Full Bourne Ultimatum Theatrical Trailer

June 30, 2007
Source: Apple

Bourne Ultimatum Trailer

The last time we posted the first Bourne Ultimatum teaser trailer there was an overwhelming reaction from readers around the world - I guess it's just that highly anticipated! And now we've got another one for you, the full theatrical trailer that doesn't spend half of its time on the past two movies. If you're not excited for The Bourne Ultimatum after this, then you probably don't want to see it. And damn does this look like the first trilogy movie that may actually be good this summer!

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Bourne Ultimatum:

[flv:bourne_ultimatum2.flv 602 250]

You can also watch the Bourne Ultimatum trailer in High Definition at Apple

The Bourne Ultimatum is directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, United 93) and stars Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen and David Strathairn. It hits theaters everywhere on August 3rd!

Bourne Ultimatum Poster

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Awesome! Love the trailer and new poster. Love Damon, Greengrass and the whole series. And Julia Stiles, and it looks like she has a decent amount of screentime in this one. Can't Wait! JULY 27th! The Simpsons Movie!!!!!!!! and I Know Who Killed Me

Ryan on Jun 30, 2007


SO awesome!

Nick O. on Jun 30, 2007


Ho...Ly...Crap! Now I have to go watch the first two films again!

FS Dave on Jun 30, 2007


Excellent trailer (except for the overused "Predator" whoosh sound effect in there for some reason). The Bourne series has delivered two great movies so far 🙂 Looks like this one will be just as entertaining.

Mark on Jul 2, 2007


Looks amazing. Can't wait. Bourne is this generations Bond.

Heckle on Jul 2, 2007


this movie just looks amazing how bout the scene when he gets pushed onto the barrier...crazy hopefully they end this great trilogy with a bang

kevin on Jul 2, 2007


We need more Bourne Movies. as many as the 007 movies

Jamal on Jul 2, 2007


FINALLY!! I've been waiting it seems like forever for them to come out with the 3rd one. AWESOME!!

Jaulorne on Jul 8, 2007


If the trailer is anything to go by then ultimatum looks set to do a rare thing, make a trilogy where all 3 films are as good as each other. It looks superb. A point to ponder though, had the stroryline stuck to the books, would they be as good? Or better still?

Hugh on Jul 9, 2007


If the movies had followed the books we would have a completely different set of movies and it would be hard to say if they would be better. I read the books after watching the first two movies and I was completely thrown off by the complete different directions of storylines. While I would have liked to see a visualization of the books I am so happy with how the movies turned out that at this point I don't care. I tend to think of them as completely different entities. I am eagerly waiting for Ultimatum and hope that it lives up to the others, but from the looks of that trailer I don't think I have much to be worried about.

Anthony from Santa Cruz on Jul 9, 2007


So, as a HUGE Bourne Identity and Supremacy Fan... I can't explain how exciting I am about the third installment!!!! I think the plots are brilliant and I def. think Matt Damon plays such a great role in both of the prior films. Also, I would like to add that I found the most brilliant site for anyone that is living in London. Its the ultimate gamer fantasy... having the whole lot of London as your personal gameboard! Check it out Cheers!

Annakin Leigh on Jul 11, 2007


August 3rd cannot come soon enough. Is there any plans for a Bourne Legacy?

Bourne Fan on Jul 13, 2007


I read all three books long before the movies started and now I'm going to have to go back to read them again, altho as someone else mentioned, the movies are totally different than the books, same as "Sum of all Fears". Curious question? Why do you change the movies to be so different than the books? I admit the movies are fantastic, but I LOVED the books, so now you have to go back and do the movies following the books?? 🙂 Great work in any case. Bring it on . . . . and Damon is incredible. Ludlum is invincible. Do more of his books and you'll always have winners!

Dan Hoath on Jul 24, 2007


Man that movie looks soooo sick!! What's that song in the Trailer, It's sooooo Awesome.

Nick on Jul 31, 2007


I hope the bourne series don't just stop here. how about Bourne Legacy? I am sure there are more books to follow. So the series can continue also

David Lee on Jul 31, 2007


what's the song near the end?

bob on Aug 2, 2007


Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie. But does ANYONE ELSE long for Doug Liman and the purity and originality and BELIEVABLILITY of the first movie? A movie with Matt actually acting? A movie where the action scenes seemed so real that they transported you right there on the scene? Oh well, just me I guess but if this director doesn't learn to hold the camera still once in a while, .... lots of people are going to PUKE! ,...... from motion sickness!

Dave on Aug 4, 2007


How did you guys get the camera to follow Jason flying accross the alley into the next appartment window...........OK just saw the movie It is a must see trilogy ...... need to get the movie now can't wait to buy it to see if it will continue........... and to see the bonus features.... and my husband says the whole gang can come over for a BBQ... Julia Stiles and Mat and Paul ha ha

Jeanette on Aug 7, 2007


Saw the Bourne Ultimatum yesterday, the 17th, and have read some of the critisism's, I personally, at the age of 70, thought the film fantastic and can't wait for the DVD to come out so that I have the complete trilogy. The whole story line leave's you really either pressed back into your seat, or on the edge. It does the trick, of pure entertainment, THANK YOU so much. TERRY.

TERRY on Aug 18, 2007


the story has to continue i want to know what happened between bourne and nickki before the program.

Owen on Jun 13, 2008


LOL Joan Allen has done 3 Universal Pictures in A ROW

Rebecca on Jan 31, 2009

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