Heath Ledger as The Joker Revealed (Again)

November 27, 2007
Source: Empire


Although official photos of the Joker from The Dark Knight were first revealed over the summer, this is the clearest, high res version of the Joker we've seen yet and it's pretty incredible. British film magazine Empire has released a cover shot of their January edition which features this photo, and we're awaiting the clearer version without any text on their website. If The Dark Knight isn't quickly ramping up to be your most highly anticipated movie of 2008 via this endless barrage of fanboy-targeted marketing, then I don't know what other movie next year is. Read on to see the "cold-blooded, mass-murdering clown."

Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight

I'll be picking this up on newsstands when it arrives in December, won't you?

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Looks great can't wait to see it in high-res without the text, think it is after the scene we already got the pics for that we weren't suppose to see.

Stephen on Nov 27, 2007


Heath is THE MAN.

m4st4 on Nov 29, 2007


Why are his hands not white also? Is the white make up or bleaching of his skin? I sincerely hope Nolan gives ample time for the transition into madness for the character. Every other movie simply glosses over the mental breakdown and gets right into being The Joker.

grendel on Nov 29, 2007


I love this photo! Heath looks awesome! It makes him look really crazy and evil. I hope we get to see the photo without the "EMPIRE" lettering. Can't wait to see a new trailer.

Ralph from Hoboken on Nov 29, 2007


Dude as a Hard Core Batman Fan. I am not sure that Heth Ledger is going to pull this off. I think they doing something different with the joker and just making him a crazy guy who puts on make up and carved up his face. Instead of having him fall in a vast of acid and changing him. (I mean look at the photo. Why are his hand flesh color and his face is white ?) I think this joker may be a little too dark in this movie. Which is fine for you and me ? But you have to remember that the joker is an icon and a symbol just like Batman not only for adults and for children as well. I feel that we maybe looking at another series of angrey mother's who thought that they were taking there kids to a nice little Batman movie. This happened once before after "Batman Returns" came out. Mom's across America were outraged by some of the images in Tim Burton's film. Then after that Warner Brothers paniced and put out camppy shit like "Batman Forever & Batman & Robin" just to make the parents happy. My solution is to make the film an R film and don't let little kids see it. Or warn parents about the darkness of the film before letting them take there 5yr to see it thinking it is going to be like the cartoon. But all said I am looking forward to the movie and to see if Ledger can live up to the image that the Joker is. My name is Mike and this is my rant ! 😛

Big Mike on Dec 1, 2007


I loved the first one batman begins. I'm so planning to see this one! I really want to see Heath Ledger as the "joker" .

olivia hoffman on Jan 15, 2008


heath is gonna do great! the critics already said that it was an "oscar winning" performance. im excited to see how heath will portays the character and how everyone reacts to it. My name is Darla and this is my thought.

Big Darla on Jul 5, 2008


i think is the most hottest joker in the history of batman !!!!! LONG LIFE TO JOKE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

michi on Jul 16, 2008


omg he plays the best joker ever

leah dee on Jul 21, 2008


it was the best movie i've ever seen and the entire audience was disturbed by heath's portrayal of the joker. To be able to strike that kind of fear and disturbance through the screen deserves any award it can get. i find it however a bittersweet end how the joker seems to live but heath....

wizza miller on Jul 23, 2008


I think that this was the BEST BATMAN movie ever!!! I also think that Heath Ledger DID pullit off [big mike] if he didnt die he would have gotten an award for it.

allicat on Jul 26, 2008


i love this movie all because of the Joker He is soo funny!

Hope on Sep 7, 2008


Long Live Heath !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope on Sep 7, 2008


R.I.P heath ledger. =(

britt on Sep 30, 2008


hey everybody! my favorite part was the nurse scene, when he dressed up as a homosexual. kidding... but really it was funny as hell. can someone tell me what joker's last lines were? i'm trying to find out...

nikki on Oct 16, 2008

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