George Lucas Talks Indy 4: Promises It Will Be As Good As Lost Ark

October 8, 2007
Source: VH1

George LucasWith the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull getting closer every day (only 227 more days left until May 22nd), more and more discussion is occurring, from filmmakers and fans alike. George Lucas made an appearance last week in Los Angeles for AFI's 40th Anniversary at the Arclight and spoke with VH1 about Indy 4, saying it would be "the best Indy flick since the first one" and calling it "tonally most like Raiders of the Lost Ark." What else can we expect? Lucas goes on to speak much more about what exactly the crystal skulls are and what we will find within the upcoming Indiana Jones adventure starring Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford.

Lucas seems to be most excited about the crystal skulls. They've been working on this sequel for nearly 14 years but haven't settled on a good script worth making until now. "We've been through lots of different versions [of Indy 4] the last 14 years, with five different writers. [But with crystal skulls] there's just a lot of aspects that seem to fit into our kind of a movie." Lucas goes on to talk about the skulls further.

"I think this is actually better, it's up there with the Ark of the Covenant," he declared of the fourth film's "McGuffin" (a term coined by Alfred Hitchcock to describe an object which drives a film's plot). "Sankara Stones and the Holy Grail were a little tough, but I think this time we've really got a great one."

"The skulls themselves are real and a lot of the stuff in the movie is real, just like in the other movies," Lucas continued. "We don't base it on a lot of phony-baloney stuff. It's all based on at least true mythology that exists today that … a certain amount of the population actually believes in.

Curious to know more about the skulls and their mythological history? VH1 has a bit more with Lucas about the skulls and the film, but nothing that revealing. Really want to know more or hear some spoilers? Too bad, as Lucas says best, "just wait until the movie comes out, which is so much easier."

Despite being a huge Indiana Jones fan, my opinion is like almost everyone else's at the moment: I'm worried there will be too many aliens and unrealistic plot twists. The reason why Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade were so good is because they were almost completely real, as if Indiana was doing all of that himself in some far off land but in the same universe we live in. If aliens get involved it is no longer the same universe and it risks being too campy. I can only hope for the best and continue to have faith in Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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14 years for a script???? C'MON! They should have settled for The Fate of Atlantis. The game had a wonderful script.

Spy der Mann on Oct 9, 2007


I wonder if jar jar binx will make a appearance

the past on Oct 9, 2007


Throughout the entire series I was amazed at how really awesome these movies were. I mean, come on! Who wasn't amazed by the Indiana Jones movies while watching them as a kid? I for one am looking forward to seeing that movie, first thing on midnight.

Komsan Kramer on Oct 9, 2007


where the hell did talk of aliens come from?

chris on Oct 9, 2007


Haha yea i didn't really catch the whole thing with the aliens... I don't know anything about the movie's plot or anything, all i knew was that lucas was making another indy movie...

Chris on Oct 10, 2007


It looks like he is not going to go nuts with the CGI and that should be a good thing. No CGI Nazis or Mummies hurray!

Fodd on Oct 10, 2007


I can't wait for it to come out! Indiana Jones is so totaly awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Indiana Jones Jr. on Dec 1, 2007


Bad enough the Boomer Generation of ---'artists' have turned film-making into their very own franchise slum ---and that we've been essentially wasted the past four decades watching the same dime-store slop OR ---that the Boomer Generation generally has steered well clear of having any quality 'conscience' at all about their own legacy of 45 million exterminations of the unborn -very largely in the name of their 'convenience' BUT NOW ---not content to enjoy their sellout's wealth and power ---Hollywood is grovelling on all fours before the DIRECT HEIRS of the most awesome genocidal monsters in ALLLLL human history ---bar none! ---across the Pacific! ABSOLUTE FACT Funny how 'exterminations of the unborn' is reflected in their subsequent endeavors and overall creative bankruptcy. ---We sure don't want to be there when Generations X, Y and Z get this reality whiff! AMEN

bunyan 10 on Jan 2, 2010

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