Halo Movie Still Alive and Under Prep, Peter Jackson's Rep Says

October 30, 2007

Halo Wars cinematic

The Halo movie has been in and out of the news and in and out of production for quite a while now. At one point I decided it was no longer worthwhile to talk about every little news bit because it would likely turn out to be a false rumor or add nothing to the whole situation. However, today's report does add something new. This update comes from a gaming website named with quotes from Ken Kamins who is Peter Jackson's representative. Kamins explains what went on last year when Fox backed out as well as the latest on the movie's progress.

Last year, when the buzz was high on the Halo movie, news hit that the studios behind the film, namely Fox and Universal, had both backed out and that it was temporarily shelved. Kamins clarified what actually happened, as the rumors were saying that it was the rising budget combined with newcomer Neill Blomkamp, who Peter Jackson chose as the director, which caused the studios to back out. However, Kamins explained what actually happened, and that it wasn't the budget at all.

"What happened was this: Universal, on behalf of both studios, asked for a meeting with the filmmakers just prior to the due date of a significant payment," says Kamins.

"Basically, they said that in order to move forward with the film, the filmmakers had to significantly reduce their deals. They waited until the last minute to have this conversation. Peter and Fran, after speaking with their producing partners and with Microsoft and Bungie, respectfully declined."

In essence, the studios weren't satisfied with the cut that Microsoft would be making if the film was successful. Given Microsoft makes more money and is worth more than some movie studios, I'm not sure why they either wouldn't finance it on their own or come to some deal that would satisfy them anyway.

Although Neill Blomkamp has never directed a feature-length movie before, it doesn't mean that he certainly couldn't direct a money-making Halo film. Here's the primary reason: take a look at his three short Halo films he created for advertising Halo 3's launch in September. Those short films should show you how impressive a Halo movie from Neill would be, and I think by now the studios are realizing this.

"Everybody is supremely confident in Neill," Kamins said. "Part of what excited Peter and Fran was Neill's vision. We're very confident this film will move forward with the creative partners intact, who will take the film to production."

Kamins goes on to say that prep work on the film at Weta Digital and Weta Workshop is still underway. Given the $300 million+ opening week of sales for Halo 3 in September, some movie studios definitely have a renewed interest. I have been meaning to write an article on whether a Halo movie would flop or succeed, but it's been tough collecting all the data. Look forward to that article soon, as in the end I think a Halo movie under Neill and Jackson would be a bigger success than 300.

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OMG, please leave the Halo movie dead. The game plot is terrible, a generic mashup of good sci-fi films into a crappy sci-fi game. Also how would you even make a movie around Master Chief, considering he has no character and no face. Even the style of the game is not movie conducive, I bet they would have to turn it into an ultra-gritty Aliens style movie to be any good at all. Funny thing is if they did that it would not be Halo at all. Halo has ridiculously bright overtones and lame-ass aliens. Peter Jackson needs to get back to that Tintin movie and leave the Halo script in the shit-hole where it belongs.

mrsatan on Oct 31, 2007


You are a fucking idiot the games are amazing otherwise they wouldnt even think about making a movie use your common sense. He does have a character, read the books.

Tane on Jun 15, 2011


This is a major journalism screwup. This quote from Kamins is over a year old, and somewhat has just recycled it (word for word). I knew I had read it before:

Rusvgogh on Oct 31, 2007


Halo is the BEST game and the movie will be awesome. dont let it die!!

sarah on Nov 1, 2007


First of all, mrsatan you must be really stupid to say such things about a great game like Halo. I mean if you could just use that useless uneducated brain like yours, you'd perhaps see that this "crappy sci-fi game", which made $300 million + during the first week, will be a huge hit on the theatre (or if it just comes out straight to the stores.) Anyways this movie should not be shelved and forgotten, the series is a big hit so far and it could very well be the "Star Wars" of our age 😉

Delta on Nov 10, 2007


Yes make the movie, but don't let it be like AVP or Final Fantasy!!! GO MASTER CHIEF!!! Don't screw this up, hollywood.

Jesse on Nov 20, 2007


Yo you cant let it die for one it would be to much easy money to make im not saying they shouldnt make a good move but every male in america between the age of 11-25 at least would come see this movie. halo all the way baby(a release date would be nice if anyone knows of any info)

Clayton on Apr 23, 2008


mrsatan Just by itself, the halo movie would not be that great IF it just went by the video games, however, saying that, the ENTIRE contents of the Books AND the games would make for a GREAT series of movies. The books and the games have everything major blockbusters contain. Good story, drama, great characters, plot, villians, etc..etc.. So you are correct in a sense.

Jacob on May 10, 2008


9-26-08 is the date it might come to theaters 🙂

jeremy on Jun 14, 2008


I'm tired of people saying "halo has no storyline". The game was based off of books, and books are made entirely of storylines. If they make the movie based off the ideas of the game and the books I don't see why it wouldn't make an awesome movie. Oh and btw, Halo games are awesome. If they suck so bad, why are there hundreds of thousands of people who play it? If you don't like halo, screw off and stop wasting your time trashing it. Don't you have something better to do?

person on Jun 22, 2008


I cant wait for the Halo: Fall of Reach movie to come out. mrsatan is just bitter because he probably got his ass kicked playing halo.

Hotrodpez on Sep 16, 2008


wait, halo fall of reach is now going to be a movie? I thought a spec script was written along with concept art

anomomis on Sep 22, 2008


I hope you make the halo movie. The games and books have made so much money. Why stop there! I believe and many others believe that you could make a great movie. For god sake you have Peter Jackson in on it. I believe he will make it right. Please there are so many fans so I hope you dont let us down. Me and my friend play halo every day. When we heard there might be a film in place, we were so happy.

Markus on Feb 27, 2009


sob halo movie is dead

thomas on May 3, 2009


In my opinion, with peter jackson involved, a Halo movie would be amazing! I love the entire franchise that is the halo universe. And everytime i hear something about a new halo game or halo book, I get psyched, Halo has such an amazing storyline and would be very successful movie wise, very many people play, and very many people crave halo. From Combat evolved, to halo 3, that entire trilogy could be a great movie, add in some books to fill the gaps in between each game and there you have it. All's i'm saying is if anyone in their right mind does not like halo because it has a "bad" storyline, then you don't know what a good one is. Halo has so much to offer, is an amazing game, Book franchise, and even the figures are pretty awesome.

Bret on Jun 3, 2009

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