucks, and Batman Begins was a fluke, coming from THIS studio.

Jerry on Nov 23, 2007


Props to Common. And for you BLIND, DUMB, BIGOTED, unrealistic, CHILDREN crying about Hal Jordan versus John Stewart....stop being racist and let us have at least ONE black superhero. dang.

JuJu on Nov 27, 2007


Two words: HAL JORDAN

JB Spectre on Nov 28, 2007


Jerry, (post#19) that Kevin Smith bit never gets old... Do yourself a favor and get the dvd that it comes from. Comedy Gold!

jason_md2020 on Nov 30, 2007


I think our heroes (actors) should be at least 30 years old for any credibility. Maybe with a few exceptions like the Flash. Why? Because as individuals it took at least a decade before every one met other soon to be members of the JLA and friendship was build. But that's not the mean reason. To me, I see Superman & Batman (I am not very familiar with other members, except WoWo) as Father figures. Especially Kal'el. Superman is the world's moral guider. In his way he educates us with his insight and believes, his hopes, his faith in the goodness of the human race. You think a kid actor can pull that off? I don't. I mean, come on... Even Jesus started effectively at the age of 30, so the bible says. (I am a believer, so if you feel offended by this comment then that's your problem.) We need someone to look up to. I agree to the idea of bringing in Brandon Routh and Christian Bale. Both in the role as group mentor. I compare each member with group personality characteristics. Superman stand for hope, believe and faith. Batman stands for endurance, mental strength. Wonder Woman should be both sexy and tough. One look at her and you are begging to spend the night with her, even thou you'd know you would not survive. She is the mother and stands for both love and retaliation (she's a woman, what can I say). Martian Manhunter, aka J'onn J'onzz stand for logic, experience and strategy. Aquaman is the toughest and roughest member. Flash would be the comic relief, he is the wit, the non-serious serious factor. Green Lantern is the diplomat, judge, jury and executioner. This is how I would describe the group, JLA, as a single organism. Of course has every member his own very well known personality. Personality wise would these be every member's strength and that makes the group working so perfectly together. AND PLEASE, DON'T MAKE IT LIKE THIS... And if you think my English is bad, well that's because I am not English and I've been awake for 36 hours straight.

RD on Dec 1, 2007


Heres an idea. Now I'm not high powered exec. but hear me out. Set up a single tv commercial and connect it to a web site. On this site you place the characters that will be needed for this movie. Let the world decide who it is that they see as those characters. If you don't stop putting any old person as major iconic figures (THomas jane/Punisher), you will fail at your goal of not only making billions, but properly interpreting the soul of the story and character. Do it right and you can make parts 2, 3, 4 , 5 ,6 etc. forever for all we care. Why do you think comic lines live so long? Please. Do it right. Do it.... Justice.

Damion on Dec 8, 2007


Like always...every superheroe movie form Warner and Dc is an absolutelly disaster!!!! Why!!!??? This is the Justice League for god`s sake is not teen titans, is not smallvile when every hero is fifteen years old!!! I can´t believe , why warner Bros make the same mistake again and again Years being the fans waitin (wonder woman, justice league) and when they decided made this crap....!!!

Fabio on Dec 11, 2007


when i saw the guy who will play superman i thinked... that movie will suck with that stupid man tom welling will must do

carlos on Apr 6, 2008


well first off. i think it should be bradon routh and christen bale. I like smallville but routh seems to go better with bale. Then ryan reynolds as the flash. common seems ok as gl. i am not sure about who will be wonder women but she should be hot and a bad ass. for some reason i can see vin diesel as martian manhunter, i mean he is already balled and has a good voice, which mm must have. as for aquaman I am still unsure about but he should be blonde and blue eyed like in the comics. and i also think there should be eight members in the movie. in my opinon hawkgirk could be good if done well. my pick to play here would be michelle rodriquez from the first "resident evil" movie. its probadly because i liked the"justice league" and "justice league unlimted" cartoons and it would be good to have more then one girl. p.s. sorry i can't spell well so there may be mistakes

matt on Apr 17, 2008


Routh's got the face, and surprisingly he acted well... but man he really needs to buff up... and grow chest hair... agreed? [x_x]

Libre on Oct 11, 2008


Ok WB what are you all thinking for the superman pick. The flash pick well it could go eigther way the other two picks I can live with. But hmmmmmmm only a joke here but I say get China to play as wonder woman lol. But serrously Wb needs to " Steep outside there box" if they think they have what it is going to take to make JLA worth watching other than wait for it to come out on the 5 dollar rack at wal-mart.

shadowlord on Oct 13, 2008


.. I am SO GLAD this will never happen. SO GLAD. And a little sorry. But the Warner has shown it can't make coherant translations of their character (and don't lie to me AGAIN about how GREAT Dark Knight was, it wasn't. Burton's BM was like Shakespeare compared to that over-reaching mess. Plot twist: Everyone must think Batman is a MURDERER. It's like 1995 all over again.) ..

Kirth on Oct 18, 2008


Kirk your a Moron!!!Burtons BM can't hold a Bat Flashlight to The DK!! Will they screw this chances r yes. It should be Nolan doing this Movie, with Bryan Singer look how well the first 2 X Men movies did. And Bale and Routh should be in it.

WallyWest on Jan 25, 2009


I am still waiting for a good superhero movie. I hope the new Green Lantern movie is good. Meanwhile I will be playing this game:

Salvync on May 14, 2010


if ur gonna put Talia Al Ghul in the justice league mortal filmthen put batman in it for christ sake she's a part of the batman universe

auc41 on Sep 6, 2010


if ur gonna put Talia Al Ghul in it for the justice league mortal film then put batman in it for chris t sake she's a part of the batman universe

auc41 on Sep 6, 2010


Superman's universe is too far fetched compared to today's Batman (Christopher Nolan's). They'd need to make a proper Superman remake first ... [Libre - ]

Jonaelgabri on Feb 1, 2011

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